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Submitted by: Elise Eberhardy on Nov 30, 2018
I can't say enough how happy we are with our little girl from DreamMeyer labradores. Our "Blue" came to us very socialized and already familiar with outside is where we go potty. She really shows potential for anything we want of her. Her drive for receive is definitely innate to her. She gets along perfectly with my 50lbs blue heeler mix and my 6lb Chihuahua. I am excited for next summer as I hope to bird hunt with her and she has done nothing but show she is ready to go. Nancy not only LOVES her dogs but one can truly see that she has chosen well over the last 30 years when deciding which dogs desreved her name on their pedigree. Will for sure be a repeat customer.
Submitted by: Phillip Maguire on Nov 19, 2018
Nancy was awesome through the whole process of receiving our new up from Dream Meyer Labradors. We were fortunate to live close enough to Nancy that we were able to go over with our young children several times and interact with the puppies. We were also able to see the mother, Piper, and the pups grandmother and great aunt. I left being even more impressed with Piper after meeting her in in person.

We picked up our Dream Meyer pup, Shiva, at 7 weeks and she fell into our family nicely. We already had an 11-year-old black lab and an 8-year-old Yellow lab. All the dogs have gotten along well. Shiva came from Nancy well adjusted and socialized.

I have played fetching games with Shiva from the first day we brought her home and she has excelled at them. She is a bold, athletic pup and loves birds. She currently is four months old and has done very well with gun conditioning and bird work.

