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Submitted by: Cory C. Russell on Dec 24, 2020
Our dog Dottie is just over 2. She is my 4th GSP. I have loved all of my dogs but this one has completely stolen my family’s heart. She is an absolute princess around our house but a beast in the field. She can go all day a does everything you would ever want as a chukar or pheasant hunter. She also is the best inside home dog you would ever want. I wish I had 2 more of her right now. Absolutely recommend Cheryl as a breeder!!
Submitted by: Glenn Stone on Apr 09, 2019
I have owned a Idaho hunting dog for almost 2 years. She is a fantastic family dog, great hunting companion an incredible retriever. Cheryl was very easy to deal with and is cautious about the homes her dogs are going into. As a person that has owned 4 GSP’s I can tell you these dogs are very easy for the first time GSP owner.
Submitted by: david stanley on Apr 09, 2019
We worked with Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs for over a year as we set up and waited for the breeding of our choice. The entire experience was great. She was more than eager and very prepared to answer all of our questions. The manner in which the dogs and pups were cared for was absolutely superb.
Our 7 month old GSP, Pepper, shows strong hunting characteristics and has been the easiest pup to train that I have worked with. As a veterinarian with over 30 years of professional experience I feel qualified to rate this kennel as top rate.
Submitted by: Andrea Maitrejean on Apr 08, 2019
I’ve gotten three German Shorthaired Pointers from IHD so far, first one 16 years ago, and 2 in the past 2 years. Everywhere I go everyone can’t believe how gorgeous, sweet, smart, and well bred they are. I have never found better dogs, or people to get my dogs from. True hunting genes, and these dogs can hunt!!! Cheryl is the best!!! Always there for advice, or a shoulder to cry on when the time comes. Definitely recommend her every time!!!!
Submitted by: Katherine Johnson on Apr 08, 2019
Idaho Hunting Dogs is the best place to get your next forever friend and hunting partner. Their quality of pups comes from great breeding stock. Each dog is given love and great care, its not just a business, they are part of her family. We've relied on Cheryl's perfect pups for over 12 years. To show you how much we value her hunting dogs, we drive from Las Vegas to not only pick them out, but to enjoy her company and hospitality!

I highly recommend everyone who is looking for a German Shorthair Pointer to see for themselves the lengths they go to, making sure these dogs only go to homes that will care for them properly.

We just got Rosey from the August 2018 litter AND Rory from the December 2018 litter. We couldn't be more pleased!
They are phenomenal in stature, demeanor, and attitude. Our vet was so impressed with them, she asked for the name and phone number of our breeder!
Submitted by: Kim Ingalls on Apr 08, 2019
Approximately 14 years ago, after searching countless German Shorthair breeder's, we chose to go with Mark and Cheryl owners of Idaho Hunting dogs. We chose them because their investment in breeding was deeper then making a buck, we felt a genuine love and passion for the dogs they bred. This was before the days of Facebook and the live feeds. But Cheryl and Mark kept us up to date, answered all questions and sent pictures as often as they could. Once our little one, Bretta was born, they continued to provide info on what to expect and how to blend Bretta into out family. Rather then flying out for our fur baby we chose to make the day drive because we had to meet these remarkable people. Bretta was an amazing dog. She was pointing and retrieving by six months. Followed by year's of living and breathing to hunt. She also provided a missing piece to our family. Unfortunately, Bretta has since passed on. It was an easy decision as to where we would get our next Shorthair. We could have chose the next town just 30 minutes away to get our next Shorthair but we were excited to make the trip to again see these remarkable people. This July will be our 2nd year with our fur baby Bella. She is gorgeous, black and white ticked. She loves our kids and watches birds from our bed with great anticipation. Any questions we have Cheryl promptly answers. As long as she is breeding Shorthairs, we will always without a second thought, only purchase this great breed from Idaho Hunting dogs. Thank you for years of memories and years of love with our fur babies.
Submitted by: Karyn Wood on Apr 08, 2019
We have a 14 month old GSP from Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs. She is very knowledgeable of GSPs having been in the business several decades, and has excellent breeding stock. Our pup Finn has excellent temperament, a fantastic desire to hunt and works well with us. We highly recommend Cheryl as a breeder. Her dogs are excellent.
Submitted by: Anthony Poggi on Apr 08, 2019
This is our first legit hunting dog and IHD's pedigree speaks for itself, but with Cheryl you get way more than that. She went above and beyond to keep us informed on our new pup through every stage. Our lil man came from Meg and Roscoe's 2/8/19 litter. He is a fire ball to say the least. LOL. We feel blessed to have this handsome we bred, quality GSP as the newest addition to our family.
I can't wait to see him turn on in the field. Thank you Cheryl.
Submitted by: Michelle Myers on Dec 18, 2017
An outstanding experience! I found Idaho Hunting Dogs online along with several other GSP breeders. After spending some time on their site, talking with Cheryl and Mark and watching the live puppy cam, I knew this was the breeder I wanted to go with. Their adult dogs are beautiful and well taken care of. The pups are born and raised in their house. The result is a well adjusted pup to all kinds of noises, floor types and people. My pup is five months old now and we couldn’t be happier. He was pointing pheasants at four months old. A very professional experience! If your looking for a great German Shorthair Pointer pup, Idaho Hunting Dogs is the way to go!
Submitted by: Robert Dischinger on Nov 10, 2017
We have had Roscoe for seven years and he is a great hunter and pet. Roscoe is our third Short Hair but the first we've had in the house - and he has adapted well. He does great in the field; lots of endurance, a good nose, and steady on point. We highly recommend Cheryl and Mark if you are looking for a good Short Hair Pointer.
Submitted by: Troy And Thea Sievert on Nov 08, 2017
I was lucky enough to have my wife purchase my pup from Idaho hunting dogs for our wedding present (I hit the lottery with both of them) Since then, we have started a family and also have another pup from Idaho hunting dogs which my uncle purchased. I am watching my uncles pup as they are gone for a month. I have the pleasure of two great gsp's and watching how they hunt together and then back each other reminds me why I love this sport. Another huge factor is their ability to become one with the family. having a young family, i watch my three year old lay on the dogs, pokin eyes and pullin ears. never a growl or movement from either dog. They really are a part of the family...
Submitted by: Curtis John Mitchell on Nov 07, 2017
Submitted by: Burton Johnson on Nov 07, 2017
This dog breeder gave us Tucker tour fifth German Shorthair. He has been absolutely the best we have ever had. Temperament and intelligence are incredible. Mark and Cheryl produce the very best dogs and they are incredible companions and family dogs.
Submitted by: Matthew Witt on Nov 07, 2017
Submitted by: Jan Devnich on Nov 07, 2017
We bought an 8 week female German Shorthair Pointer 4 years ago. Little did we know at that time how much joy and love that dog would bring to our lives. Mark and Cheryl (breeders) are a warm and dedicated couple with high standards for their puppies. Support from the Idaho Hunting Dog family is also incredible.
Submitted by: Jennifer Marvin on Nov 06, 2017
Our very first GSP came from Cheryl. Not entirely sure what to expect with the breed, she guided us through the process, and when the puppies were born, helped us pick the right one, given our circumstances. Olivia (Livvy) was a healthy dog, lived till she was almost 14, had a great personality and was super smart. Because of Liv, we got two more GSPs, the last being a descendent of an IHD. I still contact Cheryl anytime we have dog-related questions because she knows so much!
Submitted by: Chris and Cara Currey on Nov 06, 2017
Mark and Cheryl have a top notch operation. Great people to deal with who know their chosen breed and care about their customers. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about our male, Linus. He's been such a great addition to our family. Thanks Mark and Cheryl!
Submitted by: Emily on Nov 06, 2017
I adopted my GSP through a private party who had to rehome his dog. I didn't know much about the breed or how special of a dog he would be. The owner gave us the vets name but no other paperwork. The vet was kind enough to give us records which indicated that this dog came from IHD. I contacted them and gave them the original owners name. Cheryl & Mark were so happy that I was giving this dog a chance to live with a happy family. The best part for me was that Cheryl very quickly responded with puppy pictures of my dog! I got him when he was almost 2. I was so impressed about how organized she was with the puppies and her paper trail of information. We have since kept in touch and I feel like part of the IHD family, thanks to an awesome, supportive Facebook group. Sadly my pup passed away a few years back after a long, healthy life. I received so much love and support from Cheryl, Mark and many other IHD pup owners. They are special, caring people who breed excellent quality dogs for hunting or just pets. I hope to have another someday.
Submitted by: Jeff Campbell on Nov 06, 2017
Submitted by: Trisha Montemayor on Nov 06, 2017
Best dog ever, best kennel ever! We originally were suppose to get a dog from another bitch but she had troubles and lost the litter. Mark and Cheryl were able to get us a pup from a different bitch and we couldn't be happier with Zoe. Zoe is the perfect family dog, snuggling with us on the couch but then turning into a fabulous bird dog in the field. Very instinctual hunter and runs circles around the other dogs and out hunts them every time. She is seven now and still going strong. I'm a runner and she is my daily companion on the roads and once I trained her "no birds" while running, the perfect timing dog as well! Highly recommend this kennel! Well worth our 3 state drive!
Submitted by: richard sallee on Nov 06, 2017
I GOT Katie and Michel back in 2005 both became great hunting dogs as well companion in the field I lost Katie in 2013 but Mitch is still with but myself he is now retired although we still go out and find a bird now and then. I would not get another pup from anyone else.
Submitted by: Paul and Rochelle Miner on Nov 06, 2017
Bold, biddable, beautiful best described Idaho Hunting Dogs line of hunters! At 6 months of age with our at home rudimentary training, 20 yards from the truck Dutch locked up, held the rooster, waited for release and retrieved his first pheasant. He's only gotten better with time. Naturally honors and backs. A team player like no other. Best of all his 70 lbs is stretch across my chest every night with limited snoring (I'm told it's my snoring).
Submitted by: Lee & Kathy Anderson on Nov 06, 2017
Cheryl and Mark definitely love GSP's. The care in the breeding, birthing and raising of a litter of puppies is exceptional. I loved that they kept us informed every step of the way so that we were a part of the whole process from inception to the birth of the puppies and to the puppies' development.
I was very impressed with how the puppies were raised. It was obvious that the conditions were very clean and nurturing. The puppies were exposed to human contact from birth and were given a lot of opportunity to socialize with each other and with humans.
I loved the "puppy cam". I can't count the number of hours I spent watching our litter of puppies. Once we had made our selection from the litter, it was so much fun to watch "our baby" play, sleep and interact.
Our puppy is a fabulous addition to our family. He is extremely healthy, fit and smart.
Becker is the 7th GSP that we have owned. My husband has started training Becker with basic field commands, fetching and exposure to a training pistol and he is well on his way to being a sound hunting dog. I would definitely recommend Cheryl and Mark.
Submitted by: Bruce and Janet Benedict on Nov 06, 2017
We now have 3 GSPs and Cheryl. Whether you are looking for a dog to hunt with or just a companion you cannot do better than Mark and Cheryl! Our 3 dogs are right now back in SD pheasant hunting. Then when they come home all 3 live in our home with us. I would recommend them highly to anyone wanting a hunting or companion dog. Mark and Cheryl raise the best dogs you will ever find. They love all the puppies as their own and make sure they have the best start possible
A+ A+ all the way
Bruce and Janet
Submitted by: Michael Barton on Nov 06, 2017
I have a dog from the Idaho Hunting Dogs kennel. He has been a very good pup from day one. Mark and Cheryl are excellent people that take much pride and joy in what they do. They take the time to train and nurture every puppy that is born into their home. The dogs that have come out of their kennel are very well behaved and grow into excellent hunters. The love that is shown in this home transfers to the puppies new forever home. I would, and have, recommended Idaho Hunting Dogs to anyone that is in the hunt for a very well put together hunting partner.
Submitted by: Vickie Tanner on Nov 06, 2017
I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark and Cheryl Matthiesen for almost 12 years now. We had decided to get a German Shorthaired Pointer for the first time and found Idaho Hunting Dogs (IHD) via their website. I loved the pictures and descriptions of their dogs and the fact that they were within a reasonable driving distance for us (meaning about 10 hours). It sounded as if the pups had a great start at being well socialized to people and other dogs (e.g. their breeding and foundation dogs) and that Mark and Cheryl were committed to making sure their breeding dogs were physically sound, had good dispositions and evidenced the drive and qualities of the breed. It was clear that they were committed to their pups possessing those same qualities. What really sold me on them as the breeder we wanted to buy from however, was their application process. It was clear that they wanted their dogs to go to the right owners/families and that they would be with people who would include their pups as a members of their family, not just be something that was used for a few months each year and kenneled the rest of the time. It was clear they would rather NOT make a sale than have one of their pups go to the wrong home. If they cared that much about the placement of their pups, I felt confident that the quality of the pups they raised were just what we were looking for.

