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Submitted by: MARTIN SCHIMEK on Jul 12, 2022
Lily van Hardinsburg ( Gordon Setter) from Diana Baugh , 7.5 yrs. , a daily companion through good and bad as long as there is action and fun wich translates to long walks in nature no matter beach or woods , she interacts with people as well with her surroundings in the typical impish " Gordon" way !!
Dazzling good looks are helpful nevertheless!!
Submitted by: Jillian pilgrim on Apr 23, 2022
Purchased a beautiful Gordon setter pup from Diana in Kentucky! Very pleased with her service! I needed the pup brought up to Canada and she helped every way she could! I ran into lots of bumps along the way and took a while to find the pup a way up, Diana was very patient and very helpful, couldn’t of asked for a better breeder to purchase a pup off! 10/10 recommend her!!
Submitted by: Danielle Todd on Apr 21, 2022
We have a Boykin Spaniel from Draco Kennels and he is by far our best dog as of yet. He is our first Boykin and he is amazing. His drive for hunting is outstanding paired with his gentle mouth makes for perfection. Bo is 5 yrs old and I swear if we could clone him we would.
Best decision we ever made was to get a Boykin.
Submitted by: Kathy Mertz on Jan 17, 2021
Our beloved Gordon we bought from Diane is absolutely a wonderful dog. He is 12 and 1/2 yr and "hanging is there fine". He is devoted, smart,beautiful and loving. Thank you Diane. Hopefully not too soon but we will be in touch one day Kathy Mertz. Mother of Gus from RochesterNY
Submitted by: Shannon Dassau on Aug 20, 2020
My husband and I purchased 2 Gordon setter puppies from Diana in August of 2020. She has been the best breeder that I have dealt with. She TRULY cares about her animals and her property shows that. She always communicated with us and sent pictures. The puppies have wonderful personalities. She is a very hard worker. Can not say enough good about her and the dogs. The lineage of the dogs is amazing!
Submitted by: Sandy Berry on Apr 28, 2019
My husband and I have bought two Gordon Setters from Draco and we couldn’t be happier with our experience or pups! They are fabulous hunting dogs, gorgeous, loyal, funny, and smart as a whip. We look forward to doing business with Diana again in the future!
Submitted by: Teresa Shank on Apr 27, 2019
Rusty is our sweet boy from Draco Kennels. He has the sweetest personality, gets along well with all dogs, loves people and a laid back mama’s boy. He is our fifth Brittany. He is our first boy Brittany and if I’d known how sweet he’d be I’d have got a boy a long time ago. We’ve had Brittany’s since the eighty’s.

Diane breeds the best Brittany’s I’ve ever had, she’s easy to get a hold of her, very informative, promptly got our registration papers and she even met us 20 minutes from our home on her way to Florida to drop Rusty off to us.

I would recommend Draco Kennels to anyone who wants a sweet sweet Brittany and Diane is the best.
Submitted by: Terry L Gladman II on Mar 04, 2017
We bought our Brittany late winter of 2014. We started training as soon as we got home with Lizzy. Obedience came very natural and interaction with our very young kids was nothing short of amazing. I was worried at first that she didn't show any interest in a wing or body. So we kept at it the best we could till that day came to go live and we hit the ground on fire and now as a three year old you had better pack a lunch if you want to keep up. ONE WORD "DRIVEN"
Submitted by: Justin on Jan 14, 2016
I got a Gordon Setter from Diana 5 years ago. I hunt him primarily on high elevation blue grouse and he has yet to meet a dog with a better nose or feel for wild birds. When I first got him, I was worried I'd have to teach him how to work the birds... First wild blue grouse he ever saw he pinned between myself and him and it's been a pleasure to watch him mature into the finest bird dog I could have asked for. I've had him on pheasant, quail, grouse and chukar and he doesn't skip a beat - what a nose!!! He's an absolute pleasure to be around and provides us plenty of entertainment on a daily basis. I can't recommend Draco enough!
Submitted by: Tink Haydon on Oct 28, 2015
Bought a Boykin pup from Draco Kennels about a month ago. Diana was a pleasure to work with. Have had no problem out of the pup. She is 12 weeks old now and has been in the water, sits to a whistle and command, stays on command (briefly), comes when called and goes crazy over thawed doves. I plan to introduce her to live quail in the next couple of weeks. She has been very easy to house break, stays in the kennel overnight with no trouble and is a very easy dog to train so far. Pup gets along with our 1 year old son and other dog with no problems at all.

