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Submitted by: Cara Nighswander on Dec 01, 2016
After the devastating loss of our 7 year old Black Lab in January, we surely had reservations of any dog with the ability (or capability) to ever replace him. We wasn't sure if we even wanted to at the time, as it was such a heartbreaking event in our lives.
Months after the mourning his loss, fate allowed us the opportunity to be matched with Jean. She is truly a compassionate and humble person.
I truly feel that her purpose in this life are her dogs.
All the way from Northwest Ohio, we made the trip to Southern Georgia pick up our pup. Jean couldn't have picked a better puppy suited for our family.
Scout is truly a blessing. She is a beautiful Black Lab, her coat is so rich looking. Her face is simply adorable. She was a "well started" puppy. She knew many commands not even being 2 months old. Truly impressive. Her personality and demeanor is unmatched. She is (simply put) a great dog.
Thank you, Jean, for your guidance and matching us with the perfect puppy. Although no dog will ever replace our previous Black Lab, she came to us at the right moment in our lives.
I would highly recommend Jean O'Connor. She's an honest breeder, she knows Labs, and it certainly shows. Scout is a definite reflection upon this.

Scott and Cara Nighswander (Waterville, Ohio)
Submitted by: Delia on Jul 13, 2016
Our pup Hemingway is just about 11 weeks now. We got him from Jean at Hat Creek when he was 8 weeks old and he is such a special guy! He is so in tune with everything going on, extremely brave, beautiful, and crazy smart! He is the perfect addition to our pack. We are so thankful for Jean and the loving care she gives the pups that come from Hat Creek.
Submitted by: Bill Piper on Jul 13, 2016
I have had labs for 35+ years. My last lab passed this past Dec. Since then, we have researched dozens and dozens of breeders and thoroughly vetted each one. Of all the ones we contacted, Jean O'Conner at Hat Creek Kennels impressed us the most. We got our 1st black lab puppy, Kimber, from Jean 4 weeks ago. At age 11 weeks, he already retrieves his retrieving decoy on land & water. He sits, comes when I whistle and retrieves the morning paper at a dead run nearly 50 yds. up a steep driveway. His personality is the BEST. He is smart and high energy with a GREAT temperament. It is very evident that Jean worked with him as a puppy and also ensured he was well socialized. She knows what she is doing and is a most impressive breeder. She also is a lot of fun to work with. She consistently furnished us new puppy pictures and videos nearly every day since our Kimber was born. We like Jean so much we have given her a down payment on a 2nd lab puppy! Our recommendation couldn't be higher.
Submitted by: Daniel Black on Jul 14, 2014
Our beautiful lab is now just coming up to 5 months old. We purchased him from Jean at Hat Creek Farm when he was 6 weeks old. As soon as we met our puppy we knew we had chosen the right breeder. He immediately walked up to us, seemed curious, brave and well looked after.
Now he is doing very well with training, is incredibly brave, loves swimming and is very sociable with all animals and people he has met.
Thank you Jean for giving our puppy the best start.
Daniel and Rosanna Black.
Submitted by: Courtney on Feb 28, 2014
Jean is a very special person. After losing my yellow lab of 12 years last year I was hopeful I would be able to find a puppy from the Yukon lineage to honor her. I called Jean and discovered she was expecting a litter in a few months. Bear is a wonderful companion, incredibly sweet and so smart. Because he was so special and Jean is such a professional, caring breeder, I ended up with a second Yukon puppy about 7 months later. I now have two of Jean's yellow labs and I couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a breeder who takes pride in raising litters, I would highly recommend Jean. The puppies are A+ with regard to health, disposition and intelligence. If I could manage 3 puppies I would get another! Thank you Jean.
Submitted by: lainey lortz on Feb 25, 2014
Chuck Tash a breeder and trainer from Florence Alabama recommended me to Jean several months after we had lost our 9 year old Lab. We had several conversations and decided to put our name in for a female due in Oct. 2013. I visited Jean and met Evie the mother in late September and was very impressed with her Farm and set up,especially impressed with the beautiful dogs she had in the kennel and how she interacted with them all. It was a special meeting for me. I explained we wanted a house dog but one who would go hunting with my husband as well. Hattie is 41/2 months now and has been a wonderful companion and instant friend to all. She is very very smart, loving and eager to please us. She has learned commands quickly. Jean's sense of showing love and care for her Puppies is amazing. We are so pleased we chose our Hattie from her. We look forward to many more fun and rewarding times with her.
Submitted by: Brent Collier on Oct 30, 2013
Having known Jean personally for many years and spending time with her and her dogs, I can say that one would have a difficult time locating a more knowledgeable breeder who genuinely cares about the breed and works to that as her motive out of love for the animals. Absolute top notch breeder who cuts no corners.

