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Submitted by: drew on Apr 20, 2021
Our male came from Lish's October 2020 litter. He is the smartest, best-looking, and easiest to train golden we've ever seen. At six months he is very athletic and loves to hike. From the day we picked him up, he had a strong retriever instinct and a soft mouth. But it is his desire to please and intelligence that set him apart. He can learn to do anything - the only limitation is our imagination.
Submitted by: The Suggs on Feb 20, 2017
We got our pup Bodie from Kym Lish. He is the best boy, we feel so lucky. He is so calm and well behaved, but always excited to play when the time is right. He is also very smart and picks up on training very easily. We couldn't be happier about our experience working with Kym - she was very professional and helpful. We have already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so!
Submitted by: A. Zimowsky on Jun 21, 2016
We picked up Lucy, our Golden Retriever, from Kym Lish at Lish Kennels in December of 2015. She immediately became a loving family member, getting along great with kids, adults, and Dexter our 1 year old Shorkie. Lucy is a very smart dog which has made training much easier. We are very excited for hunting season this year with the instincts Lucy has displayed, and the nose for birds that she has. I would just like to thank Kym for making getting a new hunting dog/family companion such an easy and comfortable process.

Very Happy Customer
Submitted by: P Lind on Apr 28, 2016
We got our GSP Wilson from Kym back in January and couldn't be any happier. He is a very smart little boy who catches on quickly and has shown natural hunting abilities. He's a healthy, happy, funny little sassy dog and we can't say enough good things about Kym and Lish kennels. Kym was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and provided great advice. Also thanks to her little girls giving so much love to our pup he is the biggest sweetheart/ cuddler.
Submitted by: J Payne on Mar 15, 2016
Hello, Kym! We had a very good trip back to Harper. From your place to within 12 miles of Harper, Sluice whined for maybe a total of one minute. We had stopped so she could stretch and at every stop she did pee. For the last 12 miles she decided there needed to be more out of life than riding in a crate, in a truck. I am glad she gave it as much time as she did before coming to that conclusion. In my mind I was going to give it at least a week to gradually introduce her to Ingle and Rookie. Amazingly it took about 20 minutes and she was "in" with both adults & everyone was acting like, "What's the big deal? We do this all the time". They are so gentle with her when they play, and they DO play. I am not sure that Sluice see herself as a little dog. She had no hesitation to engage with either dog. Her weight is exactly where it is supposed to be when following a slow growth program. She is quite the girl and her personality is a joy. Thank you again, Kym, for everything!!!
Submitted by: S. Ahrens on Mar 14, 2016
Kym, just a quick note, we made the trip back from Idaho all the day we picked up Miss Winston. Just felt a motel room for her would be another trauma for her and us. Total milage that day-970. I cannot express how happy we are with Winston. In our lives she is prefect. Thankyou. She and all her litter mates are beautiful. Also, I was very impressed with your, for lack of a better word, facility. Neat, clean, organized, vey professional. Again, thank you for your role in providing this joy to our lives. Steve
Submitted by: J Simpson on Mar 14, 2016
We just got our wonderful dog Barkley from Kym Lish at Lish Kennels. This has be a wonderful experience dealing with Kym. She sent pictures weekly and kept us up to date with our puppy. I found that the experience with Kym is the best we have ever had buying a dog. I know our puppy is the best we could ver hope to have. Kym is kind and professional and loves the dogs she breeds and sells. Everyone we see thinks he is the cutest dog ever. Of course he is 8 and one half weeks. Today he was on a leash at Petsmart where everyone totally fell in love with him. He has filled a hole in our hearts and we love him more than words can describe. Thank you Kym for all you did and helped us with and for giving us this gift of pure love. Jana
Submitted by: D Heather on Jan 26, 2016
We got our female Golden Retriever puppy just one week ago. Becket is 11 weeks old and had 4 weeks of basic obedience training from Kim. What a smart and fun little puppy. We are starting on potty training and she is catching on quite well. The whole experience with Kym and her Kennel has been awesome. Weekly updates and a willingness to answer questions when I call. I flew from Wisconsin to see Lish Kennels and was quite impressed. A very authentic, clean and well run operation. I would recommend Kym and Lish Kennels to prospective dog owners!!
