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Submitted by: Mark L Haugen on Jan 24, 2018
I was fortunate to encounter a writeup on the Devlins in the Bemidji newspaper nearly a dozen years and was impressed by their knowledge of and devotion to a breed of which I was unfamiliar. I had previous experiences with red setters and recalled a particular dog with a white star on her chest which, in my ignorance, I assumed to be a 'defect.' After speaking with Bob in the wake of the loss of our second Brittany, my impressions of the Devlins passion for and devotion to the IRWS was confirmed. We brought Buddy, an 8 month old started dog home after a delightful visit with Bob and Evan. I began a training program with a gentleman who was highly recommended by the Devlins, and was immediately impressed by Buddy's drive and enthusiasm for the hunt. Buddy and my family hunted most of 'the glory decade' in north central South Dakota wherein 500 rooster flushes were not unusual. In all of my hundreds of hunts for pheasants over a wide variety of dogs, pointing and flushing, I have never seen a more passionate, and skillful hunter. I recall phoning Bob to inform him of my my experiences of Buddy as the 'go to' dog when we had a wounded runner, the times in which Buddy made 100-150 yard blind retrieves and even instances in which Buddy made water retrieves when the Lab hunting with us refused to return his owner's downed rooster! While I could go on at some length about the hunting attributes of this very special dog, I would add that virtually everyone I have introduced Buddy to (including those who are lukewarm at best toward dogs in general) has fallen susceptible to his charm. Truly a wonderful family member! For the person who desires a hunting companion who hunts in consort with the hunters, whose range I would describe as typically 30-40 yards, and hunts with unbridled joy and determination, I am convinced that an IRWS is the ultimate gundog.Please be assured that I will checking in with the Devlins in the very near future to discuss the addition of another IRWS to our home. I again consider myself very fortunate to have been introduced to this very special dog via the Devlins, and I recommend that anyone interested in the IRWS contact them.
Submitted by: Steve Drexel on Oct 18, 2016
We have been extremely pleased with Tilly our female IRWS that came from O'Dobhailien. Tilly is a very loving and affectionate house pet. She is unusual in that she has a lot of energy but also tremendous focus which translates into trainability. We had a lot of fun on the show circuit, Tilly earned her confirmation title at a young age with an over abundance of points having racked up wins in consecutive major competitions. Further, Tilly is an amazing gun dog consistently earning high scores during hunt rests. Trainers and judges love her for her strong motor and drive. She will work all day and find more birds than the rest of the field every time. We were very fortunate to find Bob and Even when we were looking for our first IRWS and would not consider going elsewhere next time.
Submitted by: Cody on Dec 02, 2014
One day I was looking through the Pheasant Forever website and saw a picture of a IRWS and knew instantly that was the dog I wanted. I found Bob and Evan on in the summer of 2012. I did thorough and careful research into many breeders and determined that O'dobhailien was the premier breeder of the IRWS. I can tell you, without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions of my life.

I picked Harper up in September of 2012. I took him to Iowa at 5 months old and introduced him to pheasants and could tell instantly that hunting pheasant was instinctual. By the end of the trip he was pointing birds (at 5 months old!). We have hunted pheasant in Iowa with Harper each year after that. His skills continue to grow and evolve. This past year was incredible. We have never had to do ANY formal training with him. He stays at a close distance and works back and forth, checking for scent. He points and HOLDS his points until we get there. He has turned into an unbelievable retriever. He has a incredible tenacity about him and never gives up looking for a wounded bird. He brings the birds back to your feet and drops them. The family and friends we hunt with were dumbfounded that he has never received formal training.

Not only is he a good hunting dog, but he is an excellent pet. His intelligence level is off the charts and he is very good with all people including young children.

Bob and Evan are a joy to work with. I absolutely recommend their dogs to anyone interested in IRWS.
Submitted by: Bob Allender on Sep 07, 2014
I have two of Bob and Evan's IRWSs. The first "Garland" is over ten and the second "Mairead" just turned one. I'm proud to say I've never lost a bird with Garland in the field. Have done a couple of hunt tests with him, he has never failed. Though some tell me it is unusual for a setter, he has a "huge" first point, classic three point stance with tail up. Even brought tears to one person's eyes who was working with me. My second Mairead looks to have promise maybe even greater than Garland. I added a second more so because of the companionship these dogs give, more at home in the home with their person and Mairead has been a great companion for Garland.

