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Submitted by: sharon Burns on Jan 28, 2014
Hi Kathy!
I know Brandon sent you a quick email, but I also wanted to touch base to tell you how absolutely wonderful B.B. Is! I keep meaning to email and post more pictures, but October was a busy month. She has the sweetest disposition and is definitely my little gal… She follows me just about everywhere I go and is snuggled up with me on the couch as I type this. We are going to start obedience classes next month now that football is over and I have been working with her on basic commands. She has been a breeze to train so far… She is so very smart!
I have attached a funny picture of her. I have to hurry getting my clothes out of the dryer because she hops in with the warm clothes if I am not quick enough. :) My boys love her so much and she is such the perfect fit with our family. I can't thank you enough!!!
Brandon and I feel like the under-achiever parents of this litter because she isn't involved in all of the field trials, tracking, etc. but I will tell you she has to be the most spoiled and loved of the group. Our B.B. has a stress free, pampered life. :)
I will get those pictures up and be better about keeping in touch!
Submitted by: Brandon Burns on Jan 28, 2014
Hi Kathy!
I realized this past week that it was two years ago this week that Brandon made the trip to your home to get B.B. She is an absolutely magnificent girl and we love her so very much so I thought I better shoot you an email of thanks! :) I have attached a few pictures so you can see what a gorgeous girl she has become!
I hope you and all your pups are doing well!
Submitted by: joanne on Jan 28, 2014
Thank YOU Kathy for giving me such a wonderful girl. Our agility career is almost there so hopefully the titles start coming in 2014. Also, Clever is about to begin her career in K9 Nosework. I have found a new mentor that is actually the head of training for the Union Station TSA dogs. He has over 30 years of detection dog experience and he is AWESOME!!! I was skeptical at first knowing his background but then I saw this big burly guy say "good dog" in a high pitched voice and I was hooked. Nothing aversive and his worst punishment is putting a dog away in the crate. Oh, and by the way, he LOVES Clever. He started his early days as a conformation handler in his early 20's and said something to the tune of...A dog with her working ability and looks on top of it...she will be a dog that everyone falls in love with. He first met her when I was doing a private lesson with Flip and we lost the elementary school and were going to head back to the training facility. He said, do you want to get her out so she gets used to the environment. I just giggled and said she won't have an issue with that. Finally when we got her out in the detection dog training facility she was climbing on luggage, smelling all over his desk and knocking over stuff to get into the search rooms and this is all without even understanding odor or what she was event there for. He just looked at me and said "I can't wait to work with you two".
Submitted by: joanne Soyke on Jan 26, 2013
Clever is my first Vizsla and although I educated myself about the breed before I got her, there was still so much to learn. Hunting was one of those things and I never thought I'd ever get into it, but after Kathy suggested our first hunt test we were hooked. I didn't do a lick of training and Clever passed her JH with only 4 times in the field. This was pure natural ability and nothing that I did as a novice handler. Clever looked so beautiful out there and had such a great time doing what she was bred to do that I was hooked. She came away with her JH title as just 6 months old. She also got her CGC at only 6 months old. This dog is ready and willing to learn whatever I want to teach her and Kathy is there to help me teach what I don't know. Agility is our next venue and she is progressing better than I could ever imagine. Obedience, Rally and Field work are not to be forgotten, but with this versatile girl, she can take it all on if her mom can keep up. If you want versatility and work to get it, the JNEK dogs stop at nothing to make their owners look great.

Thanks Kathy and Jeff for the opportunity to own such a wonderful girl.
Submitted by: Rob Nelson on Mar 05, 2012
Wow how time flies. Zsofie will be 5 years old in a couple days!!
We are so grateful to Kathy and all for giving her to us... She gives us joy every day and she the most wonderful companion possible. Brett never had a dog before and when we went into this 5 years ago he had no idea of how loving, smart and loyal a companion they could be. I am in a new job and get to work from home more often than before. The best perk is having her by my side. She has been a lot of places with us and always quite the "star"... Loved by many.
Thank you, Kathy and JNEK.
Submitted by: Matt Bisbee on Oct 18, 2011
What a good pup "Doc" is!

Thanks Again for all your help!
You guys are pros!

Matt Bisbee
Submitted by: Caroline Gencur on Oct 18, 2011
Hi Kathy & Jeff!
Everything is going wonderfully! "Brenly" has adjusted so well…WOW he is such a good boy. He continually shocks me at how good he is. We’ve spent so much time with him and he is already learning to retrieve and bring back toys and balls. What a amazing Vizsla!!
Thank You So Much-
Submitted by: Billy Hurdman on Oct 17, 2011
"Joki" is just about 12 weeks and I took her out into the woods in bird country in Upper Michigan. We had a blast. In the yard shes wants the pine cones and everything that moves, so I thought when I brought her in the woods she would be attacking a leaf, of a fern....NOPE... Nose to the ground running in and out of the woods in front of me. Me and my friend were shocked at what she was doing. She actually found a grouse, and it flushed about 10 ft in front of her. she was slowing down but wasn't to sure if it was there or not so she didn't get a chance to point. We Had a GREAT day. "Joki" is an amazing JNEK Vizsla!
Bill Hurdman
Submitted by: Helen Mui on Oct 17, 2011
Kathy and Jeff,

I appreciate all your advise and time and energy you imparted to Christine and her "Amber".

It is so cool to see my daughter, Christine and her Amber so happy.