Submitted by: H Gibson on Jan 25, 2016
We picked up our beautiful GSP Letty at 7 weeks old. Letty showed us right away that she is just a natural smarty pants, we had a 10 hour drive to get her home, she only pottied when we stopped and let her out. We also saw her pointing and were playing fetch on her first day home, she has adjusted very well to her new surroundings. Kym was great to work with while we waited for the day we could pick up our girl, sending pictures every week and answering any questions, along with making alternative arrangements with us for the pick up when she was going to be out of town unexpectedly on the day we originally planned. Seeing Lish Kennels in person speaks for itself, everything is clean and well maintained, I would not hesitate to go through Lish Kennels again!
Submitted by: K. Riedinger on Jan 24, 2016
I picked up Jersey my GSP a few weeks ago and I am in awe of how intelligent and well behaved of a dog she is! The first day she came home she was already comfortable in her crate, walking on a leash, and could sit and fetch on command. On a daily basis I receive compliments from people claiming they have never seen a puppy this good before! Kym has also been there every step of the way answering any questions I may have. Overall awesome breeder, and spectacular pups!
Submitted by: Packard's on Jan 23, 2016
We recently just purchased our male golden. We named him Warden. He is one of Alice and Rusty's offspring. So far the pup has done very well with my family (including my 2 year old boy). I recently started reading for bird and shed hunting. Will definitely purchase another dog from you when the occasion arises. Quotes
Submitted by: K May on Aug 18, 2015
I want to thank Kym and her girls for our new little boy Max! He posses all of the wonderful traits we have come to love in our golden's. I have owned golden retrievers for over fifty years, and Max might be one of the best. I will keep you posted :)
Submitted by: L & L Jones on Dec 12, 2014
We picked up our German Shorthair Pointer in October of 2013. He has been the most well behaved dog we have ever owned. Not only that, he is amazing companion in our home, and an amazing nose in the field hunting. I could rant and rave about kym and her kennel, but instead I will be referring people who are interested in getting top of the line dogs to her instead :) Best decision ever. Thank you, Kym!
Submitted by: M Galino on Nov 22, 2014
I purchased a male wirehaired pointer from Kim in October of this year. We enrolled our puppy "Stache" in her training program for a few weeks before we picked him up. When we picked him up he already new how to sit and retrieve on command. He was also fairly comfortable walking with a leash. Since we've had him at home he has been extremely entertaining!!!! He is very active and has a very social and friendly demeanor with people and other dogs. We are excited to enroll him in more hunting training very soon. It's obvious he already had a great nose for birds! We have some wings that we hide in the yard and he finds them every time! Stache is very smart which makes him a high maintenance dog! He learns quick but also likes to test us. He constantly needs to be reminded who is in charge and scolded when his curiousity takes over!!!! Potty training has also been a challenge but he is progressing well. He is a great eater and is growing so quick!!!!
Submitted by: G Slattery on Nov 14, 2014
I want to thank Kym Lish and for all the devoted work and care that she puts into the operation of Lish Kennels. 6 months ago we made the trip to Arimo, Idaho to pick up our new male Golden Retriever that would soon be named KODA. I new as soon as we connected with KODA, that he was going to be a special dog. Koda has been easy to work with from day 1. He has easily understood basic training commands and at age 2 months we had him in the water and swimming. Koda's favorite toy is a stuffed pheasant and he will retrieve that bird for as long as you are willing to throw it. KODA also has a great personality and has adapted very well socially, he loves his new home and treats our 15 year old Golden "DUKE" with respect. I'm looking to purchasing another Golden Retriever from Lish Kennels in the near future. I highly recommend Lish Kennels and guarantee you will enjoy and appreciate the way that Kym Lish runs her business from day one.
Submitted by: M. Faedi on Oct 22, 2014
We purchased our GWH "Beretta" from Kym a few weeks ago, dealing with Kym was a pleasure from the start, my wife and I really looked hard for a breeder and Kym and her family fit the bill perfectly, one thing that was important to us was that her daughters were involved with the puppies from the start, this in my opinion helped with having all kym's puppies be very comfortable around young kids. as for Beretta we couldn't be happier she's not only adorable but smart, birdie, and is learning fast, simply put she is part of our family. Kym throughout the whole process beginning with emailing when the litter was conceived, through the pregnancy, and continual updates after the pups were born complete with photo's was greatly appreciated, I highly recommend Kym as a professional breeder .