What strikes me most is the advice and care Bob and Evan have given me over the years. I've never met anyone who cared so much for the dogs and the preservation of what the IRWS was truly meant to be. Not many breeders stay in contact for over ten years, they have. Thank you for two of the greatest gifts it has been my pleasure to experience all these years.

Bob Allender
Submitted by: Mark Engelhardt on Sep 19, 2013
I am honored to submit this testimonial. We own two IRWS from the Devlin's. Having grown up with Red Irish Setters (10 born on St. Patty's Day) all my life, it was time for a new setter, especially after for caring for our "Kerry Dancer" for many years with health problems. Through research we discovered the O'Dobhailien family of IRWS. I got to know Evan and Bob by telephone and although they knew I did not hunt, (fisherman)they understaood the love our family has for setters. In any event, we have had O'Dobhailien Rory Donegal for 5 1/2 years and O'Dobhailien "Paddy" Padraig Donegal for 1 1/3 years. I was impressed with their emphasis on the health of the breed and care they took in selecting the "right dog for our family" with us.
When I flew up to Duluth, from Florida, I was welcomed with open arms and was able to observe the care they have for the entire IRWS kennel and pups. So after two IRWS, in great health and the most wonderful dispositions, I am pleased to testify that the Devlin's are top notch breeder's with numerous awards for showing and hunting. I even have the Cabela's DVD where the Devlin's are featured bird hunters.
Both Rory and Paddy are terrific around children, have a natural instinct for all types of animals in our golf course setting. They are natural "friends" with the deer. Our neighbors and family members are amazed at the breed and the loving personalities of both dogs.
Evan and Bob are always available by telephone for advise, but more importantly, they are interested in how the dogs are doing. I take plenty of photos and Rory's photo made it in the AKC Journal (January 2009) when the IRWS was "introduced" in the sporting dog category. Even out vet, for routine check ups, is impressed with the overall health status of the dogs. As i tell Rory and Paddy every night; "you are the best dogs in the world"..Thanks Evan & Bob for bringing joy to our world.
Mark Engelhardt

Submitted by: Margaret Ter Horst on Aug 27, 2013
We were introduced to Evan and Bob Devlin and O'Dobhailien Kennels and the world of the Irish Red and White Setter when we began a search for a new hunting companion. My husband had hunted with a red setter as a boy, and we had had a succession of English setters. Our inquiries into the red and white setter led us to Duluth, the Devlins, and our Caile. She has not only proved to be an excellent hunter -- eager to be in the field, with an excellent nose, showing a tenacity for holding a bird, and ready to go again and again. She has hunted well under all conditions, outhunting other dogs in the field in heavy snow. What has pleased us so much is her athleticism and strength. Now that she is almost twelve years old she is still out for her daily runs, can jump in and out of the car easily and flies up the stairs. She has been a very healthy dog. Trips to the vet have only been for the usual vaccinations. As a companion and family dog, we could not have made a better choice. Our grandsons were toddlers and babies when she came to us and they have all bonded in a special way. It is her unique "Irishness," her leprechaun personality of which we have become so fond. This is the only dog that we have had who has a distinct sense of humor and shares it with us! All of the above testimonial to Caile, our Irish Red and White Setter, we owe to Evan and Bob Devlin for their true devotion to maintaining the breed as it should be done, through their careful genetic selections when breeding, their care of all their puppies and the other dogs who are in their kennel, the continuance of instincts in hunting, their thoughtfulness and concern as each dog is placed with new owners. They have a true sense of ownership with the Irish Red and White Setters it is known through each of their very special dogs. We heartily recommend O'Dobhailien Kennels and Evan and Bob Devlin if yoiu have any interest in the Irish Red and White Setter. It will be a good choice for you as a hunting companion and family dog.
Submitted by: Mrs Aisling Redmond-Hawkes on Aug 21, 2013
To give due where due is well overdue in recognition ,
I have found the Devlins line of breeding to be of some of the highest quality
of anywhere in the world due to the fact all their dogs and bitches are of the
standard that stay true to the standards of the old breed that the Irish Red and
White Setters are.
Their gun dogs are bred from old lines without any other dog breeds in their
lineage and can be traced according and that is so important .
Also by just looking at their dogs you can see perfect confirmation in their
stature and excellent muscle tone with the proper deep chests and length of tail
along with intelligent bright eyes set in the true Irish Red and Whites
distinctive shaped heads.

