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Submitted by: Jake Degner on Dec 05, 2022
Picked Layla up in February. Family instantly fell in love. Now it’s December and she is a hunting machine. She has great natural hunting instincts. Holds point, retrieves in the cattails, and will hunt anything I put in front of her. No professional training, just took her out and she went to work. Also a great family dog. Loves to be next to you no matter where you are or what your doing. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks John
Submitted by: Mike Gobernatz on May 10, 2022
Great selection/purchase process and awesome dog. John was great to work with to ensure I got a dog i really wanted. I got a black & white male out of “Inga” & “Steamer”. Dog has great temperament with other animals and people. He has a perfect coat and healthy build. He is a natural in the field & can hunt all day long, 3 days straight. Last fall was his first season and he acted like a seasoned pro.
Submitted by: Ian Patterson on Jan 26, 2022
Picked up my first GWP and first pointing dog from John in June of 2019. Was used to hunting without a dog (terrible idea), had experience with obedience work, but never had trained a hunting dog. I told John about my initial doubts about getting my pup to point. John assured me that he will point. At 8 weeks old he was holding points for 2-3 minutes and retrieving anything in sight. He was a dream to train in the home and taught me more than I could ever teach him in the field. He is a retrieving machine and never leaves a bird in the field. The only time he doesn't listen in the field is when he knows there is a crippled bird running or hiding and I have given up on us finding it, I'll start walking to the car only to have him catch up to me with a live pheasant or quail in his mouth and him saying - "See, told ya I'd find it."
He naturally was backing points at 7 months old and retrieving ducks out of water in late December in Montana with snow on the ground at the same age. We live and hunt a majority in Kansas for quail, pheasant, and ducks and has been trained all on wild birds mainly on public land. By 2.5 years old he has pointed and retrieved Pheasant, Bobwhite Quail, Hungarian Partridge, Prairie Chickens, Cottontail rabbits, and Jack Rabbits. He has had hundreds of retrieves on ducks also. Planning to get a female GWP in the near future and I know who I'll be calling.
John's dogs HUNT!
Submitted by: Derek D Schmidt on Sep 27, 2021
My pup was only 10 months old when this hunting season started and he has been absolutely fenominal. I cannot believe the instincts this dog has. I have been working him in my back 40 acre field since I got him but haven't had to teach him anything. He has actually taught me more then anything. All I can say is wow.
Submitted by: Dylan on Aug 18, 2021
I picked up Jake in august of 2020. For being a first time dog owner and big into waterfowling and pheasant hunting I needed a dog that could go and go, day in and day out. I absolutely more than impressed with how my dog turned out. High energy and high prey drive. John was a fantastic guy to reach out to. Always kept in contact and made everything as easy as possible.
Submitted by: Vince Evelsizer on Jan 17, 2021
Our family got our first GWP from John in late May of 2019. A female we named Keala. She is now 1 year and 9 months old. This past Fall, she had 50 - 60 water retrieves on ducks and developed nicely on pheasants, trailing them and holding points well. One of the most well-mannered dogs I’ve ever seen with a very nice on-off switch - calm around the house, but strong prey drive! A great family dog too. John was great to work with in getting her as a pup.
Submitted by: Bobby Greene on Apr 03, 2020
First of all...John is top notch! We contacted him when we heard he had a litter on the ground and told him what we were looking for in a breeder dog. We wanted a long haired puppy with a gray beard and that is what we got! The fact that they also came from a good hunting stock was very important too. From the time we sent the deposit until the time we received our puppy. John would send us videos of the puppies so we could see them weekly as they grew. We couldn't have ask for a better puppy! Thanks John for everything!
Bobby Greene
Submitted by: Jack a sawvel on Dec 13, 2019
We got a little girl for John 18 years ago. After she went down, we got another. This girl is up and run bird dog, good with kids,house broke.If she could drive I would have it made. THANKS JOHN YOU HAVE GOOD DOGS!
Submitted by: Travis Simon family on Mar 03, 2019
We bought Lexi in January. This is our 2nd dog from John. We are very happy so far. She is great with our young kids and is very intelligent. We are excited to get her out hunting this Fall. Our last one had a great nose on her.