Submitted by: Lora on Aug 08, 2014
We are so very proud of our newest family member , Dallas a golden retriever puppy! After sadly loosing our ten year old golden to cancer we were determined to find a breeder with healthy bloodlines in hopes of having a longer time with our next precious pooch as 10 years was not long enough. After researching highly reputable breeders, Kym@Lish kennels stood out. She takes great pride in all litters, as she breeds with passion and integrity which certainly showed throughout the entire process! We were kept in the loop via online from pregnancy, birth along with many pictures as well as videos which made us feel like part of the family even before we picked up our bundle of joy!! Dallas is growing so fast and he is blossoming everyday! So smart, loving , fun and truly a show stopper wherever we take him! He is a gorgeous golden inside and out! Thank you Kym and your sweet girls for making Dallas the most friendly, loving, playful puppy our family always hope and dreamed for.
Submitted by: SloanFamily on Aug 06, 2014
After losing our beloved Einstein in December, our family anxiously awaited the time to pick up our new little fur ball Winston. Kym offers the best approach to the breed, her family has been raising golden's for over five generation's. Kym keeps you informed and in the loop from the beginning to the end with weekly posting of pictures of all the puppies and then individual's pictures as well. When it comes time to select your puppy she is very helpful answering any questions and provides plenty of pictures. Another bonus with Kym's facility is that she has two younger daughters who are great big helpers, making sure each little pup gets plenty of love each day. Winston is a very smart curious little guy. He tells us when he needs to go outside by sitting at back door and barking once. Winston already can sit on command and loves his treats. He is super happy and loves to play with his big sister Gracie May. Winston is beautiful healthy happy busy guy. We couldn't be happier!!! :0)
Submitted by: L. Longstaff on Jul 21, 2014
Topanga arrived just over a week ago to be my partner in Training at the Tom Rose School and my Business partner later for Pet Obedience. So far she is instantly answering to her name, watching my face closely, and following 6 purely verbal commands: Sit, Come (with a sit-front), Speak, "Go to your room" (go in the crate), "Free" which means she can exit the crate, and No! She is an extremely compliant, happy, and confident puppy. There are 15 other students in the course with puppies of their own and she is one of the top two in our class already! I've had to get permission and private training with the Instructors because she's advancing so quickly I have to teach her ahead of the usual program! I couldn't be more satisfied with this bundle of fur, and can hardly believe my luck. Thank you again Kym for doing such an amazing job and for getting this girl in my life! Topanga's happiness is utterly contagious, and her motivation to learn is inspiring.
Submitted by: E Segerberg on Mar 16, 2014
Hi kym!!!
Just wanted to send you this awesome picture of fin from the other day. He is by far the most amazing dog! He hikes, skis, fishes, and does everything with us... He is always by our side! Absolutely the most loyal dog we have ever been around. My parents who have owned goldens for forty years couldn't get over his achievement. He is simply our heart and soul. Thank you so much!
Submitted by: J Peterson on Feb 05, 2014
I highly recommend Lish Kennels, Kym is a professional in every sense of the word. My GSP puppy "Misty" is a wonderful addition to my family. She is proving every day to be the highly intelligent dog I imagined. The week of training that Kym provided prior to me picking Misty up paid huge dividends, a must for new puppy owners.
Submitted by: Wrights on Jan 13, 2014
I just wanted to say thank you for sending us the perfect new addition to our family! Dasher has fit in perfectly at our house and he is an amazing pup. He has hardly had any accidents (and I was prepared for a bunch!) and the kids argue over who gets to feed, walk, brush or play with him. He loves playing fetch with tennis balls or even his toys (the toy pheasant is his favorite). We were so surprised that he already knows how to retrieve the ball and bring it right back and drop it to be throw again. We gave him his first bath in the sink and he sat very still like a perfect little gentleman. Same thing when I tipped his nails for the first time.

Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love... And he loves the attention. He will lay in the kids lap and sleep and that makes them so happy. My husband can't wait to get him out in the field tracking birds. I'm sure he will be great at that also :)

We have also found that having you do the intro training was well worth the expense! He loves his crate and has not had one accident in it. When the kids wear him out he knows it's a perfect place to rest! He also listens so well and comes when called. He does great with "sit" and "come" and the kids are teaching him to do "paw".

So thank you so much for a wonderful experience with buying our first puppy. We look forward to many many years of love... And if we ever decide to add another dog to the family you will be the first one I contact. I will also recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a golden or pointer.


Submitted by: D Slomanson on Jan 03, 2014
Kimberly- Ranger and I would like to wish you and the family a happy holiday once again. Ranger has made it through his first full year here in California. While the hunting prospects weren't great this year, Ranger still got 10-12 days in the field. Even though the Quail and chukkars didn't give us many retrieving opportunities, Ranger still had many good walks from the mountains of the Eastern Sierras through the Mohave Desert and ending up swimming in the duck ponds of the Salton Sea. We started the bird season with a fresh snowfall by the cabin, however we couldn't have had worse luck in getting any birds to fly. Seems the only excitement we had was jumping too very large racked Tule Elks. Fortunately we had many bobwhites available during our preseason trials at the local training ground. Ranger even impressed the German Shorthaired handlers with his good noise and retrieving scene.

With the only coveys of quail hanging out around the local hills and the city frowning on shooting around the house, Ranger and I were forced to retrieve ducks. While I think Ranger is better hiking for upland birds, he couldn't contain his enthusiasm for water retrieves once the ducks started flying.
Too bad my blind partners weren't shooting straight,as Ranger ended up retrieving decoys for an hour or so before we got the ducks to drop. Rangers further excitement even let to him taking half the blind apart in getting to retrieve real ducks in the water. One couldn't fault him once we saw him proudly returning with his beloved duck. While the opportunity came to have him retrieve a snow goose, I didn't think hauling back a 35 lbs bird would do his ego any good, so we let them fly by.

Finally the end of pheasant season came all too soon and we only had one opportunity for pheasants. Even so, Ranger and I had the good fortune to help the CFG and Quails Forever with the Jr hunters program in their pursuit of this beautiful bird. Ranger ending up with 6 pheasants and I'm sure you would have made you proud of his abilities. All the new junior hunters wanted Ranger for their partner.

While Ranger is progressing well in the field, I'm just as impressed with him at home. Even with three other golden's in the neighborhood, Ranger is the best loved of the bunch. Everyone welcomes Ranger and he even gets more presents, treats and invitations to swim in pools then me. In closing I'd just like to thank you once again for sending Ranger my way. Ranger's made my life much more complete and happy, even if we still live in California for the foreseeable time. I hope you and your family have the best of holiday's and a better new year.

Ranger and Dave
Submitted by: Corey D. on Dec 02, 2013
Ender is doing great! He is such a smart dog! We can already tell there is a huge difference between him and the other goldens we have had that aren't specifically bred for hunting. He loves to play fetch, go to the river, and go duck hunting. He loves to goes hunting very frequently. When anyone says the word "bird" his ears perk up and he becomes very attentive. He has to be involved in everything we do. If we play cards or watch a movie, he likes to lie in our laps. We love him very much! Thank you!
Submitted by: Matt & Laura C. on Nov 26, 2013
Hi Kym, Just wanted to send you some pictures of Reece. We love her so much and couldn't ask for a better dog. She is growing so fast, gained 8 lbs just this month. WE LOVE HER. Losing track but I think 14 weeks now.