IHD more than passed the test with our first GSP, a handsome male, who is going on 12 years old now. He is still fit and fiesty and eager to turn on the energy in a field. There was no doubt that when it came time to get second GSP, it would be from IHD as well. Our second GSP is a female who will turn 6 in February. Though we don't have the opportunity to hunt much, both dogs have been very birdy and it is a joy just watching them work a field, a dog park or our yard. Their noses are always working and their points may be on birds, squirrels, rabbits, a stray butterfly or even earth worms. You can see the innate qualities of the breed in all they do, including their drive, their energy and their personalities. They'll work or play hard and then love nothing more than to curl up beside you on the couch, sneak onto your lap or snuggle in bed with you if so allowed. Through Idaho Hunting Dogs, I have discovered that GSPs are the best all around dog I know and I can't imagine my life without one.

I have also had the opportunity to be present for the birth of at least 4 litters of Idaho Hunting Dog pups. The care and devotion for the female starts well before the breeding occurs. All the pups are born in the house and from the minute their are whelped, they are treated with love as they are cleaned up, checked over and quickly put down to be with their mom. The socialization begins with gentle contact the next day and they interact with Mark and Cheryl (and visitors) on a regular basis. As they grow older, they are exposed to more stimuli, get more individual contact with people and, weather permitting, are moved to a heated dog house with an outdoor kennel run at around 4 weeks of age (shortly after being weaned). There they have more stimulation and more room to play (with obstacles to climb or play on as well). They are also allowed to play in a larger, grassy area with hills, holes, mud puddles, etc. Again, the goal being to feed their curiosity and their desire to explore. The human socialization continues through all these phases so that at 8 weeks, the pups are ready for their new homes, homes that Mark and Cheryl feel confident will be a good fit for their pups and where they will hopefully have long lives full of love and adventure.

I feel honored to have 2 Idaho Hunting Dog "pups". I could not have asked for a better introduction to the breed, a more supportive and educational breeder to turn to if I had questions, or a breeder more committed advancing the quality of the breed. I have also been able to meet and/or have contact with several members of the Idaho Hunting Dogs family (both 2 and 4-legged). It has been fun to follow the development of their dogs through the years, watching their personalities emerge, see pictures pf their interactions with family and their various antics, see photos from their first (or most recent) hunts, etc. Every person I have talked to that has an IHD dog has shared feelings and experiences that mirror mine. Bottom line, I can offer no higher or positive recommendation for Idaho Hunting Dogs than I do now. I am confident anyone who contacts them will be impressed as well.
Submitted by: Mariet Steenkamp on Oct 20, 2017
We have a 15 month old GSP called Lily that we got from Idaho Hunting Dogs. She is part of our family and we know that the attention that Cheryl and her family gave to her as a young puppy has had an immense positive impact on her socialization. She loves people and other dogs and is a beautiful dog. When we decide to get another puppy, they will be the first we will contact!
Submitted by: Floyd W. Chase on Oct 18, 2017
Cheryl Matthiesen is not only a great breeder, she really love the dogs. I have been lucky to get 3 greats puppies from her. All turn out to be very good hunting pals and loving family pets.
Submitted by: Linda Null on Oct 15, 2017
We bought our German Shorthaired Pointer from Mark and Cheryl and have to say, the entire experience was awesome. We picked Ava from the website pictures when she was 4 days old (we loved her markings) and watched her grow every day on the live streaming site they maintained until it was time to pick her up. Our sweet Ava just turned 4 years old and is so smart and loving. I must admit, she is completely spoiled and loves to cuddle on my lap or lay in front of the fire....but when outside, she is always hunting. Ava is one of Meg's pups and is absolutely the BEST and sweetest girl! We could not have asked for a better experience and definitely could not have found a better GSP. We LOVE her and are thankful every day that we have her in our family!
Submitted by: Shayne rollings on Oct 13, 2017
Great, whole hearted people, phenomenal and loving and beautiful dogs!
Submitted by: Jon on Oct 13, 2017
Submitted by: Jim Shaw on Oct 12, 2017
Healthy happy puppy, Now, healthy happy three yr old. Absolutely the best hunter I have ever had. Loves nasty weather, thinks thunder and lighting are time to go out and play in the rain.
Submitted by: Mike W Armstrong on Oct 12, 2017
I received my puppy from Mark & Cheryl Matthiesen at Idaho hunting dogs. They provided a fantastic experience for my pup and I. Ruger is 3 years old and the best dog I have had yet. He is a wonderful pheasant dog and works the field like a champ. He is also my best friend
Submitted by: Kristin on Oct 11, 2017
Our GSP girl is almost a year old as I write. What a good experience with Cheryl and Idaho Hunting Dogs, keeping us informed and sending pics before we could pick from our litter. This is our third GSP (first from here). Our girl is so nicely socialized - very loving. She thinks she is a lap dog. That is a testament to IHD. She is also VERY birdy....a reflection of her breeding. We recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs.
Submitted by: Nikki Cafferty on Oct 11, 2017
I can't say enough good things about Cheryl and Mark with Idaho Hunting Dogs. I can honestly say I will never get another GSP anywhere else. They breed the most amazing dogs and love them like their own even after their new owners have picked them up. Being able to watch the puppies on the puppy cam everyday is a lot of fun. Seeing them grow and watching their personalities evolve is a great experience. A big benefit from purchasing a pup from IHD is that you also gain a new family. And let me tell you, the IHD family is an extremely loving, helpful and knowledgeable group. They are there for you and your dog no matter what you need. The female pup I got from IHD two years ago is hands down the best dog I have ever had. I don't hunt her but she's got tons of drive and she has been a phenomenal family dog. She's a special girl with a fun personality and my family would be incomplete without her. We love her so much we have a deposit down for another pup. IHD dogs are like potato chips, you can't have just one.
Submitted by: Lisa Bergman on Oct 11, 2017
Ive had the BEST experience with this breeder, Cheryl and Mark, They truly care about their GSP pups, are extremely knowledgeable, and ALWAYS there to answer any questions and help in any way. I would highly recommend them to anyone and as for their pups.... They are INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely a TOP breeder in my book!
Submitted by: Sarah Frost on Oct 11, 2017
I've had Quigley for a little over a month now and I couldn't be happier with my decision to get a GSP from Cheryl and Mark. The 12 hour drive was well worth it! He's extremely smart, well behaved, and has great disposition. She did a wonderful job socializing him prior to pick up. If wouldn't buy one from anyone else!
Submitted by: Michael and Peppi Fowler on Oct 11, 2017
We have gotten 2 dogs from Idaho Hunting Dogs and cannot say enough about them. They are just wonderful dogs! Mark and Cheryl do an amazing job breeding dogs that have great personalities, very loving. Just amazing dogs! Mark and Cheryl are ALWAYS available should you need them. Love them and love our dogs!
Submitted by: Justin and Stacia on Oct 11, 2017
Stacia and I are so happy with our Sage. We got Sage as a puppy from Mark and Cheryl about 4 years ago. Sage is an extremely agile girl and she is dangerously intelligent. Loves to hunt and swims like a fish. Ha! Cheryl and Mark were great breeders as well as great people. I highly recommend Idaho hunting dogs.
Submitted by: Megan DeSpain on Oct 11, 2017
We were so impressed by the quality of hunting dog in Rover. He is a fantastic family dog and an even better hunter. Mark and Cheryl were very kind and patient in answering our numerous questions about the GSP breed and heritage line of Rover. He has surpassed every expectation. We would highly recommend them in purchasing your puppy!
Submitted by: Sam S. on Oct 11, 2017
Not a single regret or negative comment about the entire experience - an absolutely fantastic breeder.
Submitted by: Jason Matheson on Oct 11, 2017
Our puppy is about 14 weeks old now and she is fantastic. She is very trainable and has began to follow ques on demand. Her temperament is very manageable, and although she certainly has a lot of energy, if we exercise her properly she is making for a wonderful inside dog. She is also great with out four young children. We get comments everywhere we go about how beautiful this dog is.
Submitted by: Anna Barrington on Oct 11, 2017
Our Dog Zevah (Gunner X Lena) is a beautiful, wonderful and healthy dog. Even though we're currently not using her for hunting the instinct is strong. We live on 5 acres which she stalks and points all day long. She is everything we wanted and expected from a quality breeder. Join the IHD Facebook group for support, laughter and information on your new puppy. The group is very inviting and helpful always.
Submitted by: Carmen Magnuson on Jun 19, 2017
My family and I would like to tell you that we will only get any future family members from Idaho hunting dogs. We love our Kaiser and will always love IHD.
Submitted by: Dave & Becky Smith on May 05, 2013
Sprig was born July 18, 2011. From the day her mom came into heat we were kept informed as to how everything was going. Cheryl would send pictures of momma Abby and her belly growing. Then came delivery, and my husband stated up the entire time and watched all the puppies be born. Cheryl talked to him on line In between puppies being born. We watched live web cams of Sprig growing. Then it was time to go pick her up. It was too hot to fly her to Las Vegas so we took off for Idaho. It was wonderful to meet Cheryl in person and to see all the dogs. This is our first GSP and when we buy another, it will decently be from IHD. They breed those puppies with lots if love.
Submitted by: Bruce Benedict on May 05, 2013
We have 2 dogs from Idaho Hunting
Dogs. Frieda is 3 and Abby is 6months. They are so much into natural hunting birds. It is in the genes. Little Abby with no train g stops behind Frieda and honors her and points great. I would tell anyone if you want the best you need to get a German Shorthair Pointer from Idaho Hunting Dogs. Their pups are pointers from he word go. They get A plus from us and we would definitely recommend their pups to who ever wants the best GSP.
Submitted by: Vickie and Noel Tanner on May 03, 2013
It is our pleasure to write of the great experiences we have had with our two dogs from Mark and Cheryl Matthiesen of Idaho Hunting Dogs.

We got our gentleman boy, "Tracks" from then as an 8-week old pup 7 years old this April and to say he has been everything we could have dreamed of would be an understatement. He has a great nose, a wonderful disposition and gets along well with other dogs. He is very handsome and we have been approached by other breeders with interest in having him breed their females. In the middle years of his life, he is a loving companion who still gets excited and turns on when out in the field. He transforms from a middle aged dog to a 2 or 3 year old in the blink of an eye.

We were so impressed with "Tracks", that we got our second pup, a female named "Ziva" from Mark and Cheryl last year. Mother nature gifted her with a nose even better than Tracks had and at less than a year old she was holding points for over 5 minutes all on her own. She is intense, focused and a beautiful girl. She also has the personality that makes her a wonderful family dog.