Brent Collier
Submitted by: Rob Clouse on Sep 18, 2013
We are so happy we found Jean & Hat Creek Farms! Jean's passion for breeding quality pups is second to none.
We feel blessed to have found the addition to our family at Hat Creek Farms. Our dog, Pippa, has proven time and again that breed and lineage has such a huge impact on trainability and inherited traits. We fell in love with here momma, Bella, and her pup seems to have the same traits and temperament.
Very lovable, great with the kids, learns quickly.
I anticipate getting another pup in a couple years, and we will definitely be going back to Jean.
Submitted by: Chris J on Sep 04, 2013
Got a pup from Hatcreek last October. Looked around different breeders before I found Hatcreek. Jean knows her labs. Got a pup and it is a gundog program. Delta can be a serious duck hunter and then at the end of the day can a great family dog. The kids love her! You won't go wrong with Hatcreek . Chris J. Gray, Ga
Submitted by: Bill Searcy on Aug 29, 2013
Jean operates a first class breeding program and I would recommend her kennels to anyone that is searching for a pup.
Submitted by: David Brown on Jul 13, 2013
Charlie was a gift to my wife for graduation present. I’m a nut for doing research before I make any investment, especially when it involves a long term commitment. Terry and I were looking for an American Field Lab. We looked on the internet for several months and found a lot of breeders that claimed they had the American Field Lab and to my surprise the majority of them had a cross between the English and the American Field Lab. Terry came across Hat Creek Farms and I did my research and Jean had the quality of American Field Lab we were looking for. After talking to Jean we knew are search was over. Charlie was born March 4, 2013. Having a good temperament, and just being part of the family was very important to us. It was just a bonus that they were also bread for hunting and being used in search and rescue. This takes a very special blood line to be able to do that -I know because I have several hunting dogs. Charlie is a female Yellow American Field Lab, from day one she has been crate trained, and at 12 weeks we had her trained to sit, lay down, stay, and not pulling on a leash. She is very close to being able to walk by me off leash. When we feed her next to our other lab (Hunter) I give them a wait command and get them to stay before they eat. I also give her a wait command before she comes out of her crate. It takes a very intelligent dog to do that and at such an early age! Her ability to retrieve is unbelievable, and what a nose she has! I’m starting to train her for hunting. Our vet even mentioned she sees a lot of labs and how intelligent Charlie is. I think she understands the English language. I know from raising puppies the personal care you give them is unbelievable and it makes them very special. I will keep a long term relationship with Hat Creek Farm and we love the bread so much we are going to keep the Yukon’s blood line going. I will be purchasing a male from Jean in the future. Sorry for being long winded but Charlie is worth it.

May Jean be blessed and Hat Creek Farm!