Thanks again.
Submitted by: Allen on Nov 26, 2013
We picked up our GWP Jaga from the airport a month or so ago and have been absolutely amazed with him since. Even though I was nervous of the flight it was just a day in the park for Jaga. He was so social from the start and came home to our house of two other dogs and 3 children and acted as he has always belonged here. I cant say enough good things about how well Kym has socialized these puppies and how helpful she has been through my many questions. Jaga is extremely focused during our training session and was locking up on pheasant wings within minutes of seeing his first one. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and can't wait to see the hunter he will turn into.
Submitted by: Price Family on Nov 03, 2013
I have purchased a total of 3 puppies from Kym over the years. All of which have been amazing! Kym works with all of her dogs and pups to ensure you are getting the best and most for your money. All of our pups from her are amazing hunters as well as family dogs. Our newest addition is only 11 wks old and already hunting the yard. Kym is very honest and easy to work with. I highly recommend her and her pups! Quotes
Submitted by: S. Derry on Nov 01, 2013
update on Fynn. He is doing well and has adjusted to his family very well. Last night I was finally able to let him sleep outside his kennel in the house and we had no accidents. He loves to play and has been a great influence on my youngest son.
Bird training is going well too. He does an absolute beautiful job retreiving birds for his age and drops them in my hand without any hesitation. Not to mention he has not left a mark on a single bird yet. soft soft mouth.

Have a great day
Scott Derry
Submitted by: Cindy Smalstig on Jul 07, 2013
I purchased Sage, my Golden Retriever , June 2013, from Kym Lish, Lish Kennels, and he is just wonderful. He is smart and has a wonderful personality. The professionalism Kym showed us, just made the purchase of Sage more enjoyable than we ever could have imagined. She still helps, even after the sale, to answer any questions I may have. You can't go wrong acquiring a puppy from Kym. Sage is a lot of fun and I would recommend anyone to contact Kym for your Golden!!
Submitted by: Dan Smith on May 04, 2013
We have had Sage now for just over two months now. What a great pup. We cannot say enough good things about Kym and how she works with these pups before they come home with you. I cannot decide if I am more impressed with how smart our girl is or how great her hunting instinct and nose are. I would recommend Lish Kennels highly.
Submitted by: The Bonnetts on Apr 30, 2013
Kate is an amazing dog here she is getting some bird training. Kate is a fast learner. Doing good on come, whoa, and kennel. She has a great nose. I'm glad me and my son made the two day drive we just love her!!
Submitted by: Alan T on Apr 30, 2013
Kym, I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to be able to purchase Daisy. We are very great full. Watching her everyday I can see she has amazing potential to become a field champion. Daisy is extremely smart and has a very good temperament we can tell that she was started the right way she loves our kids and really enjoys playing with my 1year old daughter. Daisy has already pointed quail and two big roosters, being only 3 months old and with very little training from me shows that she has an amazing bird drive. We just wanted to say thank you and will keep posting pics on Facebook for you. Quotes
Submitted by: Brody Jardine on Mar 27, 2013
Lish Kennels is easily my highest recommendation for anybody looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer. Kym was absolutely wonderful to work with and is always willing to answer any training questions I have. I picked up Ace the day before he turned 8 weeks old and I have been impressed since day 1. He is the fastest learning puppy I have ever had and already has a natural drive for birds. He loves learning and exploring and already has an unbelievable nose on him! I can't wait to see what he will do in the future. Thank you Kym and Lish Kennels for everything!
Submitted by: Jacob Mclain on Feb 13, 2013
I bought BiBi back in the fall of 2011 while I was deployed to Iraq. Not many people believe me when I said I picked her out of a photo because of how great of a dog she is. She is so sweet and bird crazy. I dont know what I would do without her. She is by far the best companion/huntin partner I have ever had.
Submitted by: The Jeffer's on Feb 07, 2013
Jasper is doing great, he is a wonderful family pet and good hunting dog. I haven't put a great deal of effort into his training, but his natural talents have definitely come through and we have had a great hunting year. If you ever need references for your dogs, let me know.
Submitted by: Bruce & Paula on Nov 29, 2012
After losing our 12 year old golden Abby, we thought we would never experience the joy and fulfillment she brought us. We were wrong! We phoned Lish Kennels and they had one puppy left. When we arrived to meet our new puppy we fell in love. She was wearing a purple diamond studded collar, and thats when she became our Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Our experience with Lish Kennels has brought back the joy and happiness to our family.
Submitted by: Laura on Nov 12, 2012
They make the best family and hunting dogs! This is the place to get them!
Submitted by: The Franklin's on Nov 08, 2012
Hi Kym,