We couldn't be happier with the dogs we have gotten from Idaho Hunting Dogs and will definitely go back to them when the time comes to get another dog. We are also friends with many others who have gotten pups from them as well and all feel the same as we do. They are the people to go to in our opinion!

If you want an awesome dog with good breeding, innate abilities and that has been raised in an environment to foster a great hunting dog, as well as a great family member, please check out Mark and Cheryl Matthiesen of Idaho Hunting Dogs. You'll be glad that you did... I know we are!
Submitted by: Frank Stetz on May 03, 2013
Great people great dogs. Bought my first GSP from them 9 yr's ago this Aug. Couldn't have just one so got another May 2012. Both outstanding field and home companions. Bogie and Tori bring a smile to our faces each and every day. Mark and Cheryl love their dods and it shows in the type of pups that they provide. If looking for a well bread GSP, IHD's should top your list.
Submitted by: bryan jaffe on May 03, 2013
When I wanted a GSP puppy, we chose Idaho Hunting Dogs due to their reputation and our comfort with Mark and Cheryl as breeders. They do things the right way in our opinion.

We could not be more pleased with our pup, Tyr (Phoenix/Molly 2005), who is now 7. Tyr is very intelligent, highly trainable, and in great shape. It's been a joy having her as part of our family. Further, it has enable us to build a relationship with other IHD owners, who now are part of our broader "family".
Submitted by: Sara Alexander on May 03, 2013
We have a beautiful German shorthaired pointer girl, Willow from Mark and Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs. We were looking to add another GSP to our house and found the Idaho Hunting Dog website. We are so happy that we did.
They really care about the homes their dogs are placed. The breeders that we got our two other GSP's from didn't ask half the questions that they did. That really said a lot about how much they care about their puppies future.
It was fantastic to watch the birth of our baby girl online. From the time she was born until the day we drove to Idaho to pick her up, there were tons of photos and videos of her online and emailed to us. We will have those photos and videos forever! I wish we had that for our other two GSP's!
When we arrived at Mark and Cheryl's "kennel” to pick her up, it was anything but a "kennel". We walked into a beautiful family home with all the dogs walking and lounging around the house. Of course there were crazy little puppies in the mix too!
Our Willow just turned one and we couldn't be happier with her. She's beautiful, intelligent and very loving.
Thank you Mark and Cheryl for bringing this little girl into our life!!!
Submitted by: Steve Sonnenberg on May 03, 2013
Great breeder with phenomenal pups.
Submitted by: Mandy Brooks on May 03, 2013
Mark and Cheryl are nothing short of amazing! We have taken two of their dogs and continue to keep in touch with them regularly and our oldest girl is almost 6. They have an incredible network of people and friends. When we had to rehome one of our girls recently, the first person I went to was Cheryl. Within days, she had found us a wonderful new home. She cares for her puppies as long as they are on this planet with us and then some. I would not buy from anyone else! We love Idaho Hunting Dogs!
Submitted by: Megan Perry on Apr 27, 2012
Mark and Cheryl are amazing!! My husband and I had been researching different GSP breeders and Idaho Hunting Dogs was by far our favorite!!! Both mark and cheryl were great with answering any questions we had. We were able to see our puppy pretty much from birth grow up till the day we picked him up! Idaho hunting dogs was able to stream live video of the puppies and sent lots of pictures! We still keep in contact with them and give them updates on our great addition to our family!! Our puppy is now 9 months old and has a great temperament! He is so social able and great with kids!! He loves to be with us and has such a great personality! He has been a great addition to our family! We love him!!! Thank you Mark and Cheryl for breeding such amazing pups! We have recommended lots of people to them and to look at the GSP! Great dogs!!
Submitted by: Brian Marshall on Apr 26, 2012
We recently received a wonderful GSP pup from Mark and Cheryl based on the excellent feedback from many current and past IHD dog owners. All I have to say is WOW was it worth the wait and the 25 hour round trip from Arizona. Little Alice is a gift. Very trainable, very alert, healthy and has no doubt enriched our lives already.

I can't say enough good things about Mark and Cheryl, and their breeding program. They do what they do with love, and it shows. They were so helpful and easy to work with from start to finish I would not hesitate to adopt another IHD pup in the future. Great dogs from a great breeder!
Submitted by: Elaine on Apr 25, 2012
I can't give enough praise for Mark and Cheryl of Idaho Hunting Dogs!

They offer SUCH a personalized service so you are involved every step of the breeding process. We were able to watch the birth of our boy and watch him grow and develop on a live web cam. They offer lifelong support and care about staying involved in their dogs' lives after they go to their "forever homes".

We got our Munich at 8 weeks of age, and within two days, he was mastering obedience commands. He is a smart, stunning, and healthy boy. Our vet and everyone we meet tells us that our dog must have come from an exceptional breeder.
Submitted by: Dan Hawkins on Apr 25, 2012
I have two dogs from Idaho Hunting Dogs, one 2-1/2 yr old and the other a 12 week old pup. I was a Lab lover until I got my 1st Shorthair. The dogs are fantastic family dogs. Mark and Cheryl are first class, breed first class dogs and follow through for the life of the dogs. They are breeders that truely care. Both dogs are smart to birds right away. My pup is already pointing. Need I say more.... I can't speak highly enough about them or the dogs they produce.
Submitted by: Zach Ellison on Apr 25, 2012
Got my GSP "Apollo" from Idaho Hunting Dogs, and not a day goes by where I dont want to thank them. From Day one of showing interest I have been in contact with Cheryl/ Mark and even to this day, after the dog has been sold, they still stay in touch. That is dedication!

Our Apollo is now almost 10 months old and bird crazy. He is very healthy and a great example of the breed. I cant say enough about Idaho Hunting Dogs and would recommend them to anyone!
Submitted by: Vickie and Noel Tanner on Apr 25, 2012
I am so happy to share of our recent pup acquired from Mark and Cheryl Matthiesen of Idaho Hunting Dogs. I say "most recent" because this is the second dog we have gotten from them. Our first is now 6 years old and we decided it was time to get our second. Both dogs are absolutely wonderful. With our first dog, "Tracks", it was our first time finding a breeder on line and buying a dog from outside of our immediate area. The whole experience was like they lived right down the street. There were regular updates on how the breeding and pregnancy progressed and then pictures of the pups from the time they were born through the time we came to pick him up. With our newest dog, "Ziva", it was even better! This time there was streaming video of the birth and it was on throughout the day (and night). We got to watch them as they got older, were fed their first solid food, first went outside and so forth. The experience was wonderful. To top it off, we have two beautiful dogs that have great confirmation, love getting out and letting their nose lead the way and who love being members of the family when they get home from a day of work or play in the field. If you want to get a great dog, have confidence that you are getting a dog of quality and want to have fun in the process, contact Idaho Hunting Dogs. You'll be glad you did!!!
Submitted by: Landy Hayhurst on Apr 25, 2012
I have a beautiful female German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) that I purchased from Idaho Hunting Dogs. Her name is Romy Katherine "Katie" and she will be two in August of 2012. She is all liver except for her pretty little white chest. I had a GSP previously so I knew I wanted another one.

I did my research on breeders and found IHD as a potential for me. I hunt upland and love GSP's for hunting skills, their companionship and intelligence.

I contacted Mark and Cheryl from IHD and quickly realized they take their GSP's seriously. They are very friendly people and awesome breeders. They are more than happy to present you their breeding bloodlines for each of their dogs right on their website and they totally do not run a puppy mill.

When the pups come, Cheryl will send you a link for live internet feed and plenty of pics to help with your selection and to allow you to watch the pups interactions and growth. Mark and Cheryl will communicate a lot and both were totally and completely honest with me about everything with my Katie throughout the whole process. I couldn't have asked for more. You should expect Cheryl to keep in touch as she loves her pups and she still asks for pics of Katie and always wants to know how one of her pups is doing.

I find that remarkable.

Now about Kate. She is a hunting machine. Very, very intelligent and she is a natural requiring very little training from me for what I wanted from her. These dogs have some outstanding noses and an impeccable "Sixth-Sense" about their surroundings. Kate doesn't miss a thing. This dog was birdy at 8 weeks. She has only become more honed with her skill. Nothing gets past her.

Kate has a very special personality around the house. A loving companion, she goes to work with me everyday, she is my best friend and she only wants to sleep where I am. She loves children and she is extremly family oriented.

She knows when I am going afield. She meets me at the door. She cannot wait to work for me and she is tireless.

I had very few problems with her. It took just a little effort to teach her not to get too far out in front of me and we had our bouts with a little bit of hardheadedness when she was a pup. But that is to be expected and I believe it comes with such an intelligent dog that can think quite well for herself. She just needed a bit more of my time and patience to understand what I wanted from her.

My whole experience with IHD's and the pup/dog I have has been wonderful. Heaven forbid anything happen to my Katie, in time I will say I'd want another from Mark and Cheryl.

Submitted by: Jeff Quillen on Nov 09, 2011
I would highly recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs (Cheryl and Mark Matthiesen) as your next stop for a GSP. I purchased "Diesel" from them 7 years ago and have been very happy with the quality of dogs they provide. I personally went to their kennel and it was not would you expect as a "kennel". The time the puppies touched the ground they are holding, caring, and socializing the pups in their home. It shows the work, care and love they put into their business/dogs. I am very happy with my hunting companion at home and in the field.
Thanks again Cheryl and Mark!
Submitted by: Scott Kreycik on Oct 24, 2011
We got Farley a year ago, and I just returned from two consecutive weekends in So. Dakota pheasant hunting. She was a pleasure to watch. It was very exciting to observe her point,and retrieve her first bird. IHD were a pleasure to work with and look forward to another pup in the future.
Submitted by: Vern Hixon on Oct 24, 2011
My Dad and I have purchased two GSPs from Mark and Cheryl of Idaho Hunting Dogs. Both dogs have far exceeded our expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Mark and Cheryl were great about keeping us updated throughout the process; what to expect, how the pups were progressing, what we needed to do when we picked the pups up and everything else you may not know if you've never owned a puppy. We couldn't have asked for a better breeder to work with and will definitely go back to them when we purchase our next pup.