-Phil Maguire
Submitted by: Meghan on Nov 05, 2018
We originally came across DreamMeyer Labs and Nancy by accident through a google search when our 2 yr old puppy died from cancer/ liver failure. I was only 21 and my father found us the cutest, floppiest, adorable puppy. We were soon picking him up from the airport. Nancy took care of everything! We had my Dodger for a good long time. He was smart, lovable, funny, truly the sweetest dog in the world and a joy to have. Dodger left us and after a year and a half I was religiously following Nancy on FB and her soon to be new litter of puppies. I was NOT getting a puppy. It was NOT the right time for me to get a puppy! I followed religiously anyway and one day she posted about her last boy pup and how he was the sweetest of the bunch. That was it! I was done! Had to have him. I reached out to Nancy and again she was amazing. She walked me through everything, she sent me photo's and updates until he was ready to come home. She arranged for transport as we live several states away. We both texted nervously while he was on his journey to us. 15 years after our first experience with DreamMeyer Labs nothing has changed. We again have the cutest little pup, very different yet very similar to his "great great uncle" I think thats the lineage, maybe. I am grateful to Nancy for both of my boys, truly remarkable dogs.
Submitted by: Emily on Nov 05, 2018
Nancy is an amazing and knowledgeable breeder with high quality dogs. I got Winnie at 7 weeks from Nancy’s 2018 litter. Everyone comments how confident, friendly and smart Winnie is. She knew sit, down and other commands before 10 weeks old. Nancy was so good about keeping me updated on Winnie’s progress before I could take her home. She would send pics and videos and I was allowed to visit a bunch of times! Winnie knew her name when I picked her up as Nancy and her family would call the pups by their names. Winnie loves kids and I think it has to do with the loving family environment Nancy has at her home. Nancy cares so much about the dogs and it shows. If you are looking for a great lab look no further!!
Submitted by: Lisa Odonnell on Sep 29, 2018
I cannot say enough good things about this breeder and her dogs. We are so happy with our entire experience. We would highly recommend her to anyone and have! We took home our puppy Rosie at 7 weeks and we were immediately impressed with how smart she is. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly she is being trained. When she hears geese she immediately sits very still and looks in the sky until she sees them. She watches while they fly over and never moves. She has been watches geese and ducks this way since 7 weeks old. Her sense of smell is outstanding and loves to get into the woods for exploration. She is equally happy to lay on the bed with my daughter and hang out while she does her homework. We are thrilled with her and with our entire experience with the breeder as well. Thank you Nancy for an amazing addition to our family!
Submitted by: Russell Phillips on Sep 09, 2018
Just got our puppy Nellie. Already i can see how smart she is and curious she is. We had to put down our 13 year old chocolate lab 5 months ago. Nancy was fantastic. We had a tragic loss in our family the week we were to pick Nellie up and Nancy not only helped us with changing the date to pick her up but her husband Duane cut four hours off our trip by meeting us at the Iowa border. You don't find great people like this much anymore. Nancy kept us up to date on the progress of the pups along with pictures and video. If your looking for a intelligent and quality chocolate lab but also a quality breeder that truly cares for her dogs look no further you have found her.
Submitted by: Debra Bercik on Mar 23, 2015
I lost my first chocolate lab in 2009 and wasn't sure I wanted to get another dog. I did some research on lab breeders in the area and over the internet and when I decided to get another dog Dreammeyer Labradors and Nancy Meyer was the best choice I could have ever made!!! Before putting a deposit down on my chocolate lab (Allie) with Nancy, we spent an hour and a half on the phone... her getting to know me and me getting to know her. When Allie was born, Nancy sent a variety of pictures as the weeks went on until I would finally pick her up. Allie is not used for hunting or agility but I couldn't ask for a better "best friend" and I am so glad that I went to Dreammeyer Labradors and Nancy Meyer to get her!! She is very spoiled here in Whiting, IN and she enjoys walks and swims in Lake Michigan as well as runs in the park. I would definitely recommend Dreammeyer Labradors!!
Submitted by: Cheri Levine on Mar 17, 2015
I researched chocolate Labradors looking for a field champion who had all the health clearances. Dreammeyers had all clearances with titles! Nancy's females and males who she breeds with are very healthy and strong. I received a female chocolate who was one of the fastest dogs I've seen. When completed a "bulldog" at a hunt test, Addi would be back at the start line before the bulldog was thrown! After receiving her MH title, my dog now is running agility competitions and has been one of the top 10 agility Labradors in the United States. I will purchase another dog from Nancy. Actually my husband has a new puppy from her. They are family raised and loved.
Submitted by: Charlie Phillips on Mar 14, 2015
Just put down my chocolate lab that I purchased as a puppy 12 years ago from Nancy at DreamMeyer labs. He was out of DreamMeyer's dog Kitty and Nan Dool's Elwood Blues. He was the best dog I ever owned. He won't be easily replaced. Nancy takes great care in looking for the enthusiastic and driven yet focused and quiet characteristics that are most important in a great duck dog. I'm back working with her on a replacement dog. She's so knowledgeable about chocolates and aims to put out great hunting dogs that are also marvelous companions and great family dogs! Can't wait to see what comes next from her!
Submitted by: bill spiess on Apr 21, 2014
I purchased a female pup from the spring 2013 stella/tick breeding. I was very happy with the experience and appreciated Nancy's knowledge and dedication to breeding special dogs. I am very happy with my dog and she is amazing. She is extremely bold, eager to learn, easily trainable and loves to hunt. She is also amazingly strong, fast and agile. If you are looking for a wonderful family dog and companion with a lot of hunting ability Nancy should be able to help you out.
Submitted by: Gary Lee on Sep 26, 2013
I recently posted a comment about a breeder I had great success with. Where can I go on your website to see the testimonials?
Submitted by: Gary Lee on Sep 22, 2013
I was able to reserve and get a Rose/Elwood pup from DreamMeyer earlier this year. Her name is Grace. If you want a quality Labrador with great temperament who will make a wonderful pet, hunting dog, or companion then this is the place to go. DreamMeyer labs are perfect for whatever you are looking for in a Labrador retriever. Nancy will guide you through the process and keep you up to date at every step along the way with pictures, videos, and then great support after you take your new pup home. I highly recommend Nancy and DreamMeyer
Submitted by: gary egbert on Nov 07, 2012
hi my name is gary egbert 734-765-0408 i have a female from the 2012 stella tick litter.i wanted to wait until all her shots were done and a through health analysis was our family health is very important and everything was great. i am not going to tell you that my puppy can do 300 yd blinds at 12 weeks what i would like to say is my puppy has a great demeanor and was very confident and comfortable when we got her from nancy at 7 weeks. nancy sent pictures every week and was very happy with the dog she matched to our family. i have no ties with nancy and the reason i am leaving my number if someone would like a little more info about my experiences i would be more than happy to talk to you when looking at online info it sometimes is hard to get a real sense of what reality is but i know this is a big decision and lasts for a long time so i will be honest to your questions thanks and good luck finding your puppy.gary
Submitted by: Jean Liebmann on Sep 22, 2012
I have a 4 month old female from Nancy out of her Rose x Ice breeding. I was looking for an agility dog and Dyna is every bit as Nancy described her: smart, cunning, fast, happy to learn new things, and fearless. She has drive to spare outside, but is remarkably calm indoors -- and she loves to cuddle.
Dyna is my 5th dog (4th agility) and what sets her apart is her attentiveness to me even in new environments. She will go check out new sights and smells but not for long, and then she returns to my side. A couple of my prior dogs did have this attention also, but not at this young age.
I did get Dyna with the intention to train her for agility (which I will), but given her natural birdiness I am also going to work on hunt test training.
My entire experience with DreamMeyer labs was great. Nancy was very honest and open about the pups. I wanted a male, but Nancy told me the way the pups were developing she could not sell the male to a performance home. She offered me a male from another breeding with the pups due in 6 weeks. I was planning to take the offer when a week later she called and asked if I would consider a female. A pet home was supposed to take Dyna, but it was clear she was going to be more than they were ready for at the time. Nancy's description of Dyna was too compelling. Dyna is amazing and I will not hesitate to go back to Nancy when I'm ready for another pup.
Submitted by: Sean Hager on Sep 11, 2012
I am a professional retriever trainer in NY and have had the opportunity to work with four dogs from Nancy's amazing line of very talented and trainable chocolate Labrador retrievers. I have trained two of the them to be master Hunters by the age of 2 1/2 years old and am currently running the other two in the master level. I have one of her females that will be running the master national in Alabama this October.

