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Submitted by: Belinda on May 18, 2024
Oakley has settled in great. Training is going good and she has become our best friend. She loves sleeping with mama and her stuffed friend. Thanks for our new best friend.
Submitted by: Max on May 17, 2024
Picked up my liver & white female and she is a live wire. She is already pointing and is such an addition to hour home. Thanks Frosty Meadows Kennel.
Submitted by: Jon and Jennifer Odgers on Apr 28, 2024
We just brought home our precious female, Kime, from Frosty Meadows recent litter. They provided pictures leading up to us bringing her home which was very special. Communication with Frosty Meadows was great and they provided great information (provided a folder) for her care. First week in her forever home and she has such great behavior. We are teaching her crate training and she only whimpered at night for 3 nights then she was getting into her new routine and goes to bed easily. She's incredibly smart. We have 2 small kids and have been including Kime in our sports routine and she just has the most laid back personality and has been incredible with kids. We are absolutely smitten with her! We've just had the best experience so far.
Submitted by: Rich on Dec 20, 2023
I purchased 2 female pups from them on February 21. We hunted in the fall of that year in Kansas and they did great. We just finished up our 3rd season and they continue to improve every year!
Submitted by: Arnie Pedersen on Nov 20, 2023
Just picked up a 10 week old pup (Now named Piper), she comes from excellent blood lines. First time in a traveling inside kennel for a 11 hour trip, she did excellent, no travel sickness nor mistakes in kennel. Got her home and started working with her on bonding with family, she responded beautifully. She now at 12 weeks old had learned some basic commands, comes when called, sits and stays. She is very birdie, and has already held point on some sitting doves in our yard. I definitely recommend Frosty Meadows Kennels, this is my second Brittany from them,(bought from Jimmie). Mary, Tony and Vanessa were very hospitable, thorough and informative on the history of their dogs and pups, got to see the dame and sire and was very impressed.
Submitted by: David Arcesi on Jul 24, 2023
Frosty Meadows was incredible to work with. They were extremely responsive to our questions/emails and kept up consistent communication with us as we waited to pickup our puppy. Once we arrived to collect him, they were extremely welcoming and kind. You can instantly tell that they love all of their dogs and are excited to share their wealth of knowledge with you. They also gave us a fantastic goody bag to bring home. Our dog’s favorite toy is the blanket they provided. I would work with these folks again in a heartbeat.
Submitted by: Wyatt Watts on May 11, 2023
Just picked up a pup at 15 weeks old had him one week and he’s already listening to commands and keeping from flushing birds in the field one of our earliest yet. He’s so smart and full of energy can’t wait to see what comes out of the Macy and Chubb bloodline next.
Submitted by: Jake Bonnell on Feb 07, 2023
This is my first pup from them and I couldn't be HAPPIER! The pup is so energetic and already showing so much drive. The breeders were incredibly helpful, and easy to work with. You can obviously tell they care about their dogs. Blessed with this experience.
Submitted by: Walter and Margaret Moore on Jan 31, 2023
We are so glad we found Mary and Tony of Frosty Meadows the day we decided we needed a Brittany puppy. We have had two other Brittanys, both were beautiful, smart and affectionate, but both were fully trained as hunters by the time we got them so we missed out on seeing them as puppies. This baby, Gauge, less than nine weeks old, has been a treasure from day one! Sleeps all night in his crate, goes outside to potty and eats his Victor dog food—both dry and moistened. He also minds his manners with our elderly rat terrier and the cat which is twice his size! He loves tummy rubs and his chew toys and snuggling with his blanket. While not dependent on it, we think the blanket with Millie’s scent on it has been a good idea. Tony had conditioned him to come to his whistle and when we whistle, he not only comes, but he sits and looks up as if to say yes sir! We know he will be ready for all the basic commands in just a few weeks. At times, he gives us a glimpse of the lineage he carries: his conformation, confidence and temperament are pure Brittany. And his legs are already sprouting those unmistakable “feathers!” We cannot express how much we appreciate Mary and Tony for the love and attention they give their breeding program. Although we were not fortunate enough to have known Mr. Jimmie Summerlin, we have no doubt his dream is fully realized each day at Frosty Meadows.
Submitted by: Aaron goodman on Jan 29, 2023
A better experience than I could’ve even imagined!
Mary and tony always kept me updated throughout the experience, and they are always readily available for contact! You can tell they genuinely care about these dogs and boy is shows! I was truly shocked at my puppie’s intelligence for only 6 weeks old! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Truly, thank you!
Submitted by: John Kraemer on Aug 09, 2022
I found Mary and Frosty Meadows Kennels to be very communicative, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I found them to have fantastic integrity. I would certainly deal with them again.
Submitted by: Michael Cox on Jul 24, 2022
We just picked up our little Brittany pup from Frosty Meadows, and it we are so happy that we did! This is a new breed for our family, and we found Frosty Meadows when searching reputable breeders. The Summerlin family has been great to us through the whole process (and patient with us as first time buyers). You can tell that they really love this breed and love their dogs, and it shows. We got to spend plenty of time with the puppies to choose (which was really tough ... we wanted to take them all), and Jimmie was really helpful in identifying the personality that was right for us. We are so happy to have our little Oakley as part of our family. He has a great personality and disposition, and we just love having him running our family crazy.
Thanks Mary and Jimmy!
Submitted by: Angela Koegler on Jul 16, 2022
We picked up Rooster on July 8th. He is the sweetest smartest pup I’ve ever had. I spoke to our trainer in Austin and she knows of Frosty Meadows and stated that is where her next pup will be from. We’ve had him for a week and he is already sitting on command and has only had 2 accidents at 9 weeks. He wakes me up at night to let him out. I’m so excited to see where he goes from here. Such a sweetie.
Thanks, Mary & Tony. We are in love with Rooster!
Submitted by: Shelby and Cary Anderson on May 24, 2022
My husband and I picked up our pup Sister that was born 2/2/2022 and we have been so impressed by her! She is only 3 mos. and already fully potty trained and sooo smart and spunky. Mary and the family are the real deal and just wonderful to deal with, you will not be disappointed!
Submitted by: Angie on May 17, 2022
Update from Oregon. Tag has been at Rrank gundog school in Condon Oregon at Highland Hills Ranch. The trainer is very impressed with him and says he has a natural ability and would love to have him as his own dog...( not going to happen as we are missing him like crazy) We pick him up this Thursday and can't wait to bring him back home. Thank you for such a wonderful dog. We will be wanting another one in the future.
Submitted by: Mike Flippin on Mar 16, 2022
Super nice people. Answered all of my texts and emails, with great patience. And my puppy, Rio, is incredible! Very, very, smart. Energetic and seemingly fearless. All great qualities for a future hunting dog. Looking forward to this fall and winter, and our first season together.
Submitted by: Garry Barringer on Dec 18, 2021
Frosty Meadows was recommended to me from the breeder of my 10 year old Brittany back east. I wanted a ompanion and gun dog rolled up into one. Liver and white and a female were my #1 desires. The people at Frosty Meadow worked with me and after a short wait Calie was born. She is currently home with us as she is smart and sweet as could be. Great breeding and already returning things I toss. Great working with Frosty Meadow folks, very responsive and follow up. We love this little dog already-- part of the family! Thanks much and I would recommend Frosty Meadows to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Luke Brigham on Sep 16, 2021
I recently picked up my puppy Goose from Frosty Meadows. He is in great shape and they were extremely helpful answering any questions I had. They take great care of their facilities and you can tell how much they care about each of their dogs/litters. Goose is very smart for his age and I know that goes for the rest of their puppies. I'd highly recommend Frosty Meadows to any friend or family member!
Submitted by: Randy on Jul 13, 2021
Thank you for the awesome pup. He is very intelligent and extremely active. We couldn't be happier. You delivered up and beyond our expectations
Submitted by: Gerry Thompson on Apr 07, 2021
I just want people to know Jimmie was a true friend to me. He had a lot of wisdom and know how when it came to the Brittany breed. He and I would talk about pedigrees and certain dogs. We would discuss the old blood lines and swap hunting stories. I am a Lakota from South Dakota and he would call me his Indian friend. I wanted a pup from his litter but something always got in the way, I am glad his family is caring on his dream and passion. We always shared ideas and I know one day we will see each other again. My heritage I am proud of and also glad Jimmie crossed my path. I don't believe in goodbye for in my culture, life is a circle with no ending. I will simply say Doksha' (meaning until next time)
Submitted by: Brett Sturdivant on Mar 04, 2021
We just got our female Brittany and she’s super smart! These breeders know their stuff! Love our little girl so much !
Submitted by: Juan on Feb 27, 2021
Cisco is growing up physically and mentally very impressed with his progress. Getting lots of compliments on the puppy.
Submitted by: Phillip on Feb 19, 2021
It has been two weeks since I picked up Lady. She is doing outstanding. Loves her new home and she has been to my farm once but in time will love it more. Just wanted to say thank you for what y’all do and for bringing this type of love back in my life. God bless you and take the greatest care!
Submitted by: Lindsay Pender on Feb 11, 2021
Excellent communication! Jimmie was great working with us to get a great puppy. We have had her for 2 months now, and she is hands down the smartest and most beautiful dog I’ve ever had. I have a hard time coming up with new ways to challenge her, as she learns so quickly. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks!
Submitted by: Katie Byrnes on Jan 07, 2021
I contacted Jimmie in April with a long list of requirements for my new puppy. Jimmie communicated with me over the next 7 months until my puppy was born. Jimmie kept me informed during the 8 weeks on the development of my puppy.

I got to meet my new puppy the last week of December. She is everything I wanted. I was so happy that they had started whistle training, so she immediately came to me when i whistled. It now as been 7 days and I could not be happier. Tilly is so smart and is learning very quickly. She is also so cuddly and affectionate.

Jimmie, Thank You!
Submitted by: Greg Thompson on Nov 30, 2020
Frosty Meadows and Jimmie are great to work with. Excellent and very responsive communication and was able to answer all my questions.

The puppy we picked up has been awesome. She's very smart and has adapted to our home very well. She's energetic and very curious. She's a beautiful puppy and we're looking forward to many years of fun and hopefully some hunting to come.
Submitted by: Shelby M on Nov 29, 2020
The day I called Jimmie asking about a puppy he immediately got back with me, and we had everything lined out. He kept me updated from the day the puppy was born until we were able to bring our puppy home. I would recommend Frosty Meadows to anyone looking into getting a Brittany puppy!
Submitted by: Rella Rogers on Nov 22, 2020
Thank you to Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie was great in helping us to be able to get our new puppy. He supplied us with pics and updates until it was time for her to come to her forever home. She is a beautiful liver/white pup. She is smart
and immediately was able to go up and down the stairs in her new home. First night she slept through the night and potty trining is going well. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!
Submitted by: Tami on Sep 17, 2020
To the Frosty Meadows family,

My husband, Keith, and I (along with our twin daughters) came to Frosty Meadows on July 4 of this year to pick out a puppy.
This little girl was a present to me from my family .... to help with my upcoming “empty-nest” at home as my girls moved off to college.