-Vern Hixon
Submitted by: T. Frank Stetz on Oct 01, 2011
I bought Bogie a German Shorthair pointer in 2004 from Mark and Cheryl of Idaho Hunting Dogs, in Shelly Idaho. Couldn't be more happy with this fella Great gun dog and supper companion around the house and with friends. You can tell that Mark and Cheryl take the time to make sure their pups are well socialized and happy. Buying another as we speak..
Submitted by: Chad Raver on Sep 17, 2011
exceptional breeding, great upland bird dog! More than satisfied!
Submitted by: erica loden on Sep 17, 2011
Cheryl and Mark are great-they raise great dogs. Jake our dog that we got from them is wonderful-he has trained very well with my husband and is great with our kids. We would definitely get another dog from them!!!!
Submitted by: Lisa engel on Sep 17, 2011
I can't express enough how happy we are with our German Short Hair pup from Idaho Hunting Dogs. Hunter is our first gsp and because of Mark and Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs we will have many more from them in our life time. Not only is our dog a wonderful hunter, he's a wonderful family dog, and I believe that's because of how he began his life with Mark and Cheryl. He's perfect in every way and I would recommend their pup's over and over again.
Submitted by: Bob Dischinger on Sep 14, 2011
Mark & Cheryl deliver as promised. Roscoe now 15 months old is all we could have wanted. He's our 3rd German Shorthair, but the first to stay indoors with us. He hunts hard & well, but is calm and obedient indoors. We attribute this to the breeding and socialization as a young pup before we received him. We highly recommend Mark & Cheryl who we found through this website.
Submitted by: Jeff on Sep 14, 2011
We are very pleased with Achilles. He is very intelligent and was easy to train. He is very affectionate (typical of the breed) and aims to please. He has good hunting instinct and is a natural in the field.
Submitted by: Ben & Betsy Reali on Sep 14, 2011
We purchased a liver female German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, (Gisela) from Idaho Hunting Dogs late in 2009. The puppy was both beautiful and healthy when she landed at SeaTac Airport in Seattle. Our pup was fully supplied with food and emergency contact information when we picked her up from the terminal. Since that time she has grown into an intelligent dog and earned an AKC Junior Hunter Title at nine months of age. Our pup/dog is a family member with natural hunting abilities that have been easy to shape and develop into an excellent hunting companion in the field.
Submitted by: Richard C Jones on Sep 13, 2011
I cannot say enough about our experience with Idaho Hunting Dogs. Mark and Cheryl are easy to deal with, provide an excellent service, and their dogs are outstanding!! Our dog has been a pleasure for the whole family since we first got him.
R. Jones
Tigard, OR
Submitted by: Dave Smith on Sep 13, 2011
I witnessed Idaho Hunting Dogs operation first hand. All of their dogs are raised in a family environment. Cheryl and Mark have kennels, but the dogs aren’t confined there all day. When a bitch gives birth, the puppies are born in the family living room while Cheryl broadcasts the birth on live internet feed. The pups stay in the home until they become mobile. Mark and Cheryl then move the new family into a climate controlled dog house where the pups have an area to roam. Once they’re bigger, the area gets opened up so the pups have more room to roam. Mark and Cheryl begin to get the puppies socialized with a family atmosphere by bringing them into the home and allowing them to interact with other dogs.
From personal experience with our pup and from talking with other Idaho Hunting Dog family members, Mark and Cheryl have bred hunting dogs that make wonderful family pets and outstanding hunters. Mark and Cheryl take their job of breeding “only the best” German Shorthairs seriously. The best example I can give was when Mark and Cheryl recently purchased a beautiful pup from another breeder with the intention of breeding the dog. The new dog failed her medical checkup. Mark and Cheryl found the new pup a good home, but the pup will be spayed and never bred assuring only the best genes are passed onto future generations. This, in our opinion, is why breeding should only be done by experienced ethical breeders like Idaho Hunting Dogs.
We found Idaho Hunting Dog’s from a co-worker who has one of Mark and Cheryl’s pups. The co-worker and her husband hunt their dog, but their dog is part of the family as well. We knew Idaho Hunting Dogs was for us after we contacted Mark and Cheryl and they screened us before they agreed to sell us a dog.
As for the personal touch that I think is unique to Idaho Hunting Dogs, we were able to watch our puppy’s birth via live video streaming. Every few days Mark and Cheryl were emailing pictures as well as posting pictures and video on the Idaho Hunting Dog Facebook page. We were also able to keep in touch with Mark and Cheryl via Facebook. These personal touches allowed us to watch all of the puppies grow and interact with each other. We originally planned to have our pup flown to us, but living in Las Vegas, there were restrictions on flying animals when temperatures were over 85 degrees. With air travel out, we hopped in our car and drove to Shelley, Idaho to pick her up. Mark was on the road enjoying his Harley, but meeting Cheryl was great. We had talked so many times on the internet it was like we were old friends. We are 100% satisfied with Idaho Hunting Dogs and plan on purchasing another pup in a few years. Choosing a breeder won’t be so difficult next time…. the only choice will be Idaho Hunting Dogs “Where great hunting dogs don’t happen by accident.”
Submitted by: Bill Poole on Sep 13, 2011
I got our GSP female Heidi from IHD in 2001. She has been a wonderful dog and the experience working with Cheryl was great. She is a very good breeder to work with.
Submitted by: T. Frank Stetz on Sep 13, 2011
Great people to purchase a pup from. Puppies are well socialized and happy. Bought Bogie in 2004, has been a special part of our family since coming threw the door. Great hunter and a pleasure to travel with. Hogs the bed but what can you say he deserves it. Mark and Cheryl really do a great job with their breeding, when the time comes will surely invest in another from Idaho Hunting Dogs.
Submitted by: Claudia DiDona on Sep 13, 2011
I would like to give a heartfelt testimonial for Idaho Hunting Dogs. I have purchased two purebreed GSPs both from a long line of champion dogs, with lineage documents, show ribbons, and hunting awards. Long before I actually purchased each puppy I had many talks with the breeder and came to understand all aspects of the breed I was purchasing. When puppies became available, I was sent regular videos of the puppies to help me decide on a dog. I was purchasing my dog from my home in Connecticut and the dog was to be flown from Idaho to Connecticut. When I did make my decision on the dog, we scheduled a convenient date and time for the dog to arrive at the airport and I went to pick it up. Cheryl and Mark, owners of Idaho Hunting Dogs, were with me throughout that process, in addition to calling me to make sure my pup arrived healthy and happy. The communication and assistance didn't stop there and they have been a very important part in raising my dog, from each dogs personal puppy fears to house training, to adjustments to their new surroundings, and many other things. I have since lost one of my dogs to cancer at the age of eight years old recently. They both consoled me with that loss, and my family was left with our other GSP pup here at home. Cheryl and Mark found me a wonderful GSP rescue dog they located who became a perfect fit for our family!

When the time comes for us to get another dog, it will be with Idaho Hunting Dogs. We trust them completely and they have become more than breeders - they are friends. I would recommend them to anyone.
Submitted by: Andy Thompson on Sep 13, 2011
I have 2 dogs from IHD. Bella is going to turn 6 years old this November and Lola will be turning 4 in February. Both of my dogs live in the house and are at home with our 4 year old and 5 month old. They are very patient and members of our family. The dogs are great hunters and have been trained and hunted on wild birds since they were pups. Neither dog is gun shy and both have great drive. I would highly recommend IHDs and will get another dog from them in the future.
Submitted by: Rick DeHart on Sep 12, 2011
All my dealings with Cheryl and Idaho hunting dogs were always positive and professional. Based on my experience the dogs are of superior quality.
Submitted by: Darby Smith on Sep 12, 2011
I've had my GSP for quite a while now. He came out of some of IHD's original dogs I believe. He's been a great hunting companion these many years, and Mark and Cheryl were great people to work with. You could tell they cared a great deal about their dogs, and the people they went to.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a pup from them again, knowing what I know now.

Darby Smith
Submitted by: Andrea Medlin on Sep 12, 2011
We got Shooter from their 2004 litter, and the quality of breeding is exceptional, and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. His conformation is amazing, as is his temperament, and hunting capabilities. We couldn't have been happier with any other breeder. We are planning on getting a new puppy from them next year. You will NEVER regret getting a puppy from them! The whole process was painless and they really make sure that their puppies have a great home. They spoil them with love for eight weeks, so your puppy is happy and well rounded before you receive them! They are the best!
Submitted by: Ann Weaver on Sep 12, 2011
It was a pleasure working with Cheyrl, I have had my GSP since 2002 and she has been a pleasure I have gotten compliments on how well behaved she is and what a great nature she has about her, I definitely believe that starts with the breeders.
Submitted by: Kimberly Kelley on Nov 09, 2010
Awesome breeders Awesome Dogs!!!!
Submitted by: Bryan&Christina Crandall on Aug 29, 2010
We got our dogs from Mark and Cheryl-Idaho Hunting Dogs almost a year ago. They are very well dispositioned, extremely smart dogs that pick up manners and commands quickly. They were so easy to potty train, we didn't feel like we had two at once! We couldn't believe how soon they started poining, and retrieving. Not only are they amazing family dogs, we have 2 boys, the entire family is really looking forward to this hunting season! We have friends that have bought from other breeders and even they are impressed. Mark and Cheryl go above and beyond with all the video and pictures they take. By the time the pups were ready, we had a huge file saved on the computer! They have a clean and loving environment that they raise their pups in. Meeting them was a pleasure and we feel they are our friends. We wouldn't think twice about buying from Mark and Cherly again!
Bryan and Christy Crandall
Submitted by: steve griffin on Jul 11, 2010
Hi Cheryl, Jaxon is almost one year old. Pointing, flushing birds and retrieving is his game. The bird sanctuary is his favorite place in his world he runs ten miles per day flushing out birds. Jaxon is one hardcore hunter.

Take care Steve.
Submitted by: Burton Johnson on Jul 02, 2010
Hi Cheryl and Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that Tucker completed a NAVHDA test on Monday and Scored a prize I He was just incredible and had perfect scores for pointing, tracking and swimming. He has progressed so much and is doing so well that I entered him in a field trial two weeks ago and he scored 680 points. I had him entered as an amateur and he scored over 200 points better than any of the other 25 pointers and most of them were professionally trained and much older. I spend a little time each day and keep working on different things and he just loves to please. Thought you would be interested to know that one of your dogs was a prize I NAVHDA dog. I will send you a copy of the certificate. Keep on producing great dogs!! Burton
Submitted by: Rod Gleason on Jun 17, 2010

Had to share a picture of Sophie babysitting our grandkids during last weekend’s camping trip. It’s amazing how she can go from romping around at mach one to being so soft and gentle with the little ones. Training is going well and she gets to work birds on a regular basis because we hunt antlers the same places we bird hunt in the fall. Just visited your web site after quite a spell and was very pleased to see Sophie on there with one of her birds.

Thanks again for a wonderful addition to our family,

Submitted by: Ben Reali on Jun 17, 2010
Our little female is a hunting machine, very smart and just a breeze to have in the home. One very classy dog!!
Submitted by: Burton Johnson on Jun 15, 2010
Entered Tucker in a field trial in Eugene on Sunday and he scored a shopping 680 and outscored all other pointers and he was only entered as an amateur and competed agains dogs that had been trialing for years. YESSS!!!!. He is like a vacuum cleaner out in the field and a joy to watch. Wish I had asome one videoing it. The grass was 3 feet tall and he just bounded through it. So pretty. Great genes.
Wish you two the best and sure loved the puppy videos. Burt
Submitted by: Katie & Bucky on Mar 23, 2010
Cheryl & Mark have been incredible to work with, from the moment the puppies were born they have been supportive, full of information and wonderful to deal with. From birth to the puppy's arrival in our home we received emails with videos and photos of the puppies that allowed us to see personalities develop.

Our puppy had to travel to Alaska and Cheryl worked with me extensively to arrange the flights and make sure he arrived safe and sound.

Our dog is almost 2 now and they continue to answer questions and really care about how our dog is doing.
Deacon is a well rounded dog, very personable, great with other animals and a pleasure to hunt with. He has been easy to train in basic household behavior as well as for hunting. He is incredible to watch hunting both upland and water birds.
I would never hesitate to recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs. Your experience will result in the highest satisfaction and faith knowing that your dog is coming from wonderful people that really care about their dogs.
Submitted by: Chris Johnston on Mar 14, 2010
I purchased "Cooper" a german shorthair pointer in August of 04' from Cherly and Mark and I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with my experience. I was so impressed and continue to be, with how much pride & care they take in their dogs throughout their entire lives. Cooper has become an icon in the neighborhood, not just for his looks, but for what a well balanced dog should act and behave like. It's comforting to know I have people to trust should I want to adopt another quality K-9. Thanks again, Chris
Submitted by: Mark McConnell on Feb 08, 2010
I cannot recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs highly enough. We got our first hunting dog from them Spring of 2007. With two young children we were concerned about adding such a notoriously high energy dog to our family, but she has been absolutely wonderful at home. More impressively, she has an amazing drive in the field, a drop dead gorgeous point and is birdy as all get out. I could not hope for a better companion and hunting partner. We visited their kennel and Cheryl and Mark do an amazing job of socializing their pups for family life and have a line with impeccable genetics which yields great hunters. With Idaho Hunting Dogs we got all we were hoping for and more!
Submitted by: James H. on Feb 07, 2010
Hi, Cheryl. Max is doing great. Growing like crazy and having a blast learning how to chase birds. He's pointed a bunch of quail, about a half dozen sharptails, a few huns and last weekend we got him his first chukar. He pointed it and after I shot it, he went and found it. He's probably pointed about 15 different birds since Mid-October and looks great. I really had no expectations of him for this season since he's still so young but he's done really well and is much further along in his development as a bird dog than I thought he'd be this year. We have a lot of retrieving work to do in the offseason but I'm not going to try and train him on any more commands this year. I'm just going to let him run and find birds and be happy about it. He's loving it.