David & Terry Brown
Covington GA
Submitted by: Ron Brainard on Jul 06, 2013
My name is Ron and I am a K9 Officer with our Sheriff's Department. I have trained and handled dogs since 2001. I came across Ms Jean when I went looking for a Lab to train up as my partner. The first time I talked with Ms Jean I knew I had found someone with the knowledge, training, and experience to breed and select dogs. She showed me Lily and she had drive that was out of this world and I knew immediately she would become a great Narcotics Detector Dog. And she did. We worked Criminal Interdiction on our interstate and Lilly bagged many a criminal. I was promoted off the street, but wanted Lilly to continue her law enforcement career. She is now a proud member of the Perry Police Department and excels at her job. The temperament and drive is second to none. Ms Jean knows what dogs are going to make great "family friends" and which are going to make great service dogs. Thanks Ms Jean. I was going to post a photo of Lilly's first hit which netted us a pound of marijuana, but I don't see where you post a photo ... sorry.
Submitted by: Eric on Jul 03, 2013
I picked up my puppy (Jackson) from Jean in April. After talking to many breeders in my search process, I knew once I talked with Jean I wanted one of her dogs. From March to April she provided me with pictures and updates many days each week. It was great to see him grow and get the updates on how he was doing. From the moment I brought Jackson home he never stops impressing me! He is extremely smart, picks up things VERY quickly and is great with dogs, adults and small children. He has been doing great in his puppy class and with his clicker training. Last week I was struggling to put his walking harness on, he kept wanting to chew it. I then remembered he knows the "leave it" command (which I taught him during his clicker training work). I told him "leave it" and he stood perfectly still and let me strap the harness on him! I couldn't recommend Jean and Hat Creek enough.
Submitted by: Cristina Lamar on Mar 03, 2013
We currently have a 5 month old yellow female lab, purchased in October 2012. Our little Rio is the best decision my husband and I have made since being married! My dad has raised and trained quality labradors my entire life , and he pointed me in Jean's direction and I have never looked back. Rio has had one of her first training sessions with a professional trainer up here in kentucky and he couldn't say enough positive things about how impressed he was with Rio. Everywhere we go everyone comments on how she is the most beautiful lab they have ever seen! We are proud parents. I would recommend Jean's quality bred labradors to everyone, we will certainly be looking her way for our second labrador!!
Submitted by: Stephen W Kendall on Feb 24, 2013
I have known Jean O'Connor for 12 plus years and have referred numerous folks to her for puppies for many reasons. Jean has established an outstanding line of Labrador Retrievers over the year by breeding into select dogs that have hunt test and field trial & health credentials, dogs capable of winning in the field but also an excellent hunting companion for the gentleman hunter and his/her family as a pet. Her pups are well balanced in temperment and confirmation that is pleasing to the eye. I strongly recommend her as a quality breeder of labrador Retrievers.
Submitted by: Dot Roeder on Oct 21, 2011
I purchased a 7 week old yellow lab puppy from Hatcreek Farm last June,2011 and saw from the first moment signs of extreme intelligence. Since then those signs have turned into fullblown billboards! Not only is "Dory" a dog "genius" but a sweet and beautiful companion as well. She loves and gets along with all other dogs, my cats, children, and adults (some who don't like dogs even like Dory). Now at six months, she has added so much to my family's enjoyment! She highly entertains us and loves us unconditionally. I highly recommend Hatcreek Farm if you are looking for a lab! Ms. Jean does an outstanding job raising her dogs, and I don't think anyone would be unhappy with one of her pups! I don't know how she managed to house train such a young dog, but she did! At seven weeks, Dory came to us housebroken! And that was just one of her wonderful traits! If I ever get another lab, I will not consider going anywhere else but to Hatcreet Farm!
Submitted by: William Funk on Jan 27, 2011

I bought a pup from Jean three years ago and named him Jed---sorta reminded me of Jed Clampet
of long ago.
He has been a real excitment in my life, from eating part of the house to becoming an excellent hunter and best friend.
Jean recently borrowed Jed to breed two of her other females. I understand the owners of the resulting pups are equaiiy pleased.
My trainer, Chuck Tash in Alabama, said he was the smartest Lab he has ever worked with. He later purchased a pup from Jean for his own.
I don`t know how Jean teams pup with owner or owner with pup' but Chuck is as tickled as I am.
I have no problem recommending Hat Creek Farm pups to anyone interested in a great dog and friend.
Submitted by: The Bentons on Jan 21, 2011
Ms. Jean is a great reputable breeder that produces high quality, beautiful labs. She kept us informed from the day our new pup was born until the day we picked him up on 12-31-10. "Ruger", our new yellow lab is now 9 weeks old. He was from Jed and Bella liter. He is very smart and very sociable. He is already retreiving on command and was crate trained within a week. He will go for advanced obedience and hunting training at 6 months. Look forward to the results from this smart lab. Thank you Ms. Jean for a great addition to our family.
Submitted by: Deborah English on Jan 12, 2011
We drove to GA New Year's Eve Day to pick-up 'Scout' BLK female pup from Bella/Jed.
AKA - Lil' Miss Spitfire. She is smart, quick, & sweet. Our 5yoa Y/M 'Jake' is still warming up to her...we'll get there. You must talk to MS Jean O'Connor if your're looking for a good Lab pup. She knows her stuff. We've always had Labs as family pets....Scout is by far the smartest.
We will attend Basic Obedience Class in Feb.2011.
She points, stalks Jake, throws her nose in the know it's in there. Time + training...possibilities are endless. Good breeding. Listen to Jean O'Connor, she won't steer you wrong. She loves what she does and it shows. We are so happy with our Hat Creek Farm Lab pup 'Scout.' Thank you Jean O'Connor.
Georgia - peaches, pecans, and Hat Creek Farm Lab puppies! The best!