I would highly recommend any of Nancy's breedings to anyone looking for a competitive Labrador retriever.
Submitted by: Gary Storm on Sep 06, 2012
Last summer, my 11 yr old black lab passed away. The breeder that my last 3 black labs came from was retired, so needed to find a new breeder. A friend mentioned that Nancy had one black lab pup. Even though I live about 15 miles from Nancy, I had not heard about Dreammeyer Labs, so I checked out her website and was impressed with her dogs.

From the first impression visiting her website,to our initial phone call and visit to see the pup, Nancy was great. She took great care during our phone call to make sure that I knew that Puck needed to go to an owner that was an avid hunter with the time and patience to work with him. She knew and described Rose's Black Lab male pup she called "Rascal" (we named him "Puck") to a tee.

I brought a couple of pheasant wings to test Puck's birdiness and his nose. He found the wing in the bushes 3 times and by the 3rd time he was hunting. Puck had the nose and hunting instincts that I was looking for. Nancy's instincts were right on and we are extremely happy with our decision.

Puck is a 63 lb bundle of enery that was hunting, marking and retrieve pheasants at 6 months. He is a very quick learner and eager to please. We can't wait until he gets his first trip to the Dakotas this fall.

We were fortunate enough to be able to visit and check out Nancy and Dreammeyer Kennel before buying Puck, but for those of you out of state, you will not find a better person or kennel to make sure you're getting not only a great lab, but the right lab for you.

Dreammeyer is known for their chocolate labs, but those looking for a black lab should seriously consider a black lab out of Dreammeyer's Rose.