He's doing great! I'll forward you some recent pics from the field (mostly training, but he's certainly gotten in some real hunting hours so far)...He needs a little help on the obedience still (puppy with a lot of energy), but he has a great prey drive, and I shot a pheasant over him (that he briefly pointed, flushed and retrieved) the first day I took him out this season at 7 months old. He's also gotten a couple ducks, as well as a couple more pheasants. We're slowly getting him to go further out to retrieve ducks in the water. We have a great hunting grounds here by the house, as the island is at the mouth of the Stillaguamish & Skagit Rivers...the largest concentration of snow geese and other arctic Summering waterfowl in the lower 48. This is the wintering grounds for the most Trumpeter Swans in the world, as well (can't shoot them, though).
Submitted by: The Baker's on Nov 08, 2012
Hi Kym,
Our girl is doing phenomenal! Since getting her home, we have had her out hunting every weekend this month:) She has exceeded our expectations and you can truly tell this is what makes her happy!Now she is obedient, kennels right up, and and is just a machine in the field! Thank You for everything.
Submitted by: Rob and Shanna on Nov 07, 2012
We met and picked out our Athena when she was 5 weeks old and brought her home at 7 weeks. That was one week ago. It was a 5 hour drive to get her home, we had food breaks and potty breaks, and she did amazing. Already she is kennel trained at night and almost trained during the day. And we can check potty training off the list, she knows to go to the back door when it is time. She is the smartest puppy I have had the pleasure of having join our family. She came very well socialized and had no problem adjusting to our family. She is the love of our lives. Kym sent us weekly pictures, gave us some start up training advice, and will answer any questions we have. She was excellent to us and our Golden Retriever Athena. I would highly recommend Lish Kennels!
Submitted by: Wade on Nov 07, 2012
Lish Kennels comes highly recommended from our family! Kym has been very straight forward and just a pleasure. She answered all of our questions from day one and continues to be there for us. We brought our little girl home and were so please with the health, demeanor, socialization, and birdiness of her. She was above and beyond what we expected! Since bring her home, she has now started on pheasants, grouse, and ducks. Our lab has a hard time keeping up with her! Thank You Kym and Lish Kennels, we couldn't be happier!
Submitted by: Forman on Nov 06, 2012
I could not possibly be more happy with my experience at Lish Kennels. My baby boy, Apollo, came with a temperament you cannot teach, an inquisitiveness you cannot impose, and an instinctual acumen that goes far beyond AKC. Apollo was retrieving and dropping mini tennis balls at my feet (his mouth couldn't come close to a full size tennis ball) at 6.5 weeks. Kym was eternally patient with all of my strange and overly concerned questions and requests. She carefully cycles all the pups through a series of different textures, spaces, animals and human hands as babies so being calm and adaptable is all they know. Oh, and Alice. Alice is a special dame, an expert hunter and a beautiful specimen. If you want a seriously excellent dog you must go with a serious excellent kennel like Lish. Thank you Kym
Submitted by: Rob on Nov 06, 2012
Athena is doing great! She is a good girl. Potty training really well. Kennel training pretty well. She is so smart! You breed amazing dogs!
Submitted by: Daniel M. on Nov 01, 2012
Our Black & White GSP "Kenai" is doing fantastic! He is a real charmer...good looking. He is a great companion for our other GSP.
Submitted by: Avi Forman on Nov 01, 2012
6.5 weeks!!! He is more promising than I could have ever imagined.
Submitted by: Michael B. on Jul 10, 2012
Sorry it has taken me so long to give you an update on Drake. The past 6 months have gone by so fast and we have fallen in love with our Drake. The three kids have such a good time with their new puppy! He has taken to his training exceptionally well so far. He has mastered sit, stay, come. I am amazed at how long he will stay, without making a move. (I can disappear for minutes at a time and will be in the same place) He has responded very well to gun training and enjoys his time playing fetch! We are now working on hand commands. I am very excited for the upcoming hunting season!!!