Wayne & Deborah English
Submitted by: Carlos Diez Arguelles on Jan 03, 2011
After deciding that our family; mainly my son, was ready for a dog, we began our search for a good lab. We exhausted our search in Florida, we live in beautiful and sunny Miami Fl, we came across Jean O'Connor and Hat Creek Farm. Immediately upon speaking with her over the phone, I knew where the new member of our family would come from.

We recently picked up Golfo, Jed and Bella's beautiful little black lab pup. My son instantly took to his new buddy, and we are extremely happy. Throughout the entire process, Jean was available for questions, information, and kept us up-to-date via email with pictures and everything. Working with Golfo has been lots of fun so far.

I recommend hat creek to anyone looking for an excellent lab!!
Submitted by: Nikki Green on Jan 02, 2011
We recently purchased a puppy from Hat Creek and we could not be happier. Jean was great about keeping us posted on the progress of the puppies with accompanying photos so we were able to watch them grow. Our puppy is a beautiful black female from the Daisy and Jed litter, she is 8 weeks and already curious about my husbands guns and decoys. (We found her sleeping on the rifle case). She is very intelligent and great with our three small children. Molly is an absolute joy to watch and very entertaining. Our experience with Hat Creek as a whole was outstanding and we look forward to our next experience with them.
Submitted by: Steve and Claudine Miller on Jan 02, 2011
We picked up our yellow lab, Gracie just before Christmas and could not be happier. She is a beautiful pup, clearly had excellent care and very social already with our 10 year old black lab and every one she comes in contact with, kids and adults. We were concerned about our 9 hour drive home to south Florida, but no problem. She has had one accident in her dog room and figured out the dog door the second day, we marvel at how smart she is. Jean was a pleasure to work with including sending pictures of the litter until we could pick her up. We look forward to the possibility of referring others to Jean.
Submitted by: Taylor Lee on Jan 02, 2011
While deployed overseas I began my search for a new lab pup. I found Jean's website and sent a quick email, which she promptly responded. Her quick response was nice considering I was having a hard time getting responses from the other breeders I had attempted to contact. After the pups were born, she sent weekly updates and pictures. Just before Christmas I was able to pick up my Black Lab male named Lambeau and he is now a part of the family. If your looking for a good hunting partner or just a family dog, give Jean a call.

Taylor Lee
Huntsville, AL
Submitted by: Debbie Chilcoat on Sep 16, 2010
We had a yellow lab for 16 years, and when we lost her we didn't think we could ever replace her. She was an excellent retriever, obedient and great temperament. It took us about a year before we decided it was time to try and replace our old buddy.

We had known Jean personally for many years. So when we finally decided to start looking for a Lab, the first person we thought of was Jean. We knew she was honest and bred excellent lab puppies. We knew she would do her best to find a replacement as close to the type lab we had before. We wanted a female like our old dog but all she had were males available when we called. She socializes the puppies very early and she told us I have a male that would be perfect for you and Debbie.

