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Submitted by: Artur F on Sep 14, 2019
Jake is doing great and weighed in today at 23.1 lbs! He is energetic but still very snugly. He loves everyone and other dogs, and he is fearless. He goes to the door when he has to pee and 95% of the time we get him outside in time to pee. He comes and sits and lies down, backs up, gets off, shakes, spins, waits/stays, goes to kennel, fetches, brings toys when we tell him to, and is learning more. Thinking I might do agility with him... he is teething now and has about 9 of his adult teeth in! He has been the picture of health. Can't thank you enough for giving us such a great family member! You have gone above and beyond since I first called you, and I'm so glad we made the decision to buy a L'Etoile du Nord EB. Jake may have ruined other dog breeds for us! If anyone ever wants to talk to someone who has bought a puppy from you, please give them my name!
Submitted by: Paul W on Sep 14, 2019
There are many breeders out there on the web, and we checked into most of them. After weeding through the masses we settled with a few breeders we felt very comfortable with. Real breeders, ones that import dogs, trial dogs, show dogs and aren't afraid to move away from dogs that aren't working out. L'Etoile du Nord made the cut for us. We are looking forward to their June 2018 litter! This will be our 1st EB. Mark hunts his dogs. The same dogs are some of the best trialing dogs in the UKC. Mark is very willing to train his puppies or any other dogs for that matter...I encourage you to find a breed of EBs that will also train your puppy for you.

I highly recommend you give Mark a call if you are looking for a puppy or gun dog training.
Submitted by: Dennis on Sep 14, 2019
Our dog is now 6 years old. We have learned more from her than she has from us for sure. I want to let anyone looking for a puppy to think about getting one from L'Etoile du Nord Kennel. From day one, Mark has been willing to take phone calls and emails. I will have made many of them. He works hard to prove his dogs. He talks highly of other breeders and encourages you to talk to many breeders. If you are looking for a puppy (like we are now) take the time to give Mark a call.

Submitted by: Steve H on Sep 07, 2019
I wanted to take a minute to share my experience using L'Etoile du Nord Kennel with others. Mark was very willing to work with me in trying to get us a puppy. At first, we were willing to wait for one of his puppies and looked elsewhere. When we spoke to many other breeders we quickly learned what set L'Etoile du Nord Kennel apart from many other breeders, respect. Mark was willing to listen to me for what I was looking for and never tried to tell me what I was looking for. Mark was also willing to train the puppy when it was ready, I found very few "breeders" train dogs also. I strongly believe this is another very good reason to look at L'Etoile du Nord Kennel. I don't believe my experience is any different than many others... I highly recommend L'Etoile du Nord for your puppy or training needs.
Submitted by: George W on Sep 07, 2019
Mark runs a topnotch facility. He strives to produce dogs of the best quality. As he says, he will not cut corners. He is always willing to help with training questions whether you have one of his dogs or not. He is totally dedicated to the concept of a "Total Dog."
If you are looking for a puppy, help with training, or just information on this wonderful breed, he is the one to talk to...
Submitted by: Tim J on Sep 07, 2019
We met Mark when we started looking for a Brittany. It was nice to find someone willing to listen to us without telling us we didn't know what we were talking about. Mark listened to what we were looking for and kindly told us that he likely would be able to get us what we were wanting, an easy going family pet. I thought long and hard about what he told us about the breed and ended up getting a French Brittany Anyone looking for a hard energy strong French Brittany needs to reach out to
Submitted by: George H on Aug 23, 2019
When I first spoke with Mark over the phone, I quickly realized that he had exceptional knowledge about this breed. I had looked long and hard for the right breeder and I knew soon after speaking and meeting Mark that my search was over. I could easily tell his heart was in the right place and his passion with strong.mark, L'Etoile du Nord is astounding. Thanks again!
George H.
Submitted by: Tyler R on Aug 23, 2019
We are on a list to get a puppy in November. Mark has been easy to work with. He has been straight forward and willing to take calls and emails along the way. He opened his house and kennel for us when we wanted to come to see the setup. He even got some dogs out while we were there to work for us to see. Impressive o say the least.

