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Submitted by: Erik on Jun 29, 2015
I had been to many hunt tests and scene Chad's dogs work in the field. The all had impressive drive, nose and style. When he had a litter of pups out of Cruze and Jetta that was a repeat litter with prior pups starting young I knew I had to try one. I could not be happier with my male. He has relentless drive and ability. I can't wait for season to start!
Submitted by: Tanner DeArman on May 31, 2015
Sassy is my newest and second pup from Copperhead Kennels. She has been an amazing pup to watch. The quality of dogs coming from Chad and Dana is nothing short of remarkable. They are very friendly and have no problem talking to you and helping you if need be. Great folks and great dogs.
Submitted by: Jeff Stander on May 17, 2015
Max is our first GSP and we could not be happier with him and our experience with Cooperhead Kennels. Being brand new to GSP's my wife and I had lots and lots of questions for Chad and Dana. They were extremely patient, provided immediate responses and had enormous amounts of information to share! Living near the kennel afforded us the opportunity to visit the litter of pups Max came from several times. Again Chad and Dana worked with us and our schedules to make this possible, and again answer our plethora of newbie owner questions. Its hard to image a better buying experience and kennel owners that care so much about making sure this happens!

Had the opportunity to watch Chad run the Sire of Max, Cruz, at a nearby AKC hunt test. The experience was great- learned a lot about hunt tests in general and watched Chad and Cruz at work- can't wait to get Max into this sport!

As far as our pup Max goes he seems to be doing really good. In the four short weeks we've had him he's been tons of fun and you can start to see his strong breeding. Already working hard using his nose when we go on walks. He's picking up on general obedience commands very quickly. Can't wait to start working him more on hunting commands!

I can't say enough about Chad and Dana at Cooperhead Kennels. They have made buying our first GSP very enjoyable. I would not hesitate buying from them in the future.
Submitted by: Randy Baker on Apr 13, 2015
I would just like to say thanks to Chad, Dana and family of Copperhead Kennels for the beautiful boy we picked up on April 9. "Willy" is a great looking pup and is adored by all who meet him. Thank you for striving to produce the best puppies possible and for all the hard work in raising them. Every time we visited your kennel it was clean and the animals well cared for. Keep up the great work and know that I will recommend Copperhead Kennels to everyone.
Submitted by: Lynette Stolzer on Oct 09, 2014
We picked up our 2 female puppies exactly 1 month ago today! We couldn't be happier....they have beautiful personalities, are quick witted and so loving at the same time. We are thankful that we went through Copperhead Kennels! Thank you very much! In just 30 days they have become a part of our family!
Submitted by: Tanner DeArman on Jun 25, 2014
There is so much good I have to say about Chad and Dana at Copperhead Kennels that I don't even know where to start. I purchased my very first German Shorthair from them, and I couldn't be more pleased or amazed. The quality of dog that you receive will absolutely amaze you, as it did me. My female puppy, Oakley, has surpassed even my wildest expectations. Also if you have any questions or have anything that you need help with, you can always count on Chad to help you out and be very thorough with his intructions. He has become the only person I would ever consider buying a puppy from again. A+!!!!
Submitted by: Shelby Halferty on Apr 20, 2014
We had a great experience working with Chad at Copperhead. He was very forthcoming and honest as well as thorough with instructions. Chad sold us a GSP in March and we couldn't have been more pleased with our experience.

