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Submitted by: Tom Jelsema on Dec 22, 2014
My lab is HRCH DuckDawg Dutch Lace (Lacey), she is 4 1/2 yrs old, Libby has helped from when I talked to her 5 yrs ago to finding out about my personality and what I was looking for and matching me with a puppy to fit with my personality and style of living and hunting, I continue to call her and ask questions and they are always wanting to know how there puppies are doing and performing, I have and always will recommend DuckDawg Retrievers.
Submitted by: Laura Madsen on Dec 22, 2014
I've had my DuckDawg puppy two weeks and am very happy with him! He is super friendly, healthy, confident, and smart. I plan to train him in search and rescue, not in hunting, but I have no doubt he could do any job.
Submitted by: Scott & Jo Sempeck on Dec 22, 2014
Loved dealing with Libby during the months before we picked up our black lab puppy. They came well recommended and we weren't disappointed. We made 2 trips out to the their farm to visit the litter at 3 & 5 weeks of age and felt it was well worth the 6+ hour round trip drive. Libby was always accommodating and it was a pleasure visiting the great facility...and of course seeing the puppies and their personal herd of labs too!

You can't go wrong with this wonderful place to get a great Labrador retriever.
Submitted by: Brandon on Dec 22, 2014
Got a puppy about 7 months ago from the preacher x shiloh litter, my wife and I couldn't be happier. Our puppy took to retrieving like she had been doing it all her life. We love everything about her and Libby was great to deal with through the whole process.
Submitted by: Bill Morrow on Dec 21, 2014
We had a wonderful experience, from the call to talk and place the purchase order and all through the process of purchase, including the trip to North Platte. We are doing a different type of hunting: Search and Rescue. Major is doing well, for a 5 month old pup. He is doing live puppy runaways and really enjoys that game. He is also a great dog.
Duckdawgs reputation is great.
Submitted by: Cynthia Brill on Dec 21, 2014
We purchased a Labrador puppy from DuckDawg Retrievers this past summer 2014. Libby was absolutely wonderful in helping us make our choice long-distance. Our puppy, who is now 5 months old, is everything you could want in a Labrador: smart, highly trainable, even-tempered and super cute! We had a wonderful experience with DuckDawgs and would recommend them highly to Labrador lovers.
Submitted by: Jim Marino on Nov 13, 2014
I am extremely satisfied and proud of my DuckDawg Retriever. I am confident that in 47 years of raising labs, he will be among my best. He titled as a Started Dog at 7 months and was a water blind away from earning seasoned points at 11 months. He has also picked up 400+ birds to date (at 14months). The reasons I will return to DuckDawg Kennels for my next retriever and recommend them to anyone interested in a labrador is the quality of the pedigrees of both sires and dams, the top-notch set up for raising and whelping pups and the fulfilment of their promise to provide you with a dog that will excel in the field and at home.
Submitted by: Jaci & Cory Kruse on Aug 15, 2014