Submitted by: Maureen Hacker on Sep 06, 2012
We discovered DreamMeyer Labradors when we were searching for our 3rd chocolate lab. Our labs are trained for hunt test/field trials. We were looking for a nice chocolate male with a great pedigree. We found it in Ooh-Rah, a Stella/Tick pup. Ooh-Rah is a marking machine. He is very trainable, has lots of drive, a sweet temperment, and wants to please. We would definitely purchase another labrador from Nancy at DreamMeyer Labradors.
Submitted by: Rey Guajardo on Oct 17, 2011
Our family wanted our first dog ever... After just over a year of research we decided on Chocolate Lab... We searched our area and online and found DreamMeyer Labs and Nancy Meyer! Nancy took the time to answer all our questions, and after seeing pictures of Stella we knew we found our breeder. On 1-11-11 Stella had six pups! We told Nancy we wanted a male, loving, good temperment, smart, family dog and she selected "Hunter" for us and she met us half way between Chicago and Minnesota for delivery. Hunter is MORE than we asked for and we couldn't be happier! Hunter was valedictorian of his obedience class, he's athletic and powerful and I believe with proper training, could compete in any kind of competition out there... but for us we'll just enjoy our new member of the family...
Submitted by: Craig Colter on Oct 16, 2011
I was just getting back into Hunt Tests and I did a national search to find the best chocolate lab that I could find. I had found a couple of breeding thousands of miles away. Right before I was going to take one of these dogs, I saw Nancy's add. Turns out Nancy is only 5 miles from my house. It was amazing to be able to be a part of the puppy process. I visited weekly and saw what fantastic care and specialized early training the puppies received. My puppy is incredibly smart and learned to handle at 3 months and was doing 100 yard channel blinds at 6 months. He is really going to challenge my training abilities. I have also had the privilege to work with the sibling brother of my dog. He took a 2nd place at eight months of age running against dogs that had JH titles and were 2 to 4 years old. I am amazed how mature and polished he acts at such an early age. I really believe that Nancy gives the puppies an incredible head start.
Submitted by: Wanda Frontado on Oct 03, 2011
I knew exactly what I wanted. Once I started explaining it to Nancy, I discovered that all I was asking her for was a Super Dog! Nancy listened carefully and then assured me that she would get me my Super Dog … and she delivered! DreamMeyer’s Call Down The Thunder (Echo to her friends), is everything I asked for …and more! At 12 weeks, she was already retrieving birds from land and from the water. She has a water entry to die for and is absolutely fearless. She is my Super Dog!
We are headed for competition in the field and in the obedience world. Echo is easy to work with; she pays attention and learns quickly. She is big, bold and beautiful … a physical description that also fits her personality. I’m having the time of my life working with this young lady and wonder what I ever did before she came along.

I understand that Nancy is planning a repeat Drake/Rose litter. C’mon Nancy … you can’t top this …!!!?
Submitted by: Linda Mock on Oct 03, 2011
My friend Polly and I bought a DreamMeyer chocolate male in June, 2010. Striker, at 3 months old, was doing 30-40 yard water retrieves. We knew then he was very special. His eye contact is like no other dog we've owned. He is in training for his AKC SH (after going 4 for 4 for his JH). The trainer has high expectations for him and his future in the hunt test/trial circuit. Nancy is very knowledgeable about her dogs/pups.
Submitted by: Daniela Barnard on Sep 12, 2011
From the very first time that we saw a chocolate field Lab, my husband and I fell in love. However, living in South Africa made it impossible for us to own one- as there are simply no breeders. We looked to the States via the Internet, which made the task difficult, as we were unfamiliar with the community of gun dog breeders. This search proved exceptionally heartbreaking and I was left in tears on more than one occasion, by reputable Lab breeders who made empty promises, and who were strangely suspicious of our intentions. Some even thought that we were con artists trying to gain access to their bank accounts!! This went on for months…

And then we were blessed to come across Nancy and her amazing and extraordinary pups at DreamMeyer Labs. Right from the very beginning Nancy was warm and welcoming. Though initially she was a little weary of one of her pups having to travel so far, she was reassured when we promised that every precaution would be take to ensure the best for our little one.