If you are in the market for a puppy, you need to check out L'Etoile du Nord

Tyler R.
Submitted by: Bob O. on Aug 23, 2019
I have been searching for a French Brittany this spring. I was surprised in the difference in the breeders I have spoken to. Some were very friendly and had nice dogs but I was sure they were breeders. After talking to Mark I felt very good knowing where he stood on things and walked me through all the sales pitches I had been hearing. At the end of the day, I am glad I picked L’Etoile du Nord Kennel for my first French Brittany. There are many breeders in this area but one stands out as being well ahead!
Submitted by: Ashley M on Jan 01, 2018
To Mark, he’s not just selling you a dog. He’s put so much love and dedication into his dogs- they are family to him just as much or even more so as they come home with us and become family. He cares where each one goes- it’s not a breed and sell and done deal. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about this breed- I’d consider him an expert. He’s proud of his dogs and he’s always happy to help anyone with theirs even if their dog did not come from him. But one things for sure, his line of dogs are pretty darn awesome and it shows through each of them and the many achievements and awards they all hold. Our two French Brittany’s we have gotten from Mark have been the best bird dogs we’ve ever had. Thank you Mark for all the hard work you put into making this breed so wonderful!
Submitted by: Greg G on Dec 29, 2017
Just wanted to say thank you! Nahiri is amazing! She got to run through some cover on the way home, didn't even phase her. Once we arrived home she was scooped up by the kids and played with them for hours, it was like she lived here for a while, she didn't even care about being in a new home! Thank you again for raising such incredible pups! Thanks for letting me stay at your house , meet all the dogs and play with the pups!
Submitted by: Devon on Oct 06, 2017

It is a good thing when your trainer wishes his other dogs had your dogs drive and intensity. I went and saw Marcel work on Wednesday and he is doing great. He has a non stop motor and is holding his points until flush consistently. One bird he pointed and held was struggling to fly while being flushed. Marcel never moved until the bird was up. I was expecting him to creep in and pounce due to the bird being only 3 to 4 feet away when he pointed. He did his job and held steady. This particular bird was the first one the trainer has shot for Marcel and he retrieved it to hand. He is progressing nicely and is doin great.

Thanks, Devon
Submitted by: Jim on Oct 06, 2017
Milli is doing great!! Had her out 4 days ago she found one pheasant pointed and held pretty good. She is also making a world of difference in my other one he is coming around good.
Submitted by: Mack on Sep 08, 2017
Indy is now 4.5 years old and doing great. Mark is a great guy to work with and as passionate as they come. While I don't hunt my dog as much as I'd like he still always produces in the field. Also his dogs make great house dogs. Can't be more satisfied with Mark and his operation.
Submitted by: Jim on Apr 03, 2017
We named our little girl Penny and she is wonderful doing well and very loving. Thank you again for the wonderful dog. She is doing wonderful and is a fabulous addition to our family. Very loving and a fun personality. Very sweet!!
Submitted by: Bill S on Apr 03, 2017
The greatest dogs & the greatest best temperament. French Brittany, or as Mark keeps telling me Epagneul Breton dogs LOL, Mark became our friend, and our dog is a great part of our lives , great training , loves to hunt works great on birds , we just can't say enough good ,good stuff!!!!!!
Submitted by: Susan T on Apr 03, 2017
Our dog,Sadie,just turned a year in May and has proven herself to be a most affectionate and loving companion.
She is incredibly athletic and amazes us with her speed and agility. She is a beautiful dog and we are often stopped by people asking what breed she is and commenting on her beautiful coat.
Sadie has really become part of our family and we are looking forward to hunting season in the fall.
Submitted by: Cory H on Mar 19, 2017
Over a year has passed since I picked my dog up from Mark. I have had nothing but compliments on his temperament, intelligence, and overall athleticism. I would recommended Mark to anyone looking for a top notch French Brittany. He is a an excellent hunter and turned to be a great gundog. Thank you again.
Submitted by: George T on Mar 19, 2017
We bought a French Brittany (Epagneul Breton) from L'Etoile du Nord Kennels and he is the best companion! Mark was so easy to deal with and very generous with his time and knowledge! His dogs are beautiful and it really shows in his puppies! I would highly recommend a puppy from this breeder!
Submitted by: Joe W on Mar 19, 2017
Just to let you know that Penny has been a fantastic Hunter this season. At seven months she is hunting like she is a five year old. I couldn't be happier with her. Joe
Submitted by: Steve M on Mar 04, 2017
Charles is really good! Finished up another great pheasant season! He can't get enough of those ditch parrots! He is getting better every season and becoming one heck of a hunting buddy.
Submitted by: Joan R on Mar 04, 2017
Ruger is doing fantastic and making incredible strides in such a short time! Vet gave him 10 out of 10 rating! She hadn't seen that high all around quality in a puppy ever!! And loves birds? Does he ever!!!
Submitted by: Erik K on Mar 04, 2017
Mark my dog is pointing up a storm when I take him to the field. He seems to know his job. We love that pup, glad I found out about your kennel.
Submitted by: Steve Miller on Feb 25, 2017
Over a year has passed since I picked my pup up from Mark. I have had nothing but compliments on his temperament, intelligence, and overall atheistic. I have recommended the outfit to anyone looking for a top notch French Brittany. He is turning into an excellent gundog.

