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Submitted by: Anne Faylor on Apr 18, 2021
In May 2020, an 8-week-old puppy from Johnson Labs joined our family. We named him Lucky. Our last lab passed away in 2017 and we missed having a dog. It had been 15 years since we had a puppy, so I was a little apprehensive about keeping up with the high energy, but Lucky has made every stage a joy. He is very intelligent and has been easy to train. Potty training was a snap and no shoes or furniture have been damaged or destroyed. He rings a bell to let us know when he needs to go outside. He is so well behaved it is hard to believe he is a one-year-old puppy.
The "off" switch Maureen used to describe Lucky's parents is true for him too. He loves to play tug of war but will stop immediately on command. He is an energetic boy with a great temperament. He gets along with dogs, cats and people and does not know a stranger. He lives to retrieve a ball. He brings it back and drops it at your feet, ready to go again. He is very athletic and loves to swim. Lucky puts a smile on our face every day. I’m so glad we found Johnson Labs.
Submitted by: Brett & Sonja Sebree on Mar 10, 2021
This is our second Labrador with the Johnsons. Our first yellow Lab Meadow was off the charts good, there wasn't anything she couldn't do, we lost her to a brain tumor May 1st of 2020. Our newest family member is a beautiful Chocolate female named Mocha, she is training us at an alarming rate. All kidding aside, Mocha is the most athletic Labrador i've ever been around. Her daddy is Rev it up power surge, that should give you an idea of her athletic ability. Really love her. Maureen wants me to write a book about Meadow and I on our law enforcement adventures, that's in the works. Anybody who want's a quality labrador; the Johnson's are the way to go. You will not find nicer people, who care about quality animals period. I've known Rich and Maureen a long time, they are great people. Thank You Rich and Maureen
Submitted by: Pam and Ernie Hartley on Oct 29, 2018
We received our sweet chocolate Remi as an anniversary gift after 4 years of saying goodbye to our last lab. Our family thought it was time to have another pup and we couldn’t have been more pleased or felt more loved with their decision. The moment we picked Remi up at the airport, she hasn’t stopped wiggling. Remi is extremely smart, and has a great deal of natural instinct her nose is always on the ground. At 7 months old she has proven herself on the water with ducks and is accomplished with geese on land. She is so proud of herself when she's bringing a goose back to you.. Head held high...
We send pictures to Maureen and Rich and they are always pleased and eager to hear how Remi is doing. It shows the continued compassion that they have for their pups. Thank you Johnson's for caring for your pups long after they're gone from you.. We love our Remi.....

Submitted by: Bob Bruhn on Oct 15, 2018
We got Josie, our female, yellow lab from Rich and Maureen earlier this year. She just turned 10 months old and we can't say enough great things about her. First off, she is extremely intelligent. She learned to sit, stay, lay down, and shake each in a few minutes time. When fetching, she takes hand signals well, when looking for a ball, her instincts kick in and she sets up a "search pattern" to find it. She is unbelievably fast and is very athletic. We have a pool that she loves to play in and she will even go under water a foot or so to retrieve. She has a terrific motor that doesn't quit, yet she is laid back and mild mannered when not in that play/hunt mode.

Rich and Maureen were great to deal with and the documentation they provided about the pup was fantastic. I've made a few calls to Maureen for her thoughts and suggestions on things and if she doesn't pick up, she gets right back to you and is always a wealth of information.