All their dogs have lovely temperaments which is the way the breed should be.
Their dogs are all fully tested for any damage to their eyes ,hips , etc and
all other defects that have been showing up in some lines of breeding ( which
is a shocking disregard for the breed and is happening and comes across as money
making with no regard for the breed ) so it is with years of hard work and not
for profit but for the love of the breed that the Devlins have stayed true to
the old type of breed which is pure and a honest hard working dog with loyalty
to its owners and great around kids when it is not being worked.

The super high standard of the Devlins is a must for the breed to stay pure ,
healthy and a simply joy to work with. The dogs are also just a joy to look
at even at the end of a good day out with dirt and mud attached and dog and
owner tired because that is what the survival of the breed is about. These high
standards and I say this coming from a line of Red and White Setter breeders
that are delighted to see the Irish Red and White dogs legacy carrying on in
such responsible hands in breeding as also in selling their puppies to
responsible owners who will exercise, look after health wise and understand what
talking on such an intelligent energetic dog means .

The Devlins have years and years of experience and so much knowledge about the
breed and lines and also where dogs are being imported from and the standard of
these dogs that it is wonderful to just talk to them if you need any advice as
we are always learning and it is of utmost important to know the background of
your dog if it is not from the Devlins .

It would be wonderful if a lot more breeders were of like mind as the Devlins ,
breeders for the love of breed not for money or status but to work the dog or
as a person who hikes for miles and just gets pure enjoyment from the dog. Also
the Red and Whites are always teaching us a thing or two as they are known as
the thinking man's ( woman's ) dog for 100s of years , they are a dog that
needs stimulation and not a short walk on a lead.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Aisling Redmond Hawkes .

Submitted by: Bruce J kopp on May 28, 2013
Our family has had the pleasure of one of ODobhailen's Irish Red & White Setters for four years now. "Carson" is not only one of the best pheasant dogs I've hunted with, he is truly a member of the family. I've never been around a dog as affectionate. When it is time to "find the birds" he is all business and just a joy to watch. Bob and Evan are truly wonderful and care immensely about the breed and their dogs. We feel fortunate to have been chosen to adopt our Carson and I would reccommend them to anyone wanting a gun dog and family member that will make you proud.
Submitted by: Colin Roney on Apr 10, 2012
To say we love our O'Dobhailien IRWS “Murphy” is an understatement! We feel blessed that both Bob and Evan have been such an overwhelming source of support and information. They have provided love and compassion in making Murphy such an outstanding dog, both physically and emotionally. They are like Murphy’s grandparents, always there for us with advice, a good tip and so willing to dote on the millions of pictures I send them of Murphy.
I am a big upland bird hunting enthusiast; to have Murphy with me, makes it so much more special. Not only is he wonderful with our 11month year old son, he is one of the best pointers I have ever seen. Every time I go hunting with new or old friends, I receive many compliments on what a great bird dog he is. People are always commenting on how incredibly beautiful it is to watch him work the fields.
An example of his ability is, last summer I took him to the Minnesota Game Fair to check things out and wander around. There was a pointing competition that day, the last day, and we were the second to last to show up. Fifty dogs had competed that day and two points in three minutes was the best record when I showed up. While I was in line to have Murphy enter the field, I was surrounded by what appeared to be very serious hunters and kennel owners (they all had the vests, whistles, hats with logos.etc). They were looking at me like I was some silly city boy (with khaki pants, flip flops and a baseball cap). When it was our turn, Murphy pointed three birds in three minutes and was on another before time let out. The judge said, “Wow, I have never seen a dog like that and what a good nose. He holds his point so well and it was fun to watch him work!” I was one proud papa that day! Murphy was the best of 50 dogs and to be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. I knew what he was capable of doing.
I recommend Bob and Evan Devlin of O’Dobhailien Irish Red and White Setters, in Duluth, Minnesota without reservation. If you have the privilege to own one of their amazing puppies, you will have both an amazing family dog and a gifted hunting companion.
Submitted by: Mike Tipple on May 20, 2011
I have known Bob and Evan and their pups for over 10 years. My wife and I became familiar with their "kids" when we agreed to kennel sit for them. We instantly became attached with their dogs, because of their wonderful temperment. Liam was our first dog that we owned. He was from a litter of their original two IRWS, Seamus and Grainne. For two non-gun dog owners, we were lucky to get a dog that hunted as well as Liam did. My favorite hunting story was on a canoe trip. We got out of the canoe to stretch and he squatted near a small patch of grass near the river. I thought he was just peeing, but he just kept staying there, not for seconds, but for minutes. He finally got tired of giving me the "what are you waiting for look" and stuck he head in the grass and flushed out a nest of ducks. Good thing he knew what to do. We now have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and since day one we have never been afraid to expose her to Liam or any of their other dogs.