We would highly recommend John’s dogs and plan to get our next one from him in years to come.
Submitted by: Mike Burr on Nov 08, 2017
Submitted by: David Doehling on Oct 10, 2017
We have two of his dogs. The first is four years old and the second is 10 months old. Both are excellent hunters that just keep going. They are really good with the kids and family. When with family they are very loving and calm. We would recommend them to anyone as first class hunting Dogs and family pets.
Submitted by: Gene Miller on May 10, 2017
I am an avid bird hunter. I purchased my first German Wired Hair from John Scheer. I just recently bought my third wired hair from him. I have been very happy with the quality of these pointers. They are great hunters, quick learners, and great noses. It was fun receiving the weekly video's from John, watching their progress from just being born to feisty little pups. Am looking forward to working with our third pup.
Submitted by: Mark & Katie Rudolph on Mar 07, 2016
We purchased our first Wirehair from John over 11 years ago. Jaeger has been the best hunting partner my husband has ever had! His temperament is top notch, eager to please, hard working and all around great family member. We've never had health issues and at 11 he's still an amazing hunter. For this reason we just bought another from John in January, Magnus has been a fast learner.... With Jaeger's help, we are excited to see him grow into an equally great hunter. John is the BEST!!!! My favorite part of the whole process was the weekly videos of the puppies! We couldn't be more pleased!
Submitted by: Bob Kettner on Oct 15, 2015
Ike is only nine weeks old, but I'm impressed with his agility and responsiveness already, during daily walks in the woods. We flushed a Partridge one day and his nose immediately went to work. (Ike is my second GWP...just lost Otter at 16!)
John Scheer and his family run a top-notch kennel. I've visited several kennels, and his is the best, by far!!
Submitted by: Mark Lancaster on Aug 11, 2015
I purchased a male dog Feb 2014. My family has had GWPs since 1970. I couldn't be happier with my selection of High Island dog. Good coat, nice movement in the field. Good prey drive. Retrieves. Biddable. Just a fun dog to be around.
Scored 110/112 in NAVHDA Natural ability test.
Great dog Great kennel.
Submitted by: Jeb Hettich on May 17, 2015
Just an update from my original post about Gus, he is now 15 months old and we ran him in the NAVHDA natural ability test in Milaca,MN...he scored a prize 1 with 112/112 points perfect score. The judges absolutely loved him and could not say enough about his coat and how great of a looking dog he is. He found and retrieved more birds than any dog in the field! I could not be more happy with this breed and this bloodline.
Submitted by: Colleen SOLSTAD on Apr 11, 2015
We bought our puppy in October. This dog is the best . She is a great hunter and she's only seven months. Must be the sweetest dog we have ever owned. We love her and would highly recommend buying from any litter here.
Submitted by: Jeb Hettich on Dec 27, 2014
I bought Gus at 6 weeks out of the Ruger line and could not ask for a better hunting companion. He finds, points, and retrieves pheasants. Out standing waterfowl abilities as well, nose is spot on, easy to train, high intelligence. My dad purchased a female out of the steamer line, after seeing how hard Gus hunts. She is still a pup, but she is highly intelligent, observant, and wants to please the master. John could not be any better to work with. He is true to his word and any problems if any..he will address immediately. Highly recommend High Island Kennels, will purchase future dogs. Thanks John!
Submitted by: Lisa elms on Nov 14, 2014
We bought Addie in December 2012 from John. We took her to south Dakota the following October pheasant hunting and she did awesome her first time hunting, she pointed and retrieved like a veteran dog. My husband and my boys take her out water fowling and yet have to retrieve a bird themselves. She is also a wonderful family dog. We will be back for another soon!! Thank you John for the wonderful family friend you have given us! !
Submitted by: Ty & Laura / Eagan, MN on Sep 02, 2014
Our 9-yr old GWP (Jake)from the High Island line has been the BEST dog that we have ever had. We just recently introduced (Murphy) a new pup...and we are just amazed at his learning ability & his affection. John breeds his dogs for "biddability" which is the willingness and eagerness to please their master, hence the dogs super quick learning ability. We are constantly saying "WOW...can you believe what this dog can do". At just 4.5 months old, Murphy may challenge Jake for the BEST GWP yet. Thank-You Big-John, we have another "KEEPER" !!!
