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Submitted by: Denny and Kay Hamilton on Jan 06, 2012
We have had Weims for 15 years. We have personally had 3 weims that were from litters that we have produced. So we are a Weim family. Three of our children have our weims and we hunt them regularly. We had an unfortunate experience of loosing 2 of our wiem family suddenly. We decided to look for another breeder to obtain our new pup from. My husband did lots of research and we even had a deposit at another kennel. We had a specific list of needs from our new weim. When he found Todd and Julia and the Graysong kennel and we went to visit he cancelled our place held at the other kennel. We cannot say enough good things about Todd and Julia and their dogs. They throughly researched us as we did them. And being breeders in the past, we welcomed this. We all want our pups to go to great homes. We were honored to be selected as an owner of one of their pups. Denny is now working hard with Trek in conformation classes. We were hunters and not show people but now we are learning that with our "Graysong's Dusty Upland Trek" or Trek as we call him. There is not a better personality or nose than our Trek. Denny and Trek are joined at the hip. He is so gentle with our grandchildren and also the kids he meets at Lowe's! Such gentle kisses he gives and he is a nuker. We love watching him suck his toys! He is beautiful, regal and sits and stands with such regal pride. There is no one that does not comment on how beautiful he is when they come upon him. We cannot thank Todd and Julia enough for their diligence in their breeding process. Their puppies are wonderful and you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Jeff Holly on Aug 09, 2011
My wife, Kyle and I are the fortunate owners of 2 amazing Graysong Weimaraners (Gunner and Dutch). I was looking to get back into bird hunting and Kyle discovered Todd and Julia's kennel. Gunner became part of household in July of 2007. I had never owned a pointer before, so our field training sessions were for the both of us, but Gunner made training fun and a pleasure, always wanting to please me. Gunner's beauty and style in the field at hunt tests was all it took to get Kyle to take up hunting. After one season of hunting, Kyle thought it would be nice to have her own dog to hunt behind. So when Todd and Julia did a breeding with Westend's Lil Sage Rider, we knew we had to have one of the pups. Dutch became our second Graysong dog in June 2010. With little training before his first season in the field, his natural instinct and drive was truly amazing at 6 months of age. His instinct to honor Gunner was automatic. Dutch's solid pointing also made it easy for Gunner to pick up honoring in a few short sessions during yard training. Their personality and temperment are a joy to be around. Todd and Julia are truly breeding family and field companions
Submitted by: Eric Krieghoff on Aug 09, 2011
Julia and Todd are simply the best! We met them at a dog show last summer and decided to get a weimaraner puppy. We took Ivy home back in January and the rest is history! She is the best dog - extremely smart, great temperment and very affectionate. Thanks Julia and Todd!
Submitted by: Megan Kelm on Aug 07, 2011
Where do I begin about the knowledge, dedication and love Julia and Todd have for the Weimaraner breed and the companionship they have for their own dogs and the puppies. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be selected to have one of their puppies and I cannot be more proud. We are the owner of a beautiful Weim and have had nothing but fun, happy memories so far...that will be sure to last a lifetime! It very warming to know that there are wonderful people like Julia and Todd that give so much to carry on this wonderful breed! Thank you Julia and Todd!
Submitted by: Mary Miserak on Aug 06, 2011
I have been friends with Julia & Todd over the years. As a breeder of Labrador Retrievers, for many years, I believe that Graysong Weimaraners represent this breed from all angles. Not only do the dogs do well in the show ring, they also do what they bred for, hunting! I honestly cannot say enough good things about Julia & Todd and their many fine Weimaraners, keep up the great work!
Submitted by: Chip & Debby Way on Aug 06, 2011
We visited Todd and Julia at Graysong last summer to see the litters and learn more about the breed. Our visit lasted almost 3 hours and we left feeling like one of the family. Their kennel was very impressive. The care and love that they have for this breed is so evident. We surprised our kids with a new puppy a few weeks later and we could not be happier. Rallee is a beautiful loving soul. She is calm and wonderful to train. She has completed the first round of upland training and will be out in the field with us this fall. We are proud to be part of the Graysong family and look forward to many years of fun with Rallee.
Submitted by: Matthew Goetzinger on Aug 05, 2011
Julia and Todd's passion for their dogs is obvious from the first second you meet them. We recently received our first Weimaraner puppy from Graysong. She is absolutely wonderful. Great tempermant, beautiful dog. We couldn't be more happy with the overall experience.
Submitted by: Phil Burke on Aug 05, 2011
This is our second weimaraner bitch and Tyke is a fantastic dog, with great temperament,classic Weim 'personality' and gentle around our young family.
She has rapidly become part of the family here in Minnesota and a very close friend and companion of mine.
Graysong are very particular to whom they sell there bloodlines, as future weim owners need to be aware of the commitment there making and that a weim is more than just a dog or just a pet. Its an addition to the family and a lifelong friend.

