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Submitted by: Don Murn on Nov 08, 2016
I have run GWPs for years and decided to go back to Vizlas as that was my first gun dog. I picked up my pup Chili from Mira Vizsla the end of July this year and could not be happier. A great breeder turns out great dogs. My pup is 5 months old and he is a happy, athletic and well mannered dog that is easy to train. He is loving and biddable. He was easy to gun conditioned and is already pointing woodcock and grouse. I can't wait to hunt over him next year. Above all he is a great companion. When it is time to start another dog I am going back to Mira Vizlas!
Submitted by: JJ on Aug 15, 2015
We got a pup from you last June and we are so happy with her! She has such an amazing personality and it seems that everyone who comes in contact with her falls in love. To say she is full of energy is an understatement but we enjoy taking her to the park and swimming every day. We take her almost everywhere we go because we just can't stand being away from her. My husband had to convince me of the vizsla breed and I honestly can't imagine having any other dog. We are very grateful for her. Just wanted to thank you and let you know she is doing well.
Submitted by: Maria K on Jun 20, 2015
We picked up our puppy after 2 months of training with Michel, and she has really been terrific. She loves her crate, birds and squirrels, and know Come, Sit, and Down too. She has made quite a few new friends in NYC. She is such a good little social butterfly and comes right to me when I call. She has made so many easy transitions, from holding her pee until we are outside (which involves an elevator ride to get outside!) to going through revolving doors, to walking like a pro on metal grates. She is simply one incredible little girl and you certainly knew what you were looking for when you told us "Miss Black" was our dog.
Submitted by: Kevin & Nancy Sullivan on Apr 16, 2015
We just picked up our 3rd Vizsla from Mira Vizslas and didn't consider going anywhere else. Our first two were the most intense but controlled hunting partners in my hunting group. The last one who I hunted over for 10 years did everything from pheasants to retrieving ducks in frigid water. Both of our previous dogs would sleep with us at night and wouldn't quit hunting till I made them get in the truck.
Michele kept us posted weekly with pictures of the pups which removed any anxiety as to what we were getting. She knows how to anticipate their activity levels so you know what kind of pup to expect. The handoff of our little guy was the best start to another love affair with another Vizsla that I could have asked for. Thank you Michele.
Submitted by: Wendy P. on Sep 18, 2013
We picked out our puppy in January and brought her home in March, after leaving her for 2 months of training. We couldn't be happier! Neela has been a dream!
Submitted by: Diana S. on Sep 18, 2013
We just wanted to let you know what an incredible dog our Piper has been since we brought her home! We have been able to get all of our questions answered promptly and it's obvious that you care about your puppies even after they leave! Thank you for all that you do!
Submitted by: Tom E on Sep 18, 2013
We can't believe it has been 1 year since we got Shiloh. She loves to be around people/dogs, she is a great, smart, and lovable dog. She was so easy to get housebroken and to teach commands. We can't wait to get her out in the field! We are so glad we got her, she is one of the family!!!
Submitted by: Jan T on Sep 18, 2013
Our family is now on our fourth dog from Mira Vizslas! Michel has been great to work with, and has been very honest in how she represents the dogs to us! It's been great being able to board our dog with her when we go on vacation, too. Who knows, we might be back for number 5 soon!
Submitted by: Patti Kokan on Jan 24, 2011
We bought Ruby from Mira Vizslas in March 2010. She has been much, much more than we expected! She has been a breeze to train and we have had a lot of fun with the training. Ruby is by far the smartest, funniest, and most loving dog we have ever had. She is great with our Grandchildren and our cats. She is always friendly and good natured with people and other animals alike. Her hunting instincts are outstanding. Michel has a wonderful breeding program dedicated to producing dogs that are good, solid companions, AND the best of the best for hunting. You cannot not find a more dedicated and knowledgeable person than Michel. We are so impressed that we are awaiting our second puppy from Mira Vizslas. . . one Vizsla is never enough!!!
Submitted by: Ken B. on Jan 11, 2011
We got our female from you 7 years ago. She is the best hunting dog out of our group, and impresses everyone at our hunt club. This year was our best hunting season. While all of my friends' dogs are starting to slow down, she is still as powerful as ever while hunting. Thank you for a great dog! We will be getting a second dog from you next year!
Submitted by: Sean D on Dec 04, 2010
We are truly in love with our puppy out of Olive and Colt! He is so willing to please, is very happy and curious, and hasn't met a stranger yet! It is obvious that the hard work Michel puts into hand raising these pups, and the different things she teaches them before they go home!
This is our very first hunting dog we are training ourselves, and it is obvious that he already knows what to do!
Thank you for an awesome puppy!
Submitted by: Matt on Nov 05, 2010
Diesel grew up a lot on our trip to SD! We were hunting with a lab the first day and I don’t think our guy liked the lab getting all of the credit for retrieving birds. So, after the 8th bird of the day he started retrieving everything! He would smell the birds out, point, we would shoot them and Diesel would retrieve them! The second day was even better, because Diesel retrieved 10/12 birds (The springer we were with got 2). It was unbelievable to watch because he was the best dog out there at locating the birds, pointing and then retrieving. The best retrieve came out of a bird that he pointed, we flushed and shot, but only winged. Diesel went in the corn after him, the bird came popping out trying to fly, but couldn’t, and Diesel chased him down for about 30 yards before grabbing the live, flapping bird and bringing it over to me alive. Our guide said that he was the best first year dog he’s seen in the field just because of his progression over the two day hunt. We shot two limits of birds in two days, and a lot of it was thanks to Diesel
Submitted by: Eric on Sep 13, 2010
Thank you so much for Izzy! I asked for and got the best dog a guy could hope for. She is great with my kids, really a great dog to live with and does what I want her to do in the field. This is our third hunting season, and I am really looking forward to it. Thanks again!
Submitted by: Mo Mattson on Aug 02, 2010
Mana is a true gift and Michel is totally awesome not only as a breeder and a trainer for our Mana but a new friend.