Thank you!
Submitted by: Mike Ross on Jan 24, 2014
I Have Hunted with Chad For Several Years In Kansas Before I Purchased My Pup From Him In 2011. I Witnessed The way He Handled His Dogs And The Way They Worked, Both Were Outstanding. I Could Not Ask For Anything More From My Dog, He WIll Hunt With Any Other Dog With No Problems. He Loves My Children, He Even Listens To My Wife. Everyone That I Have Hunted With Cannot Believe How Well He Hunts For Such Young Dog. I Would Recommend Chad And Dana To Anyone Looking For A Quality Healthy Dog.
Submitted by: Jacob Logsdon on Jan 04, 2014
Just about 9 months ago my wife and I drove to NE to pick up our new pup From Chad. I would give copperhead Kennels A+. being that were from IL and first time in NE chad was very helpful finding hotels and places to eat. I have a male pup and notice with the great blood lines that they work with it shows. Duke never stops maybe little hard headed but what dog isn't. He has a great drive in the field and good behavior around home. I have put him on birds and first time out pointed and held great, brought birds back really impressed me with being young. Overall great dog great people.
Submitted by: Ben Faulkner on Dec 16, 2013
I had the pleasure of hunting in Kansas this December with Chad as our guide, and I saw first hand the quality of his GSP's and his dog work. In addition to having really solid bird dogs that are biddable and hard working, Chad is a first rate guide who knows the sport and how to handle people.
His female, Shy(sp?) is not only a good pointer but as good a retrieving pointer as you could ask for. She made one noteworthy retrieve of a crippled pheasant about 75 yards out where she had to cross the bottom of an overgrown gulley, come up blind on the other side, locate where the bird came down, and then track it for "dead" until she found it, still very lively. Pleasure to hunt with. Good dogs.
Submitted by: Stuart Mohl on Nov 23, 2013
In April 2013 I got my pup (Chance) from Chad and Dana. Chance is my first hunting dog of my own. So naturally I had a bunch of questions that I needed answered. Chad and Dana are both very knowledgeable about GSP. With them being able to answer all my questions it made my choice to buy one of their dogs very easy. The one thing that I am very happy with is they make sure to keep in touch with everyone that buys a pup from them and they still answer all my questions that I have. When I was invited down to look at some of their dogs I was very impressed. They kennels were clean and the dogs were very well taken care of. I am now currently living in CO and as long at Chad and Dana will be breeding dogs I will always recommend them to anyone that is looking for a pup of their own. Thanks you guys you have no idea how big of a help you have been.
Submitted by: Erin Horse on Jun 14, 2013
On Memorial Day of this year we lost our German Shorthaired Pointer, Roxie, to a condition called Gastric Dilatation Volvulus. It was very unexpected and she was only 3 years old. Feeling devastated and heartbroken we weren't sure what to do next. We didn't know if we should wait or start searching for another GSP. My husband grew up with short hairs all his life and really enjoys hunting beside them but the biggest concern for us was that we were scared we wouldn't be able to find another GSP like Roxie who was so good to our 15 month old son. She was so gentle with him and also to our smaller 10 lbs dog. She was just a great member of the family whom we dearly missed! Something was definitely missing and we needed that back so we began searching online and came across the Gun Dog Breeders website. On this website we found Copperhead Kennels out of Wilbur, NE. My husband called to see what they had available, Chad returned our phone call that night and my husband told him our story. Chad's male dog, Cruz, was just breed with a female, Bella, out of Glen Elder, KS and there was a female pup that was spoken for by Chad. He had to talk to Leon, the breeder out of Glen Elder first. He sent us pictures, kept in contact with us and completely went above and beyond. After some rearranging of his plans, Thursday, he called back to inform us he was offering a female to us! We were elated!!! The female was only 6 1/2 weeks old so we waited and kept in contact with Chad and Leon over the next week and on Friday June 7, we met Leon in Hastings to pick up our new puppy, Lilly!! Talk about a sweet heart! She is white with Liver spots and absolutely beautiful! She met our son and they are best friends already after only a week together! She is very lovable and friendly to our other dog, has a great nose on her and is already retrieving at 8 weeks!! We couldn't be more impressed with our new member of the family as well as the service we received from Chad Packer at Copperhead Kennels! We recommend them very highly! Very professional and compassionate about their business as well as treating their customers with the utmost respect! Thank you Chad for everything you did for us!!!