He is still such a ball of energy that most of the good pics I have of him are with him asleep. But here's one of him trying to get his first chukar back down off of the tailgate after I unloaded the vest last weekend and a couple more. He LOVES having birds in his mouth, he just doesn't exactly love letting them go yet. :) And he won't sit still for a picture with one laying at his feet yet either so this is the best hunting pic I have of him right now. By next season he'll be able to pose like a big boy and smile for the camera.

I sure love him and we're having a great time together.

Thanks again and I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas.

James Herrett
Submitted by: Krista Birchell on Jan 28, 2010
I have 2 German Short Hair dogs from Idaho Hunting Dogs and they are great pups!! It was very easy to potty train and train in general. They are quick learns and are very smart!
Submitted by: T&K Ingalls on Jan 20, 2010
We purchased Bretta from Mark and Cheryl six years ago, after a lengthy search of various breeders.

From the moment we made our commitment with Mark and Cheryl they began their heartfelt commitment to us. After picking out our puppy we recieved pictures on a regular basis and both Mark and Cheryl were more then happy to answer our questions.

Bretta is a natural born hunter. She pointed and retrieved her first Pheasant at six months and six years later is a die hard, avid hunter. This season was cut short for Bretta, after she ran through a downed barb wire fence. Despite the serious wound she endured Bretta would not give up and had to be dragged out of the field by leash. Despite the pain and exstensive stitches and staples Bretta begged and wined every morning that I walked out the door to hunt.

The great thing is, Bretta not only is a tremendous natural hunter, she also his a great addition to our family.

Recently, we got to experience breeding ourself. Cheryl was right there offering us advice and support.

It is great that they continue their relationships, extend their support. You can depend on them no matter how much time has passed.

Thank you for your time, dedication, passion and awesome addition to our family.
Submitted by: Dana Capell on Jan 18, 2010
I was a pleasure working the Idaho Hunting Dogs; they are very knowledgable about the German Short hair Breed. The puppy I received from them is a great looking puppy and very well manored.
Submitted by: Mark Supita on Jan 04, 2010
We bought a German Shorthair male (Logan) from Idado hunting Dogs 8 years ago. We were very pleased with the dog we received and the attention Mark and Cheryl gave us since he was the first GSP. Now 8 years later, we were in the market for another dog and purchased a GSP female (Molly). Again, very pleased with their knowledge of the breed, training tips for a new puppy and nutrition information. We would get another dog from them without thinking twice about it.
Submitted by: Aaron Buffardi on Jan 04, 2010
I have a 8 month old pup from IHD, and I must say, he far exceeds anything I had expected in owning a dog. from house breaking, to having the instincts in hunting, without any formal training. Mark and Cheryl have been very helpful with 1st time puppy owner questions, as well as prior to getting the puppy home in posting pics and updating their development. Their dogs, facilities, and passion for the breed are unmet. When the time comes for a companion for this guy, there is only one place I am going to go, IHD!! Thanks so much!!
Submitted by: Marty Maghakian on Jan 03, 2010
Dear Mark and Cheryl,

You all probably have a bunch of these but let me add ours to the lot. As you know, after 7 weeks of anticipation we picked up IHD's Herr Ingel von Schultz'S Gunter at the Charleston, SC airport. It is always an anxious moment to see if ones personal expectations are going to be met, especially when purchasing a puppy from afar. The purchaser relies heavily on the statements and representations of the breeder as to the overall and specific quality, traits, personalities, and potential. When this guy popped out of the crate we knew we had secured a phenomenal animal. He was clean, alert, confident, and perfect in physical stature. As I mentioned, we have been searching for three years to find the right GSP to replace our original Schultz. I have been on hundreds of web sites, made even more phone calls, and have visited over 50 kennels. None of the breeders met our requirements for a true to form, even tempered, multi-purpose "Kurzhund" .I would like to personally thank you both for your efforts in breeding the highest quality GSP's. Many people go through life not knowing what a quality bred dog is supposed to look and act like. We know the difference. Gunter is a welcomed addition to our family; we can't wait to start him on birds this November. I have no doubt he is going to develop into an outstanding dog! Thanks for all of your time in keeping us updated with e-mails and pictures during the entire 7 weeks.
Best regards,Marty, Susie and Anne Marie Maghakian
This is from a Dutchess & Fritz pup 2007:
Submitted by: Lauren Brown on Dec 28, 2009
We bought our female German Short Hair Pointer, Jazmine, from Mark and Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs in 2002 and couldn't be more pleased. They helped us get the right pup for our family, answered questions and kept us up to date with photos and Emails. We live in WA state, and they made transportation and delivery a breeze too.

Jazmine is an absolutely gorgeous GSP with perfect markings and build. Everytime we go on a walk or hike, people stop us to comment on how she is a perfect example of a GSP and how beautiful she is. She is a natural at pointing, is extremely patient, and quiet yet has outrun every dog she's been with. She is amazingly fast and smart. At six years old, she is still very healthy and in incredible shape.

Jazmine has a wonderful disposition and is great with our kids and cat. She is a true family dog and everything we ever wanted. Mark and Cheryl check in once or twice a year to send their wishes and see if we have any questions. We look forward to working with them again in the near future!

Idaho Hunting Dogs is highly recommended if you are looking for a top notch, well adjusted and cared for German Short Hair Pointer!!
Submitted by: Brian Sperry on Dec 15, 2009
Mark and Cheryl are the best! I have a 5 month old male he is a great dog. He has a great nose and even better personality. I already have him retrieving chuckars in my back yard. I can't wait to be able to hunt over him next year.
Submitted by: Marshall Dawkins on Dec 14, 2009
I have been very pleased with my dog from Idaho Hunting Dogs! Even before a year old, and under horrible scenting conditions, I took him, untrained, out into the field and he did awesome! He naturally quartered well, didn't get to far ahead of us and most importantly - came back when called. Now the Ozzie dog is about a year and a half and the whole "quail hunting" light went off! To be honest, I haven't had a lot of time to work with Ozzie so it's his natural, bred abilities and the genetic line which Idaho Hunting Dogs has that me and my friends are enjoying when hunting behind Ozzie. A little spit and polish and I'll have an incredible hunting companion for many moons to come! Cheryl and Mark really know their stuff! Thanks guys!!
Submitted by: Dick Williams on Dec 14, 2009
excellent service, went out of their way to accomodate us. Both of the puppies I purchased from them were outstanding in all respects, hunting, companions, bidable...I take them with me all the time...the first was a GSP female who is about 7-8 years old now and the second a male GSP about 3-4 years old now...
Submitted by: Crecsendia Glidewell on Dec 08, 2009
I purchased a German Short-Hair Pointer from Cheryl and Mark back in 2007. The process couldn't have gone any smoother! Dixie is such an excellent bird dog. They really care about the puppies they sell, too. They always send out emails asking for updates and pictures. I would feel completely comfortable recommending them to anyone looking for an 5 star quality dog. If I were to ever get another, I would use Idaho Hunting Dogs.
Submitted by: Kris Knowles on Dec 07, 2009
I purchased a pup from Mark and Cheryl in 2004 and could not be any happier with the quality of dog and hunting companion that he has developed into. My dog, Matty, and I have hunted all over Idaho, Washington, Montana and South Dakota with many other dogs, both shorthairs and other breeds and I always get the same comments about how wonderfull a disposition he has, how much he stands out above the other dogs, how good his nose is and how fun he is to watch do his job. My pup is all I could have asked for and the best part is after 6 seasons together, he keeps getting better. Thanks to Mark and Cheryl for doing what they do with their wonderful dogs!!

Kris Knowles
Coeur d' Alene ID
Submitted by: Jay and Vicki Robinson on Dec 06, 2009
When I decided to get a German Shorthaired Pointer, I searched the Internet determined to find the best dog I could. After many months of searching and talking with different breeders, I located Idaho Hunting Dogs who happened to be located only 16 miles from me.

After several visits with Cheryl and Mark Mattheisen, I could easily tell these people bred good hunting dogs, that they socialized their pups well, and that they were available for any questions I might have in the future. My GSP, Mady, has now owned me for almost two years and I couldn’t be more satisfied with her. She is great in the field – doing her part even if I don’t quite do mine. She is eager to learn and has a great personality. She is a wonderful part of our family.

I can highly recomned Cheryl and Mark and their IHD dogs with no reservations.
Submitted by: Marty Downs on Nov 30, 2009
I bought a 8 week old GSP from Mark and Cheryl @ Idaho Hunting Dogs in July '09 and she's been a joy to own. Having visited their "kennel" I can tell you their dogs have a large open area to run and it was obvious from the beginning that their pups have a lot of human contact from the beginning because of how well our puppy was socialized. To date she's been a breeze to train which is saying something since she's my first dog. I'd highly recommend purchasing a dog from them. I know I'll be getting another one from them some day.
Submitted by: joseph d'antonio on Nov 29, 2009
Purchased a GSP, now 1.6 years old. Her name is Chesapeake. She is intelligent, enjoys human contact, hunts naturally, learns quickly, is extremely athletic, and has great confirmation.