Thank you again!!!
Submitted by: George Owens on Feb 25, 2017
We picked our EB pup 6 months ago and the family could not be happier. Mark was extremely helpful and you can tell that he is very passionate about his dogs I would highly recommend Mark at L'Etoile du Nord Kennels to anyone.
Submitted by: Michael W on Feb 25, 2017
Hi Mark,

As you know Remy is about 8.5 months now. He insists on me hiking him in the Boise foothills outside of our house 2-3 times a week. I usually cover 7-8 miles in 2-2.5 hours - not sure on his mileage as I do not have a tracker on him - but I would guess he easily doubles me. He usually finds at least 1 covey of quail or 1-2 Hungarian partridge singles or doubles per outing, but today was definitely his best outing to date. It takes us about 30 minutes of hiking from the house to get out to areas with birds, so in a 2.5 hour outing he is in semi-decent bird area for about 1.5 hours give or take. Today he held solid points on 6 single huns, held 5/6 until I was within 15 feet - the 6th scared when I was still about 30 feet out, and he pushed another 2 groups of 2. He is definitely a handful at times, but it sure is fun to watch him learn more every time I take him out!
Submitted by: Kent on Feb 07, 2017
I want to thank Mark for getting me more involved in upland bird hunting than I would have become on my own. After visiting Mark's kennel with my son, who was getting one of Mark's French Brittany pups, I was given an opportunity by Mark to acquire one of his trained French Brittany females named Frances. After a little coaxing by Mark, I accepted his offer and have been much more involved with upland bird hunting since. Frances is a great dog and an excellent hunter. Mark has top notch dogs and does a great job training all his dogs. Frances will be an excellent teacher for my sons new dog. Thanks again Mark.
Submitted by: John Liska on Feb 03, 2017
When I started to research French Brittany breeders and trainers for my cousin, I came up with only two that I thought were exceptional. Mark was at the top after talking to him. My cousin purchased a wonderful pup from him so when it was time for my new hunting partner I called Mark and was put on the waiting list.
The wait worth every minute. She is exceptional in the field as a pup and in the house with my older GWP. She had her first two points and retrieves at five months.
Mark is a true gentleman and is dedicated to bettering the the French Brittany breed in all aspects.
Great Person....Great Dogs!!!!!
Submitted by: Jake on Jan 16, 2017
Once we decided to go with a french Brittany we researched breeders for almost a year. Time and time again we always circled back around to Mark. Having now owned our dog for almost a year, we couldn't be happier with our choice. Mark is truly concerned with the well being of the dog as well as the satisfaction of the owner. He takes great pride in his dogs and it shows from the time you reserve your puppy and beyond. I regularly call him for advice and sometimes just to brag on my girl. She shows a true natural drive in the field, something that can not be taught. She is a sweetheart in the home. Our next puppy will without a doubt come from LEtoile du Nord!
Submitted by: Brad Lung Jr. on Jan 11, 2017
Well first and foremost let me say Mark is a man of his word!! I live in Maui Hawaii so when you purchase a pup in the upper 48 there are a lot of things that need to be put in place. You need blood work, rabies vaccination and a lot more paper work before your pup arrives in Hawaii. Not to mention someone has to look after your pup for the 9 month waiting period.

