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Submitted by: chris shaw on Mar 09, 2009
I recently purchased a six month old Brittany from Chad Slone. We spoke numerous times on the phone about the type of dog I was looking for. Chad said he had the perfect dog for me. (He was right)
If your looking for a quality dog and an honest breeder Charobs is the place for you. Chad, thanks for Hootie. Chris and family...
Submitted by: Judd on Jan 09, 2009
I recently purchased a started English Setter from Chad at Charobs Kennels, "Cash". This dog so far is everything he said it was going to be. Chad and his wife were very easy to work with and helpful in every way. Their kennels were nice and clean and the other dogs looked to be well taken care of. Thanks Chad and Robyn for all the help.

Submitted by: Alicia Combs on Oct 29, 2008
I bought my two Brittany's from Chad Slone. His kennels are very clean and well kept. I love my two Brittany's, they are a great addition to my family. The male Brittany is a great hunter. The female Brittany is going to be started in the spring. They are the most lovable dogs I have ever owned. I would recommend Charobs Kennels to anyone interested in having a Brittany. Chad's Brittany's are wonderful, playful, ready to hunt anytime.
Submitted by: John Taylor on Oct 20, 2008
We purchased our first Brittany from Chad Sloan , He has a very clean and well kept kennels . We purchased a male from Chad and his name is Gus he has been a great addition to our family. He is easy to train , listens great and is very loving. Some of his favorite things to do are swimming, camping, kayaking, walking and definitely hunting. He is a natural retriever and is eager to please everybody he meets he is genuinely a great dog . If you are looking for a hunting companion and a good lap dog for your spouse or just a great dog Chads Brittany's are highly recommended by our family.
Submitted by: todd mitchell on May 11, 2008
I recently bought a 13 wk old pup from chad (fat artie) this dog is all ready trying to run with my 15 mo old setter. At 13 wks he is running out 150-200 yards so if your after a trial dog, with big run, bold, more desire than the day is long and is already showing a lot of hunt he views the world with his nose not his eyes always running with a high head and he has a 12 o clock tail all the time. This dog with out a doubt will compete in nstra. i have had the dog for about a week and he is all ready retreiving to hand, which i will give credit to chad he had art about 90% there. I would highly recommend chad to anyone seeking a quality bird dog or a trial dog at a fair price also chad was very honest everything he said on the phone is exactly what I saw in this pup when chad came four hrs out of his way to deliever the dog also seen charobs kickin summbuddys az run and this dog is awsome runs like the wind and handled like a gem. All and all I was a setter man before art but dealing with chad has me convinced otherwise. I plan on getting the rest of my dogs from chad from now on. Chad's dogs are not typical britts they run for example there was a setter who in my opinion has the potential to be a competitive nstra dog but is a guide dog anyway chads dog made this dog look like a house pet so to anyone who thinks britts cant run big and compete in trials they need to see chads dogs , again thanks to chad and family.
Submitted by: Greg Wallace on Apr 09, 2008
I cannot say enough about my experience with Chad (but I'll try). My family decided that it was time for a companion, not only for me and outdoor activities but also my 6-year old son who has autism. Chad gave us all the information we requested and answered my "bizzilion" phone calls. He and his wife were gracious enough to meet us at the halfway point between our homes (Cabelas-Wheeling,WV). Although I think Chad had other motives (like a shopping spree). "Ginger" has been terrific. It was not hard to tell that she was well taken care of and that she came from a healthy environment. She adapted to our home immediately and is a very quick learner. My son has experienced some incredible changes since we brought her home, including better communication and behavior. He adores Ginger and can't wait to play with her when he gets up in the morning. As for the field work, Ginger has already started basic training and is doing very well. She loves her daily hikes through the woods and fields and is eager to begin hunting. It is not hard to tell that she is going to be a top-notch "bird maniac". I would highly recommend Charob Kennels to anyone who is thinking of adding a Brittany to their home. Chad's friendliness and attention to detail is second to none. Thanks Chad for everything.