The moment that you meet Bob and Evan you will notice that these dogs are there lives. Everything they do is in the best interest of not only their dogs, but of the whole breed. They are very meticulous to match dogs for physical attributes as well as hunting ability and temperment.

Best wishes for your continued successes Bob and Evan and congratulations or your awards.

Mike Tipple
Submitted by: Ann Miller on Dec 24, 2010
I was absolutely delighted to learn that Bob and Evan Devlin have been given the
'Breeders Of Merit' award for their achievements in breeding Irish Red& White Setters. As a breeder myself of this ancient and
outstanding gun dog breed, I appreciate how much they deserve this recognition. Theirs is not a business but, rather, a vocation, as everything they do is motivated by what is best for the breed. Therefore they have succeeded in producing true, pure lines of handsome,traditional working gundogs that illustrate so well the breed standard. This is not always the case, as some IR&WS breeders have introduced alien, detrimental lines which does not serve the principle of ethical 'best for the breed' practice.
Bob and Evan are always careful to breed from stock that has current health checks before mating. They obviously truly love their dogs and so the puppies they produce are reared carefully and lovingly with plenty of human hands-on
attention.This caring is continued in the ongoing support and advice they give to new owners who take their new puppy into their lives and
hearts. This support is a very important part of breeding.
I had no qualms, other than the long journey to far away Minnesota, when the Devlins wished to add Mizen puppies to their kennel especially as
they had visited me in person years ago. We have been good friends ever since that fateful visit. My only regret is that they cannot visit me
more often on this wonderful Mizen Peninsula, Ireland's most southwesterly point.
I wish Bob and Evan continued success in their much loved vocation!
Ann Miller,
Mizen Head,
West Cork,

The above testimonial was copied verbatim as this site would not accept Ann's entry from Ireland.
Submitted by: Stephanie and Don Gessner on Nov 12, 2010
We have had our girl, O’Dobhailien Kennis Bla’th for 5 years and she still surprises us with her intelligence and sweet disposition. Over 30 years ago we got our first Irish red setter from Bob. She was a sweet little female from AM & CAN CH Draherin Lady Love’s last litter, and 6 years ago, when we lost our last (and 4th) red setter, we were reluctant to change breeds. My husband and Bob have been the best of friends since the eighth grade and we knew that Bob and Evan had been working for many years to start breeding IR&W setters. They traveled to Ireland multiple times over several years, first, seeking permission to export the breed to the United States and, secondly, seeking the best dogs to start their foundation stock. Not surprising, because we knew from past experience that Bob and Evan’s dedication to the integrity of dog breeding goes beyond running a business to sell dogs. They once drove from Duluth, MN to Illinois (over 1,000 miles round trip) to select and approve a puppy (red setter) for us, wanting to be sure that we were getting the best dog for our family, and to make certain the pup’s breeding met his high standards.
As close personal friends we see Bob and Evan every year. Their dedication to the IR&W, their breeding standards and careful placement of puppies convinced us we could purchase one of their pups with confidence. Kennis not only has great instinct in the field, she is a wonderful family dog. Her first experience with children came when our 2 year old grandson came to visit and Kennis was not only curious about this “smaller model” of human, she was gentle, playful and inseparable. Our daughter wanted to take Kennis home with her. No way. I can’t imagine our home without this affectionate and “too smart” dog! Be prepared to receive lots of kisses & cuddles but also be prepared to stay in shape because this breed needs a good run every day—good for them and good for us.
We can honestly say that based on our years of friendship with Bob and Evan and our personal knowledge of their work, research and dedication in establishing their stock of O’Dobhailien Irish Red & White Setters, you can start your search for a gun dog (and a fun dog) with them, and look no further.

