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Submitted by: Jeff Rusch on May 26, 2017
Colin just would like to let you know that our 6 month old pup just got back from Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennel for his shed hunting training. Dokken and his trainers have told me that this pup by far is the best shed hunting prospect that they have seen in many years. I have no doubt he will also be an outstanding upland dog as well. Thanks for breeding outstanding GSP pups.
Submitted by: Nancy and Rich Hansen on Sep 18, 2016
Jager is our first GSP & we couldn't be happier with his performance so far. Had his first pheasant hunt at a game farm on Labor Day & he was amazing! He held 4 rock solid points & retrieved the 5 birds we shot with a pro! For a pup that's just turning 7 months old, we're thrilled! And we're completely sold on Krecklau as a breeder. If this is the breed for you, then Krecklau is your breeder.
Submitted by: Jon Enfield on Aug 26, 2016
Got my first ever hunting dog from Krecklau German Shorthairs. I went in to this thinking that I will have to train my dog to hunt. I read books to learn how to train Loki for hunting. Well long story short took him hunting in the field the first time at 7 months old and the dog amazed me pointed all of his birds and never moved from his point until the birds had been shot and then he went and made every retrieve to hand. Totally amazed. People don't waste your time with other breeders. Colin and Erica at Krecklau German Shorthairs do have the best dogs
Submitted by: Brady Nelson on Mar 24, 2016
Colin, I just want to give you a quick update on maverick. First of all I would like to say he's one of the smartest puppies I've ever seen. He learns everything quickly and seemingly with ease. Today I took him on a walk with a check cord out into a little Crp field just to try and introduce him to being in a field, this was the first time ever. Not a minute into our walk and he put his nose up in the air ran about 5 yards and locked up on point. I walked up flushed the birds and 3 hen pheasants got up. I could not be happier with this young pup right now. Thanks again and I'll stay in contact for bird and gun into for this summer.
Brady Nelson
Submitted by: Paul Wemmer on Mar 23, 2016
Colin and Erica We would like to update you on our Male (Carver) out of the Heidi x Angus litter from 2015. We can not say enough about what a great addition the our house hold he has been. His first season on Birds here in Montana was outstanding. It was like he was programmed to hunt and handle sharptail's and pheasants right out of the box. Thank you for doing such a good job on his breeding.
Submitted by: Kit Jablonski on Feb 23, 2016
Hey Krecklau's Thank you for doing such a great job in helping us choose our Girl. The last 2 hunting seasons have been wonderful. With little training our girl has hunted upland and also has done a great job on waterfowl. thank you Kit and Tammy
Submitted by: Alex Ciak on Feb 22, 2016
Got our pup from Krecklau Shorthairs in 2014 she was out of the Max Bennelli litter. she has exceeded our expectation she is an outstanding hunter and family companion.
Submitted by: Cory Windorff on Feb 04, 2016
My pup Elsa has been an absolute joy. She is out of Blaze Angus litter and is the brightest little dog I have ever had! I am really excited to see what she can do on grouse and woodcock next season. She did a great job learning the ropes on planted chukar and pheasants. She loves playing with her kids and harassing our cat. She has also been a great running companion for my wife as she trains to run a half marathon. One of Elsa's favorite things is cuddling on my lap chewing on her bone.
Submitted by: Bryce Hotzler on Feb 03, 2016
Our 6 month old pup, Skol, is doing very well. He is growing quite fast and has a lot of the desired GSP energy that hunters look for in a dog. I have not had an opportunity to get him in to formal training yet, however, we are working on the basic sit, stay, and come commands. So far I am quite pleased with his temperament and personality. I would and have recommended this breeder to other interested buyers.
Submitted by: Macy on Jan 26, 2016
My 6 month old pup Gunther has been the absolute light of my life. He is a huge cuddler and is great with kids. Never growls. Loves to be around people at all times. Is quite the adventure seeker. Loves to hike with me and go on long walks. He is potty trained and loves to play fetch. He is a very quick learner. It is sad to say but when Gunther passes away I will for sure be getting another GSP from the Krecklau's.
Submitted by: Michael Nelson on Jan 19, 2016
Our dog Jax is from Molly x Angus and could not be any happier! He is a fantastic companion and a very fast learner. Did well on his first pheasant hunt the last day of the season this year. I am excited to see how great of a hunter he can be. He loves deer antlers and we have been working on shed training. He is not gun shy at all and I love being outdoors with my best bud.
Submitted by: Stephanie Herrboldt on Jan 19, 2016
Our boy Walt is amazing, he is determined sweet and quick to catch on to training. He is wonderful with our boys, so gentle and playful. We are so glad to have him. I'm bragging now but he is also one handsome dog. Collin is great too, from first contact about a pup and even now on Facebook, he is all about the dogs!
Submitted by: Garth Johnson on Jan 19, 2016
We picked up our pup, Remy, in December 2015. Remy is an active, much loved addition to our family! She is smart and has quite the nose on her already. She has bonded with our eight year old shorthair and they spend lots of time wrestling and playing-then Remy sleeps on top of him! Collin was so helpful and answered all of our questions. We couldn't be happier with our new addition or Krecklau Shorthairs and Game Farm. Quality breeder and quality dogs!
Submitted by: Mike Aeschliman on Jan 14, 2016
Hello Colin and Erica. We just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with Thor out of the Blaze x Angus litter. You guys have done a great job with how you breed your dogs. We may be back soon to get another pup.