She was right. Buckshot is 3 years old now, perfect confirmation, muscled up 83 pounds(no fat),excellent retriever, easily traianed, and just as she had told us his temperament has been as good as our old female. We have alot of duck hunters when they see Buckshot they want to know where did you get such a great dog......Hat Creek Farm!!!!!
Ron and Debbie Chilcoat
Broken C Ranch
Grapeland, Texas
Submitted by: Brendan Tucker on Sep 09, 2010
After having to put down my Australian Shepard/Blue heeler of 12 years named Cosmo, getting Boomer really helped. He is a remarkable dog. One of the steadiest retrievers I have ever seen, he positively will not break and has a strong drive, never gives up on a tough retrieve. I never had to use a check cord or shock collar on him, he’s eager to please and takes to learning quickly. I have to work on his finish to hand at the end of a retrieve a bit but he is young and we have time. We recently dogsat for a friend who has a 4 year old black Lab who hasn’t had much training. The difference was incredible when watching and working with a 9 month old Lab and the 4 year old side by side. He positively outperformed her in every aspect of obedience and temperament. He has also taken to taking a cast with ease and trusts me to point him in the right direction when retrieving. Great performer, his championship stock definitely shows through. If I ever get around to field trials I’ll be sure to let you know the results. I could probably get him JH certified today.
Submitted by: Jacque Whidden on Sep 08, 2010
I have known Jean for many years. Her time and dedication to her labs has been a great foundation of which she has built on that has produced the wonderful family of dogs that she has today. Jean is truly a student of her breed and it shows.
Submitted by: Chad Hatfield on Mar 06, 2010
My wife and I bought a female yellow lab in the summer of 2008. We wanted a dog that would be a field do as well as a good house dog. Bella could not have been better. Every morning we go to the lake and work on retrieving, she has been train for field trial work, though she is a lover when not in the field. She has brought a great deal of joy to our lives. I would recommend Jean as she breeds very good looking dogs and very smart. You will not go wrong with one of her dogs.
Submitted by: Debbie McNamara on Feb 10, 2010
I would recommend Hat Creek Retrievers to anyone who is seeking a well mannered, easy going lab. We are very happy with our lab who is now one and half years old. Maverick is beautiful, smart, and very easy going. Most of all, he is an extremely loving dog who has become part of our family.
Submitted by: Ken Jackson on Feb 01, 2010
We bought our first Lab from Jean in April of 2008. We had requested that Jean help identify a dog that would be an excellent pet as well as a retriever. Wow did she deliver. Our Sam has a great disposition, she is a great friend and has an unbelievable desire to retrieve. You will wear out before Sam will. She loves the water and is just everything you could ever want as a dog owner. Jean definitely knows what she is doing and gives great advice to her customers.
Submitted by: Kelly Rodgers on Jan 26, 2010
This is one of "the best dogs I have ever owned". That is what my husband said about our Yellow Lab from Hat Creek Farms. I wanted to surprise my husband for father's day with a yellow lab. After recommendations from our vet as well as others, I contacted Ms. OConnor. I told her exactly what we were looking for in a dog and she listened b/c she truly gave us the perfect dog. At first I was uncomfortable at not being able to come pick my own dog out of the litter but I must say that Ms OConner knew exactly what we wanted b/c I could not have come and made a better pick myself. I would trust her completely with not only picking a dog for me again, but the overall health of the puppy when you get it, as well as the wonderful temperament of the dog. I have seen her home and where these dogs begin their lives. It is clean, the dogs are well taken care of and loved and they have plenty of space to run and play. You can tell our dog was not only "taken care of" as a new puppy but also truly loved, b/c of the way she loved us from the first day we got her. We continue to be impressed with our dog's intelligence and affection for us. I would recommend Jean O'Connor and Hat Creek Farms to anyone, anywhere!
Submitted by: Gloria Colter on Jan 26, 2010
Although I have not bought a dog from Jean O'Connor, I can vouch for her integrity and excellence in breeding her dogs. I boarded her horses for a few years and found her to be very caring and sensitive in the way she treats all her animals. I have watched her grow in her faith and also in her ability to breed and train a really super puppy. Why not give her a call the next time you need a dog? You'll be glad you did.
Submitted by: Donna Osborne on Jan 24, 2010
I have known Jean for more than 15 years and she is a quality dog breeder. She knows the value of good genetics and breeds for the best in her dogs.
Temperment,intellience,good health, trainability
hunting instinct and last but not least good looks. She has run her dogs in field trials and knows how important genetics are in order to compete. These qualities make your dog
a great pet as well as a hunting dog. This dog will be the best at what you desire him or her to be. I have a great little dog now from her breeding. Jean loves this sport and this breed. She is driven to be a terrific breeder.
Donna and Gene Osborne
Marble hill GA
Submitted by: Robert Greene on Jan 24, 2010
Jacque and I want to express our total satisfaction with our experience with Jean @ Hat Creek Farm. Our new family member, Ellie May, is a true joy to have in our home. I would recommend her without hesitation. If every breeder was like Jean, it would be a better world.
Submitted by: Margaret Wilde on Jan 21, 2010
Jean O'Connor has the most adorable pups I have ever witnessed. I have an eighteen month old male who has won three Rally Obedience titles and is now doing agility trials. He is smarter than Einstein, and more lovable than any dog I've ever had. Just a great companion. Jean keeps her pups in a great environment, no cages, just cute little pens for each litter. They run and play and she is extremely attentive to the little ones. Very clean and happy environment. I highly recommend Hatcreek to anyone looking for a great lab!
Submitted by: Patrick Craig on Jan 21, 2010
I purchased Drake from Jean in 2004. He is well mannered in the field or in the house. Very smart, and is great with other dogs and kids as well. The time and effort Jean puts into her dogs shows when you bring the dog home and it becomes part of your family. Thank you for all you have done Jean.

Patrick Craig
Braselton, GA

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