Don & Stephanie Gessner
Submitted by: Jay Little on Nov 10, 2010
I have two of Bob and Evans Red & White Irish Setters that have adopted me. Ian, out of one of the first litter's of the Devlin's Red & Whites, is such an instinctive, intelligent hunting and home companion. His nose and intelligence continued from day one to make this amateur birder look good.

The newest addition, Bewley Mist, (Bew) is another very loving, intelligent hunting and house companion. She is just three, and has advanced tremendously watching the "veteran" Ian work. Their natural instinct and overwhelming passion for working for birds is a sight to behold.

They love working for the few grouse we have here in Central MN. They are in heaven when we purchase and set out game farm raised pheasants. Days and weeks later we are still finding the pheasants that were initially missed or lost on the farm.

Two weeks ago, they visited the "cousins" southern MN farm for some action on their local pheasants. All day, for two days, they tirelessly worked and found the wild birds. Their ability to hold a bird just feet away in the heavy slough grass was impressive and a sight to see. A great time was had by all and a few roosters were their trophy for the trip.

Ian & Bew are great house companions. They also travel excellent. I do not crate them, they enjoy being on their beds in the back seat area.

Ian & Bew have been a great addition to my family. I am thankful to long time friends, Bob & Evan Devlin for introducing me to their gems.

Jay Little
Barnum, Minnesota
Submitted by: Abby Berens, M.D. on Mar 24, 2010
Rarely does one have the opportunity to give such a well-deserved recommendation to a top notch, high quality breeder-Bob and Evan Devlin of O’Dobhailien Irish Red and White Setters, in Duluth, Minnesota.

After the passing of our beloved Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Jasmine, we started to research different breeds and after a few months, we decided to purchase an IRWS puppy. Upon researching and subsequently contacting a few different breeders, we were very confident that Bob and Evan Devlin of O’Dobhailien Irish Red and White Setters were the right choice. From this point, we’ve never questioned this decision. As we eagerly awaited for Lola, our IRWS puppy’s arrival, Bob and Evan kept in constant contact with us which involved answering any and all questions we had regarding best practices of raising our puppy, in addition to sending progress updates and pictures of the puppies. Already at this point, we could tell just how much they cared for their puppies and the overall quality of their breeding program.

We flew up from Miami, Florida to Minneapolis, Minnesota then drove the rest of the way to Duluth to pick up our puppy, so their would be no layover or connecting flights, making the trip as easy as possible for Lola, who sat with us in the cabin on our return.

Not only is Lola a beautiful puppy, but she is also extremely loyal, intelligent, self confident and loving to all creatures that come her way. Lola has been a sweet heart from the day we received her. This illustrates the time and energy that the Devlin’s give to all their puppies to make sure they receive the love needed to develop into confident, self assured dogs, who inherently trust and are comfortable with humans from day one. It also goes to show the success of the match making abilities in placing the right temperaments with the right owners. They ask very good questions upfront so they can assess which puppies will fit best with the specific characteristics of home environments as well as the individual needs of their customers.

On our most recent visit to Minnesota, this past Thanksgiving, we brought Lola with to visit with Bob and Evan, as well as their beautiful IRWS and Lola’s relatives. The Devlin’s welcomed us with open arms and we could not of felt luckier to meet such knowledgeable and compassionate breeders. Their genuine love and concern for the breed truly showed, as they took our Lola on a tour and introduced her to her IRWS family. We could not of been happier- until Bob and Evan asked if we would like to join them at a nearby hunt club the following day to pheasant hunt with Lola and see her natural born abilities in game bird hunting.

Talk about natural instinct! Lola’s ability in the field goes beyond expectations. From the start, she has shown an amazingly high and intense bird instinct, with a strong desire to please. In the field, the natural ability of the breed is what makes them stand out and you’ll immediately know they were born to hunt. A true joy to watch in the field, as they always seem to be smiling.

