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Submitted by: Rick and Meredith Hannah on Feb 26, 2015
Kristy and Brandon (Chequamegon's Braque Francias) are a class act. Their genuine love for Braques shows in every aspect of their work. In my research of the breed and initial conversation with Kristy, it was very clear that this was where we would get our dogs. Kristy was very candid about the breed and properly set expectations for me and my Family. We put a deposit down a year ago and got our puppies yesterday. After one night with them they have already exceeded expectations. Kristy and Brandon were on top of every communications and had all the answers. Their facebook page was perfect in enabling us to decide the right puppies for our family. From the "baby pictures" to the individual puppy videos, we knew exactly which puppies to pick. Brandon and Kristy were awesome to deal with and seem like genuinely nice people. We flew from Maryland to MSP and back yesterday. Brandon and Kristy were on time and had everything prepared as expected. They made it easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Chequamegon's if you are interested on this breed.
Submitted by: Hez Balch on Nov 19, 2014
It is so obvious how much Kristy and Brandon care about their dogs and the breed. We have a 6 month old puppy from their last litter and she is wonderful! As advertised she is sweet, easy to train and works very well in the field. She found her first deer shed antler on her last fun run. These are terrific dogs I recommend highly as a bird dog man of 30 years.

Submitted by: Heath on Sep 15, 2014
I recently brought home my own puppy from the Chequamegon Blu/Elly Spring 2014 litter. Our little Tori is truly one of the sweetest pups, extremely biddable, rapidly picking up on all training, and has tremendous bird drive! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and I am excited about seeing her grow into an amazing gun dog. She shows all the signs of being a perfect example of the BF breed.

Ultimately, you will not find better people to get your next hunting partner from than Brandon and Kristy. They make getting a puppy a true experience that directly reflects their passion and dedication to the breed and their dogs. They run a top notch operation in Medford, are in constant communication, and fully support you from beginning to end.

If you are looking for a unique hunting breed, want to get a puppy from someone that is dedicated to producing tremendous gun and family dogs, I fully recommend a Chequamegon Braque Francais!

Submitted by: Kelly Struhs on Jun 29, 2014
We have two Braque dogs from Chequamegons. We got our first girl pup 2.5 years ago from their Blu/Elly litter born in February 2012. We have had our second boy pup home with us now for a week from Blu/Elly's last litter. Both pups have been wonderful. I have nothing but good things to say about Brandon and Kristy Brunner. They are a class act and really make the experience of watching the pups be born and grow and selecting them (all via emails and facebook) very special. We picked up our second pup at their home and it is very clean and impressive, their facilities are top notch. The pups are stunning, truly beautiful dogs, with such natural instincts, fast learners, great family dogs, perfect dispositions. If we had the room, we'd have 10 more dogs from Kristy and Brandon!
Submitted by: Paul Nolta on Jun 27, 2014
My Pup Pepper (Ellys Blu Spice of Chequamegons) is from their Nov 2012 litter, I have waited to post a review as I was waiting for the shine to wear off of our new pup. It hasn’t! Chequamegons produces pups that are very true to their breed, incredibly smart, quick learners, very loving companions with a strong drive for hunting wrapped up in little package! Watching Pepper and my kids grow and develop their hunting skills in the field has been amazing. Kristy & Brandon Brunner are the best people & breeders that you will ever meet. With them on the East and me on the West Coast, I never got a chance to meet them until I flew out to pick up my pup, however with Kristy’s constant communication I left like I had known them for years and they were always there to help. In fact I just spoke with them today, almost 2 years later they are quick to respond and call when I have a training question. If you are ready to bring an amazing dog into your life you can’t go wrong with Kristy and Brandon Brunner of Chequamegon's Braque Francais, great people with amazing dogs.

