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Submitted by: Sue Chipperton on Nov 05, 2019
I have been a trainer of studio animals for the past twenty years. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Gretchen when she entrusted me with 8 of her beautiful Labradors for a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial in 2014. I have worked with a lot of breeders over the years and trained numerous puppies for many different commercials, none of them compare to Gretchen's puppies. Her puppies came out of the gate bold, confident, super friendly and I have to say the smartest of any Labrador puppies I have ever trained (and I've trained a lot!). Having well socialized, outgoing puppies is critical for my job and you can see how much love, dedication and time Gretchen has put into her pups before they reach 8 weeks old and are ready for their new homes. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Cold Creek Farms. Just make sure you can provide as much love to your new puppy as Gretchen does for the first 8 weeks of his or her life! Sue Chipperton/Trainer

Submitted by: Megan & Aaron Myers on Nov 05, 2019
We highly recommend Cold Creek Farms Labradors. Gretchen did a fantastic job of working with us and listening to the needs of our family to match us with the perfect dog. Our gorgeous fox red yellow lab, Molly, joined our home with a crawling baby, toddler, and kitten. She has the ideal temperament for unpredictable small children. She is patient, loving, affectionate, gentle, calm, and mellow. We have many newborns, babies, and toddlers visit for play dates. She is absolutely trustworthy and reliable, even though currently she is only 6 months old. Molly was exceptionally easy to train- she learned all her basic commands with 3 repetitions. Molly is active and energetic- we love hiking, camping, fishing, and she is walked nearly two hours a day. But Molly’s strength is when we are home and the toddlers are resting or playing, she is content to sit near them or lie next to the kids. She is so mellow and has an even temperament which makes her an ideal companion. We are extremely grateful for Gretchen’s fabulous dogs. The Myers Family

Submitted by: Josh on Jan 19, 2014
Ever since we got our puppy, we have heard nothing but compliments! She has grown to be a smart and beautiful pup. Great duck hunter and is an amazing family dog.

We will be looking forward to working with Cold Creek Farms in the future!
Submitted by: Jeff Watson on Jan 14, 2014
Ellemae, who is the litter mate of Gretchen's Piper, joined our home in April 2012. She is a wonderful beautiful dog with an outgoing personality. Gretchen let us visit several times to play with the puppies and meet her adult dogs when we were deciding which one to choose. She had us bring a toy to put with the litter which is the only one that she does not shred. When we picked up Ellemae, Gretchen sent us home with a home made baby blanket, toys, food, instructions, and I don't remember what else, but it was quite a load of stuff. We have stayed in touch and brought Ellemae down for a play date with Piper. Great fun!
Submitted by: Bud and Selma Pierce on Jan 12, 2014
We brought 8 week old Bosley to our home 11 months ago. He is a fabulous yellow lab who has brought such joy and activity to our family. Bosley is intelligent, loyal, friendly, and has that happy and enthusiastic personality that makes a well bred lab such a marvelous family dog. He loves the fields and streams of the countryside, the beach and waves of the ocean, and a good walk in the neighborhood. He is also great in the Pearl District of Portland, and just lying by our sides. We are grateful to Gretchen for her hard work in bringing such a wonderful dog to our lives.
Submitted by: Rachel Cooper on Jan 08, 2014
We adopted our boy Louis from Gretchen last February . She was very helpful answering all of our questions, and sent us frequent pictures starting right when the pups were born. We loved getting pictures of the puppies and watching them grow for those first 10 weeks. Louis is a great water dog and loves fetching. My family always comments on how he would be a great hunting dog if we hunted. He's extremely friendly and loyal; he never leaves our side. He absolutely loves to cuddle. We could not have asked for a better adoption experience.
Submitted by: Jennifer on Dec 26, 2012
We just recently adopted "Daisy" from Gretchen at Cold Creek Farms. It was a wonderful experience from the first email we sent her after the loss of our first labrador. She was kind and helpful. The process was very smooth and we were sent updates and pictures once our puppy was born. We went to visit at 4 weeks and 6 weeks. We brought her home at 10 weeks. She immediately fit into our family and is a great dog. She is quick to learn and great with our kids. I would definitely recommend Cold Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Ryan on Oct 25, 2012
I adopted my yellow boy Oliver from Gretchen this year and he is now six months old and is one incredible dog. From the first email I sent Gretchen she was very helpful and very kind. I don't think you will find a breeder who cares more about the puppies than she. Gretchen is easy to work with and made the puppy picking process very enjoyable. I highly recommend Gretchen as a breeder.
Submitted by: Connor on Mar 02, 2012
My parents choose cold creek farms because of their high quality and strict breeding standards. Everywhere I go, everyone tells me my dog is the most beautiful lab they have ever seen.