Submitted by: Tucker Roberts on Mar 15, 2008
Several weeks ago, i took the first pick male out of Chad's recent litter. #1, i was impressed with the line breed. Exceptional based on my research! #2,I went to Charobs Kennels and looked at the dogs when they were 4 weeks old, and i was pleased with Chad and his wife, and the way they took care of the pups. His kennels were clean and his other dogs handled exactly the way I want my dog to handle. Here is a couple that has a genuine care for their dogs. They're in it for something more than making money. #3, being a good old OHIO boy, I feel like I've made a friend instead of spending money. I am totaly pleased with my experience with Charobs Kennels. I have rated Chad and his Kennel at a 4 for one reason. I got my first brittany at the age of 8. I am 27 now. My dad made that first purchase and dealing with breeders is limited. I spoke with four other breeders in the last year before I bought "Doc"(10 weeks tomorrow). Based on my minimal experience with breeders, I run my scale from 1 to 4. I do this in honesty based on my minimal experience. But I will tell you this, out of the 5 breeders and litters, i talked to and looked at, I made a good decision.This dog picked it up quick. I'd recommend anyone to go to Chad for a dog. This dog will hunt. I'm passionate about the orange and white, but in a couple of years, if Chad has a litter out of "charobs kickin somebuddys AZ" I'll have another one. Beautiful dog. It might be me, the dogs, and the boat, but i'll have another one.
Submitted by: gerrit on Mar 08, 2008
Charobs kennels does an excellant job we could not be happier with our puppy she is healthy good natured and trains well. They have carefully bred their dogs, highly recommended.
Submitted by: Darrel on Feb 25, 2008
I recently purchased a male puppy from Chad at Charobs Kennels for my 4 year old as his first puppy. The puppy has been very easy to train for the house. Chad has been very helpful in everything from training to vet care. Thanks
Submitted by: Terry Brumfield on Feb 24, 2008
I recently purchased a 17 wk. Elhew Pointer pup from Charobs, and she seems to be an exceptional dog. I have owned and hunted bird dogs including two pointers, for many years, I am excited about what I already see in this puppy.
Submitted by: b.t. johnston on Feb 23, 2008
I have had numerous dealings with chad, my most recent being a puppy purchase( i could not be happier and have already spoken for a pup from his next litter). Anyway all i can say is that chad is man with integrity and in this day and age that is getting harder and harder to find...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHAROBS KENNELS!
Submitted by: heath denney on Feb 08, 2008
I would recommend to anyone that wanted a quality bird dog for the price to checkout Chad at Charob's Kennels. Chad puts a great deal of time and effort in producing dogs that he feels will be able to compete in the field trial world as well as in the field hunting quail and pheasant. I have hunted over a number of Charob's dogs and are all exceptional. I would recomend that if you are in the market for a new addition to your family, see Chad at Charob's Kennel
Submitted by: Owen on Feb 05, 2008
We are the proud owners of a new female Brittany that was purchased from Chad Sloan through Charobs Kennels in Ohio. She is our third Brittany. We were initially very impressed with the pup's blood lines and that she had demonstrated great bird dog instincts. Chad worked extremely hard in arranging our pup's trip to North Dakota. The price was reasonable and she was very well cared for since her whelp date. She has been a great addition to our family and I'd rate her high as I compare her to the two previous Brittanies that we'd had before. She's been with us for under a week and is already picking up the puppy training. She will retrieve a throw dummy at 9 weeks. Overall real pleased with the pup and Chad's ongoing concern for updates on her development.
Submitted by: brad on Jan 29, 2008
I recently received a male brittany from Charobs Kennels. Chad done everything he said he would and the gog was everything he said it was. i was suggest anybody looking for a puppy,Companion or started dog to check out chad at Charobs Kennels. Honesty means alot. thanks Chad

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