We received a Female Lab puppy in May of 2012 from the Spice and O'Malley litter. We couldn't be more happy with our dog. We don't participate in competitions with her, as her primary "job" is to be our companion and pet. She is an extremely smart and calm girl. We were so impressed with DuckDawg! Libby is extremely organized with all her paperwork and made the process so simple and she genuinely cares for each of these puppies. Our next dog will definitely be a DuckDawg and we HIGHLY recommend them.
Submitted by: JW Huber on Mar 08, 2014
I started more than a year in advance with a thorough scouring of lab breeders and I liked what I found with DuckDawg. My vet confirmed my choice when he said he had them on his short list as well, and would be excited to see the puppy. They were great to work with throughout the process. At first I was skeptical about DuckDawg's recommendation to have the puppy sleep in our bed the first few nights, but we tried it and it worked very well. Since picking up "Ivy" in the middle of October, she has been a joy, a real easy going youngster in the house and with the other dogs, but smart and intense when out training. At six months, we are working on doubles and blinds and I love the way she enjoys doing things right - "Good Girl" gets lots of tail wags, and "Sit" will drop her butt faster than the rest.
Submitted by: Gary Whitlock on Dec 15, 2013
I just want to say that my Duckdawg Creek Farm experience has been great. Libby has been a professional in every aspect of the process. From the time my deposit was received until the delivery of my pup I couldn't have asked for more. More importantly, I have a quality animal that I am very excited about!
Submitted by: John Larson on Dec 10, 2013
My name is John Larson, i have a duckdawg pup of my own that i purchased from Libby last december (2012)and i couldn't be happier!! In my opinion, duckdawg pups are some of the best you will find, potty training (any training) is a breeze and the fact that the breeder is a veterinarian herself will ensure that you buy with confidence. There are so many good things i could say about this breeder but i'll let you find out for yourself when you get your own duckdawg pup! :)
Submitted by: Brandi Weinman on Dec 09, 2013
Libby breeds some very best labs around you would be hard pressed to find a better breader around. I have two dogs from her kennel. I had some help training them took my male Max and put a HR title on him. He was only 13 months old set a record for youngest dog to acheive HR Title this year in our district. Both of these dogs are awesome, you can't go wrong for either a hunting dog, hunt test dog, or pet. They have the drive,style, looks and intelligence.
Submitted by: Mark Lister on Dec 08, 2013
Nothing but good to say about our lab, she is well mannered, loves to be out, our problem no pheasants to speak of. I tell everyone that asks where I got her without hesitation!
Submitted by: Dave Farrar on Dec 08, 2013
While searching the internet for Lab breeders, I came across DuckDawg Creek Farms. I wanted a pup that had all of the health certs and a stong pedigree. I gave Libby a call, not realizing that she was in NE. She assured me that shipping an 8 week old puppy by air was an easy thing. After the pup was born, it was fun to look at the pictures on her website as they grew into little retrievers. Those were the longest 8 weeks of my life! On the big day, I drove to SFO and waited for my boy's plane to arrive. He was happy to get out of the kennel and start the trip home.