These are totally awesome and very engergetic dogs full of love.

Mo Mattson
Submitted by: Steve and Leslie on Jul 31, 2010
We just got our first Vizsla puppy from Michel/Mira Vizslas. Having never had a dog before, we did lots of research. The first thing that impressed us was that her website is infinitely better than any other and always current! We still go to it for information. Michel is always helpful with expertise and care when we email her (and quick to reply). She helped us screen for allergies with our son who has asthma before deciding to get one of her puppies. We could not be more thrilled with our little Rocket! He's so smart and learns so quickly. His puppy school teacher is very impressed that he picks things up faster than any of the other puppies there! I'm so glad we decided on a Vizsla (the perfect breed) and with Michel (the perfect breeder)! If you're looking for a Vizsla, get one from Mira Vizslas-the gold standard!
Submitted by: Brandy on Jul 30, 2010
We recently acquired our first Vizsla puppy from Michel in July 2010. Prior to getting our new addition, Michel was always willing to answer any and all questions about the breed and about her dogs. She is very knowledgeable and a wonderful resource of information! We were so impressed with her and her breedings, that we drove about 1000 miles from Louisiana just to get our new puppy from her! We have remained in contact since then, probably several times a week with correspondences about Evie and just simply to stay in touch. She sent the puppy home with a wealth of valuable information which has been a great help as well! Michel is a wonderful, reputable breeder and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Vizsla. Evie has been an amazing addition to our family and we look forward to watching her grow into her potential. Thanks Michel for everything!!!
Submitted by: Randy on Jun 05, 2010
We flew up to Wisconsin to pick our puppy up from Michel at Mira Vizslas last August. He has more than surpassed our expectations as both a pet and hunter! He is very smart, and has been a great addition to our family!
Submitted by: Dan on May 06, 2010
"We're loving Cosmo ad she's been a great addition to our family!"
Submitted by: Diane on May 06, 2010
My daughter and I have purchased a total of four Vizslas from Michel in the past 3 years. They are incredible companions, very loving and have been very easy to train!"
Submitted by: Bob on May 06, 2010
Thank you for allowing us to bring home a second puppy from you! Piper is very happy to have a new friend in Rogue! Let the fun begin!
Submitted by: Brittany on Sep 05, 2009
We just got our vizsla puppy from Michel in early August and are so far unbelievably impressed with both the pup and Michel! Michel answered every single question I had 3 months before the pup was even born, and any concern I have is answered with a smart, well-educated answer within hours.
We recently took our pup to be evaluated for hunting and the trainer was highly impressed with her go-get'em attitude, beauty, intuitiveness and drive. She has an amazing, loving, kind temperament and is incredibly smart.
Michel truly breeds amazing dogs and takes the time to assure that you will be given a dog with unbeatable potential.
Go Mira Vizslas!!
Submitted by: Jeff on Aug 22, 2009
We purchased a puppy from Michel in 2006, 2008, and one of our relatives just bought one from her in 2009. We are thrilled with the intelligence, hunting skills, affection, and they are mighty fine looking dogs too. Whenever we have had questions, Michel gets back to us with the right answer or solution to our problem within a day.
Submitted by: Angela Flores on Feb 17, 2009
After our English Pointer died, we bought our first Vizsla puppy from Michel at Mira Vizslas. From the very first time we met, I was impressed by her knowledge of the breed and her genuine love of every animal in her care. It was obvious that this was much more than just a job for her.