Lastly, Josie is also a very sweet and loving dog. We love her to death, she is everything we wanted in a dog and more! In the evenings when I'm in the recliner watching TV, she likes to crawl up on me, roll over on her back, then fall asleep as I rub her belly. :-) I've had a lot of dogs in my life, 4 of them labs, and I've loved all of them dearly, but Josie is special, I'll just leave it at that.
Submitted by: Hallie Casto & Holly Barrett on Apr 09, 2018
In September, we got our chocolate female lab, Harper from Johnson Breeders. Harper is a very loving & intelligent girl. Within a couple of days of having her, she was potty trained by ringing a bell on the door to go outside, and following sit, stay, and shake commands. She continue's to learn new things daily, and easily catches on to commands within 3-4 times. She has been out in the field and is not scared around guns. She has a beautiful point and has the natural instinct for bird hunting. The Johnson's are amazing people to work with. They took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. They took time out of their day to drive halfway to meet us for the pickup and had great printed material with their information, AKC registration information, microchip information, and the puppy's current vet records. Their hip and eye guarentee contract is easily readable and understandable. They are amazing people and they raise great pups. We wouldn't do business with anyone other than the Johnson's.
Submitted by: D.J. and Sarah Dryer on Apr 08, 2018
Maureen is fantastic. A few years ago one of my dogs passed away. We sadly found out that our breeder had gotten a divorce and had left the business. Through AKC we found Maureen in Nebraska. I was in Iraq at the time and she made the whole process simple. Even handled the transportation issues. When we got our new puppy, he was an instant hit. I noticed right away his curiosity and his ability to track. He is without a doubt the healthiest and smartest Dog (and i have only ever had labs) that i have ever had. We spend a lot of time and effort with him, but he is about the best trained dog you will meet. we get complements on his appearance, is health, his speed (he can run), and his impeccable manners. He does not jump on people, he waits for permission to eat his meals, he doesn't chew up anything (but he has a lot of toys). We keep trying to get another one, just like him, from Maureen, but the stars never seem to align. She is the only breeder i will purchase from, and i can't offer enough good things to say about her.
Submitted by: Don Schuffert on Feb 27, 2017
Just wanted everyone to know how happy I am with my 14 week old lab puppy from Rich and Maureen, this puppy is amazing. She is finding birds on her own , flushing the bird and then retrieving the birds that are shot over her, she is a machine in the field, and only 14 weeks old. Do yourself a favor, make the drive and buy one of their puppies, you won't be disappointed, I drove 10 hours one way for this dog and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Submitted by: Brandon on Jan 31, 2016
My name is Brandon and I live in Nebraska. I purchased a yellow female from Johnson Labs and our puppy is an amazing dog. She is 3 months old and can do full retrieves, heel, sit, lay down, and uses her nose so well. We are very happy with our puppy and I am excited to see what she can do this next fall in the field. This is our second dog from Johnson's and both have been great.
Submitted by: Gregg Johnson on Jan 27, 2016
We recently purchased a Yellow Lab Female Puppy (Dakota) from Rich and Maureen this past Christmas 2015. She is now 3 months old. Dakota is doing fantastic with our family. She is super smart, neat personality, great temperament, retrieving extremely well, lots of drive, and showing a lot of desire for pheasant wings. Dakota really works her nose when she is in the field. I can tell she will be a natural hunter. I have been working with her holding steady as she retrieves dummies and she will sit there like a statue. Dakota is already displaying the correct steadiness and marking abilities that you need in a great gun dog. I have also been impressed with her game finding abilities with some of the feathered dummies I have had her search and find in the field. She really gets after it and hunts them up with her nose. Another great quality in a fantastic gun dog. She is bonding with our family very well. We have worked hard to get her socialized around other people, dogs, cats and you can tell she loves people and children. I have no doubt that Dakota is going to be an excellent family pet and great gun dog. She is our house dog and picked up on house training in about 7 days. Very impressive. Dakota has been a delight to train because she picks things up so fast. Rich and Maureen Johnson were tremendous to work with. Maureen was very good in responding back to emails and phone calls. She wants to give you a great experience in choosing your puppy. There is no doubt Johnson Lab's are producing excellent Labs for both hunting and companion use. We as a family are super excited about Dakota and look forward to seeing the progression in training. I am confident that Dakota is going to be great family dog and be a relentless under control hunting machine in the field.
Submitted by: Mike Perry on Sep 02, 2015
My name is Mike Perry from Franlin ,Va and I bought an older lab from Mrs. Johnson to add to my breeding program and Max has been the most wonderful dog.He has produced outstanding companions in the house and down to business dogs when in the field. Thank You for a wonderful dog and the purchasing process was second to none due to the time restraints we had to get Max shipped to Va. Mike Perry
Submitted by: Evan Klanecky on Jun 16, 2014
My wife and I were looking at getting a yellow lab and after a lot of research chose to sign up with Rich and Maureen at Johnson's labs. From the very beginning we were truly impress with how they treated us in every way. We have had our TIG (registered name: Johnson's Blue Bonnet; Call Name Tig) for about 5 weeks now and could not be happier. She has been a great dog so far with adjusting and already retrieving very well. Again, Rich and Maureen were top notch with the phone conversations, emails, and the time what we got to spend with them picking Tig out. We would highly recommend Johnson's Labs to anyone who is looking for a great Lab.