DuckDawg Creek pups are the best you can buy. My boy is 18 months old and I could not be happier with him. My best friend is tireless in the field and he is great in the house. Although I have never met Libby in person, I consider her a good friend. I still call or email her when I have a question on training tips or gear for my dog.
I highly reccomend calling her for your next hunting partner, competetion dog or family pet.
Submitted by: David Hewlett on Dec 08, 2013
Got my third Labrador from Ron and Libby and he was the best of my three, and the other two weren't bad. I have now put myself on the list for one of their breedings for 2014. My DuckDawg Labrador definitely had the best nose and best personality, was very smart and very trainable. I train my own so that is important to me. Can't wait to get my next pup going!
Submitted by: Rich Carpenter on Apr 14, 2011
I've known Ron and Libby and their dogs for a number of years. They run a top-notch operation and have produced some very high quality Labrador pups over the years, out of their females and by their males. I've had an opportunity to watch their dogs run in hunting tests as well as many pups purchased from their kennel. Their breeding stock is well-bred and all tested for necessary health clearances that responsible puppy buyers are looking for. They approach breeding and raising puppies very professionally while still being very friendly and easy to do business with. I chose to breed my male to one of their outstanding females to provide me with another pup of the hunting and test-running qualities I wanted. I was most pleased with the breeding and the puppy I got is very talented. I also found every aspect of of the breeding agreement, and arrangements for the puppy selection to be outstanding, with every thing done as arranged and on time. Being very active in HRC hunting retriever tests, over the years, I've gotten a lot of inquiries from people looking for good pups and recommend they check out Duckdawg.
Submitted by: Rick Freeze on Apr 08, 2011
I would just like to say that Ron and Libby have done there home work and are producing some really nice pups. I know a lot of people who have titled dogs from various breedings from DuckDawg Creek Farms. All of them are very happy and say it was money well spent. My last dog came from there kennel and she was a pleasure to train and titled at a very young age.
Submitted by: Frank and Janie Guynn, CO on Mar 31, 2011
We think Ron and Libby are exceptional people. They are first class and so is their facility. We purchased our lab female puppy(July)and through their great web site was able to be a part of the process. July is our first lab; Ron and Libby have gone out of their way to counsel us and give us tips raising July. July is everything Ron and Libby told us to expect. She has a sweet personality she is "smart" and loves the snow. July is now 10 months and she is perfect for our mountain living. VGETV
Submitted by: Terry Kostinec on Mar 31, 2011
DuckDawg was recommended to me from my Nebraska hunting friends. The pedigrees of their dogs are from excellent lines. I checked out many breeders during my search, but I kept coming back to Libby and her dogs. She was very helpful in answering all my questions. Their facilities are top notch. It was well worth the trip from Minnesota. The female pup I selected from a Dottie litter is a fast learner, excellent around people and well mannered in the house. I'm looking forward to the first hunting season with this pup and a long relationship with DuckDawk Kennels.
Submitted by: Dan Kletke on Mar 24, 2011
I purchased my pup, dans duck dawg super cooper from duckdawgs Aug 2010. Libby was very patient with all my questions during the purchase process and has been there after the sale to answer questions also. Our pup, now eight months old is a very handsome and rock solid bundle of energy and very eager to learn. When I hear of a friend contemplating getting a lab pup I always direct them to Duckdawg Creek Farms web site. dan kletke
Submitted by: Jeff & Teresa Rooney on Mar 23, 2011
We have two dogs from Libby and Ron . We could not be more pleased. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch Labrador Retriever.
Submitted by: Mike and Jeanine Schwan on Mar 22, 2011
We have purchased two puppies from DuckDawg Creek Farms. Our first, "DuckDawgs Libby's Inspiration", was named after Libby Milroy because she inspired Jeanine to pursue dog trainng and hunting. I only hope that our second, "DuckDawgs Lean as a Rock Lubick", turns out to be as fine of a dog as our first. Libby and Ron are very organized and have a high standard in which they operate. They love their animals, which is evident in how well they care for them. Mike and Jeanine Schwan
Submitted by: Ann Wichmann on Mar 22, 2011
Libby and Ron are extremely thoughtful and conscientious breeders. They take wonderful care of their dogs, their puppies, and their new owners! I depend on both of them for their expertise and their ongoing support. I highly recommend DuckDawg Creek Farms as a source for your future partner and performance labrador!
Submitted by: John Vassallo on Mar 22, 2011
My wife and I flew out from MI to pick up our yellow lab in Nov 2010. Libby and Ron were great hosts. We got to spend plenty of time with the pups and we were lucky enough to get a dog that really fit in with our life style.

Their "operation" is top notch. The kennel is clean, and the dogs were clean and well cared for. The weekly updates on the pup's development were really helpful to us in our selection.

When we brought the dog home our vet noted how well organized the pup's paperwork was. A complete packet with vaccine records, breeding info, and puppy raising tips.

Strider turned six months today and I couldn't ask for a better dog! Strider spends the day with me in my doctor's office and my patients have (many active hunters) comment on his mellow good-natured disposition.

The creeks and lakes are just thawing up here in MI. The cold water has not stopped strider from jumping in the water to get sticks or chase a duck or goose.

Great breeder who stand behind their dogs!
Submitted by: Jim McLaughlin on Mar 22, 2011
DuckDawg is the gold standard for Labrador retriever breeders. Libby has spent years improving the breed. You shall obtain a puppy that will be your best friend at home, work, in the blind and the upland field. A dog that will do all you ask whether to just hunt with or compete in hunt tests.

As a stud service easily the most professional to deal with. Our last breeding occurred during a blizzard and Libby was still able to get the shipment to us. I highly recommend DuckDawg Creek Farms.

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