Submitted by: Kristine Weissinger on Jan 13, 2016
Just would like to update you that the Bennelli pup we got from you in the 2014 litter is the most lovable and hard hunting dog. Thank you for such a great dog.
Submitted by: Don Fast on Sep 03, 2015
We drove all the way from Montana to get our pup Buddy from the Krecklaus. Buddy at 4 1/2 months old his first ever sharptail hunt did such a great job pointed his birds and retrieved the birds we did get. We can not say enough good things about the pup we picked up from them. We look forward to having the Krecklaus out to hunt with some of their dogs and Buddy.
Submitted by: Mike Holder on Sep 01, 2015
We where new to the GSP and Colin answered all our questions and then some. We got our pup in Sept of 2014 from the Krecklau's and have never owned such a great companion and smart dog. In the past we had other versatile breeds in the family and can now say that the shorthairs is the perfect fit to our family.
Submitted by: Tyler Hage on Aug 31, 2015
Our male Otto is now 11 months old he is out of the Angus x Xena breeding. He is our first shorthair and just an all around great family companion. He will be having his first wild bird season in 2015 and from what we see he has all the tools to be outstanding in the field. We will be going back to get another pup from Colin and Erica in the near future. They have an outstanding program and are always around to answer questions on training.
Submitted by: Greg Greening on Aug 31, 2015
Hello Colin and Erica Just sending you an update on Axel he is a great dog. He was so easy to train for us as a first time owner he does everything we ask of him. We are looking forward to getting him in the fields in South Dakota this fall. Thank you so much for all the hard work you two have put in to breeding smart dogs.
Submitted by: Alex Tretinyak on Aug 24, 2015
We got our Millie from Krecklau German Shorthairs and she has been probably the best shorthair we have ever had. She is now going on 9 months old and had little to no training but has the most natural ability when it comes to working in the field. She has an outstanding nose, solid points and backs other dogs naturally. She is just amazing in the house and enjoys meeting new people. Thank you Colin and Erica for letting us get one of your pups.
Submitted by: J Visser on Aug 20, 2015
We got a pup out of the last Angus X Molly Litter. Scout is now 9 months old and a fantastic dog. He spent 4 weeks with the Krecklaus and let me tell you this dog does it all. He has solid stylish points and brings back every bird that is shot for him. If you are lucky enough to get a pup from Krecklau German Shorthairs Do not hesitate get on their pup list because the pups from them sell before they are even born. They know what they are doing when it comes to breeding outstanding Family companions that also are hardcore hunting machines.
Submitted by: Dan and Fallon Westlund on Jul 07, 2015
Hi Colin and Erica,
I just wanted to send you a quick note about Meeko! He is such a great puppy and we are so happy with him!! He's a very quick learner and the best puppy we have ever had/known. He's doing grate with crate training along with obedience training. He also loves chewing on deer horns smile emoticon He adjusted very well to our home and absolutely loves humans! We joke that he's almost like a cat in the sense that he always needs to be right on top of us or by our feet. Thought you guys would like a little update on him! Hope you had a nice 4th of July!

Dan and Fallon Westlund
Submitted by: Jordan Miller on Feb 03, 2015
I bought a male GSP pup from Krecklau German Shorthairs in the summer of 2014. I am new to the GSP breed but Collin has been extremely helpful in answering any questions I have about the pup and is always willing to give input on training methods. Brooks, my pup has exceeded my expectations by miles. So much instinct and drive that I am continually impressed with him every time we are out. I would absolutely get another pup from the Krecklau's and refer someone to them who may be interested in a GSP.
Submitted by: Joseph Werden on Nov 14, 2014
Just a quick update on Tilly. She is doing great and is one of the most intelligent puppies I have ever owned. She continues to grow and explore. I am sure we will be coming down for the gun and bird introduction. Here is a picture.
Werdens 5/12/14
Submitted by: Peter Her on Sep 08, 2014
Took my 6 month old GWP to Colin at Krecklau German Shorthairs. He did a great job with my pup Ace he was pointing and holding point till shot great.
Submitted by: Robin and Randy on Jul 18, 2014
HELLO.....A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! Our new pup HAILEY is doing so well. She is pointing and already is aware of commands. She is confident and strong as a GSP should be. We are so happy. Again we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. Take good care. God Bless. Robin and Randy
Submitted by: Jason Frohman on Jul 17, 2014
I have never owned such a smart dog who learns at a very fast pace with an amazing hunting drive. At 8 months old I took Pepper on a 3 day hunting trip and I have never been so impressed with a hunting dog in my life! Not only with her stamina but also with her natural hunting ability. She is not only a great hunting dog but she is even better with my new born son and all of the neighbor kids! She plays well with every dog she has met and is very eager to please. I can not wait for hunting season to arrive, watching Pepper in the field is now my favorite part of hunting.
Submitted by: William B Yates on Apr 23, 2014
Have Sam a year old now and could never ask for a more loving dog or one that wanted to please more. She has more brains and the great breeding shows. She pointed 23 Ruffled Grouse and several woodcocks at 7 months old. She had no professional training just took her to the woods after working her with wings and she took it from there.She only ranges out 30 yards and then returns to keep you close no chasing her or calling her back constantly. As a best friend and hunting buddy she is number one and priceless. Get one if you can , this one is not nor ever will be sold.

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