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Submitted by: Marco Sterns on Jan 14, 2020
The best way for me to review these guys is by comparing them with all the other So Cal breeders, I was shocked by the stark difference. I was looking for a dog to hunt quail, pheasant, huns, and chukar I travel to hunt several times per year and wanted a dog that is well balanced temperamentally to handle the flying/drives and the natural nose and point to self train. Ok... so now to my puppy buying experience, I called every single breeder in California that I could find a number for online, there were so many types I was mind blown. I did not want a show dog, I did not want a craigslist dog, and I sure as hell did not want a dog from someone that could not recall the last time they hunted. I called Antonio and he was hunting that weekend, told me he would call me back... never did, I called back Monday morning. For the first time on the phone with a breeder, I did not feel like he was selling me on anything. He told me to call around and get a feel for people and pick a dog that was like the one I was looking for, I went out to a couple of kennels and the majority of the dogs were not socialized, this was the major problem I saw. Antonio has kennel dogs, but every single one I met had golden temperaments, no barkers and all the adults played together and came right up to my wife and I no problem. We went to Prado with him that day and he showed us some of the training process and what he was working on with the dogs, he showed us their imperfections and their most amazing abilities. He talked to me about health and wellness, he offered help and guidance. That day I placed a deposit and the rest is history, one year later I got a puppy. This dog is exactly what he promised, maybe more spoiled than Antonio would be cool with but as far as a hunting dog, I could not be happier. He has traveled with me to Montana, South Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and now at two and a half he is a extremely natural dog, not fully broke but sure as hell a bird finding, pointing, and retrieving maniac.
Submitted by: Dominick Octavio on Oct 21, 2019
Hey Antonio:

This is Dominick, the guy who bought the puppy from you a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and is such an awesome dog. I think I’m going to get into hunting again just to watch him. He points at everything. We just had quail in our back yard and he froze for about ten minutes. FYI we named him “Scout.”

Anyway, thanks so much. He’s doing great. Crate trained really easy. If you have any training tips for me I would appreciate it.


Dominick Octavio
Submitted by: Jake Cross on Oct 01, 2019
5 star bird dogs..... simple as that. Tony is willing to help but is not a fur parent, right to the point. I love the dogs that I have bought from him....wild bird dogs 100%
Submitted by: Milly Rao on Aug 14, 2019
My husband had been looking for a little hunting dog for a while and was recommended Antonio's kennel by his cousin and we are so happy with his little hunting dog. Antonio set us up for a 2018 puppy and when the time came it was a great process, he helped us find a dog that would work for our home. She was trained up north somewhere by a hunting dog trainer and has come home and my husband says she is ready to hunt. She is so beautiful and muscular, like her momma!

I was a bit concerned about her in the house but she has turned out to be a good little house dog too. Lil is so nice and we are so grateful for her, the wait is long but this is the best German shorthair pointers breeder that we encountered. Thank you for putting up with us.
Submitted by: Ramiro Maldonado on Jul 31, 2019
All I can say is wow best hunting dog I have ever owned
Submitted by: Dusty Chamberlin on May 02, 2019
All i can say is thank you for my dog. he is the best gun dog i have seen and have ever owned, i took him to do the NAVHDA natural ability test and he was amazing. now we are running NSTRS and i have been asked repeatedly where he is from, this dog is gold. always on the money and easy to handle, good work buddy
Submitted by: Brian Miller on Apr 17, 2019
I have had the best experience with these guys. I have 2 dogs from them and they are the best German shorthairs that I have hunted with. My father in law also has a dog from here and his is awesome too! I highly recommend this breeder for a quality hunting dog with style for days.
Submitted by: Rossario Boggi on Nov 26, 2018
We brought a puppy home from this breeder a year ago, Bocce is a beautiful GSP she has been exactly what we wanted in a chukar dog and family dog. She was easy to train, I only exposed her to wild Chukar and she picked up hunting and pointing very quick. Antonio and his Uncle are very helpful but also old school, I love the way they raise their puppies. The puppies are really social and exposed to birds by the pick up. My family and I can't wait to purchase our next one once we are able. SIDE NOTE: IF ANTONIO RECOMMENDS A CERTAIN LITTER I RECOMMEND YOU LISTEN TO HIS ADVISE, We did and couldn't be happier, he will even send you to someone else if he doesn't have what will work for you.

Antonio, Ciao ci vediamo presto! Grazie per Bocce, lei è il miglior cane da caccia che ho mai avuto. Chiama mi andiamo a caccia

Con Cuore,

Submitted by: David Hershman on Jul 10, 2018
We received our GSP from Antonio and we absolutely LOVE him so much
Submitted by: Jose Cabrera Martinez on Jul 10, 2018
Worth the wait!

We were fortunate enough to have been recommended to Antonio from a buddy of mine that hunts with 2 dogs from GPN and I cannot say enough how awesome these dogs are. My pup is only 4.5 months old but is showing all the natural abilities that I was promised and more! I was able to get him out a few times already, pointing and retrieving like a pro, took to water great (wasn't expected) and has made the ideal house dog with my family. This is my very first hunting dog that I have owned but I have had lots of dogs, Jake crate trained in a couple of nights no problem. He loves everyone and social as can be, I absolutely love Red and Baby, their field abilities shows through their pups!