Submitted by: Marc Max on Jul 22, 2014
We purchased Sadie from John in December of 2013. At 5 1/2 months old she was pointing and retrieving birds with very minimal training. She loves the water and explodes off the dock after every dummy thrown. She has a sweet temperament and wants to please. Can't wait for this fall. She has a natural drive and desire that you only hope for when you buy a pup. I'd recommend High Island Wirehairs any time
Submitted by: James P on May 25, 2014
Been buying and hunting with wirehairs for over 45 years. Dog is smart, driven, and handsome as hell. You wont find a better nose with more excitement for hunting. Great investment. may post pictures at later time...

Submitted by: Mike Johnson on Oct 05, 2013
Duck Dog! One of the main reasons I bought a German Wirehaired Pointer was I like to hunt ducks as much as upland game. The pup I got from John, Elke, is as home by a pond as she is running on the prairie. At 11 months she retrieving intelligently use both her eyes and nose. When I send her on blind retrieves she will sometimes start with standing on her hind legs to visually survey the pond for the duck. Yesterday I dropped duck into 5 foot tall reeds and she found it on a blind retrieve. In 4 days of hunting she has retrieved 19 ducks and we have not lost a single bird. I could not be more happy with this pup!
Submitted by: Michael Johnson on Aug 19, 2013
In my last post I promised to let you know how the pup I got from John last December progressed in her training. I am happy to tell you that this past weekend I ran her in a NAVHDA natural ability test and she scored a perfect 112. When the head judge read her score he started with "And my favorite dog of the day...". For anyone not familiar with NAVHDA, the natural ability test scores dogs on cooperation, desire, search, point, tracking and willingness to swim.
Submitted by: Denis Stefanek on Jun 13, 2013
High Island Barry is joy. Barry is healty - strong - easy to train - will be excellent hunting dog (well still puppy at 8 months, but it is easy to say where is he heading to be). THANK YOU JOHN!!! I will likely get him lady from you soon. I will take him with me for the trip.
Submitted by: Domer Burk on Jan 17, 2013
In a world where no one tells the truth, especially when money is involved it was refreshing to meet John. Everything he said about my puppies came true. They are dogs now and I love both of them for thier hunting abilities, which are fantastic. But, both dogs live in my house with me and they shine. Fantastic instincts, great temperment, and a willingness to learn are what these dogs exhibit. Thankyou John.
Submitted by: Michael Johnson on Dec 09, 2012
Picked up the new pup yesterday! The entire experience has been great from my initial contact with John several weeks ago right through to the pickup. John is a willing and responsive communicator through the entire process. I told him what I was looking for in a pup and he was great about helping pick the right one for me.

As the pup's training progresses I will make some more posts about the dog's abilities. At this point I am feeling very good about having a top performing hunting dog and loyal pet.
Submitted by: Jonn and Holly Taylor on Jun 11, 2012
John was the best and the easiest to work with.We went out January of 2012. And we found the one we wanted. and brought her home about a week later. Lexi our GWP is the best we could ever ask for. We have decided we will be going back to john for our next puppy without a doubt. We highly recommend him. He is easy to work with, very friendly, and the puppies he breeds are the best i have ever seen.
Submitted by: Ricky on Feb 03, 2012
I know big John for 9 years. I compete with him in the past 4 years. My buddies and I had purchase 5 wirehaired pointer from big John. All the pups are doing great in the field. If you are looking for dog with great nose and lots of drive, tournament or field hunt, your search is over right at High Island Wirehairs Kennel. Big John's got great German Wirehaired Pointer. I still want to buy one more for my self but as right now I already got three, two american pointing labs and one german wirehaired pointer. I will looking forward to purchase one more from big John next couple years....
Submitted by: Kerby Kroells on Dec 19, 2011
I am on my 3rd wirehair from High Island kennels and I will tell you that if you are looking for a dog with a superior nose ,an excellent tempermant and a bird finding machine then try a puppy from there.

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