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Submitted by: Mark Ketter on Jun 19, 2018
We did a lot of research before purchasing our puppy in January 1018. Our dog Nikki is a very intelligent and eager to please. She was housebroken and learned come, sit, and stay within 4 weeks. At 4 months she was sight pointing and retrieving a dummy. She is great around our 18 month old granddaughter and loves to play outside with our 2 grandsons. Dan and Marilyn are very knowledgeable about these dogs and i recommend them to everyone i talk to.
Thanks Dan and Marilyn. Mark and Shelly
Submitted by: John Vonder Bruegge on Apr 02, 2017
I just picked up Blaze last week from Dan and Marilyn, and I can't sing their praises enough. Not only do they breed fine dogs, but they are wonderful people who care about the dogs they breed and the people they work with. Marilyn looks at the puppies as puppies--she knows their personalities and gives them all excellent care. Dan looks at the puppies and sees the dog they are likely to become. Together, they're a great team, and they gave me valuable info when I was choosing my pup from afar. Their adult dogs are happy and healthy, and they keep the kennel facility clean as a whistle. Looking for a quality bird dog? Call them. Got a question about French Brittanies? Call them. Want to hear a good story or two? Call them. One thing I can say about Blaze after having him for just a week: he's very well socialized. He enjoys meeting new people, but he's also content to sniff around in the back yard on his own and not raise a fuss. All in all, Dan and Marilyn are the sort of people you'll enjoy working with and they raise the sort of dogs you'll enjoy living with. Bring on pheasant season.
Submitted by: Ed Berends on Jan 13, 2017
Marilyn & Dan of Cheneraie Kennels are extremely good breeders. They know the breed well, and are very concerned in producing strong healthy dogs. Dan takes pride in the hunting ability of their dog line. In Sept 2016 I took possession of not 1 but 2 of their dogs. Millie, and Megan, at 8 weeks pointing and holding point on bird wing. At 12 weeks Millie retrieved her first wild bird shot over her. At just shy of 5 month both Millie and Megan retrieved wild bird shot over them. Both dogs love the water, have had their first ducks, and a greater Canadian goose. The dogs are very easy to train, they love any kind of bird. They live in the house with us, they love other dogs, people, and especially kids. I would recommend Cheneraie Kennel to anyone. I am very happy with my experience with Marilyn & Dan. I might note that I am very glad an individual turned down one of the puppies from their kennel. The person just does not know what a wonderful loving puppy they missed out on. The French Brittany breed are a very attentive dogs that try to please you, making them easy to train.
Submitted by: Gary Schanzmeyer on Dec 31, 2016
We did quite a bit of research before deciding on an Epagnuel Breton. We are really happy with that choice. It is true what they say about these dogs. Hatchet will hunt hard in the heaviest of cover and curl up at your feet (or in your lap) in the evening. Our dog had natural hunting drive from day one. He is very obedient and easy to train. I wouldn't hesitate to get another pup from Cheneraie Kennels.
Submitted by: Roy family on Oct 13, 2016
Marilyn and Dan were friendly, knowledgeable, and available for any questions all during the process of choosing a breeder and a puppy. They take great care of their French Brittany pups and continue to give advice when asked. Our pup, Higgins, from their February 2016 litter is highly trainable, great with the kids, and a joyful addition to our household. Many thanks and great appreciation for Cheneraie Kennel.
Submitted by: Sam Eidt on Apr 26, 2016
Got my second pup from Dan and Marylin on Apr. 1. Second pup (4 yr ago). Retired vet practice after 46 yrs. thus have dealt with a few dogs and breeders. This kennel is great. Pups well imprinted by pick up time. Kennel very good. Pups from hunting dogs (Dan). Have been bird hunter for 25+ yrs. Can not bet the breed esp. if you hunt on foot. All health cert comes with pup. I highly recommend this kennel if you are looking for a trainable hunter/pet or both. Contact me if you have any questions
Submitted by: John C. Swineford on Feb 08, 2016
Leona Belle de la Cheneraie, 4/1/2015 litter, is a joy to hunt with and have in the house. At 7 months she was pointing, retrieving, and honoring my 15 year old English Setter. Now, at 10 months she is doing it all with aplomb and has added a great amount of stamina. Her search is extremely good and is now holding her points solidly as long as it takes for the bird to flush. When I pass her to flush the bird she will drop down still solid on point. When the bird flushes, she marks it down and immediately goes to retrieve it. All of this is her natural ability which attests to the great breeding program of Dan and Marilyn. They are wonderful to work with and eager to answer your questions you may have about thier dogs and. Belle is the 10 pup that I have had the fortune to partner with, and is by far the best that I have had at this early stage of her life. I would highly recommend tier pups to anyone looking for a hunting partner and companion. Belle is an extremely loving little girl!
