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Submitted by: Rahul Addala on Jul 07, 2017
We bought out first Brittany Spaniel puppy from Steve Chang at the time the puppy was 3 Months old. Puppy was so smart and got use to house and crate training with in 3 days.

We are very happy with the health and characteristics of out Brittany. Our Brittany is very smart, healthy, muscular, active, and sheds very little.

Now our Brittany is 1 year 8 months and doing awesome. I still send pic of our Brittany to Steve some time.

One most important thing: Our Brittany is super fast (Insane Fast) with chasing balls
Submitted by: Larry Coryal on Jan 30, 2017
I like to say Steve is the most trustworthy dog trainer i have worked with. I have used most of dog trainers in Colorado at one time or another, this is the first I felt my money is well spent for my dogs. I appreciate Steve's honesty and professionalism, he took great care of our dogs while they are boarded for training, the training provide was great, our dogs are in shape and the kennels are always spotless during our visits. This is a well earned 5 star review.
Submitted by: Chuck Snultz on Apr 16, 2016
Thank you for taking such good care of Charley while we are on vacation, we will be back to see again.
Submitted by: Ron Towery on Oct 13, 2014
We bought a started dog from Steve in 2013 and he turned out to be the most superb bird dog.
We had our local trainer Sheldon Twer of Oakdale CA to help us for his preseason tuneup. Sheldon and his wife are also thoroughly impressed with our dog, he told me in his 20 years of dog training, Kilo by far is one of the most talented Brittany he ever came across.
Thank you so much for offering such a great dog and anyone that wants reference please call me at 209-401-3933 - Thank you, Ron
Submitted by: Hayden and Lisa Fleck on Jul 15, 2014
It was a real pleasure to meeting you and your intelligent dogs. We are active in the Safari Club Itnl for over 25 years and have know and worked with many trainers over the years and couldn't have been more impressed with your style and knowledge.. In my opinion,you are the best. It is quiet obvious how deeply you care for your dogs & how much they love and respect you. Thank you for the opportunity to see you at work, you truly are first class.
Submitted by: Tony Shurts on Jan 29, 2013
I would like you to know the dogs are doing great. Bebe now dances in circles of excitement when we go out to retrieve. JJ absolutely loves to retrieve now. Anything I throw he fetches, at time he still show some resistance of feathers in his mouth but he is getting over it. Both dogs have changed in their temperaments and are so much more attentive, especially Bebe. Thanks for everything. Hope all is well with you and your family in 2013. Warm personal regards. Tony
Submitted by: George Eberle on Dec 16, 2012
I was part of a pheasant hunt this weekend with proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors Project. One of the guys there was a guy that has bred, trained and tested dogs for several decades. He is quite active in NAVHDA at the national level. After observing my Elle find, point, retrieve and trail wounded birds on Saturday he told me that I had the finest Brittany he had ever seen in the field. I thought that was pretty darn good coming from someone like him. George Eberle

I'll tell you Steve, I could not be happier with this dog I bought from you. She is everything and more than I had hoped for. The most loving pet you could ask for, a super hunting dog and becoming an excellent NSTRA trial dog. I can't wait for this next spring's trial season.
Submitted by: John Kellner on Nov 08, 2012

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I have been with Zack, who you shipped to me here in Vermont nearly a year and a half ago (hard to believe).

As you promised, he is a very nice hunting dog. I had worried that he might have a hard time adjusting to the birds we hunt here (very skittish roughed grouse and woodcock), and our grouse in particular are tough for many dogs to handle, but it didn't take him long at all to figure them out. Good smarts, good nose.

I have probably had him out hunting 15 days this season (many more last season), so he certainly gets a fair amount of down time, and he loves it.

He is also a very sweet animal, and my wife and kids adore him (he lives in the house), and he gets on well with my other dogs.

All told, I have been very pleased, and just wanted to let you and every one know.

I hope things are all good,

John Kellner
Submitted by: Cory on Oct 03, 2012
We had our 8 month old lab trained by Steve. Steve is very good at when he does. Bear came back a full fledge hunting machine. Steve's facilaties are very clean and he wants you to come particapate in the training.
I can not thank him enough for waht he did for our dog.