Sincerely, Evan Klanecky
Utica NE
Submitted by: Casey Meinen on Dec 24, 2013
Over the past fifteen plus years I have purchased three pups from the Johnson's. One of my uncles has a dog from the Johnson's. And my brother has a dog from the Johnson's. I trained a dog for them. And several friends have dogs from the Johnson's.

Rich And Maureen are very knowledgeable about their dogs. Maureen tell you extensively about the pedigrees of her dogs. We only talk to the Johnson's once every few years and they always make us feel like family.

Right now I have two dogs I bought from the Johnson's. We hunt pheasant and waterfowl with Peach and Kate. They are great looking dogs that will hunt all day. Peach is eleven and has more drive then dogs half her age. Kate is from a pointing male that Maureen used several years ago and if she goes on point there is a one hundred percent chance there is a bird there. The last few years we have hunted pheasant exclusively in South Dakota. The guides and hunters are always impressed with the girls. We always get compliments and have had a few offers to buy the dogs.

I will keep buying puppy's from the Johnson's as long as they keep breeding labs.
Submitted by: Neil Kirby on Dec 23, 2013
I have a 4 year old female yellow lab that I bought from Maureen at Johnson Labrador Retrievers in Tilden. My dog is a great dog and very well disciplined. She has a lot of energy is a very athletic dog with speed and endurance. Since pheasant hunting isn't that good in Nebraska these days I took her on a hunting trip to South Dakota a few weeks ago. Even though she hadn't hunted pheasants in almost a year she did great. I thought she was better than the 3 dogs our guide was using that hunt all of the time. She also loves water although I don't use her for waterfowl but I know she would be good as she is a good swimmer and retriever. I would buy another dog from Maureen in a minute.
Submitted by: Neil Kirby on Dec 15, 2013
We bought Riley nearly four years ago from Maureen. She is a great family dog and excellent hunter. She is really good around small children. We live in Nebraska and because of low pheasant numbers haven't been able to hunt pheasants as much as I would like. I took her to South Dakota a few weeks ago and she hadn't hunted pheasants since last year. She looked like she has been hunting every day and did a better job of flushing birds while staying close to me than our guides dogs did while hunting. She is a great retriever and loves the water although I don't use her for waterfowl hunting. I would buy another dog from Maureen any day.
Submitted by: Royce Rasmussen on Apr 27, 2012
We bought Dakota from Johnson Labrador Retrivers in late December of 2011 after searching off and on for approximately a year. We were looking for a pup that would be a good house dog and a good hunter. After reading the testimonials listed on their web page and talking to Maureen we decided to purchase a pup from them. Dakota is almost six months old and I can't believe how fast she learns and her high drive when making retrieves. I had not planned on her making any water retrieves until the water had warmed up. When I took her to our nearby lake I couldn't keep her out of the water. She loves the water and is already making long water retrieves. She never seems to get tired when making retrieves. She is already noticing birds flying over as she will stop what she is doing to watch them fly by. I have been a waterfowl hunter for several years and have had good dogs. I believe Dakota is going to be an outstanding hunting dog and is already a great companion. If anyone is thinking about purchasing a Labrador I would highly recommend a pup from this kennel.