Strongly recommend Julia and Todd's progeny and keep up the great work AND STAY SELECTIVE!!. Thank You, Phil
Submitted by: Stephen E. Johnson on Aug 04, 2011
Graysong Kennels is a reliable and professional source of dogs with the spirit and legendary hunting skills historically credited to Weimaraners.

We have been fortunate to have two wonderful Weimaraners from Graysong Kennels. These dogs, both females, have been keen of nose; bid-able, and a joy in the field. They have an impressive sense of situation, easily transitioning from field to household and from weekends in the country to living Monday to Friday in one of Virginia’s largest and bustling cities, Old Town Alexandria. As a result, our dogs from Graysong Kennels are easy to keep in our home, in the field and on the road.

Julia and Todd Schulz, the owners of Graysong Kennels, are astonishingly generous of their time, taking great care to match puppy to family. The kennel area is kept immaculately clean. Puppies are whelped in their own area with immediate access to the outdoors. This arrangement allows Graysong puppies to learn their house keeping skills early; our Graysong puppy was already conditioned to eliminating outdoors which made our house training a simple task.

Julia and Todd spend considerable time with each puppy, each day, so these easy to house train puppies are also well socialized beginning with their first day. Our puppy, Graysong Kennel’s Gundog Gerde, was confident in the car and with us from the moment of our departure. She maintained her poise while alternately living in the busy city of Old Town Alexandria and in the Virginia countryside--which she boldly explored while still so small that hawks and owls were a concern. We feel the careful breeding and warmth of Graysong Kennels, both physical and mental, combined with the extraordinary care Julia and Todd take to socialize each puppy were the keys to Gerde’s success.

Our two Graysong dogs are impressive in the field. Heidi is magnificent; an unbelievable nose, steady point and a powerful and determined retrieve that astonishes every hunter of wild South Dakota wild pheasants we meet. Gerde, at 8 months, is steady to gun, wing and fall. Both dogs swim with great enthusiasm in fresh and salt water.

We recommend Julia and Todd Schulz’s Graysong Kennels without reservation as the most reliable and professional source of gracious Weimaraners with legendary hunting skills.
Submitted by: Ben Herrington on Aug 04, 2011
Todd and Julia's love for the breed and for their kennel is apparent from the moment you meet them. As a first time Weim owner, I was immensely grateful for their thoughtful guidance and advice. I've owned my dog Graysong's Minute Waltz (Otto) for almost 2 years now and have visited Todd and Julia at home several times (with and without Otto and met them at several AKC shows (they've also helped me to become an amatuer showman!) I can't imagine working with a more knowledgeable, thoughtful, compassionate or loving breeder. I'm very hopeful that they will let me take another puppy off their hands in the near future!
Submitted by: Randy and Beate Sternard on Aug 04, 2011
Owning 2 elderly Weims, we were looking for a new puppy to enter our family. We were refered to Graysong. After talking on the phone we were invited to see the Graysong dogs. Our puppy was not born yet. All the dogs are beautiful and had wonderful temperments. It was inportant for us to find an ethical breeder that was dedicated to the breed. We hit the jackpot. We now own a beautiful 8 month old puppy(Dancer) who is being shown and will be hunted this coming fall.We not only got a puppy but found new friends also. Todd and Julia are very knowledgable and willing to help with any issue.Totally inpressed with Graysong.
Submitted by: Kim Brandt on Jun 30, 2011
My husband and I have 2 beautiful males from Julia and Todd. We are so grateful that we were able to find out about Graysong Weimaraners! We have become good friends with Julia and Todd and are so very happy with our two boys Ely (5) and Peyton (3). We found Julia and Todd about 5 1/2 years ago when we were looking for a new member of the family! We knew we wanted a weim and we did a lot of research on-line. We knew immediately when we met them and the dogs that we were hooked! They have such a wonderful home for the dogs and really prepare them for you as puppies! Julia and Todd have always been available to us and have helped us raise our boys with the best support I could ever imagine! The dogs have the best temperament of any weims I have ever seen! I can't tell you how many times people have met our dogs and commented on how "calm" they were! I would recommend breeders Julia and Todd to anyone I know.
Submitted by: Mark Lindner on Jun 29, 2011
continued... We visited Todd and Julia, spent time with their extended gray family, reviewed pedigrees, OFA's accomplishments of their dogs in both the ring and the field. We liked what we saw and eventually selected a male puppy (Mojo)from their next litter which was sired by one of the breed's rare dual champions.