I picked out a feisty little female roan from Dixie and Cooper. Let me tell you, this baby girl has brought so much joy to our lives. Keith is training her so that she will be ready to go on a pheasant hunt next year. Her personality is so fun and willingness to learn makes her easy to train.

I just wanted to thank you!

along with:
Keith, Madi, Kinley
Dixie’s Harley Roan (“Harley”) ????

Submitted by: Patrick Lickly on Sep 04, 2020
I received a one year old female “Bridgett” last December. Hunted this pup many times on Nevada Chukar. She is s wonderful pointer. Has a great nose and fetch’s.
I would recommend Frosty Mountain Kennel for an exceptional hunting partner.
Submitted by: Taren on Jul 10, 2020
Excellent lineage. Our pup is very smart, sweet and beautiful!
Submitted by: Sandy Gary on Jul 09, 2020
We got a female roan from Frosty Meadows on July 4th. We were updated when the pups were born with pics and few videos. Jimmie and Mary and family seem like wonderful people, who really know their Brittanys! Check out their website or give them a call, you'll be glad to deal with them.
Submitted by: Charli on Jul 06, 2020
My husband and I called around to multiple breeders looking for a pup. After one phone call with Jimmie, we knew we wanted to get a dog from him. He was the only one that bothered to return our calls and follow up. He called also to keep us updated on how the pups were doing. You can tell that Jimmie cares a lot about his dogs and isn't just in it to make a huge profit. We drove all the way from South Dakota to meet him and his pups. I would highly recommend him and would purchase another dog from him.
Submitted by: Brian Humphreys on Jun 23, 2020
We were in contact with Mr. Summerlin before the litter was born and we were able to secure the first and second pick of the liver colored femailes. Mr. Summerlin updated us several times before and after the litter was born. He even sent pictures of the pups right after they were born and a few times in the following weeks. We picked up our puppies 3 days ago. Mr. Summerlin provided detailed records of the puppies treatment and even provided some of the food and medicine given to them. He is meticulous about their welfare and care. The puppies are healthy and happy - but they are puppies. It's fun watching them learn things about their new environment. We highly recommend Frosty Meadow Kennel and Mr. Summerlin.
Submitted by: Karalea Albrecht on Jun 07, 2020
We picked up Samuel Walker, orange and white, on 5/9/2020. We were extremely impressed with Frosty Meadows. I had second choice but in reality Samuel picked me. He is the sweetest and smartest boy yet! Thank Jimmie and Tony for your help and advise. They truly love their dogs! Thank you so much for my handsome little guy.
Submitted by: James adams on May 30, 2020
I picked up my puppy a liver &white male pup &I'm extremely pleased with my pup this is my second pup from Jimmie & Tony very nice people & knowledgeable very clean kennels when I left I felt like a friend thank Jimmie & Tony
Submitted by: Samantha Glass on May 23, 2020
Thank you Frosty Meadows for our sweet Maggie. This is our second Brittany from Mr.Jimmie and they are the best dogs. Thank you again!!!
Submitted by: Barry Vincent on May 12, 2020
We picked up our precious little “Mocha” this past weekend. What a smart little girl! Jimmy and Frosty Meadows came highly recommended from my friend Brent. I can’t wait for her to grow up and get into the bird fields in Kansas. You may even get to see her in a field trial real soon. Thanks Jimmy!
Submitted by: Veronica Anglin on May 03, 2020
I got the sweetest little girl ever. She slept on my shoulder all the way home except to get out and pee a couple of times. She loves her new home. The Breeder, Frosty Meadows Kennel, is so nice and so knowledgeable and helped me out with ideas. Beautiful dogs and clean kennel. It's an awesome place and he loves his dogs. We have introduced her to the older brits. Maggie Mae (new puppy) couldn't understand why Hank didn't share. Tina on the other hand is whatever. My babies. I love my Brittany's. We had a wellness check on Maggie Mae and she is great. She weighed 7.2 pounds at 8 weeks old. My Vet is very picky and was pleased at her care before we got her. I highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Jerry Hamm on May 02, 2020
Picked up puppy last week and we are extremely happy with our new baby. His name is Pepper. Thank you
Submitted by: Veronica and Mike on Apr 25, 2020
We just purchased a beautiful liver and white female from Frosty Meadows. The Breeder was very nice and helpful and has a lot of good information regarding your puppy. So knowledgeable. His kennels are clean and he is very careful of who gets around the kennels. I learned some very helpful hints of how to keep my pup healthy. Thank you very much frosty kennels for our gorgeous new little girl.
Submitted by: Linda Garrigan on Apr 25, 2020
We found our beautiful Brittany girl Chrissy (an adult female at Frosty Meadows Kennel in TX) online (we live in upstate NY). She is perfect for us. Jimmie is very easy to work with and took the time get to know us and what would be the best fit. When I expressed interest in Chrissy, he spent as much time as I needed talking to me on the phone and answered any questions that I had. He knew that Chrissy was the right match for us after this time. He is easy to reach, clear, patient and wants what is best for his dogs. Jimmie also helped me to easily arrange Gun Dog Express to transport our new girl up to us, and it worked out beautifully. We are thankful for the blessing of Chrissy and for Jimmie, who cared to take the time to know us and make this work. We found out right from the beginning of meeting her that Chrissy is a VERY special girl, and this was just what Jimmie told us about her. I highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennels and will always wish them the best!
Submitted by: Matt on Apr 25, 2020
Just brought our Penny home, she's an amazing intelligent pup! The Summerlins are very nice and knowledgeable breeders.
Submitted by: Angie & Dennis Aldridge on Mar 30, 2020
About 3 years ago we visited Frosty Meadows Kennel with the intention of getting a puppy. We were looking for a companion dog for my husband when at our cabin. We left with Red or "Johnny Be Good". Red has been such a blessing to us. He goes everywhere with my husband. We decided Red needed a friend, so I got on the list for one of Spice's pups from her January litter. I wanted a liver and white female. Lady Raye was born January 8th, and we have been blessed again. She is a feisty little lady. She keeps us all hopping. These dogs are gentle and loving, and love to have a purpose! I highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel and their beautiful dogs. Thank you so much for all you do!
Submitted by: Erin Doggett on Mar 02, 2020
We are so in love with our Trout
He is almost potty trained, sleeping through the nights, loves being outside, and adores our 2 little boys!! Thank you!! Cris Doggett
Submitted by: Joe Scott on Mar 02, 2020
Just brought my puppy home and she is wonderful. Jimmie, Mary, and Tony are great down to earth people, and they make you feel right at home. The kennels are spotless and you can tell right away that Jimmie loves his dogs. If your thinking about getting a gundog this is the place. I couldn't be happier with my puppy.
Submitted by: Paula & Lance Perticone on Nov 06, 2019
It has been almost a year since we brought Brandi home from Frosty Meadows, and she is thriving! She has been on road trips with us to Indiana, Florida and upstate New York. She is a wonderful traveler, and everywhere we go we get compliments on what a beautiful and affectionate dog she is. When we take her to the vet, all of the girls that work there are happy to see her, and come out to get their hug from Brandi.

She has had 2 sessions of Obedience training at PetSmart and we have worked with her a lot. She loves going on jogs/walks and heels very well.