Mark and I had never met before everything was over the phone or email. He has a video cam so you can watch your pup every day prior to pick up. Some days I was stuck on the cam for hours! Lol Mark was very accommodating and extremely professional! If you are looking for a good house dog, hunting partner or life long friend. Look no further than Letoile du Nord Kennels give Mark a call!!! Satisfaction guaranteed!!!
Submitted by: Jared on Jan 09, 2017
After spending some time admiring the breed I decided to make some phone calls. After talking with Mark, and spending some time in the field with his dogs, I was sold on getting a puppy. I've had my dog for 5 months now and he never ceases to impress me while hunting, or with his manners in the home. I know he is going to be a joy to watch grow and learn.
Mark is always a phone call away if I ever have any questions or if I want to brag on my dog. He's a great help and breeder. If you are considering a French Brittany I would strongly recommend you take a close look at L'Etoile du Nord Kennels or give Mark a call.
Submitted by: Shawn on Dec 07, 2016
I could not be any happier with my decision to purchase a puppy this year from Mark at LEtoile du Nord kennels. As the other testimonials have noted, the process of getting your future hunting partner from Mark is an all around great experience. He keeps you up to date on everything once you are on a list, has a constant puppy cam once the litter is whelped, and is an amazing source of information on this breed!

Mr. Spartacus just turned six months old today and I meant to post a message even earlier about how awesome he has done both in house training and the field. I had him out for the opener of grouse season here in North Dakota at three months old. It has been incredible to watch him go from following in my footsteps in September to busting through thick cat tails and flushing pheasants by the end of November! I was hoping for a "birdie" pup but he has far exceeded anything I thought possible from such a young dog. With winter in full swing now I'm left counting down the days to next fall to see how much a full year can make!

Thank you Mark!
Submitted by: John T on Sep 13, 2016
I was looking for a good family and house dog as well as a good upland hunter. Based on other testimonials, I contacted Mark. So happy I did.

I went out for an initial visit to their facility. Mark spent a lot of time with me to gauge my needs. They confirmed that my interest in a French Brittany would best fit my particular home, family, and hunting needs.

After the litter was born, I returned with my young sons to pick out our puppy. Again, everyone at L'Etoile du Nord Kennels was helpful and accommodating.

What a great dog she is. I couldn't be more pleased.

She went on her first hunt just yesterday. This puppy LOVES birds.

I had conditioned her over the summer to gun fire. She gets excited when she hears it. No problem at all with gun shyness.
Submitted by: Dave S on Sep 13, 2016
Everything you would expect from a top notch kennel.Always checks in to see how the pup is doing.Goes beyond expectations as far as answering questions,training advice and knowledge of the breed. An absolute pleasure to deal with across the board.There needs to be more breeders like this.A wonderful trainer as well. A top notch kennel operation as well as excellent knowledge and attention to every detail to help new owners throughout the new ownership process.
Submitted by: Scott L on Sep 13, 2016
My experience buying an French Brittany puppy from Mark was nothing less than exceptional.Mark was the consummate professional aiding through the purchase process and answering all questions posed to him. I needed to have the pup kept by him an extra couple of weeks before I could arrange pickup, and he accommodated me as requested,
The puppy is an exceptional male, attentive and quick to learn. Also super friendly as you might expect this breed to be. I thank you Sir.
Submitted by: Todd S on Sep 03, 2016
I've had my French Brittany for almost a week and I fell in love with him the second I met him! Mark is welcoming and helpful and it's easy to see he loves his dogs. From the first time I reached out to Mark he was very helpful and always willing to answer questions to find me the perfect dog. I am more than happy with my boy, and look forward to a lot of memories with him!
Submitted by: John S on Sep 03, 2016
Great experience! Remy is a fabulous French Brittany boy and is VERY loved in our home. Looking forward to bird season - he should do great!
Submitted by: Nick on Sep 03, 2016
I have to say that dealing with Mark over at L'Etoile du Nord Kennels was the best experience. He is knowledgeable and helpful takes great care of his dogs and puppies! Our new EB is full of life, healthy and ready to become my new hunting partner for years to come thanks for everything. Nick
Submitted by: Theresa Plummer on Apr 03, 2016
When my husband and I decided we wanted another Epagneul Breton. We currently have two males that are great hunters/all around dogs. I wanted a high quality female all around Epagneul Breton that I could do conformation UKC, possibly breed if all her tests came back good. I started my research until I narrowed it down. After checking over the internet, asking people for a respectful breeder that I could trust. Marks name kept coming up. After checking out his reviews, I sent an email about what I was looking for to Mark. He told me the next step would be to talk. I gave him a call and explained what my intention were. After we talking I felt great about Him. He knew alot about Epagneul Breton and told me things that I didn't hear from other breeder. From DNA, breeding, hunting and about them being an all around dogs. He made me feel so comfortable that I know I could trust him and call for any question I might have. After about a year we received a little orange and white roan girl named Liberty. Since The day I flew out to ND and brought her home she has been everything I wanted. She has been a little spit fire and has an unbelievable nose with a great personality. She loves being in the field training, to the point when she hears a gun shot go off and it isn't her turn she start jumping and crying. Liberty has been involved with all kinds of different dog spots WP, Confirmation, core fitness, barn hunting and bird hunting I'm so impressed with Liberty at 8 months old there hasn't been anything she hasn't been able to do. That's what I call an all around pup :)
I'm looking forward to seeing the many things my little Liberty is going to do.