This Boykin from Draco is my first bird dog but I recommend Draco highly.
Submitted by: Leah Shanley on Jun 02, 2015
I was looking for a dog that was going to keep me busy and also be a good size for the small home that I live in. Sadie Mae our brittany that from Draco Kennels is so wonderful. She is cute as a button and has easily become the highlight of my day. I couldn't have found a better walking and playing partner anywhere else. I 100% recommend Draco Kennels.
Submitted by: Claudia Mouser on Jan 16, 2015
One of my bucket list items was to own a Gordon Setter. I researched and decided to go with Draco kennels in Kentucky. I live in Ohio. He is the best. Everything you would expect from a Gordon Setter. I highly recommend Draco kennels. They have the best gun dogs.
Submitted by: Jacob McAvinchey on Dec 29, 2014
I have had my girl Fiona for just over a year now and she has been just amazing. Her temperament is great, she gets along with everyone and even though she is still very much a puppy she knows to slow down and be gentle around children. Her energy level is quite high but if you put in the effort to exercise her regularly and plenty she settles right down in the house and will curl up in your lap any chance she gets.
I initially was hesitant to purchase a dog online without having more then pictures but Diana put my worries to rest. Her puppies are well socialized and very well taken care of as they grow up. When I took the trip down to Kentucky from Michigan all the paper work was set and ready to go and I left with the cutest little ball of fluff who slept in my lap the whole drive home.
As far as hunting goes my gordon goes out with me quite often and on all sorts of game. She comes out to the field for goose season and will sit quietly next to me while we wait, or take her into the grouse woods and she runs nose to the ground looking for upland birds. No doubt in my mind my next dog will come from DracoKennels
Submitted by: Earl Spencer on Nov 17, 2014
The service and understanding I got with Draco Kennels were amazing. I flew my English Setter Finley to southern California. I was very much impressed with the dog I received. I just can't get enough of our boy. He is smart and listens very well. I started training him after a few days of getting to know us. He picked up and understood the things I wanted him to do. Finley's markings are better then the pictures could tell. We are so happy, I will never forget the joy he is giving us. I can't wait to teach him to swim next summer. He is my 60th birthday gift and will always be grateful to Diana at Draco Kennels.
Submitted by: Aubrey Scott on Oct 05, 2014
It was a great experience buying my Boykin from Draco kennels Diane is great at working with you to make the experience fun, my dog is better than I could have ever expected she sits and fetches retriever dummy after only 2 days!!! Excellent job
Submitted by: Skye Scholander on Jul 16, 2014
We received our Brittany from Draco Kennels via air shipment after speaking extensively with Diana, the breeder, over the phone. While we were initially apprehensive about purchasing a puppy sight unseen we pretty confident in all the of the interactions we had with Diana and took the plunge.

Our Brittany arrived at the airport sleepy but relaxed. She came to us with such a wonderful personality. She is gentle and sweet. She is amazing with our kids - our oldest son has thanked me for finally getting a dog - even though he will only have a couple of years with her before he goes off to university (he is already concerned about that). She is active and loves to run and cuddles with us on the couch. She lets our youngest children (5 and 7) brush and pet her.

She was clearly well socialized prior to coming to us. She hasn't met another dog, big or small, that she doesn't like. She is comfortable with cats and so far horses as well. She has exhibited no aggression, no fear, and no timidity in any situations. She is responsive and friendly to all people. She makes me look like a great dog owner with her personality and temperament. She trains quickly and loves to learn. The kids can work with her easily and have so enjoyed it. She is the delight of our home.