She is the best pet we have ever had. She is truly part of the family and we feel very blessed to have her. Thank you again for breeding such a loving dog.
Submitted by: Dennis and Donna Schumann on Oct 23, 2019
We went to Frosty Meadows expecting to pick up one male Brittany puppy, however, after looking over Jimmie and Tony's excellent selection of pups, we decided that we would bring home two of the prettiest puppies (now known as Texas Jack and Texas Remington) that we had ever seen. We have been around a number of different breeds through the past years and had previously owned a loving Brittany, so we decided that these two Brittany pups would make the best companions for us. We were very impressed with the overall knowledge and experience demonstrated by all of the Summerlin family members. Their compassion and love for the breed was readily apparent by the manner and enthusiasm as they talked about the breed and how well they maintained the kennel facilities. Jack and Remington have already started to adjust to their new home and they have really brought a lot of love into our home. We would definitely recommend Frosty Meadows to anyone looking for a Brittany either for hunting or for just companionship.
Submitted by: Lisa M. Peralta Bell on Oct 09, 2019
We are so impressed with our now 4 month old Brittney puppy we purchased from Frosty Meadows. We drove 6 plus hours based on the comfort we felt in Jimmies passion for this breed. The dogs and kennels were immaculately clean and well kept. All the dogs were happy and very well cared for. Our Olive is beautiful, well tempered, and very smart. She learns very quickly and surprises us everyday. I would highly recommend this breeder and encourage you to do your research and you will find there is no comparison. We are so happy and would like to thank Jimmie and his family.
Submitted by: Lance Jones on Sep 11, 2019
Jimmy and Tony really care for their Brittanys. They take a lot of pride in their dogs. Their kennels are clean and well-maintained. We felt good about purchasing a puppy from them.
Submitted by: George Hansard on Aug 11, 2019
Great people and great dogs. Wilson has a great temperament and has been a great addition to our family. He has been more than were expected and can’t wait to begin working on his training, we expect the best from what we have seen in only a week.
Submitted by: Cody on Jun 28, 2019
We purchased a puppy from you guys in May and took it back to Lubbock. Sage is exactly what we wanted. She has a great temperament and has learned to come, sit, and retrieving her goose to hand in a little over a month. She is still a puppy but she is 100% on those three. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Armaan on Jun 12, 2019
Frosty Meadows has great clean facilities to house all of their dogs. Jimmie was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to picking a puppy. Our Brittany is incredibly smart, very eager to please, and has great temperament. We could not be happier we chose Frosty Meadows.
Submitted by: Garrett Drennan on Jun 02, 2019
After extensive research about American Brittany breeders, we stumbled across Frosty Meadows. After speaking with the owner, we were immediately impressed by the passion they have for their dogs. We picked up our orange and white female on 6/1/2019 and loved seeing their kennel and meeting all their dogs. Will definitely use these guys again!
Submitted by: J Skillestad on Apr 29, 2019
We lost a beloved Brittany a couple years ago & wanted to wait or the right time to add another to our family. In April we got sweet, spunky Millie from Frosty Meadows! She is a 10-week old with lots of personality & energy. My daughter & her husband have her brother & they love to play together. Jimmie & his family are so kind & have a great passion for the work they do raising this wonderful breed of dogs.
Submitted by: Claire Paris on Apr 21, 2019
We couldn’t be happier with our two Brittany’s! They are kind, observant and incredibly smart already at 9 weeks! Jimmie and his family have a true passion for their dogs and we are thankful for their care and expertise. We love them and both are the perfect addition to our family.
Submitted by: Richard and Fran Bohnert on Mar 27, 2019
We had been looking for a Liver/White male for awhile when we saw Frosty Weadow’s Elsa/Cooper litter announcement. We checked Coopers bloodline and he looked like a special dog, who had sired lots of special pups at Frosty Meadows. Our Colt is turning into one of them. He’s now 10 weeks and already responding to whistle commands. He’s such a sweet tempered little man. We can tell that the Summerlin’s take a lot of care to make sure their pups are very well socialized with other dogs, noises and people. The Summerlin’s went out of their way to help us with our quest for a pup. They were patient and knowledgeable, definitely not their first ballgame! They answered all the questions we had and there were lots. Colt is the first puppy we have purchased from the Summlins but he will not be the last.
Submitted by: Ann Wood on Mar 20, 2019
I got my Remy from Frosty Meadows 3 months ago and wow he’s already a champ in so many ways! I’ve never seen kennels so well kept like they are at Frosty Meadows! My puppy is naturally intelligent & alert! Go see Jimmie when you’re ready to get a Brittany!
Submitted by: Chris Caldwell on Feb 14, 2019
Our puppy Elsie is a natural. More instinct than I would ever be able to teach. Too bad my kids are going to ruin her. HAHA To date, she is fully potty trained, retrieves, sits, shakes, eats and poops. Awesome. From the entire Caldwell Family, we could not be happier with our new Brittany
Submitted by: Christopher Caldwell on Feb 14, 2019
Contacted Mr Jimmie about a year ago. We were very particular on color and sex. He established a plan that would have options as we went, all with a goal of bringing home our new puppy by Christmas. Questions were asked and answered along the way. He definitely set us up for success.
Christmas came, we picked up Elsie (a beautiful liver female) and could not be more satisfied. Dog is a natural. My 8 yr old already has her sitting, staying and fetching. She is definitely from a great line of gun dogs. Thank you Mr Jimmie!
Submitted by: Courtney Willingham on Jan 17, 2019
I had a wonderful experience with Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie was so helpful and answered my many, many questions I had throughout the whole process. Our puppy Riley is now about 6 months old, and you can truly see how wonderful their breeding process is. He is a beautiful, obedient dog who loves people. Thank you for such a great experience!
Submitted by: Dusty Collins on Jan 08, 2019
I picked up a puppy out of Dixie and Cooper's litter in October of 2017. I drove from San Antonio on a cold Saturday morning to get the last pick of the litter. While my little miss Molly might have been the last pick I couldn't be happier. We hunted our first season together this year and this little girl is absolutely amazing. I am not an expert trainer or handler but I don't need to be. This little dog is a natural. Thank you for the work you are doing on breeding some fine gun dogs.
Submitted by: Dusty Collins on Jan 07, 2019
Our Molly girl turned a year old in September and has impressed us with her first hunting season. I am novice at best when it comes to dog training but little knowledge required when it comes to Mr. Summerlin's dogs. Our Molly has a great nose and is eager to please. This little girl was pointing at 10 weeks old on her own (every bird or squirrel in the back yard) and was retrieving bumpers and dummies by 12 weeks. She is pleasant in the house and loves everyone. Could not be happier with our Frosty Meadows Brittany.
Submitted by: Christy Turner on Jan 03, 2019
I have been researching what kind of dog I wanted since I lost my Izzy girl in December of 2014. When I finally decided on a Brittney Spaniel, I researched best places to get one. I found Frosty Meadows Kennels on the Internet and decided to give them a call in February of 2018. The first time I called Jimmie Summerlin, he took his time telling me about the breed, and why they are one of the best dogs you can have. So, my husband and I made the two hour drive to meet Jimmie and see his dogs. Once there, I knew this would be the best dog for my husband and I as we are semi new empty-nesters. Jimmie wanted to make sure I got a puppy from two of his best dogs. This process was a long one, but I finally got to pick up my “Finley” girl on December 27, 2018. We could not be happier. Thank you Jimmie for the efforts you went to for my puppy. We love her. !!🐶
Submitted by: Wyatt Hubbard on Dec 31, 2018
I grew up with a Brittany and knew I'd want one for my own family when the time was right. I contacted several breeders, and Frosty Meadows quickly set themselves apart from the rest. Jimmie Summerlin was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge, expertise, and candor made the entire process go very smoothly from start to finish. I never once doubted that I had chosen the right breeder to entrust with the task of finding the right dog for me. My family and I couldn't be happier with our beautiful liver and white female Brittany pup, and I'm very appreciative of Mr. Summerlin and his family for the excellent service they provided.
Submitted by: Paula Perticone on Dec 13, 2018
We have had Brandi for 2 1/2 weeks. We are very pleased with her. She is smart, beautiful and affectionate. It too one day to re-housebreak her. She lover her dog beds and dog toys. Loves to play "catch me if you can" (we cant's) when she has a toy in her mouth. She actually barked at someone walking down our street the other day, so she feels like this is her place. Again we are very pleased with her.
Submitted by: Eddie May on Dec 12, 2018
We’ve had our girl for almost a week now and she’s been the best. I highly recommend them because they have great dogs and you can tell they really care about each one of them.
Submitted by: Shannon Akins on Dec 12, 2018
We love our sweet Whiskey girl.
Submitted by: William Jack Martin on Dec 07, 2018
We contacted Frosty Meadows, after a detailed search for Texas based Brittany Breeders. It was immediately obvious based on our findings and testimonials why they are one of the top Brittany Breeders in the state.

The Summerlins guided us through a detailed selection process in choosing our Brittany puppy. We were given an opportunity to make our selection based on detailed descriptions of the puppy's father and mother. The process exceeded our expectations.

Frosty Meadows Kennels displays why the family take immaculate pride in maintaining a quality facility. Without question they offer the greatest selection and healthiest Brittany puppies in the State.
Submitted by: Harry Croft on Oct 19, 2018
I picked up my puppy Aug. 23rd. he has done his job. he is very smart and he heeled two broken hearts. He is my fourth Brittany, I can't wait to see what kind of a gun dog he will grow into. Thank you to the Summerlin family.
Submitted by: Christopher Koch on Oct 17, 2018
I got a male Brittany from Frosty Meadows a few years ago and named him Jags. He has been an amazing- great hunting dog. I had him out for his daily romp in a nearby park while a guy was looking for a location shoot for a dog treat commercial. The man was impressed with Jags appearance and he "borrowed" Jags and they ended up using him in a commercial online. Thank you for my great dog.
Submitted by: Paul Dworak on Oct 17, 2018
I purchased two puppies from Frosty Meadows.

Adric, the roan male,captured a bird hidden in a bush. When by himself, he is affectionate, obedient, joyful, band totally focused on his handler. He does a lot of nose work, and after he finishes the next segment of his "manners" training curriculum, I will try to get him solid training in nose work.

Tegan, his sister, is very affectionate, fiercely independent, and very self-reliant. She learns so quickly that she rapidly gets bored with training and cannot keep focused, at least yet. However, on her own, she tracked and captured five fledgling bird nest drop-outs. She seems to enjoy foraging, playing with her toys and her brother, and tormenting her brother in one way or another.

Paul Dworak
Submitted by: The Jensen Family on Sep 29, 2018
We first contacted Mr. Summerlin in August, and he guided us expertly through the process of choosing our puppy. A family companion, Thalia is sweet tempered, playful, and learning commands easily. The Summerlins warmly greeted us when we arrived at the kennel and were so kind to the boys. They got to see Thalia's parents, Bo and Cotton Candy, and watched Mr. Summerlin training Bo out in the fields. They love their puppy, and my husband and I could not be happier!
Submitted by: Matthew Hanvey on Sep 26, 2018
Not only does Jimmie Summerlin at Frosty Meadows know his stuff, he is also a pleasure to work with and I’m glad to know him. It only took one phone call to realize that Brittany’s are his passion and he works diligently to be excellent at raising the best hunting dogs possible. Our dog (Chief) is extremely smart, easy to work with/train and is also a great family dog for my wife and young children. Frosty Meadows facilities are well thought out, maintained and clean. The Summerlins are knowledgeable, kind, patient, and hospitable. They were helpful in choosing a dog that was a good fit. They were also professional, responsive and honest from beginning to end.

The whole experience of choosing a dog was a pleasurable one for me. When I get a second Britanny, it’ll be from Frosty Meadows.

Fort Worth, TX
Submitted by: Joann Messina on Sep 02, 2018
We brought our puppy home a week ago. He's beautiful! The Summerlins were great to work with and very flexible working with us to get the perfect companion.
Submitted by: Mark Nissen on Aug 20, 2018
We bread one of our dogs at Classic Bird Hunts/Nissen's Classic Brittanys to Cooper from Frosty Meadows Kennel. What a great choice! The pups are now 9 months old. They are smart, full of point and total lovers. They have fit right into our stable of 12 dogs. Great in the house and the field.
Submitted by: Kyle & Cathryn Keeley on Jul 24, 2018
We picked up our puppy on June 2. So far, she has been a dream; excellent temperament, excellent health, excellent obedience. Our experience with the Summerlin family was great, and we would recommend them and their dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Tina Winn on Jul 24, 2018
We got Penny from Frosty Meadows and we couldn’t be happier with her. She is our first family dog, we have five small children and she is so playful with them and happy to be around them. She even takes naps with our cat. Penny is so smart that training her has been a breeze. We love our Frosty Meadows puppy!
Submitted by: Jennifer Long on Jul 17, 2018
Had a great experience with Jimmie at Frosty Meadows. He knows his stuff about bird dogs. We love our new dog Scout!
Submitted by: Mike Walls on Jul 17, 2018
We got Scarlett and Ginger a couple of weeks ago at Frosty Meadows. You can tell how well they love their dogs. We’re so excited to watch them grow and be part of our family.
Submitted by: Shaina Cline on Jul 17, 2018
Top notch love and care provided for these dogs. Jimmie and his family are extremely passionate about their dogs and what they do. Kennel is always well maintained and dogs are in excellent health. You will not be disappointed. I recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel!
Submitted by: Chris Hass on Jun 21, 2018
Mr. Summerlin is very helpful and really cares about his dogs and his breeding program. I have owned and been around bird dogs my whole life and can honestly say the pup I received from Frosty Meadows, who is now 4 years old, is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever been around. A friend of mine also owns a dog from Frosty Meadows and his dog is extremely intelligent also. Both of our dogs were sired by Mr. Summerlin's "Cooper". I believe Cooper is a hidden gem if your looking for a Brittany sire.
Submitted by: Joey Moppert on May 26, 2018
I picked up my Female Brittany from Frosty Meadows on May 26th. It was a super easy process and the breeder is very friendly and helpful and quick to respond to questions. The whole process was professional and done really well. I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a pure bred Brittany.
Submitted by: Tommy & Lisa Hooten on May 22, 2018
We have only had our Lacey for a week, but so far-so good! She is a bright, energetic puppy that is learning and gaining weight fast. All our interactions with Mr. Summerlin during Lace's pregnancy and after the puppies were born were great! He was never too busy to answer our questions and explain things to us. He sent us pictures frequently as the puppies grew. When we went to see the litter at 3 weeks, then again to pick up our puppy at 10 weeks, we were impressed at how immaculately clean the whelping houses and kennels were. All of the dogs in the kennel were healthy looking, active and clean. We would highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel!
Submitted by: Aaron Sisson on May 16, 2018
I have purchased 2 dogs from jimmy, and they have been phenomenal dogs. Both have been easy to train and eager to learn. They have been solid on point and have fantastic noses. They have been the best dogs I have ever had. Jimmy is easy to work with too. You can tell he cares about his dogs.
Submitted by: Laura Prendergast on Apr 18, 2018
We are so happy that we got our Gus from Frosty Meadows! I made the trek to Mt. Pleasant to get our dog two weeks ago. Jimmie and his wife were so kind and you could tell they took great pride in their work and their dogs. The kennel was clean and all the dogs looked great. When it came time to choose, they let me observe the dogs and select the one that was right for our family. Then, after I made our choice, they walked me through all the instructions and were very patient with my questions.