Mark and Cheryl breed their dogs for natural hunting skills, personality, native intelligence, and lack of genetic defects. They are always available for questions and assistance and enjoy hearing how their dogs are progressing. They have taken dogs back when their new owners have been unable to care for them and have then found the dogs new homes. I would highly recommend Mark & Cherly as excellent breeders with excellent quality dogs.
Submitted by: John Enos on Nov 29, 2009
I picked up my GSP pup from Idaho Hunting Dogs in September of '06. Inamedhim Dierks, he has been a great family companion and even better in the field. He has been great at sniffing out stuborn pheasants and an excellent retriever as well
Submitted by: Provost on Nov 28, 2009
I bought a GSP for my husband from IHD Christmas 2005. When we went to pick her up we were very impressed with Cheryl and Mark and their dogs. Our pup, Schone Wynn, has grown into a beautiful, high energy, eager to please dog. She gets complements where ever we go. She is a fantastic retriever with a very soft mouth. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. I would highly recommend IHD if you want to buy a quality pup from honest breeders.
Submitted by: Mark Rohde on Nov 27, 2009
We purchased Dulcie, our GSP, from Mark and Cheryl at IHD in August of 2007. Dulcie pointed her first bird at four months and backed at five months. This season she has bloomed and is a bird finding monster. She is a gorgeous athlete in the field and an absolute doll at home. She is much smarter than I am, but humble enough to let me run the show. We couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a dog that needs practically no training to be the best bird dog you'll ever own and be your best buddy the other 9-10 months, talk to Mark and Cheryl!
Submitted by: Carlo Wilson on Nov 25, 2009
I have two dogs from Mark & Cheryl. Annie is 9 and Chooch is 4 1/2. Both are excellent hunting dogs with no health problems. They are both good natured and are great with kids. Mark & Cheryl have always been very helpful answering any questions regarding training and diets. I have been hunting with dogs for 43 years and these are the best dogs I've owned.
Submitted by: Mark Supita on Nov 22, 2009
Eight years ago we met Cheryl and Mark when we picked out our dog Logan a German Shorthair from Idaho Hunting Dogs. We got Logan to be a companion for our 5 year old Brittany Tessa. They made a great pair. When we lost Tessa last April, we decided a few months later that we wanted a female German Shorthair. We immediately thought of Idaho Hunting Dogs. We contacted Cheryl and Mark and visited them to see the male and female first hand. Two weeks ago we brought home our Molly. She is a sweet little girl and Logan is happy to have the canine company again. The German Shorthair Pointers have proven to be a great companion and family dog. Cheryl and Mark have proved to us that they breed sound and healthy puppies. It was a pleasure doing business with Idaho Hunting Dogs.
Submitted by: Karl Fleming on Nov 20, 2009
We purchased a female in the summer of 2008. She is an in the house hunting dog and my wife and I have been extremely pleased with her tempermant. Health is good, lots of go in the field, appears to have a great nose, took her to MT last fall and she pointed 20-30 pheasants at the age of 7 months. If she has any problems in the field it is due to poor training on my part.
Submitted by: Joy Davis on Nov 19, 2009
My dog Moses is the best dog. He is so smart. We drove all the way across Idaho to get him and it was well worth the drive. He is a great hunter and a great dog all around. He and my Golden play all day long.
Submitted by: Tim K. on Nov 18, 2009
I purchased a GSP pup from Idaho Hunting Dogs in spring of 2008. I am extremely pleased with the dog and would highly reccomend this breeder. I woul not hesitate to purchase another pup from them.
Tim K.
Submitted by: Debbie + Cel Lorenzi on Nov 18, 2009
Our experence with Idaho hunting dogs couldn't have been any better. Our dog is a German Shorthair Pointer. Her name is Heidi and was born in 2004. My husband does allot of chucker hunting and he says that Heidi is the best hunter that he has ever had. She did have some help from our older shorthairs. But when she is hunting she stays focus and it's all about hunting. She is a great companion to Cel and I we love her very much. Thank you, Cheryl and Mark for such a outstanding dog. Debbie and Cel Lorenzi
Submitted by: Jereme Conley on Nov 18, 2009
Mark and Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs have an awesome thing going. First of all, they are just great people. Second of all, Their dogs are absolutely well taken care of and given all the love and attention that they deserve. Each of their dogs is a fine example of what a German Shorthair Pointer should be. The "Kennel" facilities are clean and orderly. The dogs are happy, healthy, and hard working. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone who is looking for a great pet, hunting companion and four-legged addition to their family.
Submitted by: Melinda Rearden on Nov 18, 2009
We bought wilma from mark and Cheryl 5 years ago and never have regreted it a day. We may have not acturally hunted her in a hunt ( dont be fooled she hunts very well on her own every day ) but she is the best family dog we have had. She is very affectionite and well behaved. We will be making a trip here soon to get another puppy as soon as we have the time for one. Just want to thank mark and cheryl again for a wonderful dog and so many adventures. Melinda and the Rearden family.
Submitted by: James Herrett on Nov 17, 2009
I had a very good experience making my selection and purchase of Max from Mark and Cheryl. They were very helpful, informative and willing to let me come check out their pups before even making my selection. Cheryl kept me up to date with current pics as the pups grew and provided me with plenty of good information and resources for his ongoing health when I picked up my pup.

I'd highly recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs.
Submitted by: Margaret Allard and Andy Bojanowski on Nov 17, 2009
We got "Maddie" our now 1 1/2 year old GSP from Idaho Hunting Dogs. Let me tell you, she is the best, smartest, well rounded dog I've ever met. And I'm not just saying that because she's mine. Mark and Cheryl had done an excellent job raising our pup for the first seven weeks. When we picked her up at their house/kennel we were so excited because the pups were socialized, going outside to go to the bathroom, and would come when you clapped! Bringing her home was easy. She has only ever had one accident inside, and it was our fault. She crate trained easily. She LOVES the water, kids, and other dogs. Everywhere we go people ask where she came from because she is by far the best looking dog around! Boy oh boy is she smart. She learned to sit, lay down, roll over, play dead, speak, jump, heal, fetch and many more all by the time she was 6 months old! We don't hunt with her but when we go on hikes she does it on her own! She runs out ahead, finds birds and points at them forever! We have to call her off them because she would stay there all day. She's the best! We could not be happier with our decision to get a GSP from Idaho Hunting Dogs!
Submitted by: Dustin and Melissa Bean on Nov 17, 2009
We bought a female German Shorthair from Mark and Cheryl in April of 2007 and we have been so pleased with the dog that we have. Maggie is such a joy and has a wonderful personality. She is a great family dog as well as an excelent hunter. We are so happy with the service that we received from Mark and Cheryl that when we are ready for another Shorthair, they will be the only breeders that we will purchase from.
Thank you for all the happy memories
Dustin, Melissa, and Maggie
Submitted by: Margaret Allard on Nov 16, 2009
We got our GSP pup from Idaho Hunting Dogs. Mark and Cheryl are amazing! We wanted an active dog to pair nicly with our older Gorden Setter and we don't dought for a second we made the right choice. We aren't hunters but love the energy and enthusiasm of bird dog breeds. When we picked "Maddie" up from Idaho Hunting Dogs she was socialized, healthy, and I swear almost potty trained. She is now 2 1/2 and everywhere we go people ask where she came from because she is by far the best looking dog around. She's great with kids, the perfect comanion on hikes, quiet in the house, and LOVES the water. She lives to please us. We couldn't have chosen a better dog. Mark and Cheryl have done an excellent job breeding quality all-around traits. Maddie is an outdoor enthusiest and a great couch potato. WE LOVE HER!!!
Submitted by: Floyd W. Chase on Nov 16, 2009
I purchase a great German Shorthair from Mark & Cheryl Matthiesen ( IdahoHuntingDogs )about 4 years ago. Dakota has been a great bird dog, I hunt him about 30 days a year. I have had severly bird dog and by far Dakota is the best.He was very easy to train and my grand-kids love him,he is great with them. When I buy my next bird dog it will at IdahohuntingDog.Dakota is a great bird dog and Mark & Cheryl are great dog breeders.
Submitted by: Hal Simmons on Nov 15, 2009
My dog from IHD is a quivering bundle of personality,looks spectacular,loves to hunt and has a great nose. Mark and Cheryl have expressed continued interest in the dog and have been available to offer advice about raising and training my dog as I have needed it.
Submitted by: Carley Lhirondelle on Nov 15, 2009
Without any hesitation we would recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs! Mark and Cheryl have an obvious passion for GSP’s which is evident when you meet them, see them interact with the dogs and see great area they have for the dogs to run! They were a tremendous support to us when we had any questions and needed help… they went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative of that!! We thought living in Alberta and purchasing a pup from Idaho would be a difficult process but Mark and Cheryl made it seamless by sending updates, videos and pictures on a regular basis. Anyone looking for a GSP pup or training should consider Idaho Hunting Dogs. Thanks for everything Mark and Cheryl!
Submitted by: J. D'Antonio on Nov 15, 2009
Purchased a GSP named Chesapeake at 5 months of age. The dog has great confirmation and personality. Training has been very easy.
Mark & Cheryl are experienced, knowledgable breeders who care for all there dogs. They are willing to spend time helping and advising even after they have sold the dog. They are very interested in all of their dogs and inquire about progress in the new owner's home. They invite owners to send photos of the dogs which are posted on their web site. If one of their dogs needs to be rescued or the new owner/s are not able to take care of the dog they will bring the dog back until a new home is found. I would highly recommend their them and there dogs.
Submitted by: Joseph P. Granto on Nov 14, 2009
Extremely nice people to do business with. The GSP pup is 6 mo. old and is already bringing full grown cock birds to me. Great nose and she locks up solid with just a little cohersion (still a pup). I can't say enough about there breeding capabilities for great hunting dogs.
Submitted by: Jennifer Jaffe on Nov 14, 2009
We would without hesitation recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs for anyone looking for incredibly smart and athletic dogs who are equally comfortable out in the field, in agility, or curled up on the couch in your home. While we don't hunt, our Idaho Hunting Dog - Tyr - has the most beautiful and steady point I've ever seen naturally on a dog. She is frighteningly smart, very quick to learn, and has always received clean bills of health from our vet. She is also a true joy in our home, playful and loving with people she knows and yet wary of strangers and always lets out a warning bark if someone approaches the house which is very much appreciated as we live in a city. All in all - Mark and Cheryl breed amazing GSP's and while we hope the day never comes when we do need another dog, if/when it does we would gladly contact them again.
Submitted by: Vickie Tanner on Nov 14, 2009
Mark and Cheryl at Idaho Hunting Dogs are fantastic! Not only do they produce quality dogs, dealing with them during the process of getting your pup was an absolute joy. Our dog is a sporting dog all the way and people consistently give us compliments on him and ask who the breeders are. Bottom line, Idaho Hunting Dogs' breeding program and the way they socialize the pups from the get-go makes for the perfect combination of hunting dog and family pet. I'm proud to say we recommend them to people all the time.
Submitted by: Rod Gleason on Nov 14, 2009
Mark and Cheryl take a lot of pride in what they are doing with their German Shorthair Pointers and it shows with each litter born. From before the pups are born and for me at this point with a four month old, the communication is almost constant. With the pictures and updates you get to watch your pup grow the first seven weeks even though you are miles away. You can tell they spend time with each pup as they are already on their way to being cage trained and they know their name. Mark and Cheryl are also eager and infact encourage you to contact them with any questions concerning your pup even after the purchase has been made and you have your pup at home. My German Shorthair Pointer ( Sophie ) is four months old today and I have never before seen such an intelligent pup. Within a week, Sophie was sleeping all night long in her cage and only the first night was there any whimpering. In no time at all she was going to the door to be let out. At four months old we have not been doing any formal training yet but she is with us all the time and getting introduced to lots of birds. It's amazing to watch as she learns from one bunch of birds to the next. I don't know what the rest of the pups are like but for me at the end of a long day it's fun to go home and have your own personal commedian. She is a hoot!
Looking forward to many great hunts and years of companionship.

