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Submitted by: John M Novak on Dec 05, 2020
Just purchased our new pup from Randy at Fife kennels! Extremely pleased with our new joy ! Named him Rascal because he was being a little rascal on our trip home ! I would highly recommend Fife kennels to anyone looking for a pup !!
Submitted by: Caleb Roloson on Jan 21, 2020
I purchased my female two seasons ago could not be happier first bird dog I have had easy to train hunts points and retrieve very well. I have younger children and am very impressed with how gentle she is. All I can say is I will be getting another one in a couple years.
Submitted by: Kelsey Jutila on Nov 24, 2018
We got our pup, Harry, from Randy last March and we could not be happier with him or our experience working with Randy. Harry is an outstanding bird dog—pheasants, huns, partridge, chukars—you name it, he hunts it. We are looking forward to adding another pup to the family soon! We would recommend Fife Kennels over and over again.
Submitted by: David strietzel on Dec 12, 2017
Randy was so amazing when I got my little girl Annie 5 years ago. She was so Birdy it was crazy! This girl lives to hunt. I’m definitely weekend warrior when it comes to hunting but I have still hunted with a lot of dogs. She blows em all out of the water! My ex father in law also has a girl he got from randy 7 years ago. She also has so much personality and character. They are both amazing gun dogs and I would recommend these guys to anyone! Randy welcomes you into his home and let’s you have time to get to know all of the pups. That way you get the personality that fits your family best. I’d give them 1,000 stars!
Submitted by: Cyndi Schenck on Dec 11, 2017
We got our Oakley and my daughter got Remington May 2011, we couldn't be happier with these two! Best dogs ever!! Can't wait to get another one soon
Submitted by: Tom Oxford on Dec 03, 2017
We got a Brittany from fife kennels 3 years ago. One of the smartest and best hunting dogs i have ever owned. Natural hunter and pointer. Easy to train and a great family dog.
Submitted by: Matt on Aug 12, 2015
Piper June is a little under 3 years old and couldn't be a better dog. She is independent, very birdy, full of curiosity, and again, did I say birdy? Most of all, she's a great companion and very loving.

The whole family loves her. Thank you, Randy! I couldn't be happier with Piper.
Submitted by: Kaitlin Hasler on Oct 28, 2014
I purchased Summit this September, and although he is still young he is already showing such great potential. Randy was so nice to work with and easy to get along with. My family loves our new brittany pup and can't wait to see how his hunting career goes, when he is big enough to do so.
Submitted by: Chase Owen on Jul 27, 2014
Bullet my 5 year old is the BEST bird dog I have ever had. He is very loving and loves to hunt. He has the energy to run all day in the field all around good dogs.
Submitted by: Steve Ranstrom on Jul 14, 2014
we purchased a female pup from Randy a little over a year ago. i think Randy sold the best dog he has ever raised. Weeza does it all and has the looks to go with it. her dispation is great, she is fast but does not waste movement. this is a once in a life time Dog. I have hunted with dogs for over 60 years and this is as good as they come. the nice thing is Fife Kennels has more dogs very much like Weeza. Oh did I say what great people they are to work with because they are wonderful and keep their word in every way.
Submitted by: Fendercase on Jun 19, 2014
We drove down from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to pick up our Male Brittany Puppy, Pax (Sir Paxington Halferstache III). What a wonderful dog. We got him the day he turned 8 weeks and the very first night he pointed on some geese near the parking lot we were stretching our legs at. In the year since Pax has expressed all of his hunting abilities. He stalks, points, and retrieves (with a little help). Full of energy and very fast, he is smart, eager to please and playful. We got very lucky in that our pup is very quiet. He cries only a little when he's kept away from his pack and he vocalizes when he wants to play. We can count on hands and toes how many times we've heard him bark. I haven't even mentioned how good looking he is. We've gotten compliments on how handsome and well behaved our Pax is. We are eternally grateful to the very nice Fife Family for our dog and we would recommend them as a breeder to any and all who would listen.

Submitted by: Layne Peterson on May 23, 2014
Purchased a female Brittany pup from Randy 6 weeks ago. Rouge is a great house dog and was very easy to crate train. She has lots of great instinct, uses her nose constantly. It is great to see such a young pup lock up solid on a wing. It seems to me that Jeb and Duck have produced a very nice pup to carry on the Tequila's Joker and Nolan's Last Bullet genes into another generation. Thanks Randy!
Submitted by: Brian Grimm on Dec 29, 2011
What a great Guy to deal with. His dogs are just are great as him too. Had one of his Brittany's for 2 years now and she is amazing. She lives to hunt, could make a living out of it if her master was not so poor. Thanks Randy for a Great dog
Submitted by: Paul Jozwik on Nov 18, 2011
Jak will be 5 years in March. I am going to start calling him Magic Jak. We limited in Idaho three weeks ago, limited in Oregon last weekend and came real close this weekend. He is not perfect, but he is pretty damn close. Jak loves Chukar and I love Jak.
Submitted by: Sally Oltman on Nov 13, 2010
What an absolute joy working with Randy and welcoming our Brittany into our home. We got a female Brittany from Randy last year at 6 weeks. She was pointing at 7 weeks! And without hunting training she points ALL the time. Our Brittany is attentive, sweet, intelligent, and very eager to please. Randy was an absolute pleasure to work with, listening to my needs and sending the perfect puppy to me. My dog is a year old this month and she is everything we dreamt of. I am actually not a hunter, I wanted a family dog, and while she definitely shows amazing hunting potential, she is a dream to have as a pet. She’s kind, active, mindful and she is incredibly affectionate. We really couldn’t have asked for a better dog or a better experience with Randy. And when he says they are guaranteed he means it. He was always available for questions and advice with my new puppy and he is very knowledgeable about the breed. Thank you for our perfect addition! I wouldn’t buy from anyone else!
Submitted by: Gary and Lissa Britt on Jun 30, 2010
We got a puppy from Randy last summer. She is a beautiful dog. She points at birds in our big yard with no training. We have done some basic behavior training with her and she was eager to please. She potty trained in a couple of weeks. She is great around our six children. She has become a very important part of our family. I definitely would recommend Randy's puppies.
Submitted by: Nick Muckerman on Feb 08, 2010
I would highly recommend Randy Fife of Fife kennels. We bought a Brittany female and have been very pleased. She pointed a wing at 7 weeks and is super birdie. She learned the "kennel" command at 8 weeks and is starting to retrieve frozen quail at 11 weeks. Randy was great to work with. He stands behind his dogs and his breeding program.
Submitted by: Cecelia on Nov 23, 2009
We welcomed a female puppy, Paisley, from Fife Kennels and she is everything plus what we were told. A beautiful dog, great pedigree and we look forward to many years of great hunting and companionship with her.
Submitted by: Dan Temple on Aug 31, 2008
I just wanted to put a note on here recommending Randy Fife. I got a Brittany from him late last fall. "Annie" was already pointing at 9 weeks (got her at 8 exactly), she trained easily, she is eager to please, she always waits for me to say "ok" before she flushes etc. I live about 6 hours away from Randy and he made it easy on me by recommending a pup from his litter he thought would suit my needs, reserved her, and then arranged with a friend of his to bring the pup 4 of the 6 hours leaving only an easy two hour drive for me. I would be hesitant to go with anyone else for another Brittany.
Submitted by: Phil Gerstner on Jun 09, 2008
Awesome dogs when i came out and visited. My wife and I are very happy with Sam. She is progressing nicely and started pointing at 9 weeks. She is full of energy and being outside. I would highly reccomend Fife kennels.

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