Once we got Gus home, boy is he smart! Within a day or so, he knew how to sit when it was time to eat or go outside. Potty training has been a breeze! He is a very happy, friendly dog who is full of energy and brings such joy to our days in only a few short weeks time.

I would hands down recommend Jimmie to anyone interested in a Brittany. His dogs have brains and beauty! We couldn't ask for anything more than what we've got in our Gus. Thank you, Frosty Meadows!
Submitted by: BARBARA DENISON on Apr 12, 2018
We picked our puppy up 4-8-18 . After losing our beloved Annie we thought
it was time to move on and get a new puppy, after searching San Antonio
we could not find one, so we went to the internet and found Frosty Meadows
I called Jimmy he was so helpful and honest with me about getting our dog,
told me about the process, there was one person ahead of me for a female
puppy, after the litter was born he kept me updated and sent photos of the
babies. So last weekend we made the long drive to Mt Pleasant and boy was
it worth it, we met Jimmy and his wife, two of the nicest people you'll ever
meet and saw his beautiful dogs it was Brittany heaven clean well kept and
Brittanys everywhere. Our Sadie is full of energy, can't wait to take her fishing and hunting. did I mention how smart she is for an 8week old puppy.
The Denisons & Sadie
San Antonio,Texas
Submitted by: Nancy on Apr 11, 2018
We just picked up our second Brittany from Jimmie at Frosty Meadows. We purchased our first male dog a little over a year ago and decided that he needs a buddy. Jimmie and his wife are some of the finest people we’ve dealt with. The transaction goes smooth from start to finish…..they bend over backwards to ensure you are happy with your dog purchase. We can’t say enough about them….they are fine, fine people. I frequently walk my male Brittany in my neighborhood and am constantly stopped by drivers of passing cars. They all comment on how beautiful he is and want to know where I purchased him. These dogs are fantastic and the breeding is impeccable. Both dogs frog-leg when laying down which is a sign of great hips. I can say they are both smart and loving animals; truly any asset to any hunter or family. We highly recommend Frosty Meadows!
Submitted by: Randy Vardeman on Mar 21, 2018
I own 2 males that I bought from Jimmie. They've both hunted S. Texas and are GREAT. Mr. Summerlin and his family are some of the best people I have ever met and his dog are the best.
Submitted by: Jamie McCaffrey on Jan 31, 2018
Jimmie and his wife are fantastic individuals, and I had a wonderful experience purchasing my Brittany, 'Tex', from Frosty Meadows. I had an unfortunate circumstance that arose where I was not able to purchase my dog at the time I intended to. Jimmie held my deposit for over a year, and he worked with me to purchase a great dog from another litter. I cannot state how accommodating and flexible Jimmie was to help me get the dog that I was interested in. At Frosty Meadows, it is quite apparent that they raise quality dogs with excellent lineage. I did a great deal of research into quality kennels all across the country; and I had come to find out that Frosty Meadows was among the very best of them. I am beyond excited to begin hunting behind my four legged companion, when he is ready. Every chance I had to speak with Jimmie or his wife, they were always a class act; never did I feel like I was getting bamboozled or taken advantage of. They both were straight to the point, and always gave me facts to work with. To put the cherry on top, they were true to their word when it finally came to the process of me receiving my puppy. I live in Oregon, so obviously some concern would cross my mind when thinking about paying money to a person I talked with over the phone, and I have never actually met face to face. Sure enough, my pup arrived from Texas with all of his AKC paperwork, and 'Tex' did wonderfully on his flight. It is nice knowing that there are still honest and trustworthy people in this world; where someone's word and/or handshake still mean something. With Jimmie Summerlin, he is such an individual. There are obviously great kennels/dogs around our amazing country. However, when it comes time to purchase my next gun dog, I know right where I will be coming back to. Thanks for everything Jimmie, God bless!
Submitted by: Stephen Barrett on Jan 20, 2018
Jimmy was very easy to deal with and extremely informative. Thank you Frosty Meadows for our new pup, Remi.
Submitted by: The Lancasters on Jan 07, 2018
Jimmie was terrific to deal with, he was incredibly patient with all of our questions and we couldn’t have had a better experience, thanks Frosty Meadows for our amazing dog Wally!
Submitted by: johnny mendoza on Jan 03, 2018
Incrdible breeders that care as much about the buyers as they do their pups-
Submitted by: Terry Potter on Dec 21, 2017
This is the second puppy that we have had the blessing of owing from Jimmy and his family at Frosty Meadows. Both puppies have been very easy to train and have been a great addition to our family. We look forward to the next trip to Frosty Meadows when the time comes for a new companion.
Submitted by: Weldon on Dec 19, 2017
Update on my post from earlier this year.

Jimmie was great after I pickled up my pup also...all my previous dogs had been acquired at 1 - 2 years old, as 'started' dogs, so I had quite a few puppy related questions...Jimmie was very patient on the phone.

Rye will turn one this week and he has turned out to be an outstanding hunter. I have shot wild quail over him this season and also a few raised pheasants. His prey drive is unbelievable, but he controls well (thanks to a couple of months with a pro trainer). He is still fearless and can match my hunting buddy's Vizslas mile for mile. He also make a good showing keeping up with our field trial trained GSP, yet I had no trouble getting him to work in close for the pheasant.

Submitted by: Gary and DeAnn Phillips on Dec 12, 2017
The pup we got from Frosty Meadows Kennel in September is growing like a weed. She is 21 pounds now.
Obedience training is going very well. Trainer raves on how smart she is. Started her at 8 weeks and in two days she would heel sit stay and lay on command. She was house broke in 4 weeks. Everywhere we take her people stop to rave on how pretty she is. She is high energy as she should be. She is a lovable smart little dog.
She starts her hunt training in March and is already striking a point on everything she sees. We truly got a special little dog and appreciate it so much.

Thank you
Gary and DeAnn Phillips
Submitted by: Sandra Shumate on Nov 26, 2017
We had such a great time visiting Frosty Meadows in the beautiful countryside of north Texas. Jimmie's dogs are very well cared for, healthy and affectionate. We could tell he truly enjoys breeding great bird dogs. We were fortunate to get a puppy from Blue Boy and Bella's litter, and at only nine weeks, we are amazed at how fast and strong she is.
Submitted by: Tom Mewhinney on Nov 24, 2017
Several months ago we bought our second dog from Jimmie. Coming back to buy a second dog speaks for itself---the new puppy will be an excellent hunter, just like the first one.
For medical reasons, I had to delay picking up a dog for over a year. Jimmie worked with us, and we were able to select a puppy from a latter liter.
All aspects of our dealings with Jimmie could not have been better. I would give him my highest recommendation.
Submitted by: Justin S on Nov 18, 2017
Made the hard decision on a breeder and am very glad I used Jimmie at Frosty Meadows. He sent me updates and pics from a couple of days old all the way till the time we made the long track to pick up "Chief". Gave us a tour of the kennel and showed us his beautiful dogs. Chief has already shown how smart he is and looks great. When it comes time to add another hunting partner to the family I will be going back to Jimmie at Frosty Meadows.
Submitted by: Lelana Hudgens on Nov 16, 2017
We could not have been more pleased with our experience with Jimmie Summerlin at Frosty Meadows. Our beloved orange roan Brittany, Copper, is now almost 4 months old and has brought us so much joy! Jimmie was so personable and easy to communicate with any questions. You can tell him and his family really love their dogs and what they do. I highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel and would do business with them again.
Submitted by: Bob Thorman on Nov 12, 2017
Texas has become the best birddog I've ever hunted over. His points are steady and beautiful. Just a joy to hunt over him. He's very very birdy. He and I are going pheasant hunting soon, can't wait to see him work those big birds again.

Thanks again.
Submitted by: Chad Despaux on Nov 07, 2017
We had a wonderful experience from start to finish with Mr. Jimmie. We've had our precious Rosie for just over a week now, and we couldn't love her more. Thank you for everything, Mr. Jimmie. Sincerely, The Chad Despaux Family
Submitted by: Benjamin Marcum on Oct 22, 2017
My pup is 3 months old. She is a natural pointer and has already had some fun chasing quail. She is affable and quick to learn and very intelligent. Not afraid of water and is a great family dog also. Mr. Summerlin and his family do a great job with their breeding program.
Submitted by: Theresa Karkoska on Aug 29, 2017
Beryl is loving life in central Texas and we are SO thankful we found your kennels.
Submitted by: Craig Harris on Aug 11, 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Summerlin are some of the nicest people we have ever met. This is the second year we have bred our dog Dallas to Frosty Meadows, and they have taken the best possible care of her when she stays. They have such great knowledge on how to breed and take care of Brittanys, answering any questions that you might have. They stay in contact with you ever step of the way. We recommend everyone to Frosty Meadows kennel!!
Submitted by: Katie Rollins on Jul 11, 2017
It's hard to believe we've had this sweet boy for just over a year! Tex is the absolute best companion and we're SO lucky to have found Frosty Meadows Kennel. I saw that Bella and Blue Boy might have a litter. Wish we were ready for a puppy and maybe we will be in a few years. Hope your family is well Jimmie. Thanks