Paul Nolta
Murrieta, CA
Submitted by: Mike and OraLee Dittrich on Jan 06, 2014
Brandon and Kristy Brunner are the best breeders that we have ever worked with. They truly care about the breed (Braque Francais), the quality of their pups are top notch, and the relationships built and kept with each family afterwords means a lot to us as owners. We are blessed to live in the same town as our breeders as many of their pups go long distances to their new homes. We have been very happy with the natural ability of our B.F. and he also is a great companion with our three young children. At only 5 mo. old our pup is trainging for shed hunting and upland birds. He is really doing well. If you are looking for a quality breeder/owner/handler, Brandon and Kristy Brunner of Chequamegon's Braque Francais are extremely wonderful people that are passionate about their dogs. You will not be disappointed.

Mike and OraLee Dittrich
Medford, WI
Submitted by: Marsh and Danica on Nov 04, 2013
We recently got a pup from Chequamegon's Summer 2013 litter. Kristy and Brandon are incredibly dedicated and passionate about their dogs, and we could not have had a better experience. We consider our pets a part of the family and would expect no less from our chosen breeder. Their warmth and love of these dogs comes through in all their communications and Facebook posts, which is why we initially chose Chequamegon's. Once we were on the litter list, the level of communication was phenomenal; we were always well informed and kept up to date on Elly's pregnancy, the whelping, and the progress of the pups. From a professional standpoint, the Brunners are wonderful to deal with. We had our pup shipped and they were a huge help in coordinating that process, which went seamlessly.
We would not hesitate to recommend Chequamegon's to anyone looking to add a BF to their own family.
Submitted by: Mike Zajac on Oct 16, 2013
From the initial contact to the time we received our Braque Francais puppy, Kristy and Brandon Brunner were everything you would want in a breeder and more. They were very informative through their emails and Facebook. They answered all questions and concerns my family and I had. It was an exceptionally smooth process. I would recommend the Brunners and Chequamegons to anyone interested in owning a Braque Francais. As for the breed itself, the Braque Francais may be the best breed anyone could want. I have two children, 8 and 9 and the dog just adores them. He is extremely social, easily trainable, and very attentive. He wants to be around people at all times. I believe this socialization is inherent of the breed, but also caused by the wonderful care the puppies received from Kristy and Brandon of Chequamegons. As far as hunting goes, the pup has all of the attributes to become a solid bird dog. More importantly, he is a great pet who will bring happiness to my family for many years. If you are thinking of this breed you will be rewarded by the pup you receive from Chequamegons. Thank you Kristy and Brandon Brunner!
Submitted by: Jim Wood on Jun 13, 2013
After a considerable amount of researching Braque breeders I confidently decided to go with Chequamegon. Our pup was born in November of 2012 and we picked him up in January 2013. We chose a male and named him Kane. Kane has been pointing any animal that moves for a few months and I have easily conditioned him to loud noises.Obedience traning has been a breeze. Brandon and Kristy have answered any questions that I have had since January and I am confident that they will do so if I have any in the future. I truly can't say anything bad about the breed, breeder or my pup. If you are even considering a Braque Francais you will be doing yourself a great injustice to not give them a look!
Submitted by: David Pruet on May 05, 2013
I heard about Chequamegon's from a neighbor who highly recommended them to me. This was our family's first dog, and so we were new to the process. Kristy was responsive and all of the info she provided was reliable. She and her husband genuinely care about their pups and about placing them in the right home. We've had ours for almost four months, and she is well adjusted to our kids and is a great indoor / outdoor dog. We can't wait to get her in the field next year. I would highly recommend this breed and these breeders.
Submitted by: Doug Nixon on Jan 28, 2013
Great kennel, do there very best to keep you updated on puppy's progress. We have two of there dogs one is just 10 weeks old and the second one is almost two. She is a great hunter , quick to learn and a great house pet. If your looking for a pup I highly recommend this kennel.
Submitted by: kelly struhs on Jun 22, 2012
We brought our puppy home to Oregon from Wisconsin two months and one day ago. I cannot speak highly enough about our experience with the Brunners and our love for the new bundle of joy in our family. Living so far away from Wisconsin, we were concerned at the outset of the process of reserving a puppy that we would not know much about the pup until the day we picked her up. Not so. We were updated regularly during the months leading up to the birth and daily afterwards through the day we brought her home. Kristy posted tons of pictures and videos on Facebook so that we could watch the puppies grow and develop. She was constantly available for my questions and to this day has provided fantastic advice and support. The Brunners were very professional and provided the very highest quality of care for the pups. We anticipated that our Braque Francais would be very smart and well-tempered, but we have been amazed every day since Louise has been with us how responsive she is, quick to learn, gentle, confident, and loving...she is so much more than any other breed of dog I have ever known. We feel very blessed to have our puppy and we are already talking about a brother or sister for Louise in the next few years. We hope the Brunners will be breeding for a long time so that we can work with them again. I highly, highly recommend this breed and these breeders.
Submitted by: Rance Perry on Jun 21, 2012
We have had Josie for about two months and she is a five month old Braque Francais. Brandon and Kristy Brunner are two of the nicest people we have ever met. You can tell they really love their dogs with the great care and excellent environment that they give to Elly, Blu and the pups. Josie is still very young, but already showing great skill for hunting. She is also very smart picking up on verbal and hand signals. I can not wait to get her into the field to watch her work. I am sure all of her brothers and sister will be excellent as well. I love this breed and the breeders. You can not go wrong with a Braque. I have already had numerous folks wanting her or wanting to know how to get one. Thanks so much to the Brunners for not only a great hunting dog, but also a new family friend for the whole family.
Submitted by: Jim Garrett on Jun 17, 2012
I had been researching the Braque Francais breed and breeding programs for about 4 years before making a commitment to Chequamegon's. Brandon and Kristy are at the top of their game. Not only at putting top notch pups on the ground, but also at helping the new owner and pup make the transition into their new relationship.

