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Submitted by: John Radford on Aug 29, 2019
Cant go wrong with guy and his commitment to raising dogs that will not only serve you in the the field but at home as well. My Katie has been the best dog I have ever owned. She is a family member spoiled beyond belief but still is a bird hound that will rival others.
Submitted by: Brian McGrew on Dec 30, 2016
I highly recommend obtaining a Brittany from Guy and his family. I cannot accurately describe how pleased my family was with our experience with Guy and our pup. It is not a business transaction when you bring home one of Guy's Brittany's. Rather, it is akin to a handshake between old friends and a firm assurance and guarantee everything is well in hand. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Scott on Sep 27, 2016
We recently got a pup from Mason Ridge Kennels. Guy is a great person and has the dogs best interest at heart. This is a very birdy pup with a ton of drive. You can see the parents either at a trial or in hunting conditions, his dogs are great for both scenario. Guy is also a great person to talk with for training tips. We are really looking forward to having her out on Mearns this year. Thanks again Mason Ridge Kennels.
Submitted by: R T Willliams on Jun 18, 2016
Had a great experience with Mason Ridge Kennels. And purchased a great pup. Our Macy loves the family and loves to hunt. Had her on Chukars at 6 7 months. Could not ask for better people to get a pup from or better dogs than what you will get from Guy Shelander
Submitted by: Tom Stalcup on Apr 17, 2015
I enjoyed meeting Guy and seeing his beautiful dogs and professional kennel. We could not be happier with our sweet Desert Rose. Guy got her off to an amazing start, and she is a great joy. I have no doubt she will make a tremendous bird dog. I am looking forward hunting with her for many years. And when it comes time for getting another Brittany pup, Guy will be my first choice.
Submitted by: Tom on Apr 17, 2015
What a wonderful pup we got from you. We are so in love with Desert Rose, and she is a great joy. I am looking forward to hunting with her for many years. As you can see from the pictures, she is beautiful. How lucky are we to have gotten the very best pup. Thanks again.
Submitted by: John Jones on Apr 04, 2015
I would recommend Mason Ridge as one of the best. You will not get a bad dog.

Submitted by: Ellen Burkhart on Apr 26, 2014
These are super nice people with super nice dogs. After our initial online contact, our family visited Guy and Claudia with their dogs at a Brittany field trial and then got to see where the dogs live, which is a very comfortable and clean set-up. After lots of communication on the progress of the mom and her puppies, we picked up ours at 7 weeks. At 11 weeks, our Cady is a very happy and healthy Brittany, seems excited about birds and is progressing nicely on obedience and house training. Working with MasonRidge has been such a positive experience, I would definitely get a pup from them again.
Submitted by: Scott Keim on Mar 31, 2013
After talking with Guy and seeing his Brittanies we drove 1400 miles round trip to pick up our Mason Ridge pup. Guy has a wealth of expertise about gun dogs, and was generous with his time and knowledge. From the outset Guy treated us with patience, integrity and has fantastic dogs! We had a great experience in selecting our dog, and I would recommend Mason Ridge Brittanies to anyone interested in a great dog.
Submitted by: Audrey Keim on Mar 31, 2013
After months of looking for a Brittany puppy for my dad and visiting different breeders, we finally found the perfect puppy at Mason Ridge. I'm 14,but Guy was very patient and kept me posted as the litter grew, sending us pictures and updates. Guy and his wife were extremely kind and generous with their time. They both had an obvious love for Brittanies along with abundant knowledge. When we got our puppy, it was apparent that they had spent a lot of time with her; she was very trusting and great with people! I highly recommend MasonRidge to anyone looking for a quality Brittany.
Submitted by: Marshall on Apr 19, 2011
Guy sold me a year old male, Red, who he had already started training. I watched him work with Red and I agreed he was a fine-looking Brittany. I continued the training according to Guy's instructions and have hunted Red for one season on quail. red is everything I had hoped he would be and more. He is easy to handle, loves to hunt, has a great nose and strong pointing ability. I would buy another dog from Guy in a heart beat!
Submitted by: Joe Bailey on Jun 23, 2010
I am very pleased with "Sire Leonardis Bailey", whom I bought from MasonRidge Brittanys. Guy and his wife were very nice. Without any formal bird training - Bailey is already starting his way to become an excellent bird dog. We are very pleased with him. We would highly recommended them to anyone.
Submitted by: Cherri and John Peterson on Jun 23, 2010
Our pup Lady Vincenza isn't being raised to hunt, but what a personality! Guy has some wonderful dogs, and a trip to his home and facility proves how much he cares about his Britts. We are very happy with "Vinnie". At 13 weeks she is "almost" housetrained and loves trips in the car with our 12 year old Brittany. She is very sweet and trainable, and has captured the hearts of our entire family.
Submitted by: pamala on Mar 21, 2010
Star is a very smart puppy, we have taken her out several times and worked her on birds, She has a great point and is learning what she needs to do quickly. She runs happy, and most of the time to the front. She is a well behaved puppy for her age.
Submitted by: on Mar 15, 2010
Guy was great helping me find the right brittany pup for my needs. I would highly recommend Guy and his dogs. He has continued to help us by providing training advice. We are truly enjoying our new pup that was studded through his kennel.
Submitted by: Jay Harper on Mar 14, 2010
Guy is one of the most "understated" dog gentlemen that I have every been around. I bought "Ranger" from Guy 2 years ago. Guy agreed to start him and boy did he ever. Ranger has exceeded my expectations from day 1. Not only is Guy a good breeder he is a good trainer and most importantly an honorable and good man!
Submitted by: mike gibbons on Mar 14, 2010
Mason Ridge Britts are the most personable, obidient,birdy dogs you can find. I have had the luxury of hunting behind several of them and own one. The line breeding is outstanding and I dont think you could wrong by picking up a pup from Guy.
Submitted by: Arlette Hennessey on Feb 25, 2009
having known Guy for many years now I can say he is very caring about his dogs and doing the best he can. He has some very nice dogs which I have had the pleasure of seeing in action.
You won't go wrong with Guy at mason Ridge

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