We now have a new Junior Hunter Title on "Amber"

Helen Mui
Submitted by: JoLynn and Rod Baltzley on Feb 14, 2010
Dear Kathy and Jeff,
We have the most amazing gorgeous,Vizsla in Lilly as a companion, field trial winner, quail hunter, and snuggler!!! She is one of yours.
Anyway, Rod and I have been thinking of another puppy. Rod is heavily involved in the Louisville Quail Forever chapter. I just wanted to check in with you as we know first hand what quality dogs you have. Lilly is absolutely the best Vizsla you could breed.
Please let me know what puppies you have coming up. We would want another female.
Thank you,
Jo Lynn Baltzley
Submitted by: Julie Callison on Jan 20, 2010
Kathy,I know you hear this hundreds of times, but I cannot thank you enough for her. She is EVERYTHING we had hoped for in a dog and more!!! Chloe has such a playful, fun personality yet is smart and loving. Again, I know you know all of this, you're saying to yourself, "Of course!!" But I really felt the need to tell you how much we all love her. She is truly like one of my children and don't know what I would do without her.
Julie Callison (and family)
Submitted by: jonathan and Beth Sawant on Jan 09, 2010
Kathy and Jeff- Here is a picture of Greta Grouse hunting up in Wisconsin 2009.
Greta has brought constant joy into our lives, and is a loving companion. We couldn't imagine a world without Greta.
Jonathan and Beth
Submitted by: Jesse Brooks on Sep 04, 2009
Hi Kathy-
Jesse Brooks here. First off I want to tell you how much of a joy having Nugget is. She has been about as perfect a dog as anyone could want. Just pure love and fun. So much so that we are beginning to think of getting another one. Nugget has been such a well tempered, sweet natured dog and she's beautiful!
Look forward to planning for a new one. We moved down to Austin about a year ago. Nugget is super happy here - lots of opportunity to get out and run around.
Also, we are so happy with JNEK that we wouldn't think of using any other breeders and there are quite a few down here.
Hope you and your family are well.
Submitted by: Malcolm Bourne on Jul 30, 2009
We made it through the first couple of days!! Every day has been an adventure with red girl Sheridan! She has so much personality and love that I really have to justify spending time away from her. The beauty of the dog is really truly amazing and I think it reflects on how great JNEK Vizslas are. They really are the top dogs!! Everywhere I go I am constantly being bombarded with questions regarding her as well as complements. I am so glad that I was able to find you for my next companion as anywhere else would now not have met my expectations. You truly have a wealth of knowledge regarding all dogs but especially Vizslas, that is transpired into the quality of your dogs!
Submitted by: Mara Salerno on Feb 25, 2009
Hi Kathy and Jeff,
I wasn't able to meet you today at the IKC dog show. But I did want to tell you that when I met your dogs I was reminded why I love Vizslas so much. The temperament of your dogs were just great. They just put themselves right on your lap and just seemed so happy. I have one Vizsla right now and he is the love of my life. I would like to tell you that when we start to look for a new dog I will be contacting you. If you know any trainers who would take on Field training of a seven year old dog, please let me know. Thank you again for keeping the breed going in such a healthy and happy way.
All my best
Mara Salerno
Submitted by: John Stillwell on Jan 07, 2009
Kathy and Jeff are the greatest. After being dogless for a few years, Peggy and I wanted a new friend. Meeting and seeing the Jnek Vizslas at the Chicago dog show we were hooked. WE brought our new puppy home at the end of June 06, and are still amazed at this great dog. Outstanding hunting skills, loving companionship, beauty and grace. She loves the water and woods of Wisconsin, the Hills of Texas, and travels better than most adults. A real Velcro dog, and great family member. Anyone wanting a great Vizsla, contact Jeff and Kathy.U
Submitted by: John & Lorie Connell on Nov 16, 2008
We were looking for a hunting dog and good companion and after much research we decided on the vizsla breed. We found JNEKS vizsla's on the internet and have been very pleased with our 10 month old puppy. Jeff & Kathy have been extremely helpful, and have given us guidance with any questions we have had. We will in the future buy another JNEKS vizla. We would with out hesitiation recommend JNEKS vizsla to anyone looking for a quality vizsla.
Submitted by: Kathy Martino on Nov 04, 2008
In the early months of 2002 I decided to begin the search for my next Vizsla. My female was getting up there in years so I started the search for her successor. Having owned Vizsla's since the late 70's, I decided this time I would do my homework and find a reputable breeder of quality dogs. After a lot of research Jnek Vizsla's was where my search ended. Kathy & Jeff's knowledge, dedication, commitment to breeding healthy dogs with great temperaments made my decision to purchase a puppy from them easy. I was so impressed I bought two puppies from them. Both of my Jnek dogs are conformationally correct, very trainable, poses great hunting instinct and most importantly are GREAT pets!
Submitted by: Tammy Sparks on Oct 29, 2008
I can not even begin to express my appreciation for all the knowledge and support that has been conveyed to me by the Engelsman family. With their guidance, my vizsla and I have ventured into field, show, agility, and rally with success. I always know Kathy and Jeff are only a phone call away...very comforting for this first time vizsla owner!! Thanks guys!
Submitted by: Jenny Thill on Oct 16, 2008
We wanted "just a pet" when searching for our first vizsla puppy. While our 2 JNEK vizslas are beloved members of our family, they have also introduced us to the world of dogs. Our dogs are great personal hunting companions and spend countless weekends searching out wild pheasant each fall. Both dogs were show champions at young ages and have titles in field, agility and obedience venues. JNEK V's are very intelligent and can do it all! We have appreciated the mentoring provided by Kathy and Jeff throughout our various experiences.
Submitted by: Valerie Blaine on Oct 14, 2008
JNEK Vizslas is top-notch. For owners Kathy and Jeff Engelsman, producing quality dogs exhibiting the best of the Vizsla breed are of paramount importance. The Engelsmans are assiduous in every detail of breeding, placement, and training for excellence. They follow up with expert advice and coaching for new owners, both in the field and in the show ring. For their professionalism and "t.l.c." I can only give kudos to the Engelsmans and JNEK Vizslas.

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