Our little Braque is 16 weeks old now and making great strides at both becoming a skilled hunter and a wonderful addition to our family.

While it is likely there are Braque breeders producing great pups out there, you'd be hard pressed to find a one more committed to communication with the new owner, with more compassion for the dogs they produce, or with a greater passion for what they do. I look forward watching our pup develop over many great years ahead.

Thank you Kristy and Brandon!
Submitted by: Doug Nixon on Feb 11, 2012
Brandon and Kristy breed great dogs. We bought one from there first litter and she has turned out to be a great hunter. If your looking for a smaller pointer that can go all day this is the dog for you, and these are the breeders for you. They don't know it yet but we will be getting one more of there puppies.
Submitted by: S. Frye on Oct 05, 2011
Throughout the process of working with Kristy and Brandon to get our puppy and have questions answered both before and after, we received the highest quality of attention and service and it is obvious they care about the puppies very much and take great care throughout the breeding process.

Our boy has a most wonderful and loving temperment and although I have to admit we are not currently training him for bird hunting/retrieving, it is quite obvious to us that his inborn drive for this sport is quite strong as he points on his own....he must know what he is doing even though we don't. I think the time Brandon took him out to watch Blue practice (prior to us getting our pup) our boy must have been watching and learning.
Submitted by: Kevin Osworth on Aug 11, 2011
I am unable to put into words the positive experience my family and I had with Kristy and Brandon of Chequamegon's Braque Francais. I doubt you will find another breeder that is as compassionate as they are.The rate the breeder number doesn't go high enough - if we could we would give them a 10!! For not just being only the best but surpassing ALL expectations from a breeder.

My Braque has adapted very well to our family and has been wonderful to our two little girls! His temperament and willingness to learn/please have been amazing.

I look forward to many years of memories in the field with him! Thank you Kristy and Brandon!!!

If you are considering a Braque, look no further than Chequamegon's.
Submitted by: Billy Foley on Jul 26, 2011
Brandon and Kristy are great to work with and are very knowledgeable. My little Braque is amazing! Chequamegon's is a top notch breeder and they are very passionate about what they are doing! Thanks Brandon and Kristy!
Submitted by: Buck Steele on Jul 10, 2011
Outstanding people to deal with. Will do anything to make your getting a puppy a great experience. We have our little Braque at home now and we couldn't believe how well adjusted and confident he is. Looking forward and honored to work with this dog.

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