Diana's dogs are wonderful family dogs. Loving and sweet. I can't say enough good things. I would be happy to speak with anyone considering getting a Brittany from Draco Kennels.
Submitted by: Bill Reilly on Jul 08, 2014
In my search for a Brittany breeder, I discovered Draco Kennels with various reviews from different organizations, some favorable, and some not. After many e-mail contacts with Diane, my confidence level increased. Questions were answered competently, promptly and professionally. It was now time for a personal phone call. She picked up the phone after a few rings, which surprised me, since I have never experienced this before. It has always been telephone tag with previous breeders. This is my fourth Brittany, and after speaking with Diane, I was very comfortable with her ability to arrange air transport from Kentucky to Long Island, and presented me with a beautiful and healthy puppy. The purchase was error free, and very personable. I recommend her without reservation.
Submitted by: Mark Davis on Feb 11, 2014
We purchased a Brittany pup from Draco Kennels last spring. I'm an old school bird dog guy who trains by experience. Ava was just six months old when she experienced her first wild bird hunt. She figured out what birds where all about in short order. I had an opportunity to take her on a pheasant hunt at a local hunt club. The clubs guide, even though he thought she was too young to train on live birds let alone hunt them, most graciously allowed me to hunt Ava on the last turn. She not only found the last six birds, but she also found a straggler chucker. That day we were all impressed on her natural instinct and strong point holds. She already hunts like the other experienced “old” dogs and this year will is sure to be even better. There is nothing better than when someone in your hunting group yells “Point!” If the rest of Draco Kennels pups have half the instinct Ava has, they will prove to by great hunting dogs and exceptional family pets.
Submitted by: Don Valley on Jan 01, 2014
For Christmas I got my wife an English Setter puppy from Diane at Draco Kennels. My wife and I couldn't be happier. Our little Lilly arrived on December 7th, and has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. When I picked her up from the airport it was as if she already new that I was her new dad, and came right into my arms. We are so happy we found her through Draco kennels. Diane was so helpful in answering all of my questions about the breed and selecting her. The day before Lilly was to fly to us there was a bad snow and ice storm, but Diane still made the 2 hour drive to the airport and got her there on time for her flight. If we get another puppy, it will definitely be from Diane. Thank you Diane for all your help.
Submitted by: Steve on Oct 12, 2013
We bought a Feist from Draco and he has charmed everyone here in Northern California where no one including our vet and trainer had ever heard of the breed. Highly recommend the kennel and breed!
Submitted by: Hakob Manvelyan on Oct 08, 2013
My experience with Draco Kennels was absolutely fantastic. Diana was a very helful and sweet. I had a lot of questions and she took the time to answer them for me in a very informative matter. I purchased an American Brittany pup who is now two years old. He is very smart, agile, and lovable. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Submitted by: Jill Jackson on Jul 01, 2013
Diana is an amazing breeder and such a pleasant person to work with! We recently got our female Brittany from her, and this puppy is a dream. She is beautiful and smart and has the best personality you can imagine in a puppy. She loves everyone and is training so easily. She is a delight for our whole family. It is obvious when you meet Diana that you are working with a responsible, informed, caring, professional dog breeder. I would recommend Draco Kennels to anyone!
Submitted by: Adam Wilson on May 05, 2013
Got our first Gordon from Draco. The first litter didn't take but Diana kept in touch with us and ended up giving us a bitch out of the next litter of only two, definitely takes care of her customers.

The now full grown dog is an excellent physical example of a Gordon (tiniest bit of splay foot but I'm not complaining) and very well natured - pleasure to have her around. More importantly, she picked up in the field without missing a beat and possessed all the abilities and desires of a great gun dog from the start.

Highly reccomend, breeders taking care to blend both confirmation and field ability aren't easy to find, especially with this breed.
Submitted by: steven shelton on Apr 04, 2013
We have a healthy beautiful Gordon female now
2 1/2 that Diane from Draco kennels sent us from Kentucky to Oregon. No problems on the flight everything was very smooth, we would highly recommend her and the Kennels.

Steven Shelton
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 20, 2013
I could not have had a better experience from start to finish with Draco Kennels, made the whole experience a joy and my puppy Reagan is a wonderful smart funny enjoyable addition to the household. It would be in your best interest to call Diana today and talk to her about one of her upcoming litters.
Submitted by: Bob and Sue Dalton on Nov 03, 2012
We just received our Gordon Setter puppy from Diana. He is beautiful, smart, and a great new member to our family. Diana was wonderful to deal with and outdid herself in shipping the puppy to us. We would highly recommend Diana and Draco Kennels.
Submitted by: Danielle and Derrick on Jul 20, 2012
Don’t even think twice…purchase through Draco Kennels!