We couldn't have been happier with our selection and the ongoing support and friendship that we have developed with Todd and Julia as we campaign Mojo in the ring and the field.
Submitted by: Mark Lindner on Jun 28, 2011
After a three year hiatus from Weimaraners, we decided that we again wanted a Gray Ghost as part of our growing family.

Having competed nationally and in Canada at conformation events with our previous Weims, I was familiar with various lines and some of the more well known breeders.

I made inquiries to several breeders of the lines that I was interested in and was presently surprised to find a quality breeder almost in our own backyard, Graysong.
Submitted by: Bruce and Andi Bryant on May 25, 2011
We found Julia and Todd's Graysong Weimaraners via the internet 2 1/2 years ago while looking for a quality Weimaraner bitch for conformation and performance competition and hunting. We couldn't be happier with our bitch, Graysong's Ante Up N Deal (Chance) as she is everything we wanted - she is the most trainable, gentle and lovable girl. We love her so much we now have a boy, Graysong's Might As Well Dance (Sky)! We have found both to have fantastic drive in the field, willingness to please us, and a love of life that brings a smile to our faces daily. Both Sky and Chance have a strong natural desire to retrieve and have extremely soft mouths. During Chance's first pheasant hunt she pointed, honored and retrieved to hand with very limited prior training time. She's a natural! Young Sky shows potential to do the same. They are members of our family we cannot imagine life without! We anticipate a future filled with many years of hunting, obedience and agility competition, and lots of snuggles and wet kisses.

Julia and Todd have been wonderful in sharing their knowledge with us and supporting us throughout all of our varied endeavors with our dogs. They have also become great friends. Their knowledge of the breed and considerate breeding decisions have produced a truly versatile dog - the epitome of the Weimaraner breed! We feel very fortunate to have met them and have their dogs in our home. We are very proud to recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful and versatile canine companion.

Andi and Bruce Bryant
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Submitted by: Erin Singer on Jun 19, 2010
I picked up my puppy this morning. I found Julia and Todd on this website and cannot imagine getting a dog from anyone else. They are so caring and knowlageable about the breed. They taught me so much and will always be a go to if I need anything or have any questions. I would recomend them to anyone and already have. I got to meet the mother as well as all the other dogs Julia and Todd have, including the grandfather and their field trial dog who is simply an amazing animal! All of the dogs, not just most have the most wonderful temperments as well as beauty. I can't say thank you enough for the great experience, and the wonderfully tempered and champion bred puppy! If you are considering a weim you must put Graysongs at the top of your list!
Erin Singer
Submitted by: Jessica Kalupa on Dec 22, 2009
I have met Todd and Julia at many dog shows and field events (I have been paired with them and their puppies for hunt tests) -- their Weims are not only fit to the standard for showing, but possess the want to be pleasing bird dogs. All their dogs have biddable temperaments, easy to handle, and just all around impressive (plenty of style and drive).

Their breedings are to help bring "the hunt" back to the Weimaraner in Wisconsin, while keeping the Weim true to the AKC standard; and so far they are on the right track! Well worth anyone's time to talk to Julia at Graysong, especially if you're interested in these amazing, versatile dogs!

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