Katie, Win & Tex (and baby on the way)
Submitted by: Amanda Borcz on May 25, 2017
Last month we bought our second pup from Jimmie at Frosty Meadows. Our first pup was such a great dog we decided to get another Brittany from them. They are smart, loving, and playful dogs. I highly recommend Frosty Meadows to ANYONE looking into a Brittany. Jimmie and his wife are so nice and accommodating. Happy with everything about our experience with them.
Submitted by: John Eric Swenson on Mar 04, 2017
I picked up my pup, Angel, about 2 weeks ago. She is a beautiful pup who loves my boys, ages 10 and 8, and my wife. She has fit in well with our other Brittany and our lap dog. I live in West Texas, where we have an abundance of quail. I cannot wait until the fall when the season opens again. I plan to begin working with her in measured amounts this summer. Jimmy, Mary, and his entire family are top notch people. When I arrived to pick up Angel, Jimmy's whole family was out cleaning the kennels, which are spotless. He took me on a tour of the kennels, and knew each of his dogs well. We then spent time in his home going over various aspects of raising a pup. It is evident that the Summerlin family loves their dogs, and take great pride in their breeding and facilities. I plan to recommend them to everyone in West Texas who is looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: steve buerger on Mar 03, 2017
I just bought my second puppy from Jimmy. This little dog is even better than the first. The puppy came from a great kennel that is clean and well maintained. The dogs are a happy lot that is well looked over.
Submitted by: Bobby on Mar 02, 2017
We bought a female brittany from Jimmie mid Feb 2017. He is very professional and takes pride in the pups. Jimmie even took the time to follow up with a phone call and text message the following couple of days just to make sure we made it home ok and to make sue everything was going ok with our new pup. Very professional and just an overall great guy.
Submitted by: Robert Perez on Feb 19, 2017
On Feb. 15th we purchased a male Brittany from Jimmy. His facility was extremely well maintained. He gave my family a tour which included showing us the area he keeps his dogs and the puppy area. He introduced us to his dogs and was able to tell us about each individual bloodline the dogs come from. The puppy area was nice and clean and the way it is set up, we were able to house and kennel train our puppy in 2 days.
I have been to different breeders before and this was by far the cleanest, and well maintained one I have been to.
After the tour he told us everything we would need to know about filling out paperwork, our puppy's shot history and upcoming shots he will need. He then answered any questions my wife, myself and even our 8 year old son had.
You can tell that Jimmy take great pride in raising his dogs and really cares about their puppies new homes.
Submitted by: Weldon on Feb 17, 2017
Our experience with Jimmie was first rate! We visited his kennels back in December and Jimmie spend a lot of time with us, showing us his dogs, which he is obviously very proud of, and letting my wife 'interview' several of his dogs. We put a deposit down on a pup on the spot.

We picked up our pup two weeks ago...RYE is a real go-get'er and totally fearless.

Jimmy is very patient with answering questions and providing advice.
Submitted by: Emily Peltier on Feb 17, 2017
Jimmie Summerlin and family made our experience very special! We purchased a female from Frosty Meadows and she is such a blessing to our family! We've been very pleased with the process & will definitely be return customers. Thanks, Jimmie, for being so responsive (call, text, email) and for genuinely being a good person. I hope you're still breeding in a few years because we'll want to get our Dolly a friend.
Submitted by: Heath Goodloe on Feb 15, 2017
We picked up our Brittany from Mr.Summerlin on February 11th. We are extremely happy with our puppy and were very pleased with the professionalism of everyone involved at Frosty Meadows.
Submitted by: Pete Stonestreet on Feb 14, 2017
We didn't get our first pick but are totally happy with our second. The Summerlin's are really great people to deal with; very straight forward and honest. I'm not overly knowledgeable about purebred dogs, but the practices they follow gave me comfort that they are doing things right. Hope to expose my new Brittany to dove and quail hunting this fall.
Submitted by: Steve Baty on Feb 04, 2017
I picked up my Brittany this morning from Frosty Meadows Kennels. She is a beautiful pup. I looked for several months and talked to multiple kennels, but there was just something about Jimmie that seemed to click just from talking to him over the phone. I could not be happier with my choice. Good people and obvious that they know their business.
Submitted by: Judy Holbrook on Jan 05, 2017
I called Jimmy to get a male pup for my husband. He lost his bird dog and best friend a couple months back. I wanted to surprise him, but I could not find a pup anywhere. Jimmy was so kind and actually helped me look and other kennels that he knew, but none were available. I got on his waiting list and we finally got the call. Jimmy and his wife kept us updated on all puppy activity from day one. Gunner is now 4 months old and the smartest dog we have ever had. House broken, verbal and non verbal commands. He went hunting for the first time at 3 months old, and his nose was to the ground the entire time. He only wants to please us and so much fun to have around. If you want the best bird dog, contact Jimmy and his wife at Frosty Meadows Kennel.
Thank you Mr.& Mrs. Summerlin!
Submitted by: Dustin & Viviana McKay on Dec 17, 2016
Our little Frankie is 1 year old now and words cannot express how much we love her. She is so beautiful and has grown into a smart, healthy and mischievous little fur ball. We would not have our Frankie without you all.

Thank you.
Submitted by: Billy Nichols on Dec 13, 2016
I placed a deposit with Jimmy a year ahead of time trying to get me a roan female. We lodge & guide upland quail & pheasant hunts in the Oklahoma Panhandle. So, we were needing a tough, spunky, super-nosed hunter with the colorings that I have wanted since a kid. Jimmy & his wife came thru for us. They kept us in the loop on timing of the litter and I have a very beautiful roan female that is going to have 1,000's of native birds shot over her. Jimmy told me she was a "ball of fire", but that does not touch the energy this girl has. If you are needing a great brittany, this is the place.
Submitted by: Judy Holbrook on Nov 22, 2016
Gunner and I are headed to Iowa to go pheasant hunting. Gunner will have a wonderful time. He is so smart. He is kennel trained with no barking or whining. He is potty trained. He sits, stays and comes on verbal or hand signals. We absolutely adore him!

The Holbrooks
Submitted by: Tyler Windlinger on Nov 08, 2016
Jimmie has some impressive Brittany's and our experience getting a puppy was top notch. We enjoyed frequent and informative communication with lots of pictures of the litter, and couldn't be happier with our puppy. She is healthy and active with a great temperament. I highly recommend a Frosty Meadows Brittany.
Submitted by: David Cleveland on Oct 24, 2016
It was great to meet Jimmy and his wife. They are great folks. Picked up our new pup this week and couldn't be happier.

thanks Jimmy!
Submitted by: luz vaquedano on Oct 22, 2016
I had a very good experience with Frosty Meadows. I was helped from the beginning with great information about the dogs available. Fast feedback and responses to all my questions. I would recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone looking for quality gun dogs. very happy with my puppy.
Submitted by: Weldon Ebehart on Aug 21, 2016
We are so excited with the newest member of our family "Scout". A beautiful Orange Roan male out of Johnny and Molly from Frosty Meadows Kennel. He is a gorgeous pup. He is tenacious, bold and confident at an early age. He is a firecracker. Smart as can be. He is already pointing. I would put him on birds right now and I don't think he would hesitate one second; he would jump right in. He made the trip home to Nevada remarkably well. He is already crate trained, comes when called by name, likes to retrieve and waits for me to throw the bumper, rings a bell to go outside and already know where home is. He is amazing. Looking forward to training another Field Trial Champion.
Weldon Eberhart
Submitted by: Lance & Dana Ligon on Aug 11, 2016
Awesome experience! Axel is a fabulous Brittany boy and is VERY loved in our home. Looking forward to bird season - he should do great!
thank you,
Dana & Lance
Submitted by: Bryce & Kim Jupe on Aug 03, 2016
It was wonderful to meet Jimmie and his wife. They run a very professional dog breeding business and seem emotionally invested in it as well. We got a beautiful, smart, and healthy baby boy. Camo has been a wonderful family dog and we can't wait to see how he does with the dove!
Submitted by: Katy Foley on Jul 30, 2016
I got a wonderful Brittany girl! She has a beautiful coat and very well behaved. Loved meeting Jimmie and his wife. Lovely couple who raises great dogs!
Submitted by: Cameron Horton on Jul 30, 2016
Jimmy and his wife were amazing throughout the whole process. I first spoke with Jimmy 8 months before receiving our puppy, Harlow, and he was very helpful every time I called. Jimmy is an honest man who cares greatly about his dogs which made me know I was getting an amazing puppy. Can't thank the Summerlin's enough for everything we will remain in touch!
Submitted by: Katie Rollins on Jun 30, 2016
Frosty Meadows and Jimmie Summerlin are superior! My husband and I are proud owners of Tex, a beautiful and intelligent brittany. At 8 weeks, I can already tell that Tex is going to be my most obedient brittany that I have owned. Mr. Summerlin is professional, knowledgable, passionate, and accommodating. We were unable to pick up our puppy immediately, but knew he was in the best care. Jimmie sent us multiple photos/videos and stayed in constant communication throughout these two weeks until our pick up. His pride radiates throughout the kennel. We will forever be grateful to Jimmie for blessing us with one of the most wonderful companions! 100% worth the 10 hours roundtrip- Thank you, Frosty Meadows!
Submitted by: Chelsey Dees on Jun 15, 2016
We just got our puppy Saturday! And we love him. I called Frosty Medows Kennels back in January wanting a puppy and all the ones Mr. Summerlin had was already spoken for so I got on the list for the next available puppy In April he was calling to tell me they had a puppy available if I wanted one. Every week I got a picture of the puppy and and time I had a question all I had to do was ask. They are very nice people! And our puppy is so smart! We love him already! I would recommend getting a puppy from them to anyone wanting a Brittany puppy.
Submitted by: John strong on Jun 13, 2016
Just picked up pup 2 days ago whole experience was awesome thank you Jimmie for the great pup
Submitted by: Trent on May 23, 2016
I picked up Josey, a liver and white female from Jimmie back in January. She is turning into a really nice dog for the family. I first called Jimmie in December of 2014 about a litter out of Powder that was in his website but they were already sold. I waited a year for a puppy out if Powder and Cooper. I wanted a liver and white female. There was only one in the litter and Jimmie let me have her. There was good communication for over a year and steady pictures after the puppies were born. I would recommend Frosty Meadows to anyone looking for a Brittany.

Trent Wildman.
Submitted by: Penny Belvin on May 13, 2016
We can't believe Lexi is over a year old now. She recently completed a 10 day manners class. The instructor said he couldn't believe how smart she is and such a quick learner. She has such a loving disposition, and a little mischievous fire that we absolutely love. We couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again.
Mark and Penny Belvin. Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
Submitted by: Bianca sanchez on Apr 14, 2016
I was so excited to get my puppy! The Frosty Meadows Kennel was such a great experience. I loved the atmosphere and most importantly I love my dog. So grateful I chose Frosty Meadows Kennel.
Submitted by: Ginger Cook on Mar 14, 2016
We have been waiting on our Brittany pup, Briley for about 6 months. Concurrently, we were on another waiting list at another kennel. With the other kennel, we had an opportunity to get a pup much sooner. However, our decision was easily made. Jimmie Summerlin stayed in contact with us with updates on possible litters. He provided us in-depth information, history on the Sire and Dam. We knew which kennel to go with and it was worth the wait. Upon Briley's birth, we received pictures and a video of her progress. She's a healthy, smart, spirited pup and a great addition to our family. Thanks Jimmie and Mary!!!!
Submitted by: Gerald Crouch on Mar 04, 2016
Wanted to let you know how Dallas is doing, I bought her from you about a year ago. She's turning out to be a great dog...just needs a lot of birds. I have gotten a lot of complements on how attractive she is.

Submitted by: Marla Sandoval on Jan 23, 2016
I am so happy with my new puppy! He is highly intelligent and so beautiful. Jimmy and his family are so great to work with. From the start of my journey in finding my Brittany, Jimmy was always helpful and helped answer all of my questions. I made a special 10 hour drive trip because I knew I found the right dog and breeder for me. I highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone who is looking for a great dog and for people like Jimmy and his family who make it an easy, smooth and exciting experience. Thank you Jimmy and Frosty Meadows Kennel for all of your guidance and helpful advice. I love my new puppy, he is such a blessing.