Thank you Mark and Cheryl
Submitted by: Eric Spurgeon on Nov 14, 2009
Mark and Cheryl are great people and you can tell from meeting them that they love their dogs! We bought a pointer puppy from them in July 2008 and we were able to visit their home several times after the puppies we born so we could play with them. The entire experience was a great one and we plan to get another puppy from them in the future.
Submitted by: Theodore Tedeschi on Nov 14, 2009
I have had dozens of bird dogs since I was a boy. I'm now sixty one and have the best dog I've ever had, which I acquired from Mark and Cheryl. She's now three, a German Short Hair named Lucy, and we were thrilled with her from day one. Good size. Very healthy. Extremely well-adjusted and great disposition. Wonderful family dog. Careful and gentle, yet playful, with eight grandchildren including one year old. Terrific with our other dogs (Jack Russels, Beagle) and very easily trained. Good in the woods and around our horses. Very obedient and a perfect physical specimen. Vet always compliments her at checkup and shot time. Bred exceptionally well and obviously with great love and caring. Dealing with Mark and Cheryl was not just a pleasure, it was actually fun. Shipment of Lucy as pup from Idaho to Florda was precise, professional, and worry-free. Recommend very highly.
T. Tedeschi - Boston, MA and Wellington, Fl
Submitted by: Joy Davis on Nov 13, 2009
We have the smartest ever! He is such a great dog. We drove all the way across Idaho to get him and it was WELL WORTH IT!
Submitted by: Curtis John Mitchell on Nov 13, 2009
I got more than just an absolutely perfect and brilliant German Shorthaired Pointer I named Mister Benson from Cheryl and Mike at Idaho Gun Dogs. I got 3 life long friend in Mister Benson, Cheryl and Mike. I think the first thing you will come to understand with Cheryl and Mike of Idaho Gun Dogs is that everything is done with love. They love there dogs, they love there puppies, they surround them with love, and it creates the most beautiful and brilliant GSP's imaginable. Its been 6 years since I took responsibility of Mister Benson and I couldn't be more grateful about the entire experience. Thank You Cheryl and Mike for everything!!
Submitted by: Shane & Mandy Brooks on Nov 13, 2009
Mark and Cheryl were and have been absolutely amazing! A friend of mine recommended them and I am so happy she did. We have had Me'sha for just over two years now and she has been nothing but a blessing! Mark and Cheryl continue to keep in touch and want to see pictures! They truly care about the animals they are breeding!!
Submitted by: russ hall on Nov 13, 2009
I really appreciate Mark and Cheryl @Idaho hunting dogs.And all the extras they do for me and my dog.
I sent my dog that i purchased from Mark and Cheryl to a professional trainer.After two months this so called trainer told me,quote "He is untrainable and he was going to hurt someone you should put him down."Mark came and got me and Tazz (my dog).And proceeded to help me with my problem.In the first day my dog was showing points ,retrieving and all the basics.Now after two years i have a great dog and great friends all off one bad experience.And I'll always remember Mark telling me "Just let him be a dog its in their instincts to hunt."Have hunted with 8 or 9 of the dogs they produce and wow they all hunt well.And have great dispositions.Now I am patiently waiting for my second pup.
I highly recommend Mark and Cheryl's dogs for anybody that wants a great dog and a couple of great friends.
Submitted by: sarah krenzke on Nov 13, 2009
We got two of our gsp's from Cheryl and Mark. The first one, a pup from Molly and Phoenix came to us via flight from Boise to Houston. Cheryl and Mark never lost contact with us and when our boy Bandit died two year's later in a tragic accident they were so supportive and kind. They contacted us two months later to let us know about a half brother to Bandit who was not being well cared for and needed a new home. We took this dog who was 1.5 years old at the time and again Cheryl and Mark were so concerned about him and how he adapted to our home. They are still in touch with us and check in to ask about Junior every so often. I have to say that Cheryl and Mark are wonderful breeders who take such an interest in their dogs. Also, I should mention, when we got our puppy from them originally, he was virtually house trained when he arrived! The dog's temperaments are wonderful, they are kind, intelligent loving dogs.
Submitted by: Rick DeHart on Nov 13, 2009
The owners of Idaho hunting dogs go out of their way to make sure that their dogs are going to safe and loving homes. I recently purchased a dog from Cheryl and had to have him flown to Milwaukee. You could tell a real professional planned the flight well. I couldn't have been happier. Lucy is well on her way to becoming a top notch bird dog.
Thanks again Cheryl.
RIck DeHart Beloit Wisconsin
Submitted by: Joseph P. Granto on Nov 13, 2009
Extremely nice people to deal with. The GSP pup is six months and has an unbelievable nose. On top of that she's already bringing full grown cock birds to me. I can't say enough about the people or the hunting quality pups that they are producing.
Submitted by: Neal Morse on Nov 13, 2009
I am still so happy with our 6 year old female GSP. Mochi is extremely intelligent and athletic and at the same time gentle and affectionate with children. A true testimony to how and Mark & Cheryl Matthiesen from Idaho Hunting Dogs nurtured her as a pup. Mochi was much easier to train and stays closer to me during hunts than my other GSP from another breeder. Our Mochi is white with a brown heart on her right side and solid muscle. In the field she is alert and freezes her point until I flush the bird. Mochi is an amazing creature to watch thanks to Cheryl and Mark.
Submitted by: Sara on Nov 13, 2009
Last October I called up Mark and Cheryl because they had a 4 month old GSP. I ended up not getting that pup, but they were so helpful. They really wanted to make sure that I got the right GSP for me. (They even gave me contact info of other breeders!) That's what sealed the deal for me. I wanted to work with Mark and Cheryl when I got my GSP, and in May 2009, my pup was born. They made me feel like I was part of the process the whole way, sending pictures weekly, and some videos too. I -highly- recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs. They are breeding family/hunting dogs. Just like their webpage says, you're not just getting a dedicated hunting dog, you're getting a new family member.
Submitted by: Lois Parker on Nov 13, 2009
I have had my GSP for a week, she is 8 weeks old and very smart. She already goes to the door when she needs to go out. Mark & Cheryl with Idaho Hunting Dogs are great people and love their dogs. They emailed pictures & live video constantly to show the growth & development of the litter. I had a great expericence with them and would definitely go back to purchase another one.
Submitted by: Raquel Wheeler on Nov 13, 2009
We purchased a GSP from Idaho Hunting Dogs and I definately would again. Our puppy has a great personality, Mark & Cheryl definately spend quality time with all of the puppies. They also make sure you are involved as the puppies grow. The pictures they take are fabulous.

Raquel Wheeler
Submitted by: Richard Burns on Nov 13, 2009
German Shorthair; female; 5 years old; beautiful, healthy, great disposition; overall experience with the breeder was excellent; would purchase another pup without any reservations; highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Darby Smith on Nov 13, 2009
I bought a GSP from Cheryl and Mark. If you have been to their home it is plain to see that they love their animals and care about where they are placed. Uli (ooo-lee) has been a great hunting companion and I am glad that I was able find a reputable couple to buy him from. He turned 5 this year and has been great to have around. He loves to hunt and would go all day, every day if I would let him. I don't think you can go wrong in buying from Cheryl and Mark.
Submitted by: Steve Griffin on Nov 13, 2009
Top Notch Seller AAA +++
Jaxon my pup has been rated by two vets. 10 out of 10.
Best regards, Steve.
Submitted by: Floyd W. Chase on Nov 13, 2009
I purchase a great German Shorthair from Mark & Cheryl Matthiesen, Idaho Hunting Dogs about four years ago. It was the best experience I had in buying a hunting dog.Cheryl kept me up to date from time the pup was born, when he got his shots everything, I need to know. she also sent me pictures of him almost weekly. Dakota is my fifth hunting dog and he is a great one. He in the field about 40 day a year and never has any health problems. He just a great bird dog from a great dog breeder.
Submitted by: Richard C Williams on Nov 13, 2009
I have two of Cheryl's puppies, Mitzi a GSP bitch that I acquired at age 8 weeks and Buddy a GSP dog also at 8 weeks...there is about two year differential in ages..they are absolutely wonderful , loving, easy to work with, get along with others,,I couldnt ask for better dogs..Mitzi is about seven years old and Buddy is about health the way, they really do like to hunt...Dick Williams
Submitted by: Jennifer Jaffe on Nov 13, 2009
We would without hesitation recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs for anyone looking for incredibly smart and athletic dogs who are equally comfortable in the field, in agility, or curled up on the couch in your home. While we don't hunt, our Idaho Hunting Dog - Tyr - has the most beautiful and steady point I've ever seen naturally on a dog. She is frighteningly smart, very quick to learn, and has always received clean bills of health from our vet. She is also a true joy in our home, playful and loving with people she knows and yet wary of strangers and always lets out a warning bark if someone approaches the house which is very much appreciated as we live in a city. All in all - Mark and Cheryl breed amazing GSP's and while we hope the day never comes when we do need another dog, if/when it does we would gladly contact them again.
Submitted by: Marshall on Nov 13, 2009
We have the honor of raising 2 GSP's from Mark and Cheryl. Both pups are from Fritz and Dutchess. They have incredible drive and are very eager to please. When you take one of their pups out you are guaranteed to have the attractive dogs in the field!
Submitted by: Ken Johnson on Nov 13, 2009
We purchased "Maxx" a little over 2 years ago from Mark and Cheryl of Idaho Hunting dogs. Maxx is probably the best investment that I have ever made. Over my many years,I have had some top notch hunting dogs to compare Maxx to, and I expect to see even greater things from him. It had been my experience that a hunting dog doesn't really come around until they reach the magic age of 2 years old. Maxx has been the exception to this rule. Maxx was pointing and retrieving birds at 5 months old, and he just keeps getting better.
Mark and Cheryl run a first rate kennel. What impressed me the most about them was that their dogs are part of their family (as are my dogs). Their dogs share their house with them (again, as do ours). This isn't just a business for Mark and Cheryl, it'a a passion that they truly love. When Mark and Cheryl visited Las Vegas, they came by our house to visit. I'm not sure if they came by to visit my wife and I or to visit Maxx. But it is so obvious that they truly love their dogs. Should I live long enough that I should ever have the need for another hunting dog, I will definitely get in touch with Mark and Cheryl and tell them that I want to keep with Maxx's blood line. Thanks to Mark and Cheryl for sharing Maxx with me.
Ken Johnson
Submitted by: Ryan Welch on Nov 13, 2009
I got my GSP from Cheryl & family 8 years ago at 11 weeks,and Gracie has been the best hunter and companion I could have asked for...Her second to none instincts made her a joy to train. Gracie's socialization as a pup paid big dividends as she is a very fair tempered, smart, and loveable dog. I would definitely recommend Idaho Hunting Dogs to anyone in the market for a first-rate hunting dog and/or a first-rate companion!
Submitted by: Aaron Buffardi on Nov 13, 2009
I have received a pup from IHD this past July. I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of the dogs, pups, the and facilities. The care and dedication to the breed as well as the breeding process that IHD exhibit exceeds all expectations I ever had as I entered the world of dog ownership and sorting thru potential breeders. I got pete home at 8 weeks, he was house trained for the most part, would come when called, and was set on a feeding/toilet schedule that just easily transferred over to my home. IHD understand the needs of this breed and provide you with all the necessary information and details to make the transition from their home to your home. When the time comes to bring another member into my pack, there is only one place I know I will go to for the highest quality of dog, and relationship with people who share the same passion for this breed of wonderful dogs.
Dr Aaron O Buffardi DPT
Submitted by: K. Knowles on May 20, 2009
Hi Cheryl,

Just thought I would let you know how the little boy did this weekend. I could not be any happier with his performance in the field. He did a wonderfull job of staying
at a reasonable distance, has a great nose andhad some very fine points. We hunted quail and between the two of us hunting we shot 30 birds in two days, most of which
were over Matty's points. He did a great job pointing entire coveys and single birds as well as the pheasant we ran into.

He also hunted with another dog and they worked very well together. I was surprised to see him actually back Charlie a couple of times and he didn't flush any of the
birds Charlie pointed. We still have a bit of work to do on his retrieves but he showed some good signs of retrieval after he followed Charlie on a retrieve. Sunday he
actually got in the brush and retrieved a bird we could have never gotten without him. Matty never broke and chased birds after his points and did a great job of
re-pointing a couple of singles after the covey flushed.

All in all I think we have a real stud on our hands here. It was a really special and neat experience to hunt with him and have him do so well on his seven-month birthday.
I have plenty of pictures of him and the birds and I will send copies as soon as I have them developed.

Cheryl, thank you so much for this great pup. He is all I could have expected in a young dog and he will be a wonderful hunting companion for a lot of years to come!

I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you soon.