I should changed his name to wing man, cause the girls love my puppy.

Thanks Gretchen!
Submitted by: Susan on May 23, 2011
I got Mandy, my female, yellow lab almost 4 years from Cold Creek Farms. Gretchen is such a hands-on breeder and expert in all things "Labs." I get so many compliments on Mandy when I have her out walking. She is very friendly, is great with young kids and has a good temperment. She has a classic lab look and her coat is so beautiful. The retriever instinct in her was definitely well-bred. I highly recommend Gretchen and Cold Creek Farms!!
Submitted by: Albert Rule on May 08, 2011
I purchased my forverver friend from Gretchen in 2008. Quinn is a yellow lab. He was very easy to train and is a great hunter. He is also a great water dog.He is a great addition to our family and I owe this to the great breeding environment Cold Creek Farms provides. I would recommend Cold Creek Farms to anyone looking for a great hunting or family dog.
Submitted by: will N on Mar 29, 2011
I purchased one of Grethen's fox red labs last year. My female is extremely smart and an awesome hunter. Even as a young pup she was always birdy. At eight months old she was retrieving live birds. Since then she has retrieved pheasants, geese and many ducks. I am extremely impressed the way that she visually track birds.

If you are seeking great hunting labs with unique colors I would highly recommend the Fox Red's
Submitted by: Phil/Angie Fogg on Mar 28, 2011
Gretchen was wonderful to work with. Willing to do anything for the puppies and/or her clients. We were very pleased with the entire experience. Our Winston bonded to our family very quickly, has a great temperament, and is very smart (we are biased of course). It seem like most breeders talk about staying connected after the purchase and then you never hear from them again. Gretchen is definitely the exception. She takes pride in staying involved.
Submitted by: Michele Quint on Mar 28, 2011
We adopted our Mr. Murphy from Cold Creek Farms in June, 2009. It was a wonderful experience right from the first email. Gretchen was great to work with and we loved getting the photo updates from the date of birth until the day we picked him up. Murphy is strong, athletic, easily trained and absolutely beautiful. We hope to get a little sister from Cold Creek Farms one day.
Submitted by: Ty Williams on Mar 27, 2011
After an extensive search for the perfectly bred lab I purchased a male pup from Cold Creek Farms last year. My family and I couldn't be happier. He has been a quick study and we get endless compliments especially from other lab owners and our veterinarian. All compliment on his appearance and personality. Gretchen was great to deal with and is a top notch professional breeder.
Submitted by: Heidi J on Mar 23, 2011
I have had my yellow lab Penny for almost 8 years. She is a licensed assistance dog. She is so smart it is unbelievable. So easily trained, totally lovable and my constant companion. Very social with people and dogs. She is all around the best dog I have ever had. Gretchen, at Cold Creek Farms, lovingly raises each pup with constant hands-on in a home environment and is very particular and conscientious about not breeding any bone or health issues. I would not have a moment of hesitation recommending her. After you adopt a Cold Creek Farms lab, yo are part of the "family" for life.
Submitted by: Gail and Mike Davis on Mar 22, 2011
I can't say enough about the Cold Creek Farms breeder and our "pup". She is now almost a year old, and we are in love! We've had many labs but this one is the best....strong, sensitive, easily trained, very loving, beautiful, and a part of the family. From the time I emailed my interest in the litter, Gretchen, the breeder, sent us pictures every week of the puppies progress including one of the pups asleep in her food bowl! We were in love before we picked up ours. We were not disappointed!
Submitted by: Andy on Mar 22, 2011
We have purchased two dogs from Cold Creek Farms and couldn't have been more pleased with our choice of breeder! Professional, friendly, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and they also maintain a very clean home in which these dogs are raised. I would recommend Cold Creek Farms to anyone looking for a quality, easy-to-train purebred Lab.
Submitted by: Michele Stevenson on Mar 22, 2011
I, Michele Stevenson highly recommend Cold Creek Farms. Rex was a part of this first litter from Cold Creek 8 years ago. Today, Gretchen still is very much involved in Rex's life. From the very beginning, Cold Creek Farms raises the young to interact with humans, and the momma. Cold Creek Farms raise beautiful pups to be the most confident, loving and hunting dogs with a extreme high intelligence that is beyond belief.
Submitted by: Keri on Mar 21, 2011
Gretchen is wonderful, she taught us so much. Buddy is our first pup, and I gotta say we get so many compliments on his behavior and demeanor. He is such a lover. I could talk about our pup all day. You can tell they love their dogs a great deal. We will be going back for another someday. He is a perfect family dog. Fits so well with us

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