Submitted by: Kristin on May 21, 2012
About a year ago we purchased a male from a breeder in Minnesota. Your dog “Bugsy” was the stud. Just want you to know that our Sam is an awesome dog. My husband took him out to South Dakota on his first hunt and he was a champ. He hunted with our older Brit and a few labs, he was a winner!

Just wanted you to know we love him and are definitely looking at your bloodlines for our next Brit. We were thinking of stopping by in June. We will be out for a wedding but don’t know if we have the time yet. Will let you know if we do.

Thanks again.

Bridge Creek, Wisconsin
Submitted by: Scott Elkins on Dec 19, 2011
I wish I have a way to post this picture and let you know how Leo is doing. I have taken him out about 4 times so far this year. The last time out he figured this game of pheasant hunting out and I got my CO limit. He has been doing really great on birds. He finds just about every bird in the field now. The training has really paid off and he is discipline. He hunts in the field like a machine right now. He is turning out to be a great bird dog and this is only his first year. I can't wait to get him finished up after the season comes to an end. Thanks for bringing him along with your training.

Scott Elkins
Submitted by: on Dec 13, 2011
I just wanted to give every one an update on Jager. Even though the season has just got started, I have hunted him pretty hard so far on several trips. He has done a great job putting me right in the middle of wild birds on public lands every time. Every time we go out, we both learn something new about each other and we are having a fun time doing it. I wanted to let you know you did an awesome job with him teaching him how to use his natural instincts in the field.

Thanks again. Jager got an assortment of birds on this trip, quail, ducks and pheasant (all wild birds on public land). We were home by noon on that day.

Kevin Deichsel
Submitted by: RON TAYLOR on Nov 17, 2011
Hello Steve, Just a quick update on Finley. just got back from Kansas and Finley did spectacular, hit and held and retrieved beyond expectations. We had 7 other dogs of all breeds and he out hunted them all even with most having alot more birds under them, also need to add he is a true gentleman and a great friend and companion. THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL FRIEND!! RON TAYLOR
Submitted by: John Henderson on Aug 10, 2011
I want every one here to know your service is beyond exceptional, to simply put it, you exceed my expectation in every which way. What you have done with my dogs is incredible.
Submitted by: Ron Waite on Jul 17, 2011
Hello Steve,
I just wanted to touch base with you. We have been enjoying every minute with our pup. Over the past few weeks we have been our chasing birds at the ranch, as well as riding the four wheeler. To say that we love our dog would be an understatement. Her personality and temperament are perfect fit for our family.

Thanks again for everything. I think we will be returning to you for another Brittany in the future.

