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Submitted by: Heatherly on Jul 09, 2017
My husband and I have been looking on Gun Dog Breeders for a few months to find the right puppy for us. We were already proud owners of one smart and energetic male GSP, and then we found "Scarlett" under Old Orchard Farm's posting. I immediately fell in love with her photos and had to meet her in person.
Monica is a joy to work with and so accommodating considering we picked our pup up while vacationing on the 4th of July. All of her animals are well cared for, and born into a great environment on her farm. Both parents were on site, and had a great temperament.
Monica was very knowledgeable about the breed, and willing to answer any questions during our exchange. She exceeded our expectations of a reputable breeder, and I highly recommend her. Although my husband and I both work full time, our little pup is already picking up on things so fast, including potty training and basic commands we have used with her. Both our fur babies are getting along famously, and we are proud to have her in our little family. Thanks again for everything, Monica!
Submitted by: John McNutt on Feb 10, 2016
We have had our Molly since 11/2014. After picking her out, we visited her a couple of times to start bonding. Monica was a wealth of information regarding GSPs. Molly is a healthy and much spoiled member of our family. Molly is not a hunting dog, although you see that aspect of the breed every time she spots a pelican or a squirrel. Beautiful stalk and point. I highly recommend Old Orchard Farms GSPs. My wife fell in love with Mama JuJu the catahoula bulldog and her new litter. Beautiful dogs. The family enjoyed the horse, goats, and ducks.
Submitted by: Audrey Harrison on Feb 03, 2016
We bought a good-looking GSP from Old Orchard Farms. They were easy to work with. Hawk is a good hunter. He has jumped several deer and tracked a blood trail. He has a great build for the breed. Couldn't be more pleased.
Submitted by: Rachel King on Oct 19, 2015
I found Old Orchard through Gun Dog Breeders. I was searching for a GSP and came across Monica. After one phone call, I knew I was at the right place. We got our little girl, Ellie from her last month and we have been in love since the first photo. She is the most cuddly, smart, sweet, beautiful I've ever had. We could not be happier. Monica is the most helpful and wonderful lady. You can tell she really loves what she is doing and her dogs. Whenever someone asks for a reference on where to get a GSP I do not hesitate to recommend her. We could not be happier with our girl.
Submitted by: Powerboy on May 26, 2015
I found Monica by accident and bought a GSP pup from her in March. The dog is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned and a pleasure to train. I'm training her myself and she shows a real prey drive already. She will point almost anything and retrieves on land and in water already. Monica is so pleasant to deal with and was great to work with. I highly recommend her.
Submitted by: Lynn Winstead on Jul 10, 2013
I stumbled across this web site by accident and it was the best thing that ever happened! Our beloved GSP Eve had just passed away, and while not really looking I saw a pic of Monica's pup's and fell in love. Sarah came home to meet her brothers (Adam & Cain) on December 28th 12. She is the happiest and smartest dog I've ever owned. And she loves her pool and our lake. Old Orchard Farm is a beautiful place and Monica and her husband are wonderful people. Be careful - you might go home with some extras - a goat, milk, cheese....
Submitted by: jessica moore on Jul 09, 2013
I purchased a gsp from old orchard farm in november 2012 (loona now 7months) I found her thru the internet... and fell in love with the puppys:) I contacted her and got very helpful information. The puppys were already started on potty training. Monica put a lot of time into her animals and you can tell... she posts and emails pictures and even takes videos of the puppies for their owners on youtube!! I recommend old orchard farm everyday when people ask about my beautiful loona! Great person and breeder:)
Submitted by: Amanda on Jul 09, 2013
We got our GSP puppy, Kaiser, from Old Orchard Farm back in March. He was born on Valentine's day this year!! As soon as the pups were old enough we were able to go visit and pick out which pup we wanted to join our family. Monica was very helpful with any questions we had and didn't rush us at all. Very friendly and personable! After we picked out our Kaiser, we were updated frequently with pictures, videos, and emails. Kaiser is almost 5 months now and we have never had any health problems with him. I would HIGHLY recommend Old Orchard Farm to anyone looking for GSP or Catahoula Bulldog pups!
Submitted by: Lauren Dobson on Jul 09, 2013
OldOrchard Farms is a great, friendly and reliable breeder. They kept us updated and informed on our puppy as we waited to bring him home. They sent us pictures and videos. We brought home a wonderful puppy names Huck. They provided us with plenty of first time pet owner tips. I recommend Old Orchard Farms. I have also ran into other gsp owners who got there pups from Monica and were all very pleased with her and their pet! Overall I give them a 100!
Submitted by: Cole Townsend on Jul 09, 2013
I am from south Arkansas so finding a German Shorthaired Breeder that I could get to easily was a hard task. I searched for a long time and never once saw Old Orchard Farms come up, but I sure am glad I kept looking!! Being so far away we had to handle most of the business over the phone. Monica is one of the nicest people I have ever met and was so helpful during my purchase of my GSP female (a.k.a Avry). I would highly recommend Old orchard farms to anyone who is interested in buying a dog. Not only for their wonderful hospitality but also for their high quality dogs. I will be doing business with them in the future for sure!!
Submitted by: Julie Walsh on Jul 09, 2013
We love our GPS "Kenny" now 7 months old. He is a beautiful healthy boy. we couldn't be happier. We are hoping to get a brother from Old Orchard for him next spring. The breeder was terrific, very communicative and flexible, all papers in order ready to go. :)
Submitted by: Jessica on Jul 09, 2013
I have recently purchased my second Catahoula Bulldog puppy from Old Orchard Farms and I could not be happier with my pup or my experience. I can say without a doubt I will be going to Monica for all my future pups. Right from the first contact until you take your baby home you are in the loop constantly , every step along the way and for every question or concern Monica is right there. I got updates on the pregnancy, the birth, right on and they ranged from photos to videos, emails and phone calls, and it was specifically about my boy. She openly welcomed me to come visit anytime to see my baby. The quality of her puppies speaks for itself, you can see how much time, effort, love and care is spent on each individual one. She works to make sure that every puppy goes to the perfect home and she hit it spot on with me both times. My boy has been as healthy and happy right from the first day I got him, she gives the mothers and the babies fresh goats milk and you will be hard pressed to find a fatter healthier pup! Cuz was already well socialized and Monica had even began his potty training by the time he was 6 weeks old! These pups are worth the wait and its not very often that you will not come across a breeder as honest and thorough as Monica!
Submitted by: sheila bolton on Feb 02, 2012
My friend purchased two female german shorthaired puppys a little over a year ago...angle and luna..they are beautiful, spirited, smart dogs. They are fabulous bird dogs that required very little training for quail. He is very pleased with how great these two dogs are. They turned out to be gorgeous dogs.
Submitted by: crys on Jan 01, 2012
I found Old Orchard on the gun dog breeder site when searching for a catahoula bulldog. My small children and I visited the farm and picked out our pup at 4 weeks old. We visited a couple more times and brought her home at 6 weeks of age. She is now 7 months old and the love of our lives! She is an amazing, intelligent house pet and also loves being out in the woods with us. Our family still visits Old Orchard Farm. We get to visit and feed all of the animals. Im extremely impressed with how well cared for and friendly all of the animals are. I will get another puppy from Old Orchard and recommend them to all my friends and family!

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