Submitted by: Richard on Mar 04, 2016
Looks like the Hellion pups are nice & healthy, growing everyday.
I am trying to figure out which ones are the females and enjoying every minute
watching the video. My wife and I are watching the video all the time and
think it is great. Thanks for taking the time to do this for the folks that are getting
a pup.
Submitted by: Jesse on Feb 14, 2016
We were looking for a French Brittany breeder when we discovered Mark at LEtoile du Nord. After a couple of phone conversations with him, it was evident that he is very knowledgeable and loves his dogs. He was more than happy to answer any questions we had. It is obvious that he wants his dogs to go to a good home and for the owners to be happy. To that end, he is always ready to give you support after you've brought your dog home.

We brought Charlie home in September of 2015 and couldn't be happier with him. He is intelligent and loves people. We constantly hear others comment on how good-looking he is, whether they're taking about his face, markings in general, or watching him run. At 6 months old, his hunting instinct has been growing stronger by the week and we can't wait to get him into his first full hunting season. I have no doubt that Mark will want to hear how Charlie is doing and provide any support we may need along the way.
Submitted by: Kirk on Feb 07, 2016
A few years back I decided to move forward with getting a bird dog , that was the easy part . As I began my journey, the questions began to mount: what breed?, what birds I would be hunting? , what equipment would I need? , Vet? ,medication? , vaccinations?, training? ,money and time . With all of these who, what, where, racing through my head, I realized I needed help and lots of it . I purchased some books and did the internet thing . I began answering my questions breed? , French Brittany . I felt the size and all around hunting ability that was described in so many articles really connected with me . Armed with enough information to get myself in trouble I started to look for breeders. Eventually I found an article on Breed Profile in Gun Dog Magazine on line about the French Brittanys . The article had some good info and a small section on finding a dog . They interviewed Mark Dinsmore owner of "LEtoile du Nord" kennels , so I gave him a call . I explained to Mark my situation, wanting to be a first time bird dog owner and what I perceived the French Brittany's to be . At that time I had no idea of the time and dedication Mark had put into his animals or the extraordinary accomplishments Mark and his dogs had achieved but from that first contact with him , I knew I was dealing with someone who was not only interested in finding the best home for his pups but also willing to make himself and his wealth of knowledge and experience available to a rookie . He even allowed me to spend some time at my request working with him and his dogs . That experience was invaluable .

Ultimately I did get a pup from Mark , not only did he provide me with a beloved family member and hunting partner but it has been his support through the training process that has keeped me and my dog on the right track .

My dog Jakez, he is a good dog . He loves to hunt . He loves his family and his family loves him back x 10 .

Kirk Aham and Jakez
Submitted by: Bud Shipp on Jan 30, 2016
When my Epagneul Breton turned 11 mos. of age, he qualified to run in the Open Class of UKC Field Trials. His retrieving was inconsistent at best which is not unusual for a young dog. The following season, I campaigned him only in UKC Wild Trials which do not require retrieving. Throughout his training for that year, he was still inconsistent with his retrieving. I sought the advice of his breeder, Mark Dinsmore. Mark said he could take care of the "Force Fetch" but didn't like to start a dog until it was 2 years old. I went to Mark because he deals almost exclusively with EB's and knows the breed very well. Some trainers I know are too harsh and don't understand this breed.