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Submitted by: Mark Niemann on Jun 09, 2013
We got our pup in April 2013. For two years prior, we had researched online and came across Copperhead Kennels. After our first contact with Chad and Dana, they were so helpful and knowledgable of the German Short-hair Breed. They went so far as to invite our family down to Wilbur for a visit and to see them work with their dogs. This visit sealed the deal for us which lead us to where we are today. We are the very proud owners of a Copperhead Kennel pup named Cash. Chad and Dana are great at answering any questions we have about Cash. Their kennels are clean and ALL the animals are well taken care of. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to them for making this a great experience for us.
Submitted by: Jeremy on May 17, 2013
Picked up my dog in 2011, and she's been the smartest dog I've owned. She manages to find game where there shouldn't be any, such as a woodcock down by a park in the middle of the city of Omaha. Endless energy, and endurance.
Submitted by: Jeff Geier on Sep 27, 2012
Went on a recent Pheasant hunting trip in Kansas and Chad was our guide. Chads does a great job and his dogs are excellent hunters. I have hunted with alot of different people and alot of different dogs and Chads dogs are right there on top. Thanks for a great hunting trip Chad.
Submitted by: Larry Campbell on Sep 19, 2012
I had a great opportunity on a group hunt with Chad in Elder Glen, Kansas. I have never hunted birds or been around bird dogs. This was a great experience watching Chad and his group of dogs at work. Chad was committed to providing a safe experience for his dogs, while ensuring a quality hunt for us. As a novice bird hunter, Chad helped with my shooting mechanics and I was able to bring down three pheasants. Great time with great people and great dogs! Thank you Chad and Matt.