Antonio, Thank you again for everything, number 2 coming soon hopefully!
Submitted by: Michael Flores on Mar 05, 2018
I bought a puppy from Antonio in 2015 and she has turned into the most incredible quail and chukar dog for me and my son. We have hunted behind her at least 150 days in the last 3 years and she has been more than impressive, excellent nose and drive second to none. These are hunting dogs for those that are looking for a dog that will exceed all expectations in the field. My Siena was trained and hunt ready in a couple months and by an amateur, I can only imagine what she could accomplish with a pro handler. If anyone would like to speak with me directly ask Antonio for my phone number, I would be happy to speak with you directly. Thank you, Antonio and GPN GunDogs for an awesome dog and an even better family companion.
Submitted by: Amanda Mudd on Nov 28, 2017
We got an absolutely AMAZING GSP puppy from Antonio @ GPN GunDogs! We searched and searched for a great breeder and we definitely found one at GPN GunDogs. We felt very comfortable with Antonio from the very beginning. His communication throughout the entire process was incredible. We heard from him each step along the way. Once our little boy was born, we got frequent pictures and updates. Antonio is extremely knowledgeable and breeds only the best quality!! Our little hunting dog has amazing abilities and is super smart, right out of the gates, and he has a wonderful temperament! He is everything we could have wished for AND MORE! Thank you for everything, Antonio!
Submitted by: Jamie Alamillo on Jun 27, 2017
Your dogs are amazing! Top notch breeder, I can not wait to get another pup soon. Your dogs ARE EXCELLENT WITH KIDS AND EXCELLENT NATURAL HUNTERS!
Submitted by: Eric Allen on Mar 10, 2017
I purchased my GSP from Anotnio 2 years ago and I must say that my pup is absolutely awesome. She is not only beautiful, but a great hunter and wonderful family pet. If anyone is considering getting a GSP this breeder is top notch.
Submitted by: Bill and Cynthia Bolton on Mar 08, 2017
Dutch is the one in the black fast he grew.....we love him! He is so smart, he knows how to open doors with his paws! Antonio is the BEST breeder I have ever met, I would have 15 of these dogs if I had the time, energy, and money.....they are the most loving companions.
Submitted by: Abbey H on Feb 24, 2016
We have been so pleased with our puppy from this breeder. (she's the purple collared pup in the photos) She has a great personality and is a pleasure to watch in action - beautiful animal! Overall we had a smooth and positive experience working with This business and would recommend them to anyone looking for a GSP! :)
Submitted by: Tony Vaca on Feb 17, 2016
I bought a GSP puppy out of the Cooper and Baby 2015 litter and I cannot say anything better than FANTASTIC! My pup is great he was in such remarkable condition when I picked him up that I was amazed. I have bought several puppies over the years and none had the love and care that was put into this guy! I am blessed to have met Antonio and have my next puppy planned for this year. Can't wait!
Submitted by: Russ C on Feb 17, 2016
We are very pleased with this breeder. Our girl "Tessa" has been pleasure to have and grow with our children. She has a fantastic personality, our breeder was very informative very knowledgeable about the breed. I highly recommend to anybody looking for a GSP pup!
Submitted by: Giulio I on Feb 17, 2016
I had been looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer breeder for a very long time after loosing my first GSP, until I found they were great! I was unsure if I really wanted to spend the money on a puppy but the owner Antonio put no pressure on me at all and took the time to really understand what it is that I wanted. I ended up waiting a day to think and had the deposit check in the mail the very next day. The puppy I bought is just amazing at 2 years old now he is a natural hunter that I have rarely seen. I will never get another breed of dog and when I get another I am sure it will be from Antonio, I just love everything about their dogs!
Submitted by: Rick O on Feb 17, 2016
best GSP breeder I have had the pleasure of working with!
Submitted by: Mike L on Oct 14, 2015
Antonio is a very knowledgeable breeder and trainer. I looked for a breeder for my GSP and was very impressed with his operation. He even helped me sell the puppies and took the time to find the right person for them. Very happy with the whole experience. I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a great dog and not have to worry about supporting a puppy mill.
Submitted by: Levon Hacopian on Oct 14, 2015
I bought a trained German Pointer from this breeder and can attest to the quality of the breeding program. They know what they are doing and have a great thing going for them. Anyone looking for a quality bred GSP that can out hunt the rest don't look any further. Antonio took me for a weekend hunt and really trained me in handling my new dog. Could not be happier, Thank you Antonio!
Submitted by: rosie macalello on May 17, 2014
Wonderful communication...friendly and true dog lovers!
Submitted by: Daniel Arteaga on May 14, 2014
Great service, this was my first puppy ever and they have helped me adjust to the puppy life very smoothly, I recommend anyone who is looking for a GSP to go threw they know their dogs

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