From the day that the pups were born we were send photos, updates and even video footage. In living so far away, this documentation made us feel that we were there, experiencing every part of the litters’ growth. Knowing that we wanted a pup as a family dog first and foremost, we left it for Nancy to choose the pup… And what a decision she has made!!

Scout is now 8 months old and is one of the most incredible dogs that we have every owned. She is beautiful, intelligent, learns tremendously quickly, has impressive agility and power, and the most adorable personality you can ever imagine ☺. We are now looking at doing field and agility competitions with her, as her trainer says that she has never seen a dog quite like her.

We feel unbelievably lucky to have Scout in our lives and it is all thanks to Nancy… We could not have asked for a better breeder or dog in the world! Xx

Submitted by: Bill Haskell on Sep 07, 2011
We purchased a male chocolate lab (Dexter) born Dec. '09 from Nancy at DreamMeyer. As we split our time between our homes in Maine and Florida, we wanted a dog that was versatile, bright, athletic with a kind disposition. Dexter has more than fulfilled all of those qualities and more (he is also a bit enthusiastic)! Having owned a number of labs in the past, I can unequivocally say that his breeding is exceptional. The athleticism that Dexter displays is tremendous. While he has not been agility trained, his maneuverability and jumping skills are tremendous. Our Maine home is on a lake with 12 acres of property and this is heaven for him. He is not the least bit gun shy and is extremely eager to learn and please. In short, we couldn't be happier with DreamMeyer. My wife gets the credit for finding Nancy and making a great selection. I would not hesitate to buy a DreamMeyer bred puppy for any use -- hunting, agility or a great companion. These dogs need and love a lot of exercise so buckle in and enjoy.
Submitted by: Daryl Kleweno on Sep 01, 2011
I just got my 3rd performance lab puppy and in just 3 weeks I know I have exactly what I was looking for. While I don't compete in Field work, I do compete in Obedience, Tracking, Rally, and especially in the sport of Agility. I expect a lot from my dogs and research carefully into a prospective new puppy. My present competition lab had her first Obedience and Tracking titles before the age of 2 yrs. She has multiple titles in all of the venues we compete in and is working on her Master Agility Champion title presently.

I first contacted Nancy at Dreammeyer Labs about 2 years ago, I was impressed with her older female "Gracie" who has her MH is very high drive, with great structure and athleticism.

Then I saw a daughter of Gracie, "Dreammeyer's Chocolate Addiction", competing here in Washington State in agility. She has been so impressive for her powerful speed and great athletic ability. This young female also only needs 2 passes for her MH.

I made my decision this past spring to purchase my new puppy from Nancy, who is so knowledgeable about her lines and breedings and has been wonderful to work with. Nancy immediately understood what I was looking for--a chocolate female puppy with high drive, intelligence, bidability and with the structure and athleticism I needed for a performance puppy.

Nancy was breeding her female "Rose" to an FC AFC chocolate male from here in Washington, WaDaGo Call of the Wild (Drake). In June there were 2 chocolate females and I knew that I would have a great time in Minnesota picking my new little girl.

"Dreammeyer's Wicked Bad Ziva" is now 11 weeks old and already proving my research and wait were worth it. She is very sweet and loving but she is a little learning machine. Her intelligence is amazing--she is so attentive and already has great focus and drive. She is everything I wanted in a new puppy and I am excited to continue her training and begin competing in the near future.

What a great experience I had with Nancy and Duane at Dreammeyer Labs!