Ron S Waite
Submitted by: on Mar 22, 2011
While we have not met I have come to learn you are a very well respected trainer and have some fine dogs in your kennel. Perhaps we may cross paths somewhere down the road with a referral from me or at a NSTRA event. Roscoe Danzac
Submitted by: on Feb 22, 2011
Our GSP Mindy was gun shy so I took her to a popular trainer here in Colorado and basically was told she is hopeless, we should get rid of her and start it over. Before giving up on her, my wife thought we should get a second opinion, so I called the people at Godfather Gun-dogs. After speaking with Steve on the phone, he gave us hope and was welling to give her a try. All I can say is my wife and I both have tears in the eyes when we saw he was able to shoot birds over Mindy after 3 weeks. We owe so much for bringing Mindy around, I’m sure it was a challenge, your good work means the world to us. Thank you again,
Brian, Jody and Mindy
Submitted by: Randy Tangeman on Jun 20, 2010
I would like to start off by congratulating Steve on his second runner up place at the Owens National trial. I recently had Steve run a dog for me while I was in school. His extra training and time he put in her paid off with winning and placing in several trials. Steve is the type of person that whether he is training or trialing your dog he will bring out the best in them.
Submitted by: on Jun 06, 2010
Nixon is doing well. Come is 80% without correction even if distracted
started whistle- he is very excited about it
very confident high head and tail
not a big fan of the kennel but he is making it all night without going out most of the time
he is very attentive of me- he gets upset when he cant find me doing ok with hand signal directions- still needs work
still has his mouth on everything
i hid some quail wings in 8" grass and he went straight to them at about 15 yards- only problem is that he doesnt want to give them up after he finds them (nice problem to have after brittany)
he retrives to hand surprisingly well with his toys (wont give me wings yet)
his mouth is a little hard but i think that will change when he gets his adult teeth and maturity
takes to training with excitement- likes repitition- doesnt get bored very quickly
for a 11 week old pup i think he is going to be a great hunter thanks
Submitted by: Denise & Dan Collins on Feb 10, 2010
I can’t tell you how excited we are ourselves! It’s going to be a long wait I’m afraid!! Lol! I’ve been looking all day at the pics on the web site of Missy and Brady. They are beautiful dogs and I agree, with the pedigree behind them both they will have a special litter of pups. Please keep us posted on the progress of when Missy comes into heat etc. We’d like to be as involved as we can without driving you nuts!! You’ve been great, thank you!!!
Submitted by: Kip Saunter on Feb 08, 2010
We found Godfather Gundogs in Dec of 09, we visited total 7 kennels between CO, KS and TX searching for our next Brittany, as it turned out the best dogs are right under our nose here in Colorado. We are very excited about committing a pup in the spring litter but the wait is killing us, they say good thing are worth waiting for, I believe it's true.
Submitted by: The Pearson on Jan 08, 2010
Just thought you guys would like to see how terrific our little girl is at agility work. Steve has pictures of her on his web site. She jumps with ease and loves to show off. She has turned out to be EXACTLY the fun loving companion we had hoped for. She starts bird training when we return to Minnesota next June. Thank you again for helping us with our selection. A 5 rating is an insult, Steve should get 100. If you need any endorsements or references, please do not hesitate to contact us. 858-827-9139
Submitted by: Robert Magee on Dec 31, 2009
Hello Steve,
I just wanted to tell you thanks again for doing such a great job training Cora. I was able to take her hunting for the first time today. She was just wonderful. We got six Chukar and one Pheasant. She worked really hard in some very rough terrain. It was obvious she loves to hunt. She was great about keeping me in sight and when she locked up on a bird she just waited till I got there. I don't know if any of my pictures today will turn out well or not. It's hard to hold a shotgun and camera, all at the same time. If any do look good, I will e-mail them to you.

I think I need to get busy and book another hunt for next week.

Thanks again,

Submitted by: Spencer Mion on Dec 06, 2009
I wanted to say thank you for yesterday and that I feel very confident in your ability and training techniques and that I am very excited to see how P.J. will progress. If you need to contact me for any reason call my cell
Thanks, Spencer Mion

Submitted by: Paul Schiedig on Nov 29, 2009
Hi Steve,
This is a very thoughtful note and you are very welcome. However, it is us - your customers and friends - who owe you a Thank You for all your wonderful training and caring of our favorite hunting buddies (our dogs). I very much enjoy the opportunity to visit with you and your training of Nevada has really paid off. He is doing great this year. I took him out to northeastern Colorado on opening day, and he had some great points on wild birds. He is absolutely fantastic at Strasburg too.

Now you have to let me know when you have a moment to go out with us? I can probably only do that mostly on Saturday's but if I have enough lead time I can schedule us to go out during the week too. So let me know when you have some time and we'll try to go hunting together before the Christmas holidays ( I will be out of Colorado from the 18th till the 1st of the New Year.
Again, you are very much appreciated for all you have done for Nevada and me. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

Best regards always, Paul
Submitted by: Ryan Grammon on Oct 18, 2009
Josie is awesome! I have to run her every afternoon or evening because she has so much energy. We typically go walk through the lighter cover and she has been pointing Pheasant and Quail. Thursday she found a covey of about 30 and 2 singles. THANKS Ryan
Submitted by: Pete on Oct 05, 2009
Hi Steve,
Hope the field trials went well!
I wanted to write you a quick note. I took Huck up around the vail area this weekend to do some hiking.....he led me straight to three grouse in a matter of 20 mins. While i can't say that he necesarilly pointed them....he did 100% know they were there, which otherwise I would have had no clue. One single and a pair coveyed up in a sage bush. I can already tell he has a great nose and can't wait for training start.

Submitted by: Bob Andrews on Aug 02, 2009

I'm glad to see you listed here, it has been awhile since I wrote to you, but I want to express again my gratitude for bringing me such an awesome dog. My dog, Zack, was one of the pups from the Buzz and Annie litter in 2006. He took to the field like the natural hunter that his bloodlines would suggest. Unfortunately, we missed the entire 2008 hunting season because I took a job with the government that required me to be in Georgia from June to December of last year. I have resumed working with Zack to get him ready for this year and he remembered everything. He got so excited to smell the dummy and wear the E-collar. I can't wait for October!