We are proud parents of two Gordon Setters! On a daily basis – not an over estimate – our neighbors’ remark about how beautiful our dogs are! After explaining their breed many want to know where we got them….and of course I say Draco Kennels!

As a non-animal professional I can tell that Draco’s dogs are bred well! I say this because my Gordon Setters are 100% Gordon Setters. The two of them gained all their innate characteristics as early as 3 months! They have the textbook Gordon Setter personality, great nose, energy, and hunting abilities.

I also wanted to add that these puppies are LOVED while they are growing up…I can tell! These are the first dogs I have ever had that just want to be loved, cuddled, and kissed all the time. I have raised a Gordon Setter once before…and she will not let you hug her; but my babies from Draco’s will not only accept the hug, but also give one back!

Don’t let the distance bother you! We are from Washington DC and both of our dogs came by air!
Submitted by: Mary Ann Forehand on Jul 02, 2012
We traveled all the way to Kentucky to pick up our now five month old English Setter pup from Draco. They breed several large breeds including Gordon Setters, Brittany and English Setters. I grew up with English Setters but have never seen such a happy, self assured and confident dog as our Zeke. He is quite Birdy and just about bomb-proof. We haven't found a noise yet that spooks him. He is also very sound, kind, eager to please and extremely quick to learn. We will definitely go back to Draco if we need another gundog.
Submitted by: cheryl dolivo on Jun 21, 2012
This is the first time i ever bought a puppy from a breeder. The breeder had everything ready for us when we picked him up in Kentucky. The breeder posted pictures so I could see him as he was growing up. I can say one thing he is full of energy but a great companion.
Submitted by: Gus Saucerman on Jun 04, 2012
I picked up an American Brittany from Diana Baugh (Draco Kennels) last year, and I have ever so please with the breed and the dog. Sargent (Bullet) has been gun dog trained with top rating in class, and along with that he has been a great companion. I am looking forward to the next dog from Draco Kennels.

Gus Saucerman
Submitted by: Tom Byrd on Jun 04, 2012
My wife and I got our Gordon Setter from Diana about 4 years ago... Butkus is our big boy and he is really a great part of the family. Have 2 youg graddaughters and they love him and he is very good around them ... He watches over them and when they take a nap he will lay up beside them and lets them snuggle with him... We have let him be a stud once and the ;pups were beautiful and all went to great homes. He is our big baby at home and we love him and he gets along with the other 3 dogs we have . Diana was great with letting us get to know him when he was you and we have helped her with other litters she has raised. If you are looking for a great gordon this lady knows what she is doing and is wonderful to work with for getting a great dog.
Submitted by: Terry Lynn Ledford on Jun 04, 2012
Our Family has grown by 2. Bella and Harley (sisters) came from Draco Kennels. We decided to Buy from Draco Kennels, and are very glad we did. Diana was very help with questions and plans to pick-up our "GIRLS". Our Family will recommend DRACO KENNELS.
Submitted by: Kelly Evenson on Jun 03, 2012
Our Gordon Setter did not come to us as a cute little puppy. No,not this fellow. We found Duffy on craigslist. We later found out that we were probably his 3rd or 4th owner. When he came to us, he was severly malnourished. For 4 days, he did nothing but consume vast amounts of water and finally his body began to function. He was severely underweight..we soon remedied that with good nutition & love! He quickly became Momma's boy! He does hunt (and very well I might add) with my husband, but his main job is as a Certified Therapy Dog. He helps young students in our Reading Club. These kids do remarkable things with Duffy by their side!! The kids quickly relax while stroking his soft ears & feathers. Some children who, in the past, have been afraid of dogs, have quickly found that there is nothing to fear with Duffy. He has a gentle spirit and is quick to please. When I have had questions regarding the Gordon Setter Breed, Diane has ALWAYS been happy to help me. Be well read on your breed, if you are wanting a Gordon, they do require energy! And can I say PATIENCE! but soo well worth it. And if you have a question, Diane will help you out. We didn't purchase Duffy directly from Draco Kennels, but I would go strait to her for a Gordon Setter, were I to have another! Thank you Diane for all of your help

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