Larry from Wisconsin
Submitted by: dave flynn on Jan 27, 2012
In November 2011 Chad was our guide on a Kansas pheasant hunt.
Hunting behind his dogs was a great experience.
all Chads dogs hunted hard and were great bird dogs.
It was exciting watching his dogs work beyond what you would expect from most dogs.
I would recommend one of Chads dogs to anyone wanting a dog to brag about.
Submitted by: Wayne &Sheila Johnson on Jan 15, 2012
My wife and me took a ride too look @ pups ,she didn't ,see I put a kennel in the back of truck. Long story we met Chad & Dana and fell in love with a black,roan male,Yes we got him, love him and a great dog , Chad & Dana where very knowledgeable about the GSP and breeding of them . I would recommend them for your next pup.
We have are own Kennel PFHUNTER KENNELS and adding this male to are breeding in the future.
Submitted by: Robert Gamache on Dec 19, 2011
I picked up my dog tonight. He cried on the way home, but only when I was singing. knowledgeable breeder. Very sanitary kennel. Great dogs, Awesome blood line too.
Submitted by: Matt Kunc on Dec 25, 2010
Have purchased multiple pups from Copperhead kennels. Great dogs with hunting being my favorite, trainability is excellent, , and like I said real pleasers in the field. Can't go wrong for a field companion or a great family dog. Thanks the Kunc's
Submitted by: Chris Duey on Dec 19, 2010
I bought my Lily from Chad. She's gonna be a heck of a huntin dog. I've trained a few, and I know what to look for, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. She was pointing before I picked her up, she's got more drive than most pups, and at 9 or so mos. she honors like a champ. Chad is a good guy and is very professional and courteous. He has also helped me several times w/ information regarding info surrounding training supplies. I would and have recommended Chad/ Coppperhead Kennels for anyone who wants a hardworking, reliable pup.
Submitted by: Jeff Rader on Dec 16, 2010
i have used chad as a guild for 4plus years at my hunting lodge in north central Kansas, most of my repeat hunting guest are due to chads hard work but mostly because of his dogs i have never had a complant when groups call to book a hunt they will ask for chad as a guild every dog that he puts down makes my client's happy and willing to return year after year i always here talk at the supper table on how good his dogs are and some say the best they have ever hunted with check out on utube pheasant hunting in Kansas (Rader lodge) and see for your self there is a good pheasant hunt that shows some of chads dog work on it
Submitted by: Steve Freese on Nov 28, 2010
I bought "Stella", one of the blk/wht females from the "Cruz x Shy" litter in May. Leon worked with her for a month before pheasant season and she has exceeded all my expectations! At 7 months, she points, retrieves, and hunts as hard as any of the mature dogs I've been hunting with. I think Stella is as stylish and pretty as any Shorthair too. Chad and Dana are very knowledgeable and helpful and you will enjoy the experience of buying and owning a Copperhead dog.
Submitted by: Jerry Reeves on Jul 20, 2010
We bought our first GSP from Chad and Dana. She is the off spring of Cruse the dog pictured above. She is now seven months old and has quite the personality. She does have a sharp eye for birds and I can't wait until fall to test her in the fields. Her ability and natural instinct of pointing was in her right from the start.
Josey just got back from a month of training and all I can say is she must of paid attention for the difference we see in her is amazing. She came a long way which helped me out so much for I just got home from replacement knee surgery.
I know she will be a great hunter and has all ready added excitement to out household.
Submitted by: Wade Ellwanger on May 12, 2010
Just picked up my pup a couple days ago and all I can say is class act all the way around! Chad and Dana's dogs are great! The service and information are second to none. I will definitely be doing business with them again. When you get a GSP from Copperhead Kennels you can truely expect great things.
Submitted by: Leon sievert on Mar 20, 2010
I ran cruz in his first nstra trial last weekend for Chad in salina kansas on saturday he went 2x2 on sunday he was 4x4 and a back finished 3rd, this dog has a outstanding nose and scoring in the hi 80's to mid 90's on finds and very good retrieve score's this is one of the top gsp in the mid west and mokan region.
Submitted by: David and Jan Rogers on Feb 27, 2010
We purchased a liver male from Chad in 2007.Chad has been very helpful in getting us started in hunt testing and helpful with training our dog. Chad got our son, Grant, to become a junior handler. Grant is currently working with Hoss toward his JH. Hoss is a very good tempered dog with everyone in our family just like all the dogs in Chad's kennel.
Submitted by: Monte Reeves on Feb 26, 2010
I recently purchased our second GSP from Chad and Dana, yes it was my son who had to pick the black and white patched puppy.... Lyndy is doing great full of energy and traing very easy. My parents also purchased a female out of the same litter and less than a week she is already potty trained for the house also.

Ruby was the first purchased GSP from Chad she is now 3 years old and has been a great pet for us. I will be entering her in some hunt tests this spring with a lot of pushing from Chad. We are looking forward to this as she has turned out to be a great hunting dog.

Our dogs are not just another pet, they are part of the family and go with us everywhere they are indoors at night with us. I would recomend Copperhead Kennels to anyone!!
Submitted by: Mike Young on Feb 22, 2010
I recently bought a GSP puppy from Chad. We had a great experience dealing with him, and he was a great help with getting her flown out to Arizona. She's a beautiful pup, and a great addition to our family. We look forward to taking her camping and hunting.
Submitted by: Dan and Brenda Potter on Jan 31, 2010
We purchased our black and white puppy Grace from Chad and Dana in December of 2008. She has a strong bird drive, learns quickly and is eager to please. She is a wonderful member of our family and a great camper as well. Chad and Dana have been awesome about anwering questions and introducing us to the hunt tests in Nebraska. We are impressed with the quality of their dogs and would definately recommend purchasing a puppy from them.
Dan and Brenda Potter
Submitted by: Leon sievert on Jan 21, 2010
I've been around and trained GSP FOR 20 YEARS AND Chad has very good and trainable dogs i have trained some off the pups from his litters and had a very easy time of it As for Cruse this is a one in a life time dog we had him steady to wing and shoot at 7 months old we can all expect big things from this dog.

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