Daryl Kleweno

Submitted by: Polly Shaffer on Aug 28, 2011
Nancy and Duane have an amazing line of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. My friend, and also breeder of labs, Linda Mock and I bought a male pup from the first Stella/Tick breeding. I told Nancy what I was looking for, a powerful master level retriever that would also make a great household companion. She picked "Striker" for us and Duane delivered him to our door. DreamMeyer Striking Ryder of Larke is an amazing retrieving machine. He was doing 100 yard water marks at 9 wks of age. He already has hi Junior title and will soon run for his senior and master. What is unique about Nancy's dogs is the eye contact. Striker will just sit and quietly watch you with an intensity. Nancy is honest and devoted to improving the breed and ensuring that each dog is correctly placed. She is an outstanding person with and outstanding line of dogs. I would highly recommend her and her labs.
Submitted by: Sarah Fodchuk on Jan 11, 2011
We got our little Lillie from Nancy at Dream Meyer Labradors and we couldn't be happier with her. She is a sweet, gorgeous, and a very intelligent girl. Stella and Tick produced an awesome little girl for us. "Dream Meyer Lillie Antlermeadow" is full of retrieving desire and is very "birdy". Her personality makes her a great family pet as well, so basically she is the perfect combination of a family dog and hunting partner. She was very easy to train and she caught onto everything very quickly. She will begin her hunt test career in spring 2011. At 6 months old Lillie was already out in the field helping bring in ducks and Canada Geese with no trouble. Dealing with Nancy throughout the process of getting Lillie was awesome. She was great at answering questions and doing a little extra for us (since we are in Canada and require a bit more work to bring pups over the border). You can tell she adores her dogs and takes pride in producing phenomenal pups in every litter. Not only was Nancy awesome to deal with regarding Lillie she has also helped out and given her advise on other things and I can't thank her enough. We are so happy to have Lillie in our family and we can't wait to watch her grow, compete and have pups of her own one day. We wouldn't hesitate getting another one of Nancy's pups and when the time is right we definitely will!! Needless to say we HIGHLY recommend Nancy and Dream Meyer Labradors to anyone looking for a awesome little retriever.
Submitted by: laurel perram on Jan 31, 2010
DreamMeyer labs are incredible !!! After loosing our chocolate girl (at almost 16 yrs of age), I searched, and searched for our next girl. After all the hours, days, and weeks of researching . . . looking for the right pedigree, the right body, attitude and temperament, drive and desire, love and affection, socialized and raised in a home. Nancy Meyer was the top of any and every list for me!. The day finally came, when I sat down to call her . . . We talked for an hour . . . I knew then—she was the one! I knew Nancy was the only person I wanted my pup to be with for the first weeks of her life. Nancy has a huge loving, caring, passionate heart, I could hear it in her voice on that first phone call. Nancy, & Duane, not only have many years of experience, but understand every one of their pups, personalities, traits and needs. “DreamMeyer’s Hope of the Summit” is almost a year, now. She is beautiful, smart . . . we love her sense of humor. Hope has a kind heart that she loves to share. Hope’s trainer is so pleased with her, she is easy to train, she is months ahead in her training, and his goal to have the senior and master titles completed at the end of this year. When she’s not training, she goes to work with us, and also travels with us, and loves the weekend trips on the boat. She is simply incredible!! We are so thankful for the time and energy Nancy gives to these great lines of chocolates, we will breed in time, and we hope to continue to honor the chocolate line as she does. In just a few days we will be picking up “DreamMeyer’s Faith at the Summit” our second chocolate girl from the Meyers. All of our dreams are coming true, from all the love that Nancy has given to every one of her pups . . . and their owners.
Submitted by: Diane Treadway on Jan 26, 2010
I am honored to own a Feb '09 Chocolate Lab Male, "DreamMeyer's Gold Coast Giacomo". I lost my last chocolate when he was 15.5 years old, and was very particular about what I was looking for. I wanted an all-around dog that would be as comfortable in the field as they were at the barn or on the beach. I was fortunate enough to visit with Nancy and the dam/litter a number of times. Nancy knew that the puppy needed to have smarts, lots of energy, and the calm and friendly demeanor required to be around horses and disadvantaged kids. Nancy did a perfect job in recommending the pup. Giacomo is a HOME RUN all accounts, plus he is loaded with personality and absolutely gorgeous! We also have a female from the Dec '09 litter scheduled to move into the family in February '10. She's going to be another terrific dog, and we are very excited to have her.

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