Royce and Mary
Submitted by: Rex Archer on Nov 10, 2011
I have a yellow female from the Johnson's that I consider one of the best hunting retrieving labs I have owned. Dice is what all hunters look for in their search for a hunting dog, and I recommend them.
Submitted by: Larry Doke on Nov 21, 2010
I purchased a yellow lab pup, Annie from Johnson Labrador Retrievers last winter, she is 11 months old now. I have had Pheasant hunters in from South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska and nobody can believe how well she is hunting and retrieving. I knew she was going to be good, but I had no idea she would be this good. She has all the natural ability bred into her, it has made my training very easy. The best part of all, she is a great family dog, but when it's time to go hunting, she flips the switch and she is ready to go to work. She can hunt all day long. I've had labs for 40 years, and Annie is the best I have ever had. I would recommend Maureen's dogs to anyone. Larry
Submitted by: Herman Herrlein on Jun 18, 2010
We are proud owners of a lab named Bo that we picked from a litter at Johnson Labrador Retrievers. Bo will be one year old this July. We have been labrador people for 16 years (three labs prior to Bo.) Bo is by far the best of the best. Intelegent,comical, passionate, well built and a nose that won't quit. Thank you for doing such an excellent job of breeding.

Herman, Sandy and Danielle
Submitted by: Brett Sebree on Jun 11, 2010
Here we go again, My wife and I hunt a tremendous amount, on top of that I ventured into Law Enforcement with some of my State Patrol, NSA, and ATF friends. Our dog Meadow, knows three languages now, English, Italian, and Russian; If we are going out on Narcotic Detection I speak Italian to her, if we are doing Vapor Wake studies or detection I speak Russian to her. If we go hunting or have fun its English. What an amazing dog to be able to understand three languages and seperate hunting and K-9 Enforcement work, Oh and by the way she is a fierce hunter. That says alot about the breeding techniques that Maureen does. She is about 26 inches tall, small good looking head, and 83 Lbs. During training she took down a 330 pound law enforcement officer. She is strong as an ox. When we are home she lay's on my wife's lap; but around kids very lovable, if I want her to be mean I use commands. Very Very smart is all I can say up to this point. Fast learner, show her a couple of times and its done!!!! I have law enforcement agencies asking me all the time where we found her. Don't even think; just buy the pup at any price!

K-9 Investigation
Narcotic Detection Group
Submitted by: donald schlegelmilch on Apr 28, 2009
I am a 68 year old retired Airline Pilot, I have hunted extensively all my life, in January I bought Tess, she is #6 and probably will be my last Lab pup. Johnson Labrador Retrievers was recommeded to me by my Brother who has one of the breeders pups at this time. Of all the Lab's I have had, Tess is by far the most intelligent, training is a joy, show her once, show her twice and its done. I have had great dogs in the past, but it is very obvious that the best is yet to come, I am so looking forward to opening day this fall and being able to hunt behind Tess. My hat is off to Maureen for breeding such quality hunting dogs, Thank You Don Schlegelmilch
Submitted by: Brett & Sonja Sebree on Feb 12, 2009
If anyone who hunts needs a quality Labrador, with all of the desirable qualities that a hunter possesses you do not need to look any further. Johnson Labs owner Maureen studies her dogs breeding backgrounds carefully; and then breeds her dogs accordingly. What you get in the long run is a hell of a waterfowl, as well as an upland game dog. Maureen's dogs are water crazy, but they point as well. Do yourself a favor and have a look. Her dogs are worth twice the price. Our dog Meadow was retrieving birds at 10 weeks!!!!! She is extremely intelligent!
Brett & Sonja

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