Marla Sandoval
South Texas
Submitted by: Randy Vardeman on Jan 18, 2016
Mr, Summerlin,

Just returned from our hunt in Georgia. Rhett was a hit! We killed 37 birds over him in the morning hunt. He's really good at marking birds after you flush a covey. He then picks up the singles. He's a dandy! Can't wait to get a female from you from a different bloodline.
Submitted by: Dustin McNabb on Jan 16, 2016
I have been visiting with Jimmie for about a year and a half, taking my time and talking with him about what I was looking for in a pup. I have personally never met a more knowledgeable and genuine person when it came to breeding. His bloodlines are top notch, but it's his love for his dogs that sets him apart. When we picked up "Camo" we were thoroughly impressed and will definitely be visiting them again. If you're looking for a great Brittany breeder, call Jimmie.
Submitted by: Zach Johnson on Dec 13, 2015
My wife and I picked Huck up from you all last winter. He is one of Coopers and Smokes Powder Keg pups. He is a little bull headed and not a natural retriever but one heck of a pointer and very good hunting dog. At 1 year old he has got to do a lot and as soon as deer season ends we will be headed your way to chase woodcock.
Submitted by: shannon foote on Dec 12, 2015
I picked up my puppy on 12/07/2015 from Frosty Meadows. Scout is a beautiful puppy.I could not have asked for a better person than Jimmy to deal with. He was very professional since the first time I called him. He has sent me pictures and kept me updated since the pups were born. It is a very nice facility he has at Frosty Meadows.Thanks Jimmy for all your help. Shannon Foote
Submitted by: Clay Bradford on Dec 08, 2015
My name is Clay Bradford. I bought a Liver Brittany pup from y'all back in the spring of 2014. I just wanted to pass an update to y'all and thank you for the outstanding dog/companion y'all gave me. When I picked her up she was the last pup from the litter from Molly and Cooper Dee. I think she was affectionately given the nickname "hot tamale." She has the best personality and temperament. My fiance likes to say she's got a more complex personality than I do. She's incredibly affectionate but staunchly independent. She has proven to be one of the best family dogs I've ever had. And as for in the field... I'm blown away by her performance on the first couple of hunts I've taken her on. She's young but the foundation she's starting with is very impressive. It's so exciting watching her do what she's bred to do, see her enjoy it so much and appreciate what an amazing bloodline she's come from.

Thank you again for such an amazing dog and the care you provided when she was a pup.
Submitted by: Neil Strickland on Dec 03, 2015
We got our Penny from you in January 2015 after she was born on Dec 3, 2014. We love her. She is a great dog - she loves playing with the kids and puts up with all of their antics with her. She is a great defender of our house - barking when a stranger comes to the door. And, she loves chasing squirrels and rabbits in the back yard. She is not very large - only about 27 lbs, but we are happy with that. She has become such a house dog that she curls up with my wife and I in bed in the evening!

We get tons of compliments from passers-by about how pretty she is.

In short, she has been a perfect addition to our family.


The Stricklands - Neill, Zanette, Marisa and Claire
Submitted by: Rodney Ferguson on Nov 19, 2015
I am the lucky man who got Birdie! Even though Jimmie had numerous other calls after mine, he was a man of his word and kept her until I could see her in person. He also rejected an offer of $500.00 more than I gave him for Birdie if he would sell her to him and lie to me about why she was gone. Jimmie remained steadfast to his word. He is a man of integrity! This is the kind of person you want to deal with when buying a new dog. Everything he told me about Birdie was true. She is intelligent, curious, energetic, and has a fantastic drive for birds. His dogs are out of great stock, his own. Thank you, Jimmie!!!!
Submitted by: Amanda Borcz on Nov 14, 2015
We adopted Star around the beginning of September. She is now 7 1/2 months old. She has completely stolen our hearts. We are so glad that we chose Frosty Meadows. Jimmie was helpful and extremely knowledgeable. She has been such an amazing addition to our family. She is loving, playful, and very smart. I would recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone looking for a quality and professional breeder.
Submitted by: TK on Oct 27, 2015
Beryl is a beauty. Our trainer loves her personality and says the breeder, Jimmie Summerlin, knows what he is doing. She is an amZing pup.
Submitted by: Timbo Duncan on Oct 09, 2015
April 21, 2015 my boy PANCHO was born. This happens to br my 25th Anniversary with my wonderful wife. we were eating dinner and she showed my PANCHO. He is the love of our life! I can't wait to get home to take him for a walk! He is just another great Brit! Me only mistake was not buying 2!

Smart, Beautiful, Loving addition to our family! Yes he sleeps in my bed! LOL

I love my PANCHO! Don't waist your time wondering if the "Other Breeder" is better, I already did that. Without question Frosty Meadows is #1.

Once again my only mistake, not buying 2!

Thank You Summerlin Family! You can call me and I will be happy to tell more!

Timbo Duncan
Submitted by: Mark & Penny Belvin & Lexi from New Mexico on Sep 15, 2015
Lexi is growing up so fast. She is such a beautiful spirited puppy. She has gone on several trips with us and rides in our OTV. We are so happy we found you guys and Lexi, thanks again.

Mark & Penny Belvin
& Lexi from New Mexico
Submitted by: Jake on Aug 31, 2015
We bought our Brittany puppy from Jimmie at Frosty Meadows, and we could not be happier with our experience. He was very helpful, professional, and accommodating through the entire process. Max is a beautiful and smart puppy, and we look forward to years of memories with him.
Submitted by: Katherine Houston on Aug 24, 2015
Hi Jimmie,

Just writing to give you a little update on our Frosty Doc. We are so excited by this pup's natural ability! We've worked him on some scent trails, and he locks on immediately. Even better, he naturally stays in gun range, and he covers ground beautifully. With no training, he pauses right at the edge of gun range, looks back, and waits for us to close in- it must be natural ability inherited from his mom and dad! Also like Cooper, he is all lean muscle. He is about the same height as our other 2 Brits, is much leaner, but weighs in about 3 pounds heavier. He also has that natural love of the hunt- he is never more excited than when he sees the training dummy come out.

He's going to have his first big hunt this October for a week in South Dakota, and boy are we excited to watch him work! I've attached some recent photos of him. Most of the pictures are from a weekend at the lake- he loves the water and excels at water retrievals. He also enjoys jumping off the dock- he would jump into the lake, swim to shore, run onto the dock, and jump in again 5 or 6 times in a row!

Jimmie, we are so glad to have gotten Doc out of your fantastic dogs. He has been an absolute blessing, and it looks like he's going to be one heck of a hunter.

All the best,
Katherine Huston and Family
Submitted by: Johnny S on Aug 07, 2015
I have known Jimmie for a long time. He is an honest person and that is one of the reasons I bought my puppy from him. The other reason is the quality and breeding of his dogs. Thanks again for the great pup.
Submitted by: Larry Letson on Aug 07, 2015
I bought one of Jimmie's older females and she is in excellent health for her age. Jimmie takes good care of his dogs, kennel looks great and I have never seen a kennel that could compare with Frosty Meadows Kennel. My children and my wife adore the dog.
Submitted by: Nasser Shukayr on Aug 07, 2015
I am not a bird hunter but I love Brits. After researching all the breeders I kept coming back to Jimmie and Frosty Meadows Kennel. I know my pup will be a great companion and loved by the whole family.
Submitted by: Gary Bates on Aug 07, 2015
We visited Frosty Meadow Kennel and were very impressed with Jimmie and his dogs. We will be sending a deposit to get a puppy from his fall breeding. Can't wait!
Submitted by: rachel craig on Jun 17, 2015
I am very impressed with Jimmy's kennels, very neat and the dogs are treated very well. We bought a liver female and my family is very pleased with the purchase, it was a tough choice because the whole litter was an outstanding group. Thank you so much for this beautiful brittany.
Submitted by: Michael and Teri Grodi on Jun 17, 2015
Jimmie was great to work with. From my first phone call to him answering my 20 questions to picking up our puppy (Shiner)bover a week ago. Jimmie showed us where he keeps all of his dogs as well as where the puppies and their mother stay after they are born. We felt so comfortable with Jimmie and his family and we will definitely recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone looking for an awesome Brittany.
Submitted by: Anthony and PK on Jun 16, 2015
We were very impressed with Jimmie and his dogs. We couldn't be happier with our pup. Jimmie is a great guy and was very good to us. He was very nice and answered all of our questions. We would refer him to anyone without any second thoughts. Give him a call.
Submitted by: Brett Powell on Jun 11, 2015
I purchased a male pup from Frosty Meadows Kennels three weeks ago and am very well-pleased! First, I was impressed with the impeccable cleanliness and great organization of the kennel. Top notch for sure! It was the finest I have ever seen! Next, I am super pleased with the pup! I took him outside the house one night after a thunderstorm and he saw a tuft of leaves that had fallen from a tree in our yard and what did he do? He locked up in a point! Could not believe my eyes! Since then, I have noticed he has a keen sense of smell as well! Great dog! I highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel!
Submitted by: Amanda Lockhart on Jun 09, 2015
We have been nothing short of pleased with our experience in buying a puppy from Mr Summerlin. He was extremely helpful and responsive to all of my questions and kept me updated with emails and pictures. It's obvious how much he cares for all of his dogs. Their kennels were very clean and spacious. Our new puppy is so smart and just an all around good dog. We will definitely be recommending his kennel to others.
Submitted by: Richard Borders on Jun 09, 2015
Jimmie was a great guy to work with - he was very attentive to us as potential customers. He didn't mind us calling anywhere from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. to chat about his available puppies. When we picked the puppy up, he gave is a tour of his kennels and he clearly runs a top notch operation with great looking dogs. We've had our pup now for a few days and he's just a blast!
Submitted by: Jameson Pinson on Jun 08, 2015
The Summerlins run an outstanding kennel at their home in Mt. Pleasant. All of their dogs are well taken care of and show great attributes of fine bird dogs. We recently picked up a liver and white female from them and couldn't be more pleased with her appearance and temperament. Dixie is already showing promise to what a great bird dog she will become.
The Pinsons
Submitted by: Jeremy Thomasson on Jun 06, 2015
Great Kennel.... All dogs have superb pedigrees and are in great shape. Jimmie was very personable and down to earth. Once we agreed on a litter date he kept me in the loop the entire time. From the day the litter was born as well as photos of potential puppies I would be selecting from to being friendly and helpful in person. He definitely has a love for what he does and I am very pleased with my pup.
Submitted by: Alex on Jun 01, 2015
I was impressed with Jimmie and Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie is always quick to respond and is clearly very knowledgeable. The kennel looked clean and professional. I just got my pup a few days ago, so it is too soon to say much, but so far so good. They had tired her out the morning I picked her up, which was very nice because she slept most of the 5 hour ride back to Austin.
Submitted by: Cindy BT on May 30, 2015
Frosty Meadows is a first rate kennel. Their property is very nice and our new puppy could not be better. The Summerlins take great care of their litters and are very knowledgeable about hunting dogs and the American Brittany breed. They are extremely helpful and accommodating for new families
Submitted by: Ryan Ordaz on May 28, 2015
We couldn't be happier with our new Brittany pup! He is a liver male and he is the best looking dog in our neighborhood! Jimmie and his family were extremely helpful and responsive to all of our questions and concerns. We can tell how much they care about their dogs. We refer Frosty Meadows Kennel with 100 percent confidence. It is well worth any travel time to buy your pup from them! Thank you Jimmie and staff for such a wonderful addition to our family, he is already loved so much in these two weeks that we have had him!