In regards to the quality of the dogs - we have been continually impressed by how quickly our vizsla learns new things, her ability to problem solve and how much natural instincts she has for hunting. She is a beautiful and healthy dog. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

We "adopted" our dog from Mira Vizla in December of 2007 and know that at anytime I can still contact Michel if I ever have a dog question - and I have on several occasions. She has always been more than happy to help a puppy-mom in need!

I would highly recommend Michel of Mira Vizslas to anyone looking to adopt a Vizsla.
Submitted by: Michelle Tracy on Feb 13, 2009
We recently purchased our third vizsla from Mira Vizslas, and couldn't be happier with all three! We got just the right puppy for our family, and the dogs have been easy to train and natural hunters.
Submitted by: Tracey Schulz on Feb 13, 2009
I have gotten 2 Vizslas from Michel (all from the same stud, and 2 from the same litter) and have never had an issue with training. I used my dogs for family pets, as well as competing in agility. They are wonderful, beautiful, loving pets. Michel has always been there as not only a breeder but as a friend. Whenever I had a question about something, she would have an answer to me within hours. She loves and cares for each and every one of her dogs (and their offspring) as her own children and is always there to lend a hand, reference, or word of advice to her puppy purchasers with anything they may need. Michel has become a friend to me and would highly recommend her to anyone. I know she is the only one I will get any of my dogs from, here on out. She's wonderful!
Submitted by: Todd Freese on Nov 07, 2008
I purchased a Vizsla from Michel after a great deal of research. I brought my dog home in Feb.06. Michel was very helpful with every aspect of the dogs training and experiences. I bought my dog for hunting but he also had to be a great family dog as I have 3 small boys and my wife has 2 cats. Jack is an indoor dog and has no problems with either the kids or the other animals. He was exceedingly easy to train and was hunting well at 9 months old. Everywhere I go I get compliments on his looks and personality. He has incredible drive in the field and will hunt long after I am out of energy. I have never had any problems with other dogs in the field he like everyone. He will retrieve birds dropped in the water and is a very reliable retriever he Loves to hunt!

I would strongly recommend Michel to anyone looking to buy a Vizsla.

Todd Freese
Submitted by: Patrick Pawlukiewicz on Oct 27, 2008
I purchased my first Vizsla male from Michel. I was very impressed with her knowledge and the amount of information I received from her.

I was very pleased with how smart my puppy was already when I received him. It seems as though he had quite a bit of personal attention already, and has since made a very wonderful companion.

Everywhere we go, people are impressed with my puppy and his good behavior. I couldn't thank Michel enough. I highly recommend her and her puppies for anyone looking for a long lasting relationship with a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Keith Kowalski on Oct 27, 2008
I purchased my Vizsla from Michel in November of 07. The quality of dog that I recieved from her far surpassed my expectations. He has outstanding drive in the field, easily trained, an awesome calm temperment around the house and our young daughter, and a good looker too.
Michel was and still is a great help in the ongoing training of our Vizsla which is something I didn't expect or would expect from many other breeders. She is highly recommended as a breeder from me, but I think her dogs do a better job at that than I could.
Thank You Michel.
Submitted by: Scott on Oct 23, 2008
We purchased our two vizslas from Mira Vizslas in 2005 and 2008. Three of our friends have purchased their dogs from Michel, too, after spending with ours and seeing how smart, gentle, and calm ours were. Michel has also opened up her small farm for us to come train our dogs..not a lot of breeders will do that!

Michel has a lot of knowledge about the breed and a common-sense answer for every question we have called to ask her. When we are ready for another dog, we will definitely get one from Mira Vizslas!
Submitted by: Andy on Oct 04, 2007
I have had a few Vizslas in the past. Over the last couple of years have acquired two from Mira Vizslas.

I was more than impressed by the information and materials supplied when the dogs go home. I cannot say anything but the best about the temperment of the dogs I have purchased. They are loving and very kind and yet really have a go-getter attitude in the field! They are exactly what they were supposed to be. It was a great match for me. I do compete with them and hunt them and the dogs do well at whatever I have asked.

The support I receive when I have questions and need insight or training tips has always been met with a willingness to help from Michel. I have found a new friend in the breed and someone I would recommend to anyone looking for a well bred dog for any activity from a pet, companion, hunting partner, or competition dog.

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