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Submitted by: Judy Moore on Jul 28, 2019
I purchased a female black lab 2 years ago. She has been an excellent dog... she learns fast, is well behaved and impresses everyone she meets. Finn is our 5th lab, and we have enjoyed her excitement and sweet temperament. She would be small to hunt geese, but would be fine for duck and dove. Our last lab was a Master Hunter and I feel this one would be smart enough to complete the training also.
Submitted by: Callie Nowak on May 01, 2017
I bought my dog from Hickory Nut Kennels in february. I've owned a few Labrador retrievers in the past, and this is by far the smartest and calmest of them all. He loves to play but he knows when to turn it off as well. I get compliments everywhere I go as to how beautiful and well behaved he is, especially at such a young age. Liz has been a tremendous help as well. I had asked her about potty training tips and she called me personally and talked to me about tips and tricks. I kid you not, less than a week after we talked and I implemented her tips my puppy was potty trained. I will definitely be back to buy another one from them and highly recommend them!!
Submitted by: Kevin Guthrie on Feb 23, 2017
We purchased two puppies from James and Liz within the last four years. Both of which were intended to be for the kids, but my wife and I enjoy them as much as they do. James is very knowledgeable and willing to help in any way throughout the training process. Their dogs are second to none! I would recommend that anyone who is interested in a quality dog for either the field, or as a pet contact Hickory Nut Kennels.
Submitted by: Kourtney/Will Radcliff on Jan 06, 2016
We got our dog from Hickory Nut Kennel at 6 weeks old. James and Liz breed excellent dogs. She was potty trained within 2 weeks. She is now 9 weeks old knows how to sit and stay, she is leashed trained, and is potty trained. Liz and James truly care about their dogs. It was evident when we picked our little Zoe up at the kennel. I recommend everyone to get their Labs from them.
Submitted by: Lily wilson on Dec 13, 2015
These are the best breeders ever! I love them so much I chose to go see them for my 10th birthday
Submitted by: Dan McDaniel on Dec 12, 2015
We saw James and Liz at Bass Pro Shop in Leeds in late 2014 and were very impressed with their dogs. We talked about getting a puppy for almost a year and then decided to have another look. About 3 weeks ago when James and Liz were at Bass Pro Shops again, we visited and came home with a beautiful black lab puppy. Walter is his name. He is very handsome and is extremely intelligent. He learned to let us know when he needed to go out almost the first day a little over 6 weeks old. He learned to ring a sleigh bell hung on the door to the backyard within a day of us putting it on the door.
Very pleased with this beautiful dog.
Submitted by: Kellie Graff on Sep 29, 2015
And I did it again. I loved my first Lab from Hickory Nut Kennels so much I went back for seconds. Just last weekend I brought home a bundle of yellow puppy love known as Gunnar. I am proud to call James and Liz my friends. They are wonderful people devoted to their Labs and the breed. Their Lab babies come from solid parents and James works hard to keep their lines pure and healthy. As for training - wow - the tips he has offered are world class. Training without harm or discomfort for the dog (or owner) is his forte. If I had room, I'd buy a chocolate and have a variety pack!
Submitted by: Kellie Graff on Aug 29, 2015
We had visited with Hickory Nut Kennel puppies almost every weekend at Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, AL for a year before we took the leap. My husband had always loved Labs. I was a German shepherd girl. I promised him we would get a Lab and we did - from Hickory Nut Kennels. My daughters and I went to their kennel located in Cullman, AL and were welcomed with open arms. We played with Lab puppies and Golden puppies as well as seeing the parents and witnessing their temperaments. James spent a couple of hours talking to us about British Labs and training. I was sold. We brought home the newest member of our family that afternoon - 4-month old Jaxsyn. He is a sparkling black bundle of fun and love. Six months later my husband passed away and I was so grateful for Jaxsyn during his illness. He never left my husband's side after he came home on hospice. After his passing Jaxsyn and I have been inseparable. He is not a trained gun dog but he is a certified emotional support dog and has given the quiet love and support I have needed. I would never dream of getting a Lab anywhere else. Jaxsyn is the calmest, coolest, and most devoted and loving companion I have ever had. If you are looking for a family companion to be your friend through thick and thin - Hickory Nut Kennels is the place to go.
Submitted by: Richard Ellis on Jul 02, 2015
I got my first lab from James about 15 years a go it was a trained yellow female named LIZ see was a great hunter and family dog. Since that time I have owned two other Lab,s from James. My 1 year old that I have now is doing great with his training and I believe he will be the best retriever I have owned. I believe his breeding program is producing better dogs than ever before.
Submitted by: Mike Norris on Apr 15, 2015
I have know James a long time no one has better labs than he dose!!! I got MoJo chocolate boy 1st and then a week later got yellow boy Jake and black boy Storm ,they all are unbelievable smart and easy going !!! James will help you with any problems you may have .😋😋😋😋😋 He's helped me more than I can tell everyone .
Submitted by: Daniel Morris on Dec 04, 2014
When looking for a puppy about 9 months ago I knew I wanted a lab but did not know much at all about them. After talking to James multiple times I decided I would take his word and give his a shot and man am I glad I did! I got a yellow lab that was 9 weeks old and he has been the best decision ever made. At 6 months old he was picking up doves in heavy cover and has already tracked and found 5 deer this year and can't wait to get him on some ducks! Plus he is the best house dog I have ever had. If you buy a dog from James he will do everything he can to help you, before and after you have purchased your dog, with anything from simple obedience to running in field trials. The yellow lab, Kemper, has been so great we bought a black Drake puppy today that is only 6 weeks old and his name is Sumter. I know he will be just as great as Kemper. I would recommend Hickory Nut Kennels to everyone, you won't be disappointed!
Submitted by: Richard Soohey on Mar 08, 2014