K. Knowles
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Submitted by: M. Schmidt on May 20, 2009

Thought I would drop you a line about Cheyenne. We just got back from South Dakota Oct. 31, 2005 and wow did she do good but I'll start from the beginning. From day
1 she has been the best dog money can buy. House breaking and crate training were a breeze. She is VERY smart and catches on to everything easily. In the past few
months I've been taking her to a dog trainer off and on and have been working with her on the things she learned in between. Here's a quote from my dog trainer." I'm
not sure where you got this puppy from but HOLY COW do they know how to breed a dog". He is a full time trainer and always has 8-10 client dogs and says there's not
a dog that comes through his kennel like this and would put her up against 90% of all the dogs and she would show them up. When people around here talk about a steady
dog they consider a 3 minute point rock solid. About a month ago we put a bird out for her and she pointed over 30 minutes without as much as even a creep. And when
we flushed the bird and harvested it she retrieved like you wouldn't believe. All of this at 9 MONTHS OLD!!. We have even as much as taken our training birds and
dropped them at her feet and flew them between her nose and the pointed bird and she won't break!!!! She also is very strong at backing/honoring another dogs point. All
this came natural with no training at all. When we were in South Dakota we had 4 people hunting behind her and my other puppy and we had our limit every day (12 per
day) in less than 4 hours per day. That's hunting all public land too!!!! Cheyenne stuck probably 75% of all the birds we harvested and honored on all the points from the
other puppy. Not to mention retrieving every bird the other puppy didn't. She would go just wide open from the time you let her out into the field until you put her back
in the box. To say the least she is bird crazy. Then when you go from the field to home you get a completely different dog. You get in the house and she's super mellow
and lays by your feet. If you seen her in the house you would probably think this lazy dog couldn't hunt if she wanted to. I've had tons of compliments about how pretty
she is too. I actually have people that want to reserve puppies out of her first litter. I tell them it will be a year and a few months and they say they will gladly wait.
I tell a lot of people about your web site too. Thanks again for a puppy of this caliber.

M. Schmidt
Stratford, WI
Submitted by: V. Cruz on May 20, 2009
WE LOVE the Guinness! We cannot believe how great this dog is. Smart, obedient, and housebroken! I will send more photos as they come along. Hope all is well with
you and your family,
Boston, MA
Submitted by: Maureen & Rich on May 20, 2009
Hi Cheryl,

Maggie went to the vet yesterday. She did great! The vet said she was a perfect specimen of her breed. She is doing terrific. She weighs 8 1/2 lbs and will be going
for her second round of shots on Halloween. She is adjusting to her crate and allowing us to sleep now. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.
All the best,
Maureen & Rich
Ryan, Bekah and Will
Submitted by: F. Price. on May 20, 2009
Hello Cheryl!

Just wanted to drop you a line and some pictures of our wonderful pups! Sadie is absolutely wonderful. Extremely smart and obedient. She has all the basic commands
down pat, and we'll start table work with her in the next month or so. No aversion to water at all as she was going crazy trying to get in the hot tub with us last
night! We'll wait for a little warmer weather before taking her for a swim though. We took both dogs to a spot loaded with wild bird scent, and they both proved to
have exceptional noses. Mitzy saw her first pheasant last week while walking with Dick, and he said she was extremely excited about it. We're really looking forward
to working with these dogs on a hunt. Both dogs get to spend nearly every day together, and are great friends. They keep our 5yr old 130lb Rottweiler "Baron" busy all
day! As you can see in the pic's. they all get along extremely well. Sadie loves to stand up on Baron's back to get a better view of things. Anyway, hope all goes well at
your kennel, and if you ever need a reference in our area, feel free to use us.
Thanks again for 2 terrific pets!
Forrest & Suzanne Price
Lewiston, ID
Submitted by: S. Krenzke on May 20, 2009
Bandit just turned 6 months old and is a handsome, strong and athletic dog. German Shorthaired Pointers have such wonderful quirky personalities, they are cute, funny,
mischievous, energetic and athletic but still gentle and sweet. Bandit is a fine example of the breed, we are constantly asked about him, and he is praised for his
handsome looks. He gives us a huge amount of love and affection and my kids adore him. He totally understands what you want from him, and sometimes cooperates! His
tail never stops wagging, he is such a happy, cool dog!He plays really well with all the children that visit our house, and there are many! He is also very socialiable with
other dogs. On top of all that, at the end of the day, he will lie under your chair, or sit with his head in your lap to be stroked while he dozes ... the best of dogs ...
thanks so much!
S. Krenzke
Houston, TX
Submitted by: J. Lusch on May 20, 2009
Just thought I'd update you on Sophie. She is now in her third week of training. Andrew and I spent all day today (well actually every Saturday) watching her work, and
being trained ourselves. She is doing great, she is a much better student than some of the other dogs. Actually most of the other dogs are Labs, it's a California thing.
They train them for dual purpose i.e. upland game and waterfowl. I have to say some of them are very hard headed and need lots of correction. I on the other hand have
an upland dog that will work waterfowl. You should see her retrieve, makes no difference to her land or water. The best part about Sophie is that she needs minimal
correction, when training, she really is a quick learner. In just two more weeks I will be shooting birds over her, and I think in three more months I'll have a super gun
dog. After her training is concluded I'm thinking of entering her in some AKC hunt tests for pointing breeds. I really think she could work up to the master hunter
title without too much of a problem. To your credit everyone who has seen her work, points out that she is very well bred. Again thank you for a very wonderful pet and
hunting companion.
I'll keep you updated,
J. Lusch
Norwalk, CA
Submitted by: Eric J. on May 20, 2009
HI Cheryl,
Sorry it's take so long to let you know how Pearl is doing. I don't have pictures yet but (my brother has the camera) this last February, Pearl hunted around 110 quail
and 40 pheasants. Her nose is outstanding I hate to admit it but she's better at 14 months than my last GSP at 7 years. Thanks again!
E. Janssen
Submitted by: Bill Munholland on May 20, 2009
Dear Cheryl,
I wanted to contact you to let you know how well our GSP Grady is doing - from Molly's litter 2 years ago. She is absolutely awesome. She is a very close part of our
family in every way. For starters - she is gorgeous. It never ceases to amaze me how many compliments we get when we go anywhere as to what a beautiful dog she is.
Grady is petite under 50 pounds and has been a wonderful house dog. Her temperament is fabulous, our 7 and 8 year old roll around with her and play with her everyday
and she loves to play and can be very protective of our home. When taken into the field, she transforms from a house dog to a dutiful hunter, very obedient, tremendous
natural ability, great nose, great retriever and an energy level to hunt for 3-4 hours solid - and perhaps best of all she has a great personality. We take her
everywhere and she has made a wonderful addition to our family. We are looking forward to breeding her perhaps next year. Just wanted to give you an update.
B. Munholland
Submitted by: G. Rivera on May 20, 2009
Just wanted to give a shout out and let you know that Justice is doing very well as a Narcotic Detection dog. At 6 months old, she has about 8 month of training left
but she is already beating the certified detection dogs. Thanks again for breeding such wonderful pups. Please let me know when you intend to have another litter
because Justice has proven you a reliable and professional breeder.
Thanks again,
Geoff R.
Police Officer (Nevada)
Submitted by: Debbie Lorenzie on May 20, 2009
Hi Cheryl,
I just wanted to tell you that Heidi is doing very well. She has been retrieving doves. At first she watched the older dogs. And was a little hard mouth and didn't want to give the bird up. But over a few days that all changed. And she finds the bird and brings it right back to Cel. When they are hunting she is very involved. She watches everything that is around her. Next Sat. is chucker hunting so she will have a new bird to find. We believe she is going to be a excellent bird dog. And we love her. Last week we took them all camping so I got some nice pictures of her. So I'll send some soon ok. Hope all is fine with you and the family.
Take Care, and Thank you,
D. Lorenzie
Challis, ID.
Submitted by: Claudia Lanspery on May 20, 2009
Cheryl and Mark,
Thanks for all your quality care and effort - it really makes a person purchasing a dog feel good to know you and your husband are fine enthusiastic breeders.

Hope you enjoyed our Christmas photo of Angus at 7 months old. He's really beautiful. He's extremely intelligent and is a joy every day and loved like crazy by my husband and I and our three boys. He gets his leash from the kitchen counter where we keep it and brings it to us and sits down and if we don't get the message, he goes to the door with it.I tell him calmly, "no bark...quiet" and that if he continues to bark he will go in his crate. With that, he makes a little grumbling noise and stops barking. He picked out and carried away each of his five Christmas presents from everyone else presents under the tree. He spends quality quiet time on the couch every night with my husband and I for an hour or so before going to bed. When he's ready for bed, he quietly gets up and leaves
for his crate. He goes outside in our backyard and stands at the fence and barks every day to call his old yellow lab friend to come outside. The lab comes out and I guess Angus doesn't understand why his friend just stands there quietly and doesn't share his enthusiasm. If we don't come right away to let Angus back inside from the backyard, a few minutes later we routinely hear the back doorbell ring. The boys always say, "who's at the door," then end up asking, "'s just Angus?"Angus goes for many rides in the car, and sits patiently and waits for us while we go in a store for a minute. You both have socialized the puppies
so well that every time someone goes by the car, Angus wags his tail like he's found his lost pal. I recently read, by the way, that it's crucial at an early puppy age to have as much human bonding and closeness as possible in order to develop a happy adult dog that has had good early human trust and love experiences.

Angus is so affectionate and happy all the time. Never has he shown any anger or aggression. When I go occasionally to get the boys at the High School, one of my sons will ask to take Angus on his leash to show him off. My son says everyone loves our pointer, especially the girls. Then, four or five boys pack into our car, with Angus ending up on their laps spread out. He's been pointing since the first day we got him home from his plane ride. We've started taking him to some
large open fields soon, and we've been reading books on hunting training. He has an exuberance and excitement in the field that we don't see in him anywhere else. We're very sure its from his fine hereditary hunting lines from both his mother and father's side. We'll be sure in the future to take some hunting pictures and send them on to you. On lead, he heels by my side like a prince, with paws kicking as he prances like a show dog making his run. He will go into a
long sit-stay position and has the patience of a saint-dog until he gets the come command. Angus has been taught by my youngest son to shake. Whenever he deems it necessary to get something from him, he sits and automatically gives him his paw. He back talks regularly if he doesn't like something, and has some work to do on that!!I have some pumpkin Halloween pictures to send to you, but that will come later. Hope this gives you an idea of what this puppy's like. He's a character to say the least. If we ever get another dog, it will be from you all. Have a great, peaceful holiday,
C. Lanspery
Sandy Hook, CT
Submitted by: K. Knowles on Nov 01, 2007
Hi Cheryl,

Just thought I would let you know how the little boy did this weekend. I could not be any happier with his performance in the field.
He did a wonderfull job of staying at a reasonable distance, has a great nose and had some very fine points. We hunted quail and
between the two of us hunting we shot 30 birds in two days, most of which were over Matty's points. He did a great job pointing
entire coveys and single birds as well as the pheasant we ran into.

He also hunted with another dog and they worked very well together. I was surprised to see him actually back Charlie a couple of
times and he didn't flush any of the birds Charlie pointed. We still have a bit of work to do on his retrieves but he showed some
good signs of retrieval after he followed Charlie on a retrieve. Sunday he actually got in the brush and retrieved a bird we could
have never gotten without him. Matty never broke and chased birds after his points and did a great job of re-pointing a couple of
singles after the covey flushed.

All in all I think we have a real stud on our hands here. It was a really special and neat experience to hunt with him and have him do
so well on his seven-month birthday. I have plenty of pictures of him and the birds and I will send copies as soon as I have them

Cheryl, thank you so much for this great pup. He is all I could have expected in a young dog and he will be a wonderful hunting
companion for a lot of years to come!

I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you soon.

K. Knowles
Coeur d'Alene, ID

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