As my new job forced me to move to Salt Lake City, I'm looking for a shooting club and gun dog club out here in Utah.
I need to get more pictures, but I usually have a shotgun in my hand and not a camera. I really regret missing his 2-year-old season, but I'm sure we'll make up for it this year. That's one more reason I need to meet people out here in Utah who hunt.
Thanks again for your dedication to the integrity of good breeding and for bringing me Zack. I'll keep in touch with future updates.


Bob Andrews

2244 Falcon Way
Sandy, UT 84093
Submitted by: Lee Strattan on Jul 18, 2009
You offer the most handsome brittney we've ever seen? We love him beyond belief. He is so smart, loves the training and enjoy the outdoors. He's already been on more trails in Colorado than most natives!!! Thank you so much !!! Lee
Submitted by: on Jul 02, 2009
Hi Steve,
I wanted to say thank you again for having me out on
Saturday. I had a great time. Everyone was extremely nice and
welcoming....and I can see why they chose you and your facilities for
their training. The antelope was delicious as well as the phesant and
cannot thank you enough. You as well as Marvin and the other class
members are too kind. Peter Bookmyer
Submitted by: Nicholas Kreutzer jr on Apr 13, 2009
Thank you for all your help the puppy is just great you run a first class act kennel looking forward to getting her out .Her name is jessie from toy story becouse the short hair is named woody. could you please send me your way house breaking a pup.once again thank you . for everything

email me if any one need a reference
Submitted by: Doug Booth on Mar 28, 2009
I don't even know where to begin tell you about our little Cassie, by far the easiest hunting dog we have trained, she is all natural, I basically just told her what not to do, she did rest on her own. If you are looking for a Brittany for hunting, I recommend you give this guy a call. Our dog is out of Bugsy and Annie.
Submitted by: Charley Chase on Jan 19, 2009
Thanks for training Murphy, I am really happy with the progress. I hope to continue his training with you in the rear future, let me know when that group class and whatever else you think we can
Charley Chase
Submitted by: Mike Brophy on Jan 13, 2009
Hi Steve,
I just want to say you not only gave us the best hunting dog we ever had, you also handed back the best house dog. A job well done Steve, thank you so much for working with Blazer, lets keep in touch.
Mike & Angie Brophy
Submitted by: Lee & Garr Strattan on Jan 11, 2009
Dear Steve,
I thought I would post here so every one can read about the wonderful job you did raising this litter. What a wonderful, wild week we've had! I don't think a puppy has EVER been photographed so much with his pictures sent coast to coast to family and friends!!! He is adorable and again, we thank you for making this possible!!!
He's doing great; sleeping 6 hours a night, eating well, learning his name, and potty training beautifully using your system. His favorite "toy" is our large, floor length mirror. He points himself, growls, licks and claws at the mirror. It's pretty cute. We are very careful with him, in terms of electrical cords, etc. Wow, with computers, etc., it's amazing how things have changed in 14 years!!!
Take care, and thanks again.
Lee Strattan
Submitted by: Wayne Louis on Jan 09, 2009
Thanks so much for our new addition to the family! And thanks for your time last night your info will really help out.
Smooth ride last night with Sky Blazer - - slept most of the way home. Then he wanted to play until 12:30 AM! We put him in his crate (no resistance) after that had him in the bedroom with us for the night. I got up to play with him for about an hour this morning, he then went back to sleep in his crate, but this time he stayed out in the utility room/kitchen area.
Good luck with the next two and with your winter camp to TX!
Submitted by: Delmar Saunder on Jan 09, 2009
I’ve been hearing good things said about you and now I'm glad we met. I will say you are not only utterly knowledgeable about bird dogs, I can tell you also enjoy talking about them.
It was my pleasure meeting you, please keep me informed about your next litter and am interested in your seminar. Delmar
Submitted by: Wayne Louis on Dec 01, 2008
Thanks for seeing Shelley and me last week, especially during your family meal time. It is obvious you have quite a passion for Brittanys, we are positive we have made the right choice in contacting you. We look forward to seeing you again in Jan to pick up the pup.
Wayne Louis
Submitted by: Jeff Fisher on Dec 01, 2008
In my pursuit of a competent trainer to break my derby, I was referred to Steve by Stan Tuskin, a judge I met at a field trial this fall. I did some research and read some of his testimony on the internet but I was not 100% convinced, after about 3 weeks, I finally called him to get a firsthand look-see what he is about and boy, am I glad did. I spent a very cold Saturday morning watching Steve work the dogs, these dogs I saw in training are cheerful, eager and well displayed, in many ways they exceeded what I had in mind. All I can say is this guy is no bullshit, he is the real deal and a genuine first class act too.
Submitted by: John Salopek on Nov 24, 2008
Steve, It has been awhile. can't believe I found you here on this site.
Had to let you know that I was out pheasant hunting yesterday up in Neb. & had just an awesome outing. Senna, who if you remember, you did her training (lewellin setter), performed outstanding. Unfortunately, I have been too busy to get out much at all this year but she showed no signs of rust. She did a great job of finding birds & holding hard to point. More than anything else just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. Your foundational work with her really brought out the best in her.Thanks again & Happy Thanksgiving, John Salopek
Submitted by: Silvia and Sage on Nov 05, 2008
Hi Steve,
Sage placed 2nd in the open gundog (19 started) on Saturday, I know we would’ve take first place only if I knew what I was doing, still, I’m so proud of my girl, no words can descript the joy in me. I had a wonderful time meeting people that share the same love in dogs, after my brace the judges took me aside, both spoke very highly of Sage, they told me she will be the one to beat when she gets a little older. I confess I didn’t catch on when you told me time will make her shine, now I understand what you mean. I can also see the shine is reflection of excellence in your training. Thank you for everything, Sir. I’m grateful for the time and effort you put in Sage, I know you already have a good reputation but if you ever need a reference, do not hesitate to give any one my number.