Ordaz Family
Helotes, TX
Submitted by: Delayne on May 27, 2015
We just got "Murphy" from Jimme at Frosty Meadows. After much research we decided to choose this breeder due to personality and amazing professionalism.Trust me the 10 hour drive was worth it. Jimme- took the time to help use choose, informed us of every puppies temperament, and answered follow ups days later in a timely manner. Murphy- Although he is to young to start hunting, we can see his potential. He is the cutest thing than will turn into a beautiful hard worker. These guy come HIGHLY recommended. Thank you again!
Submitted by: Bob Thorman on May 22, 2015
Mr & Ms Summerlin's Frosty Meadows Kennel is a top notch operation. From the beautiful setting of their kennel in Mt Pleasant, TX to the professionalism of the Summerlins, I was impressed with every aspect of the experience of buying an American Brittany from them. The Summerlins are so helpful and responsive to the scores of questions I had prior to picking up my pup and show a genuine interest in our family and care for the dog. I look forward to many years with this top quality, well bread gun dog, and will stay in contact with the Summerlins along the way. For anyone considering an American Brittany pup I highly recommend Frosty Meadows Kennels.
Submitted by: TK on May 19, 2015
From the first time I spoke with Mr. Summerlin on the phone, I was very impressed with his friendly professionalism and knowledge. He and his wife were both very expedient in responding to my questions, as well as sending me pictures of the litter. He always answered the phone if I called or texted, and reminded me to call anytime I had other questions. I love that his website lists the pedigrees of each dog so you can see firsthand what quality dogs he is breeding. His property was well maintained and the dogs all seemed happy and healthy. Our puppy has been a perfect fit for our family, and we can't wait to see how easily she can be trained. I highly recommend Frosty Meadows to anyone interested in getting an amazing American Brittany, whether for hunting or just a companion dog. You can't go wrong here.
Submitted by: Brittany on May 15, 2015
We picked up our new puppy, Jasmin, from Jimmie and we could not be more pleased. She is smart, loving and so cute. Jimmie has a first rate kennel and great dogs.
Submitted by: Debbie on May 13, 2015
My husband and I bird hunt in west Texas. We heard about Jimmie from some other hunters and decided to see if he had a started dog. He had a one year old male that he had started. He sure works good and we are pleased with the results. We were impressed with his kennel and his care for his dogs.
Submitted by: Tom Kennard on Mar 26, 2015
My family and I have been hunting quail in West Texas for years. Lost our old Britt. We found Jimmie and could not be more pleased. He gave us the grand tour of his kennel and showed us a little boy dog he was going to keep for himself but Jimmie let us take him home. Thanks so much Jimmie.
Submitted by: M. Stone on Mar 13, 2015
Visited with Jimmie several times on the phone before I decided to get a puppy. Looked a numerous other web sites but just kept coming back to Frosty Meadows and I am glad I did. We are so happy with the female we got. Thanks Jimmie for a great puppy and the experience of doing business with your kennel.
Submitted by: Marion Craig on Mar 13, 2015
We we're looking for a new puppy for our grandson and found the Frosty Meadows web site. Jimmie helped us with information about Brittany bird dogs and invited us to visit his kennel. When we visited the kennel we were impressed with Jimmie's set up and all his dogs. Needless to say we have a new puppy for our grandson.
Submitted by: Marcus on Mar 13, 2015
There aren't words to describe how wonderful our experience has been! Jimmie and his wife are AWESOME! Annie has been easy to train and a very intelligent pup. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Joe on Mar 01, 2015
Jimmie sure has good dogs. I know this because I bought a great puppy from him.
Submitted by: Autumn on Feb 23, 2015
My boyfriend and I visited Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie was courteous and very knowledgeable about his dogs and the Brittany breed. He explained the needs and challenges of raising a new puppy. We were able to interact with his grown dogs and play with the two puppies he kept form his last two litters. We are not at a point to get a puppy now but as soon as we have a place to raise a Brittany puppy we will be back at Frosty Meadow Kennel.
Submitted by: C. Koch on Feb 19, 2015
We got our brittany male pup in January 2015 from Jimmie at Frosty Meadows. What can I say? Couldn't be happier. Can tell already Jags (his name) was well cared for and comes from great stock. He shows all the traits of being a great gun dog and great companion. High energy and then loves to relax and cuddle. Vet was impressed too.

I would definitely get another pup from Frosty Meadows and would give them my highest recommendation. They were so easy to work with, direct, honest and communicative.

Submitted by: Jake and Lisa Kahle on Feb 18, 2015
What to say about this Kennel!? FANTASTIC!! AMAZING!! Fell in love with ALL of Jimmie's dogs!! His Kennels are fabulous!! The Summerlin's care so much for ALL their dogs!! We are very pleased with our new puppy! And will be getting another one from his fine dogs!! Jimmie went above and beyond helping us with our new little girl! Well worth the travels, for the quality breed! Can't wait to see what all she will do in the field!!
Submitted by: Bonnie Wulff on Feb 12, 2015
We've had our puppy for three weeks. She's a healthy beautiful dog. Very affectionate, smart but calm for a Brittany. Jimmie is obviously passionate about his dogs and litters. We visited shortly after the litter was born and his set up for he litters was impressive. He helped us with all of our concerns in talking care of our new pup and he followed up to make sure all was well. Our Vet was very complimentary of the breeder's care and pronounced our puppy as very healthy and a wise pick. We're very happy with this dog!
Submitted by: Larry Barnes on Feb 07, 2015
We picked up our little boy from Jimmie on 1-23-15. We could not be more proud of our future gun dog. He has a wonderful personality and his mom and dad are great dogs. What impressed me more than anything was the cleanliness of the kennels. Jimmie obviously takes good care of his dogs. He even has a special puppy kennel for the litter. We are thinking about buying another pup from his next litter. Cooper is the daddy of that litter too. Better get your name on the list quick if you want one of Jimmie's dogs. We barely got on the last list and we are sure glad we did.
Submitted by: Shaun Martinez on Feb 03, 2015
We had a great experience with Frosty Meadows and the owner, Jimmie, from the time we started looking for a puppy to the time we picked our Brittany up.

Jimmie was an excellent resource for information from food to training tips, and even went out of his way to send us updates on the litter as they grew. His updates included photos and video of the entire litter and their progress.

We are thrilled to have a happy, healthy Brittany. She has shown tremendous potential to be an excellent bird dog, and we are thankful to Frosty Meadows and Jimmie for the support.

I would recommend this breeder to anyone, and have already referred family and friends.
Submitted by: Terry Potter on Feb 02, 2015
I wanted to thank Jimmy and his family for their hospitality and professionalism with the purchase of my new little girl (Tris). Looks like she is going to a great one.

Submitted by: Randy Vardeman on Feb 02, 2015
We picked up our Brittany (named him Rhett) on January 24. He was 6 weeks and 3 days old. He is a great little puppy. Mr. Summerlin emailed me on a regular basis and even sent me a picture once he began eating regular food. Jimmie's kennels are "top notch" and he's takes a lot pride in his dogs. We met his wife and son and they are "one fine family". Jimmie has emailed me to even check on the puppy. I would recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone interested in buying a quality dog from a really nice family. There is no doubt that I will purchase another puppy from Frosty Meadows.
Submitted by: Josh Payne on Feb 02, 2015
I recently purchased a female Brittany pup from Frosty Meadows. From the initial point of contact to the day we picked up the pup, Jimmie was more than willing to answer any questions and provide updates. The kennels were clean and the dogs are well cared for. The pups were very healthy and I am pleased with my pick. I would recommend Frosty Meadows to others looking for a dual companion and hunting Brittany.
Submitted by: Tricia & Gerald Crouch on Jan 30, 2015
We just picked up our little female (Dallas) this past Wednesday and couldn't be more pleased! Mr Jimmie and his wife were a pleasure to meet and we enjoyed the tour of all their beautiful dogs and facilities. It was love at first sight meeting our sweet girl! These are some fine folks at Frosty Meadows and I can guarantee you where our Next Brittany will come from! Great Healthy stock!
Gerald & Tricia
Alvin, Tx
Submitted by: Tom on Jan 20, 2015
I have a 9 month old female brittany. Jimmie was anxious to help me and let me bring my dog to his training facility. He put a couple of quails out and let my dog work for about 30 minutes. I was impressed with the results he was able to get from my dog.
Submitted by: Brooke Bure on Jan 20, 2015
We purchased our first brittany from Jimmie on January 17, 2015. Pickett is a healthy, very rambunctious little lady. I was amazed at how well-adjusted, independent, and confident Picket was from the first day we brought her home. She has no fear! We look forward to watching her grow into a great family pet and hunting partner.

The Summerlins were a joy to work with from the first phone call to the day we picked up our puppy. It's clear they take pride in the quality of their dogs. If we decide to add another brittany to our pack in the future, we won't hesitate to use them again.
Submitted by: Neill Strickland on Jan 19, 2015
We just picked up our 6 week female puppy from Frosty Meadows. She is energetic, vibrant, alert and very smart. She is going to be a great dog for us.

I cannot express how great it was working with Jimmie and Frosty Meadows. He made the experience beyond excellent. Communication during the process was first rate all the time.

We hope to be able to get another Brittany from Jimmie some day.
Submitted by: Mike Eckles on Jan 16, 2015
Just picked up Rusty (Brittany Puppy) from Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie and his wife are some of the nicest people you'll meet. They manage a very professional Kennel -- made me and Rusty a priory by meeting my demands and expectation for a new Brittany hunting dog.

Would recommend Jimmie and the folks at Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone wanting a Brittany, and would buy again.

Thank you Jimmie!