Bob and Evan maintain a passionate interest in the breed and are concerned about its future. They have successfully followed the beliefs- that breeders should equally pursue breed type, temperament and working instincts, otherwise the Red & White legacy is betrayed. Their extensive knowledge of all generations of their stock along with the hundreds of pictures to show you will leave you amazed.

The Devlin’s have a sincere commitment, passion and dedication to the Irish Red and White Setter breed, which goes unsurpassed. We were amazed at the level of service and understanding they provide their customers that truly went well beyond all levels of expectation.

With the utmost sincerity, we highly recommend O’Dobhailien to anyone interested in purchasing an IRWS.

Abby Berens, M.D.
Submitted by: Sally on Feb 18, 2010
I have a dog from Bob and Evan Devlin that I got in July of 2008 and I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments posted to date.

The Devlins are wonderful people and the dogs are fabulous. Evan was sooooo patient with all of my many emails, questions and telephone calls. They spent a lot of time with me when I was visiting, talking about their dogs, the breed in general and my new puppy specifically. Their passion and commitment to the breed and their dogs is very evident. Even now nearly two years later they still stay in touch and I know I can call them at any time with questions, concerns or just to let them know how we are doing.

At nine weeks of age my puppy was pointing on bugs and my other dogs. This past fall my young fellow got nearly perfect scores on a junior hunt test. There is nothing more awesome to watch then his excitement for birds and to see him work a field. Come Spring he is sure to fly through his hunt tests and field trials. We have finished both his AKC and UKC conformation championships and now are making great strides at becoming an obedience and agility dog too. They are very smart and learn quickly. Most importantly he gets along with nearly everyone and is also one of the best snugglers I have ever had!!
Submitted by: Mark Newsome on Dec 27, 2009
We chose the Devlins for our dog after reviewing several breeders. We concluded that O'Dobhailien Irish Red and White Setters is the best "Red and White" breeder. Our dog, Casey, is fantastic! He is gentle with our kids, is super friendly, has a geat nose, will work all day in the field for me, retrieve in cold water, and has demonstrated solid versatility in the areas of agility and obedience. You won't go wrong by choosing an O'Dobhailien Irish Red and White Setter.
Submitted by: Robert Earle on Dec 20, 2009
I decided in 2004 to get a pointing dog after hunting with 5 generations of field golden retrievers. After much research my wife and I decided on the Irish Red and White Setter due to their reputations as both hunting dogs and family pets. We spoke to a number breeders and it was clear that Bob and Evan were at the top of the list. I knew that I had made the right choice when Evan drove with my new pup from Minnesota to Connecticut to see if we were a match.

More than four years later I could not be happier with "Guinness". Hands down he is the best dog I have ever had. His hunting drive and nose are incredible. Together we have taken pheasants, chukar, woodcock and ducks. He will hunt all day if I let him. WIth his natural ability Guinness won his AKC Junior Hunter title with almost no input from me.

Guinness is a sweet, funny, loving dog and "scary smart". He has classic hunting lines you see in old english sporting paintings. Aside from being a great hunting partner, Guiness is also a wonderful house dog and buddy to our 14 month old daughter. There is no doubt that when the time comes I will be getting another pup from Bob and Evan.
Submitted by: Gus Skramstad on Oct 21, 2009
My wife and I started a long detailed search looking for the perfect dog for our home. We have 2 very small children and needed a dog that would compliment them but also be a great addition to my love of upland bird hunting. There are plenty of gun dogs out there, but most of the breeds are getting a bad reputation due to poor breeding. It was important to us to find a dog from a reputable breeder in business for the right reasons.

We chose to get Quinn from the Devlins (ODobhailien Irish Red and White Setters) after I spoke with them on the phone. Evan and Bob truly care for this breed. We made the trip from southeastern North Dakota and were very impressed with there facility’s.

I remember during our visit to there home that I had made a comment that I had not found the perfect dog for me yet. Evan responded with “you have now”. She couldn’t have been more correct. Our Quinn is the gentlest dog I have seen with all kids and especially our two small children. In the field he’s second to none. His physic allows him to hunt all day long and you will not find a better nose. He is patient yet aggressive when it comes to hitting the field. This is the third year that I will be hunting over Quinn and this is my breed.