Thanks again for everything! We couldn't be happier with our little hunting buddy...

Submitted by: Steve Roberts on Apr 18, 2012
Ally our puppy is doing great. She is a very intelligent and smart dog. She pointed her first pheasant at 6 months old.

Steve Roberts
Submitted by: The Leo's on Apr 13, 2012
Our puppy (now an adult dog) is doing great. His name is Copper. He is a great family dog and we have started hunting him some. My son used him in 4-H last year and won the obedience competition with him as a ten month old puppy. He did excellent.

The Leo Family
Tom, Kelly and Wylie Leo
Submitted by: Darrin Johnson on Apr 13, 2012
I purchased a German Shorthair puppy from Lish Kennels in the Spring of 2012. After I committed to getting the puppy, Kym sent me current pictures of Maggie (my puppy) each week until I picked her up. It was fun watching how much Maggie grew and changed each week. When I picked up my puppy to take her home I was amazed at how well Maggie was socialized. It was evident that Kym and her children spent a lot of contact time with my pup. Maggie adjusted easily when I got her home and she is a very happy and healthy puppy. My entire experience was very positive at Lish Kennels. The kennel was clean and anytime I had questions throughout the buying process Kym was quick to respond in a very professional manner. Darrin - Nampa, Idaho Puppy Purchaser
Submitted by: Stephen Wells on Apr 12, 2012
Murfee, as he is known now is really becoming part of the family quickly. House breaking is going extremely well and he is already pointing at times when we go walking. Thank you for a wonderful little pup!
Submitted by: B. Leavitt on Apr 11, 2012
We purchased a dog from Lish Kennels and are thrilled with the dog. He is very obedient and a pleasure to be with. His field training is excellent. We were able to take him right out and he preformed great! We have gotten compliments on how beautiful he is. We are very, very happy with him.
Submitted by: Danielle on Apr 11, 2012
Lish Kennels is the best! We put a deposit on a litter before the pups were born. Kim was great to send us pictures every week of the pups and assisted us in choosing just the right pup. We had our pup flown to us. She was happy, healthy, well socialized, and gorgeous! Thank you Kim, we love her!
Submitted by: Matt B on Apr 08, 2012
Our little girl is doing outstanding! She’s already retrievers little tennis balls and puppy bumpers. We have kennel training checked off the list, and almost have potty training off as well. As you can see she’s already made herself at home on our sofa! She has an appointment this Saturday for her second round of shots.
Thank you all again for your help!
Submitted by: Willy F. on Apr 07, 2012
Thought I'd send a quick update on Ruby. She had her first appt. with our vet on March 30. She weighted 21 lbs. and the vet thinks she's gonna be a big one...her paws are HUGE! Her training is coming along really well! She responds to both voice and whistle commands for sit/stay and come pretty consistently, and is doing really well with her retrieving!! I can tell already she is going to be quite a birder! She has settled in to her new home and really loves all the sights, sounds and smells of the mountains (except for the coyote howling!) I attached some pics for your enjoyment! Thanks again for our "little" golden Ruby!
Submitted by: Mikalea H. on Apr 07, 2012
Thank you Kym! Goldie is coming along swiftly! She is already housebroke. We have been advancing through her field training with ease. She is so happy to please and loves her training sessions. We are so very pleased with our choice and look forward to another pup from you in the future!
Submitted by: Kyle Walker on Apr 05, 2012
I purchased a puppy from Lish Kennels. Our pup is an absolute pleasure and a great addition to our family. She came well socialized and was not timid of our three year old, infact, they hit it off the quickest! And now the two are nearly inseperatable. Kym gave us training tips from day one including, how to crate train the pup, to start her obedience, and field training. She has always been just a phone call away and I have called her on more than one occassion with my questions. I couldn't of asked for a better dog or a better breeder, Thank You Lish Kennels.