Best wishes,

Silvia, Sage and Max
Submitted by: Mark Wright on Nov 03, 2008
Hi Steve,
I will be honest, I was a little reluctant about making the purchase and paying $5000 for a hunting dog sight unseen is not a common practice for a investment consultant like me. Nevertheless, I will say buying Dallas was the right decision, after all our phone tags, I’m glad I picked up the phone one last time.
Having purchased many bird dogs in the past, I have to say Dallas is the first dog that is properly trained, we still can’t get over how well he behaves in the field and truly made the outings much more enjoyable. I just want to say I appreciate the opportunity for a dog of this caliber, you are a first class individual everything they said about you is true.


Mark Wright
Submitted by: Jesse A on Sep 29, 2008
I wish I could've found you a lot sooner, thank you for taking the flagging out of Sonny, I'm grateful for the tricks you showed me and Sonny, it means the world to me.

Submitted by: Christy Hollis on Dec 19, 2007
Thanks Steve! We wish you a Merry Christmas. Apparently, we have the smartest puppy anyone has ever seen; but, I'm sure that doesn't surprise you. She's learning fast and continues to be a comic part of our family (stealing socks, carrying bottles in her mouth, etc.) We truly love her. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family!

Submitted by: Lindsey Lee on Dec 19, 2007
Our little Shiloh is doing great and growing fast! I didn't realize how mellow our lab Georgia is until we brought Shiloh home, she's so smart, got tons of energy which Georgia tolerates very well :) and she has one hackova nose. We are greatful for everthing you've done, you are truly the BEST ever !!!

Lindsey, Brandon, Georgia & Shiloh
Submitted by: Jack E Warner on Dec 19, 2007
I've never been more impressed by one that is so passionate about what thay do. Watching you work dogs is genuine enjoyment, I hope to see you in Texas in the spring.

Jack Warner
Submitted by: on Nov 28, 2007
Hank is a wonderful dog, he is so well behaved and everything as you descript, honest dogs and honest people. Again, thank you so much.
Terry Slater
Submitted by: Randy Kauffman on Oct 02, 2007
First class operation, we have our 4th dog trained by Steve, I can honestly say I'm proud of each and every one. Job well done.
Submitted by: James and Debbie Gardner on Mar 06, 2007
Steve runs a well respected operation and offers world class bird dogs. Growing up in Georgia, quail hunting is a way of life. I have had many pointers and setters in my lifetime and these English pointers I purchased from Godfather Gundogs are the most well trained bird dogs in my 31 years of quail hunting, I highly recommend his dogs and his service.

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