Mike Eckles
Quitman, Texas
Submitted by: Bryan K on Nov 06, 2014
Roy is a started dog that I bought from Jimmie. He minds good and is pointing birds. Jimmie had worked with him on hunting close and I am really pleased with the results. He is a very healthy dog and he has a great personality. Thanks Jimmie for this good bird dog.
Submitted by: Katrina Barnett on Sep 06, 2014
We purchased our male pup Beau from Jimmy at Frosty Meadows Kennel on Aug. 7th 2014 and we are very pleased with the quality of our boy. When we went to pick Beau up we were very happy to see how clean and spacious the kennels were. It is apparent that Jimmy takes great pride in his dogs. Beau is coming along with his training and has already mastered sit, come, hold and drop. He has adapted well to being inside with my husband and I. We are empty nesters so Beau gets all our attention. He loves to play outside, especially in his swimming pool) and go on adventures in the truck. We would recommend this kennel to anyone who is looking to purchase a Brittany.
Submitted by: H. B. on Sep 04, 2014
My daughter surprised me by purchasing an American Brittany pup from Jimmie. We traveled to Frosty Meadows Kennel when the puppies were little and were able to choose the pup we wanted. The kennel was great and it was evident that Jimmie really cares about his dogs. When we picked up our dog the kennel was full of activity other folks picking up their dogs but Jimmie took the time to explain about the dog and any additional information. I recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel.
Submitted by: Jessica Noble on Aug 26, 2014
We purchased a girl Brittany pup from Jimmie 8 weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. She is a sweet, smart, and rambunctious Brittany. His love for the breed was very evident in all his thorough explanations and feedback. We love Brittany's and were so pleased to find someone that understands and loves them as well.

The family welcomed us and showed us the kennels. They were so sweet to love on our girl until we could pick her up. We are thrilled!
Submitted by: Neil Breedlove on Aug 26, 2014
Jimmy is the best, I am happy to say Jimmy was so great to work with, but you know as a dog buyer you really want more than just a buying experience and with Frosty Meadows you will get a great dog. My dog Maddie looks a lot like the one shown in the picture. When I called Jimmy she was the last puppy left in the litter. I didn't care.

To me Jimmy is simply really into breeding the best dogs. This is my second Britney, I've owned a female before. I just love the breed and when I spoke with Jimmy he cares so much about breeding great dogs. This pup from Frosty Meadows is just a real confident strong dog. At six weeks she was so affectionate and As the weeks passed the family bonds grew stronger. For a female she is fearless, wrestling with dogs a ten times her size at 8 weeks old. This dog shows no signs of backing down she is a strong confident bitch. She is also is a very coachable dog that preforms on command.

Frosty Meadows has a great mix of dogs, this is something you just don't often see. For a female my dog Maddie father Cooper was a very muscular male while her mother was a healthy bitch. The mix is just a beautiful spunky dog that has no limits. I would love to post some videos to show you her playing with my friend full grown dogs. Everyone who meets Maddie first sees her as a cute dog, then they can't get over her personality, then when they hold her the affection is overwhelming and to touch her soft coat it's unbelievable. What a great dog from a man that loves breeding the best!
Submitted by: Adom Douglas on Aug 19, 2014
We got a male pup from Jimmie about three weeks ago. this the best puppy I've ever had. He is completely house broken and he is only eleven weeks old. He understands sit, down, and heal. Great dog! Can't wait to get another!
Submitted by: Brent Hill on Aug 13, 2014
Mr. Summerlin,
Myself and Raven wanted to send you a note let ou know how great an experience it was to meet ou and purchase a Brittany pup from you. My boys named her "Elli" after their favorite Benelli shotgun. She did really good on the ride back to Oklahoma and she is enjoying her new home.

Thank you for the initial over the phone explanation of your dogs, their training and breeding history, a synopsis of your operation, and for making rhe buying experience painless. There are not many breeders who will communicate with a buyer and provide updates like you did. We really appreciated the weekly pictures and status of our new puppy.

We also appreciate your kindess and welcoming when we arrived at your house. It was great to see your awesome Brittany dogs and puppy's. I am not easily impressed but you impressed me and Raven with your immaculate kennel and your professional standards. My wife is still talking about your dog Cooper an how disciplined and beautiful he was.

Most importantly... we added a new additon to our family that not only me and my wife will enjoy, but my two young sons. They will get to grow up with a champion bird hunting Brittany like I was fortunate to have as a young boy.

You are a top notch Brittany breeder and even better person. So...thank you so much!!
Submitted by: chris ritchie on Aug 07, 2014
I am very pleased with our decision to purchase a Brittany from Frosty Meadows. Mr. Summerlin was very informative and his care for his dogs is apparent. He has called a few times just to make sure everything is going well which we appreciate. As for our pup he is showing great promise he seems to be very interested in training and is picking up on things very fast. He is an awesome addition to our family and I am looking forward to our many hunts together. I would definitely recommend Frosty Meadows Kennels to anyone looking for an American Brittany.
Submitted by: L. H. on Jul 31, 2014
Jimmie sure is a pleasant person to do business with, his kennels are in very good condition and his bird dogs are great also. Bought a really cute puppy from Jimmie , and my family is already enjoying the new member of the family.
Submitted by: Tom Mewhinney on Jul 17, 2014
We had an excellent experience in buying a puppy from Jimmie. When we arrived at his place, his care for his dogs was obvious. The kennels were clean and well laid out. His adult dogs were quiet and very well behaved. I'm sure our puppy is going to grow into an exceptional hunting dog.
Submitted by: Amber Kubrick on Jul 10, 2014
Just bought a real nice puppy from Jimmie. The puppy is very smart and is learning fast. Jimmie was very courteous and helpful.
Submitted by: Phillips Wagner on Jul 09, 2014
Frosty Meadows Kennel provides a great dog buying experience. Jimmie runs a very clean operation and is extremely friendly. He has been doing this a long time and with great care and quality.
I highly recommend buying your Brittany from Jimmie.
Submitted by: Jan Killian on Jul 06, 2014
We picked up our Brittany puppy a couple of days ago and couldn't be more pleased. The puppy is very sweet and seems very wise. The entire process of working with Jimmie has been a great experience. He kept me informed of upcoming litters and answered all questions. We had the opportunity to meet our puppy's parents, which was helpful. Overall, an outstanding experience ending with a beautiful Brittany puppy in our family!
Submitted by: Clay on Jun 21, 2014
My experience with Frosty Meadow's was absolutely fantastic. From the first time I called to when I picked up my pup, Jimmie was extremely professional and helpful. We stayed in touch throughout the entire process and he answered any questions I had with the knowledge I would expect from someone with the great amount of experience he has. His facilities are extremely well taken care of- very clean and hospitable to the dogs. A month after picking her up, I couldn't be happier with my dog and a large part of that was due to the time she spent at Frosty Meadows receiving the care she needed.
Submitted by: michell mahaffey on Jun 17, 2014
Mr summerlin is a very nice person to do business with but best of all we sure have a great brittany. my husband and I have wonted one for years, he is great thanks Jimmie
Submitted by: Daniel Evans on May 29, 2014
This is the best place to buy a Brittany! I had nothing but a good experience with Jimmie. He is a good breeder and an even better person! Great hospitality and a great facility! My Brittany is an outstanding dog that is easy to train and well minded. If you are looking for a great companion or an excellent hunter, this is the place to go!
Submitted by: Ed Harrison on May 12, 2014
I looked at several Brittany breeders, and the pedigree's of their dogs. I firmly believe that you are statically ahead if you want to have a good hunting companion you should start with proven bloodlines. Jimmie has dogs from those kind of bloodlines, and, he hunts with these dogs. The sire of the puppy I chose is reportedly his best male hunting dog.
When I arrived to pick up my new puppy, the thing that struck me was how quiet the 8-10 adult dogs were. The kennels were clean, and the whelping buildings(2) were clean and nicely arranged to give outdoor access and a place for the dam to retreat to.
Time will tell the tale about my new companion's hunting abilities, and, my training.
Submitted by: Vanessa Smith on May 11, 2014
Met Jimmie for the first time, he has some really nice dogs well taken care of. We bought a really cute pup. We are so proud of him and cant wait to see his potential. We are looking forward to a lifetime of fun with our dog! Thank you for raising a great bird dog!
Submitted by: Tony Summerlin on May 11, 2014
As you can see Jimmie and I have the same last name. Oh yea he is may dad. We have had memorable hunting trips every year and will be going to South Dakota in November. Every year we hunt behind Cooper with great results. Looking forward to hunting with Cooper and his daughter, Spice, this year. If you are looking for a great dog with a good pedigree look to Frosty Meadows Kennels.
Submitted by: Tim Skidmore on Apr 24, 2014
I talked with Mr. Summerlin about purchasing one of his pups and even sent in a deposit for him to hold one for me. Before he had a pup available, I found another one elsewhere. Mr.Summerlin was very pleasant to deal with, and sent my deposit back the very next day. Very nice man and a man of his word.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Mary Gonzales on Apr 08, 2014
I worked with Jimmie for years at the post office. He is a great guy. My children wanted a dog and we decided on a Brittney. We knew Jimmie raised Brittney dogs and we got a great pup for my children. If you need a good dog and a great companion or hunting dog just give Jimmie a call.
Submitted by: Luci Rivas on Mar 27, 2014
My name is Luci Rivas and I work for American National Bank of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. I'm the assistant to the famous pro baseball player, Mr. Ernie McAnally. I have known Jimmie for over 7 years. I would first like to congratulate him on his retirement from the US Postal Service. I would also like to say that I am extremely proud of him for the way he has brought up and manages his dog breeding business. He speaks very passionately about his business and those precious little dogs. Ever since I met Jimmie, I have always known him to be genuinely friendly, courteous, polite, respectful, dependable, reliable, conscientious, hard-working, and peace-loving. He is a good-hearted, honest man and you can trust that anything Jimmie says, you can take straight to the bank! God bless!! :)
Submitted by: KENDRA GRAY on Mar 24, 2014
Submitted by: Michelle Hall on Mar 21, 2014
My husband is an avid hunter and I wanted to get him the perfect gift for his birthday and surprise him. I contacted Frosty Meadows Kennels and went and found him the most perfect healthy puppy! I was very impressed on how clean and well kept the kennels are. These dogs are beautiful, smart and have great pedigrees.
Submitted by: Stephanie Hardcastle on Jun 13, 2013
I visited with Jimmie and Kevin last weekend. My children and I really became attached to one of the older females. Jimmie was kind enough to let us buy this dog. We also got to see the dogs being trained and were really impressed with the kennels.
Submitted by: Dennis P. Gendron on May 28, 2013
Jimmie had a 2 1/2 year old male that he had been working with. He worked good in the field. Sure liked him so I bought him for me and my wife. Kennel looked good and all was clean.
Submitted by: Theodore on May 27, 2013
Just got Sadie this past week from Frosty Meadows Kennel and couldnt be happier. What a great dog health, loving, and very sweet, her and Colt are loving life down at the lake this weekend. Thanks Jimmie for such a great dog!!! Cant wait to hunt over her this year happy hunting.
Submitted by: Steve Buerger on Apr 27, 2013
I bought a fine male puppy from this breeder. The animal is happy healthy and very bright. He is well formed and has great color. He is ready for training and has good instincts. Best of all he has an outstanding nose!
Thanks !!
Submitted by: Hollie Rogers on Apr 03, 2013
I bought a new puppy from Frosty Meadows Kennel. I found the breeder to be friendly and helpful. The kennel is clean and well organized and the puppy is healthy.

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