Submitted by: Ryan Godfrey on Feb 19, 2012
I bought a GSP stud from Lish Kennels, Kim was nice to deal with and the dog turned out to be even better than expected. Kim is straight forward with info about her dogs. I have been very happy with the purchase.
Submitted by: Kenny and Shawna on Feb 17, 2012
Lish Kennels is AWESOME! Kym has been helpful from our first phone call to her inquiring about her litter of German Shorthairs. We were able to visit and pick out Greta at 6 weeks old. The property and kennels were impressive and the puppies were so stinking cute and healthy we almost picked out two. Because of an existing vacation plan we were not able to pick up Greta til 9 weeks.... and Kym was there for us.... On the 4th of July for us to pick her up. It's been true love every since. Greta is beyond a beautiful and healthy dog. We have since called on Kym for advice in training Greta and she has been so helpful and supportive. That really meant a lot to us. I can not thank her enough. Lish Kennels come very highly recommended form us and we look forward to another puppy from Kym..... Greta has brought us so much joy- We can not thank Kym and Lish Kennels enough.
Submitted by: Carol Barton on Aug 12, 2011
In July we got our little Zeke from Kym at Lish Kennels. He adjusted so quickly to the transition to our home that you would have thought he had lived here since birth. I attribute that to how the puppies got their start with Kym. He came to us socialized, independent, and secure. Zeke is independent and confident, traits that my husband looks for when selecting a puppy for a good hunting companion. He’s also very interested in the quail, doves, and song birds that frequent our yard. For me, he has all the traits I look for in a family pet: social, snuggly, cuddly, and cute. His markings are striking, making for a really handsome boy! Although he’s an independent little guy, he likes nothing better than to be snuggled up on your lap. And to top it off, he’s smart as a whip. His early training has gone really well with him learning very quickly. Our older German Shorthair and Zeke love each other and are so fun to watch run and chase, tumble and roll, or just lay in the grass side by side. They’re best buddies. We’re thrilled with the new addition to our family and are looking forward to seeing how he does on his first hunting experience.
Submitted by: Natashia on Jul 02, 2011
We bought our puppy from Lish Kennels and could not be happier with our choice. He came well socialized, happy, and healthy. Our vet is also very impressed with our pup. She noted that the pup was well cared for and excellent quality. Kym Lish was great to forward us pictures and answering our questions. We will definitely be recommending Lish Kennels.
Submitted by: April Standing on Dec 30, 2007
Our puppy is beautiful and healthy. Her markings and ticking is gorgeous. We get comments on Daisy everywhere we go. Kym was great to work with and you can tell that she takes good care of the pups. We recommend Lish Kennels highly to anyone who is looking for a GSP pup. Thank you, Kym. We love Daisy!
Submitted by: Amy Essma on Nov 27, 2007
We had a wonderful experience with Lish Kennels. All information provided was very straight forward and the puppy we received was obviously very well cared for. We couldn't be happier with our experience and our choice of puppy. Our puppy arrived via plane ride well socialized, healthy, happy and beautiful. We would higly recommend Lish Kennels and would use them again in the future.
Submitted by: L Muller on Aug 27, 2007
We have a pup from the last litter. She is a wonderful dog ,very eager to please and has already won a blue ribbon for her first level of obedience. We had her shipped to Canada and Kymberly was so helpful. Would buy a pup again from Lish Kennels!

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