My Ike is a very stubborn, intelligent dog with a high hunt desire. Mark took extra time with Ike above and beyond his usual 6 week Force Fetch program. I couldn't be happier with the results. Ike loves retrieving and doesn't hesitate when I send him for a quail, pheasant, or any size bird in between. He has made some water retrieves this year during the hunting season which he had never been faced with and performed to a very high degree of proficiency. He is soft mouthed and I sometimes have to remind him to "hold" all of the way back to me. I usually do this a day or two prior to a Liberated trial. For my money, Mark Dinsmore was the obvious choice to train Force Fetch for my EB. I have no doubt that he would be just as proficient with any breed.

Bud Shipp, Illinois
Submitted by: Penny on Jan 30, 2016
After researching what breed to go with and then weeks of research and speaking with many breeders, I put a deposit on a female puppy from Mark Dinsmore at L'Etoile du Nord Kennel. When speaking to Mark it's evident his passion is his dogs and he is always willing to provide guidance and professional knowledge about the breed. He is more than willing to share his time and expertise before and after you purchase one of his pups.

Isis de L'Etoile du Nord is a pup out of sire, 2XTR CH Darius de L'Etoile du Nord and dam, GUN CH Chloe de la Crete Bleues. She comes from excellent breeding and it shows. Although I was last on the list for picking a pup out of the litter, Miss Isis, has exceeded my expectations, not only in the field but as a housemate as well. It just goes to show that any pup from Mark Dinsmore, even last pick of a litter, will be an outstanding bird dog.

I drove to North Dakota to pick her up September 2013. She was just perfect and, despite all the warnings I received about how poorly puppies travel, her ability to travel without incident was unbelievable, literally fussing for only the first 10 minutes of the 23-hour drive back to New York. To date, any time we travel to trials or hunting, regardless of the miles, Isis gets out of the car and gets right to the business at hand.

Although I have not had the time to do the amount of training I would like to do with her, her natural ability shines. I did take her to CEB National trials last February where she rightfully earned her TAN. She is a naturally gifted bird dog and did what she was bred to instinctually do. She continues to teach me about her capabilities every day. My friends are amazed with her when they watch her work in the field with her remarkable bird/prey drive and beautiful points.

As for temperament, she is a sweet, sweet girl. She is quite a clown, extremely intelligent, and persistent, both to get affection and while hunting! Every time we are out hunting she wants to keep going even when its time to quit for the day. It is a complete joy to have her as my partner in the field!!
Submitted by: Bret H on Jan 02, 2016
Hello Mark,

I've seen a few of your videos of Vern-- great stuff. I just wanted to say hello--- looks like you're building a great gun dog dynasty. I did a LOT of research back in 2008 and 2009 and had found some of Vern's pups in White Bear Lake, MN-- the Whiteoaks-- Rachael and Allan. I had contacted you and you didn't have any pups at the time I think you may have directed me to them or found them on

I saw all of Vern's accomplishments and had read all about the history of the breed and temperament. We added one of Vern and Windy's pups to our family in April of 2009. Since she was born in '09 she had to be named with an "E", thus, Eloise was chosen (aka Ellie).
She's been a GREAT gundog and family member, she is absolutely bird crazy and been so since the day we got her. I had her "trained" with a local trainer/breeder here in IL. I say "trained" because he even admitted, "she only needs to be fine-tuned, she's got a TON of natural ability". Even in the car, she focuses on every bird in flight, running from the front seat to the vary back to follow a flying bird and even whines when she sees a clump of bushes in the hopes that there's a bird in it!

She's found and pointed 200+ birds in the last few years, she has never retrieved, but I never forced her and never took her to more training to assist with that, but she will often help me find a downed bird if I call her back in.

I see you've moved over to ND, I'm sure you love being in pheasant country.

Thanks for a great hunting partner and family companion, I've attached a few pics-- she looks a lot like Vern and Windy, and got Windy's coloring.

She looks small in the pics, she may be on the smaller side-- she weighs approx 33 lbs.--- but big on spirit. The first pic was at 10 mos. old holding a pigeon while at training, the next is her first "live hunting pheasant" at 10 mos old and the last was Dec.18 2015 at 6 yrs old. The pic with the birds was after a 6 hr day of chasing pheasants, she must've logged 15-20 miles--- she was exhausted.