I would strongly recommend this breed to anyone looking for an absolutely great family dog that is truly remarkable in the field. I would also strongly recommend this breeder to you in your search for an IRWS. I spoke to several IRWS breeders in my search and it was clear after speaking with them, the Devlin’s are the real deal.
Submitted by: Dave Jacobs on Aug 15, 2008
Having just driven 5015 miles round trip from California to Duluth to get our pup, I can honestly say she is more than well worth the effort.
My first pheasant dog was a red Irish Setter bred from a field champ and she was special, both in the home and in the field. So when I began to investigate a puppy, I discovered the Irish Red and White Setters who really are the real deal. We waited almost a year to get a pup wanting the best of the best. I believe that is what we got in Cailie. Her nose is incredible and she points anything that flys.
Bob and Evan were great, staying in touch with us, socializing our pup before we arrived and shedding a tear as we left with their little girl. We were able to spend time with some of their dogs and I was amazed at their temperment, speed and agility.
I wanted a pheasant dog but Cailie will be that and more as we intend to show her here on the west coast and test her in field trials. I am happy to speak with anyone considering a Red and White.

David E. Jacobs
Submitted by: Kurt and Deb Lindberg on Jul 17, 2008
We contacted the Devlins over a year before purchasing a puppy; they were very welcoming, informative, and extremely loyal to retaining the purity and, especially, the hunting instinct in the breed. They invited us to an IRWS Rendevzous in April where we met other IRWS owners, families, and dogs.(we brought our golden retriever with us) We were able to observe the dogs working in the field and made some great new friends that day, including the Devlins, and we all still keep in touch. We were able to meet the O'Dobhalien dogs; which really reinforced our decision to own an IRWS. They are truly a breed apart from ALL other dogs. Evan kept us updated from the time mom was impregnated to the day before we picked him up; sending us pictures, emails, and phone calls. They spent soooo much time with us before, during, and after we got our puppy; and we love him to death.(Bob even helped us pick out a name) We love our puppy, he is 8 1/2 weeks old and the smartest pup ever! The Devlins had already taught him his name, and they began his housebreaking and socialization. He came to our house loving the world, not afraid of anything, not pottying inside; and that amazing nose! He can find anything we hide. And he doesn't give up, nor get easily distracted.
All I can say is that we have never felt so prepared before bringing home a baby, or had such support afterwards. This was the best experience ever, if anyone is looking for an exceptional bird-dog, you HAVE to talk to the Devlins; you not only get a great dog, you become part of a family.
We look forward to many happy years grouse hunting with our Jack of Hearts, and will probably be adding another IRWS to our family in the next couple of years.
We would be more than happy to talk to anyone about our experience with O'Dobhalien IRWS; please call anytime 651-460-6865.
Submitted by: Judy Baumgartner on Jun 21, 2008
In the Fall of 2006 I started my search for an Irish Red and White Setter. I had shown Irish Setters at Dog Shows for almost 20 years and always got the best dogs I could find. Spoiled I guess I was, I love a beautiful dog. But I didn't know what I was in for when I found my Cailin. After talking to many breeders, Evan and I just hit it off, like we were old friends. Cailin was born in January of 2007, I sort of felt sorry for Evan because I called her pretty much every day. I was so excited about my new baby girl. In March Cailin, now O'Dobhailien Cailin Alainn (meaning beautiful girl in Irish) came to live with us. She was so loving, and became part of our family right away. Late summer we started field training. Well, I had never did any field bird work before so I guess you can say I was learning, Cailin was a natural. All the trainer did was tweak a few things and off we went to our first hunt tests. Cailin got four passes in four tries, ended up the youngest Irish Red and White Setter female to get a juniur hunt title from AKC. Proud, I was besides myself. Like Steve said above, I would like to think I am a fantastic trainer, but these O'Dobhailien Irish Red and White Setters are the best. We are now moving on to other hunting titles, Cailin is a wonderful bird dog and even sleeps in our bed at night.
Submitted by: Shannon Fosness on Jul 26, 2007
I happened to check out this site and wanted to leave a few positive words. I have had my Irish Red and White Settter for just over six years. I got her from Bob and Evan Devlin in the early summer of 2001. I have to say she is everything I was hoping for in a dog. We hunt, we play and she is the best family dog I have ever owned. Her gentle disposition is ideal for my kids. Never once has she has she even raised a lip, other than to show me her "smile". (Her mom has the same smile.) I would recommend O'Dobhailien Kennels to anyone looking for a superb hunting companion and family dog. They have the highest commitment to maintaining the integrity of the breed. They are always willing to answer any questions and offer suggestions. Even after six years we have regular contact and a good friendship. Their love of these dogs is a testimony in itself. Keep up the good work!
Submitted by: Steve Grinnell on Feb 14, 2007
My wife and I kiddingly refer to our pup as a number ten draft choice because she was number ten of a litter of eleven.(and the eleventh was technically spoken for because he had physical characteristics that a particular buyer was looking for) maybe we have an eleventh rounder.