We purchased Annie, our chocolate lab, in December of 2013. She has had two training lessons with James and Liz which has added to her early development as a duck dog. They have been honest and have a great knowledge of training. Annie is a very intelligent, loving, and loyal dog. We want to thank James and Liz for being breeders that care. We would recommend Hickory Nut Kennels to anyone interested in purchasing a pup or for traing a dog.
Submitted by: anne white on Feb 07, 2014
In reference to the quality of my pup Jet.Im very happy with the Labs at the kennels and absolutely thrilled to find that after a few hours of contact Jet was responding already to his name and will come when called.He is now 6 months and I have been able to contact the James with any questions I have about his training.James was right about the gentle but eager to please attitude of his dogs they enjoy the company of people and very trainable.When visiting the kennels his dogs are happy and very loving,a good place to look for a loving adition to your family.Thanks James for Jet.
Submitted by: Anne White on Feb 07, 2014
Added info about JET he is a black British Lab,and is an amazing friend.
Submitted by: Donna Brooks on Jan 26, 2013
I purchased a pup from James in December from Moses and Daisy. I must say I have been around dogs my whole life and I have never had a dog quite like this one.... Her name is Shuggie. She is everything James said she would be plus some. She is the most docile dog I have ever owned very intelligent and eager to please. I would like to Thank James for his hard work.... It shows thru is animals... Thanks James.
Submitted by: Chad McGinty on Dec 12, 2012
Our beloved Kate came out of Moses and Jazzie in Feb 2011. She is the sweetest, gentlest dog our family has known. Everyone in town knows and loves Kate. James does a fantastic job with breeding his dogs and cares for each of them tremendously. I recommend Hickory Nut to everyone who asks about Kate...and they all do!
Submitted by: Keith Parvin on Dec 02, 2012
We bought our first Lab puppy from James out of Moses and Kelly. Big Black Male we named Silas. He is exactly what James said he would be. I am amazed at how he is responding. Very Intelligent and really good temperament. Can't wait to see what he will be as he matures. Thanks to James and Liz for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us. Obviously we highly recommend them!!!
Submitted by: Russell Sandlin on Sep 27, 2012
I purchased a 2 year old yellow Lab from Hickory Nut Kennels named Louie. I took him to my vet and she said he was very healthy and the perfect weight for a British Lab. I have taken him hunting twice and he minds very well. Can't wait for Duck season. James and his wife have been great to deal with. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends.
Submitted by: david zackie on Aug 22, 2012
we have a black britsh lab from H N C and he has been the very best of the three we owned.H N C is everyting they say.they have a great line of animals.we enjoy seing them at bass pro shops and showing off ALBERT our lab.we get nothing but positive feed backs on our lab!! and how he looks!
Submitted by: Joe and Carrisa Allen on Aug 02, 2012
We purchased a 6 week old black female lab puppy "Sadie" that was from Moses and Sandee. She is now 5 months old and is the best dog we have ever owned. She is very intelligent, lives to retrieve (also retrieves in water), and is very friendly. She quickly responded to training commands with very little effort. I can count on one hand the number of times we have heard her bark...she just does not bark! We love her so much that we just put money down on a chocolate lab puppy that will be ready mid-October. I talked to James several times while trying to make a decision on what breed to get as a companion to our Sadie. He and his wife are great breeders and take great care of their animals. I can't wait to pick up our new doghter in October! If you are thinking of getting a dog, definitely consider Hickory Nut will not be disappointed!
Submitted by: Ethan Bennett on Jul 28, 2012
Hickory Nut Kennels has some of the best dogs I have ever seen and worked with. I bought a yellow lab that was 10 months old and i was very impressed with the way james will help you with the training for free if you buy a dog from him. My yellow lab turned out great and i went back and bought a 13 week old chocolate female and she is doing good also.
Submitted by: Scott on Jun 03, 2012
I recently purchased a chocolate male out of the Moses & Sandee breeding from HNK. Twig has been easy to train so far, exhibits high intelligence, and lives to retrieve. One of the best aspects of HNK, is James Waldrop's willingness to take a call & answer any questions after the purchase of your pup. He seems genuinely interested in the success of the dog. After working on some basic obedience & retrieving, I've elected to send the pup to school for some professional gundog training with James, & look forward to the results.
Submitted by: Bill on May 08, 2012
I have purchased two British Labs from Hickory Nut Kennels. The first one was a male who is almost 100 lbs. Great hunter and companion dog. Loves kids and very docile.
The second one is also a great retriever and very smart. Both dogs respond well to praise training, great family dogs. I have recommended Hickory Nut Kennels to several friends who have also had good experiences with them.
What I like most about this breeder is you can call him anytime for advice or suggestions. I bought the first dog over 5 years ago and he remembered me and my dogs name.
Submitted by: Brian Owens on Apr 07, 2012
I first purchased a yellow lab puppy out of Digger and Jazzie from HNK in October 2010. James and Liz were great people to do business with, and James helped me with training my duck dog. Nelli is now 18 months old, and she has turned out to be a great duck dog. She is a natural retriever and loves to be in the boat or blind. All of James's dogs have a great temperament and are some of the best trained.

I have recently purchased my second puppy from HNK. She is a black lab out of Moses and Sandee. James takes care of dew claws, early vaccinations, and microchipping. I am looking forward to training my new puppy along with James's professional training services.

I would highly recommend HNK to anyone seeking a great gun dog.
Submitted by: Dennis Hall on Apr 05, 2012
I have enjoyed my black british male lab from hickory nut kennels. they're very loyal dogs to there master, excellant with kids not agressive to strangers. contact james you will enjoy yours.james will assit you in training your dog or he will train it for you. if you want a gun dog or just a campanion. give james a call.

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