Submitted by: Neal Meinzer on Oct 19, 2015
This was my first experience buying a bird dog from an out of town breeder, and my first experience with a French Brittany. I was actually referred to Chenerai and Marilyn by another breeder of FB's on this site who recommended their bloodlines and Marilyn's and Dan's exceptional character equally enthusiastically. They were spot on with both. M & D were honest, conscientious and very easy to work with. Gus just turned 1 and I could not be more pleased. Gus has been easy to train and I swear he speaks English. Very birdy, confident and a natural hunter. I had heard FB's were sensitive and was a little worried that would mean tentative. Not at all. Gus is trainable without laying a hand on him. A low firm voice is all that has been required and that has been the case for heel, sit, whoa, here and stay. I'm in Texas and hunt dove too he had a great first dove season. Very quick self-teaching birdiness, and taught himself in just his second hunt retreiving dove in tall grass to cast slightly down wind with nose up and break right to the bird on the scent cone. He's automatic. Quail season is coming up so I haven't worked him on quail yet but if I don't screw it up I know he'll be great. And in the house this dog will curl up at your feet and settle. Which is important to me. Great breed. Great breeders. Great dog. Thank you, M & D!
Submitted by: Dennis Castiglia on Dec 17, 2014
I don't know how to say how happy I am with my Luke, but I'll try. He just turned one year old and has done everything I asked him to do with a smile on his face. His first pheasant hunt in October, he stayed close, pointed and honored, obeyed commands, game on. His second pheasant hunt in November, he did all those things plus found dead birds and retrieved to hand. We are hunting quail now and having a great time. Luke is great in the house, gets along with other dogs and people, and is just a wonderful friend. Thanks Marilyn and Dan for being such great breeders.
Submitted by: mark castille on Dec 10, 2014
I purchased my new pup Jabba with this kennel.Dan and Marilyn were the best people I have ever worked with their knowledge of dogs and love of the breed is a breathe of fresh air I recommend you checking out what they have to offer I am very pleased with my new hunting buddy and look forward to many years of joy with Jabba.
Submitted by: rob brown on Nov 18, 2014
Igot my new best friend / hunting partner / family and friend loved french brittany "FLASH" from dan and marilyn about 4 years ago and fell in love with the breed and making a couple of new friends. I drove from Maine to Mo. to get flash. Now I have just gotten a new male pup "JUDGE" from Cheneraie Kennel as well. He is 10 weeks old now and is retrieving to hand, listening to commands "UP" "DOWN" "COME" "SIT" "NO" "FETCH" "GIVE" and of course answering to his name witch Dan and Marilyn had him doing at 8 weeks. I flew to get him as the drive took me 6 days last time. Flash retrieved 7 ducks when she was seven months old. I highly recommend this breed and breeder
Submitted by: Brian Campbell on May 04, 2014
I could not be happier with Cheneraie Kennels and our Isabella “Izzy”. She’s the perfect bird dog…a fun and loving companion to my children at home and a natural during training. She was too young for last season’s hunt, but I have every confidence that she will be great in the field come quail season this year. I can honestly say that I will owe it all to Cheneraie. Not only are the bloodlines excellent, but the knowledge received from Dan and Marilyn is priceless. They made Izzy a part of the family from the moment she was born, are always there to answer any questions, and have stayed involved in her development since we got her home. The love and devotion they have for the Epagneul Breton breed and each puppy really does show. In short, Cheneraie Kennels gets my highest recommendation.
Submitted by: Don Seilnacht on Feb 05, 2014
Being diligent in our search for our second French Brittany we were fortunate to meet Marilyn & Dan at their Cheneraie kennels/home. Living nearby allowed us to visit them prior to our decision to purchase Ivy as well as several times before weaning. Since then we have stayed in close contact to discuss & appreciate the development in our precious puppy. We were impressed with not only their love and passion for the breed but their success in producing a strong hunter yet loving and enduring puppy in our Epagneul Breton - Ivy (who from the litter of Le Beau Leon & Fancee Fae-Jan 2013) We would recommend any one interested in this breed to give them a call and see for yourself the dedication and knowledge they have in these quality pups.
Submitted by: Greg Crittendon on Oct 22, 2013
Dan and Marilyn are great! The entire process was flawless. Marilyn would send updates on how our puppy "Iggy" was doing the minute he was born. Dan is a wealth of knowledge in traning and caring all along the way. I recently had a 30 minute conversation with Dan and Marilyn on Iggys progress, they just wanted to see how he's doing. All I can say is Iggy is an amazing "Bird Dog" and can't wait until Phesant Season!!!
Submitted by: on Oct 09, 2013
We are the fortunate owner of an amazing French Brittany named Herbie. What a dog! He has a temperament sensitive enough to obey my pre-school aged girls, yet, is bold, driven, and versatile in the field. Any situation Alaska can dish out, Herbie seems to handle! I attribute this to the fact that Cheneraie Kennels take socializing pups more serious than typical breeders. Really……they love there dogs!!!
Submitted by: Kristi Wittress on Sep 22, 2013
Our Lillie-Rose will be four years old this spring. She was from an earlier litter from Leon and Chloe. She is a fabulous dog in every respect. She loves birds! She even caught a fish in the river once. She loves kids and is quite friendly with our grumpy cat. She is smart and eager to please. She is the perfect family pet and hunting dog. She's very affectionate and loving at home and a focused hunter in the field. Dan and Marilyn love their dogs, and we trust them to take the best care of the puppies. We had such confidence in Marilyn and her puppies that we traveled from Washington State for Lillie, and became instant friends with Marilyn. Can't say enough good things about this Kennel!

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