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Submitted by: Bob & Mary on Oct 25, 2020
We got Kazzy in 2013 and she is the best dog ever! Ralph guaranteed her temperament- which is sweet and loving and he was so right. Her natural hunting ability is amazing and so fun to watch. Outside of hunting - she is the greatest family dog. I LOVE that we are a pack. Couldn’t say enough good things about this breed and we are madly in love with our sweet Kazzy girl ????
Submitted by: on Feb 21, 2020
We purchased our dog “Rudy” from Ralph April of 2019 for our young boys and so I could have a dog to bird hunt with.

He is the most gentle dog I have ever been around and he is absolutely obsessed about birds. He’s either running back and forth while outside in the yard searching for birds or window to window looking for birds while inside if we are not playing with him.

Rudy is intelligent and was a quick student with his dog trainer for birds this past fall (Bob Ross in Ishpeming).

Rudy weighs 38 pounds at one year. He does have bird dog energy and we need to keep his mind and body active.

I highly recommend purchasing a dog from Ralph.
Submitted by: Beth Lewis on Nov 19, 2019
We received Molly from Ralph 2 years ago and she is the best all 'round hunting dog I've ever seen. Great temperament and fantastic field dog. Great company for my old shepherd mix and cat.
Submitted by: Dirk madson on Dec 17, 2018
I got my Setter from Ralf in 2000 and was a great girl. She passed away Aug. 2017 at 17 years old. This was my 2nd. Setter I have had. Great dogs.
Submitted by: Wyatt Eisenberger on Feb 28, 2018
Ralph was great to work with and kept me up to date with the litter. We got our June Oct 2017 and she has been awesome. She is smart and a bit stubborn, which Ralph warned me about, but I think that they make the best dogs. She is a huge cuddler and was housebroken very easily. These dogs have a will to please which makes training easy. She pointed wings right out of the box and has progressed significantly in her bird dog training. We can't wait for this fall to get out in the woods and chase some birds with her. Thanks again Ralph, will definitely be coming back for another pup.
Submitted by: Robert William on Oct 29, 2017
I bought my dog from Ralph. He has a Great knowledge of English Setters. I believe Ralph is the Apotheosis of English Setter Breeders. I have my Little Lacey since October 2016 in which she was delivered to my home. Ralph is a Great guy and his pets are guaranteed. He has excellent bloodlines and knows how to pick his papers. Ralph thanks to you and your wife for having Great Dogs.
Feel free to call anytime with questions.
Submitted by: Mike Soulliere on Jun 01, 2017
Got my Mackinaw from Ralph in January. The pup is a class-act, and has had no health problems. Has been an apt pupil throughout training so far, even-keeled, friendly and as smart as a whip. Can't wait to enjoy my first grouse season with him this fall, and enjoy the coming years with him. I will definitely be going back to Ralph when it's time to get my second setter.
Submitted by: Natalie on Nov 19, 2015
My husband and I got our "Missy" from Ralph last January. She is so smart and the most loving dog we have ever had. We definately need to keep mind/body active but that is what we love about her. She is active/energetic during the day and then a cuddle buddy at night. We definately see where this breed needs to be with people - she will follow us everywhere and is happiest when she is right with us. I would say this breed is not for people who are gone alot - she does get anxiety if we leave her for extended periods of time. Overall though she is great!
Submitted by: Dr. Paul Lindstrom on Nov 12, 2014
We bought our "Bess" from Ralph in January of 2008. She can still run any dog I know into the ground! And, I know alot of dogs because I'm a veterinarian.
Submitted by: penny lawyer on Feb 21, 2014
Can't wait to get Fergie, having baby anxiety down here in Detroit. Fergie born 12-26-13
Submitted by: Liz Smith on Feb 12, 2014
We got a female puppy from Abbey Lane Setters almost a year ago. She is very smart and a very driven hunter. Ralph was great to deal with, even delivered my puppy all the way from the UP to the Detroit area!
Submitted by: Steve Penn on Jun 16, 2013
I've had Brittany's, shorthairs, and English setters, but after getting a tri-colored female setter from Ralph, I won't consider any other breed or breeder. "Lady" is by far the most intelligent dog I have owned. Her temperment and natural hunting instincts are awesome. Need to find her a sister! Ralph???
Submitted by: Katie Force on Mar 25, 2013
We got Cam from Chester & Lilly's litter right before Christmas and we couldn't be more blessed! Every where we go, people compliment us on how good looking he is. He's very well behaved and so smart! It's been fun and easy teaching him tricks... he learns so fast! If you're looking for a lover and a new best friend, Abbey Lane Setters is the place to go! We couldn't be any more happy :)
Submitted by: Kelly Keider on Feb 21, 2013
We got a puppy out of Chester and Lily. We are so pleased with her. We named her Macy Mae. All our family and friends are so impressed by her behavior and intelligence. We have 7 dogs including Macy and she is by far the most intelligent. She is amazing at three months we take her everywhere and never has accidents in other homes and stays in the yard off lead. Her manners are spectacular. We could not be happier. We have even consider getting another next winter. Truely the most wonderful puppy we have owned!!! Thank you Ralph
Submitted by: Burke Reneaud on Feb 16, 2013
My wife and I got a setter from Ralph about 2 weeks ago. He is a great pup and shows lots of drive. My experience with Ralph has been nothing but stellar. I contacted him in early December aasking about pups and he said that he was going to have more later in the spring. we ended up waiting for the next litters, and were glad that we did. Ralph offered to keep the pup until later in the spring and start him on training if we needed him too, but decided to take him as soon as we could. Ralph drove all night through a blizzard to get us our new addition and we have been very happy. I would highly reccomend him to anyone looking for a setter.
Submitted by: Kaela Cretens on Jan 18, 2012
I purchased a pup from Ralph late last spring(out of his Roy and Lilly litter)and have been so grateful we did! We celebrated Leroy's first birthday a few weeks ago and still can't believe what an amazing dog he is. Not only are his hunting instincts amazing but he is highly intelligent, obedient and above all an all around great family dog! We have three very young children ( 6, 3, and 10 months)that keep him company. Ralph is an excellent breeder who cares about his animals. He didnt just take my money and shove me out the door either. He actually spent over an hour talking with me and showing me his dogs, and kennels. I was impressed with every aspect of his breeding and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great gun dog or just an excellent, sweet family clown! I hope to get a second dog from him soon.......!

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