Best Wishes,

Submitted by: Jerry on Jan 01, 2016
Tess is rockstar! That picture I sent you is 10 birds. Limit for myself and friend. We took 4 birds from area some guy just hunted with his setters. We laugh about it all the time. He had just went though the area.
Submitted by: Doug Shevelow on Nov 26, 2015
I first met Mark 4 years ago when I wondered down his lane to ask permission to hunt ducks in the flooded field next door. So I have seen his operation and dogs first hand. His enthusiasm for the breed is contagious. Two+ years ago I bought an orange/white roan pup from Darius X Etoille, "Indie," call name "Ralphie." I have a pretty good American Britt who was 7 at the time.

Ralphie lost part of his first year to a broken leg (long story, my fault). Ralphie is now going on three and is coming on strong--almost steady through wing and shot. Works close, checks in when he gets out too far, quarters beautifully, very athletic, hunts dead well, very enthusiastic and has a natural retrieve. Not afraid of water, either.

House manners are good, although sometimes a little mischievous when left unattended. He was easy to crate train. He is a big time cuddler.

Mark has been there every step of the way, always quick to return an email or phone call. I surely will pick up another pup from him in the next few years.
Submitted by: Sean Fritzler on Nov 08, 2015
My name Sean Fritzler. I'm a third generation bird hunting guide on the Crow Indian reservation in Montana. My experience with Mr. Dinsmore has been great! Mark always makes time to talk to you about your pup and how it is coming along and progressing. Mark truly cares about the dogs that he sells to you and wants you to be happy with your choice. Can't wait for the next one! Thanks Mark!
Submitted by: Jim thompson on Jun 03, 2015
Mark is a great spokesman for this breed , if you are exploring
These packets off dynamite , I was as well three years ago ,and got my first EB from Mark. I have since gotten a second EB . I have had English pointers , English setters , Wirehairs and now I have two french Brits and a lab - for my point in life , mid 60's , I could not be happier with my choices . Mark is very knowledgeable about the breed and bloodlines - give him a call ! - Jim t.
Submitted by: Ryan K. Kappes on Sep 06, 2012
We bought my father a pup from Mark Dinsmore/L’Etoile du Nord Kennels. The pup was a surprise gift. The pups name is Georgia (aka ‘The Roan Rocket’ or ‘Porgie’). She is out of Vern x Ardoise.

Ardoise is my favorite!

Georgia is the most natural bird dog we’ve ever seen. She’s definitely “all” bird dog. She’s a little beast in the field and has a motor that just doesn’t quit. Bird findin’ fool. She’s very driven but yet very biddable.

The most impressive thing has been her steadiness on wild birds at a very young age. At three months old she was handling birds like a veteran.

Her range/cast is fabulous. She naturally adjusts according to the cover.
She’s a wonderful natural retriever, very soft mouth, brings our training quail back alive and unharmed, that’s with minimal training.

Mark is a wonderful guy and has unbelievable dogs. You can tell Mark loves his dogs and that his dogs are his life. Mark always has time for questions, whether over the phone or over email. He always makes you feel welcome and is very sincere. He is also very passionate about what he does and is a true advocate of EBs, like stated below.

We highly recommend Mark and his dogs. Our family is very proud to own a dog from Mark and will continue to work with Mark in the future.

Georgia loves life, loves everyone and is a little clown.

Can’t go wrong with an EB…especially one from L’Etoile Du Nord Kennels!
Submitted by: Clint LaFary on Nov 08, 2011
The first time you talk to Mark you know he loves his dogs. Furthermore, the first time you meet Mark in person you know the dogs are his life. I never felt more comfortable in dealing with an individual (he is much more than just a breeder) in selecting a stud as I did with Mark. We used his Vern twice now as stud. Since the first time contacting him, Mark has gone way past what is expected from a breeder. Always making time for our questions, and there have been many very long phone conversations. We had the opportunity to visit with Mark in ND a couple of times during the breedings. He has always made our family feel welcome. We believe Mark deeply cares about his dogs and the pups he raises but his passion goes past his dogs, he is a true advocate of the breed! I highly recommend working with Mark.
Submitted by: Arlette hennessey on Feb 05, 2009
I had the pleasure of watching Vern here in Az when they held their national trials here...

Though I am into the American Brittany If I were to ever get into french Brittany aka Epaguel Bretons Vern is one dog I would definitely chose for the sire. He is well put together and has lots of drive and a very good looking dog to boot

if your seeking a french brittany You will not go wrong with Mark and his very special dog Vern or anything Mark is working on. He has a great eye and knows what he likes in his dogs

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