Any way, when we toured the O Dobhailien Kennels of Bob and Evan, we were very impressed not only by the quality of hunting dogs they had on hand, but most of all, by the pure passion they shared for always improving the breed. Always focusing on what the breed stands for. The three things Bob and Evan focus on is: character, hunting ability and breed standard. (all of equal importance) Their passionate research takes them to Ireland on a regular basis and continues to bring them to the grass roots of the breed.

So...we get our number 10 draft pick home and 2 1/2 years later I look like I'm a fantastic trainer. Fact is, it's all in breeding. Bob and Evan's passion have given my wife and I a beautiful dog that is the letter of standard, the best friend either could ask for, and a hunting dog, that to to often humbles the boss. (my own falt) The natural hunting instincts the dogs grow with, go on autopilot from 1 yr. on. The auto skills are the keys to the instinctive "humbling the boss trait". She is a pure pleasure to hunt behind. She holds a great point, retrieves, and is as close working pointer/setter as I've ever had the pleasure of hunting with. (I've owened both a Gordon Setter and a German Wire Hair...both good hunting dogs.) My IRW is so birdy that you truley understand, believe and appreciate the time, research and effort Evan and Bob have committed to this breed of hunting dog. They believe that hunting is a key enduring trait that should be bred to. I will be always greatful for that.

Their passion and dedication produce great family dogs for regular people. I would put my bird finding dog and my inept shooting skill up against anyones. (my pup always forgives,... they've bred that in too) You can't go wrong with a pup from Evan and Bob.

I would be happy to talk about these setters they produce to anyone. Please free to contact me. I'll give you any details you want.

Steve Grinnell
Montrose, MN
763 -972 -2689

*I'm just a regular guy and receive zero comp for this....I just believe in these breeders and dogs.
Submitted by: Chris & Zach Orcutt on Feb 06, 2007
I would recommend ODobhailien Irish Red and White Setters to anyone looking for Irish Red and White Setter the Devlin's love the breed, know the history of the breed and a strive to keep the breed as it was intended. My 13 year old son Zach and I co-own Kyla (ODobhailien Kyla), but make no mistake about it she is his dog. We were put in contact with the Devlins by a mutual friend. The Devlin's did a great job making sure we were familiar with the IRWS breed and emphasizing the importance of Hunting IRWS. So what did we get in our dog. We have a dog that is my sons best friend they absolutely adore each other and she is a sweet dog. We have a dog that is happy indoors and outdoors and loves to run and play with our other dogs. Kyla also showed she could cut it in the Show ring doing well in the IRWSA National. We also got a Hunting dog who hunts with an itensity that I have never experienced. Zach handled Kyla in AKC Hunt Tests where she obtained her Junior Hunter in just 5 Hunt Tests (4 passes needed to qualify). Many of the judges were very coplimentary of her hunting ability and style. This fall was Kyla's first hunting season and Zach shot his first ring-neck pheaseant over Kyla who promptly retrieved the bird to hand. Bottom line we got a great family dog, boys best friend, show dog and an awesome hunting dog all rolled into one sweet girl named Kyla. In addition we have had unending support of Bob and Evan Devlin. We would not hesitate in getting another ODobhailien IRWS.

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