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Submitted by: James Ballance on Apr 04, 2023
In January 2021 I got a 7 year old retired breeder cocker, Greenacres Jessie, from Carye. Great person, honest and direct. I no longer hunt but this dog is amazing in her hunting zeal. She's completely untrained as a hunter but her passion to retrieve is absolute. I'll throw a tennis ball 100 feet into deep brush and she covers the ground meticulously till she finds it. Sometimes I wish she'd just give up but not her! I don't doubt that she'd keep going for hours. She's doing 12 mile hikes every weekend, trained to walk within 10' of me. She never fails, smart as a whip. If she's anything like Carey's other dogs they've got to be exceptional.
Submitted by: Steve Clasen on Feb 06, 2020
I now have 2 dogs from Carey. The English Cocker is 18months old and has been amazing quail hunting. There was no formal training but the dog just knows her job. From day one she backed up the pointers, flushed on command and retrieves .
My Boykin is 7 months old. I will hunt him next year but he has to be the most laid back Boykin I know of.
Thanks for two great dogs Carey !
Submitted by: Lisa Sanders on Apr 11, 2016
I have done business with Mr. Carey for several years. He has some of the best boykins around and this I should know as my personal male Remington came from him. He is everything you would expect in a Boykin. Mr. Carey is a man of his word and very honorable. We are always treated like family when we go for a visit to meet his new puppies. Hurry and get a Boykin from a great breeder with good work ethic and morals. His personality says a lot about his dogs. He is the best and only produces the best.
Submitted by: Tony on Dec 27, 2014
Carey Knowles,

Is a man of few words but all action. He loves his dogs, yet didn't treat me like some imbecile trying to steal his first born child. After talking to a few Boykin Spaniel breeders, I was left a little disheartened by long interview processes, limited ownership contracts and even a breeder wanting to delay pick up of a puppy until January to ensure that I wasn't just looking for a Christmas puppy...Seriously? Why would I wait until the most expensive and difficult time of year to purchase a puppy if it wasn't for Christmas surprise for my family. An irresponsible dog owner is not going to agree to an $1800 dog and a $600 flight across the US on some whim...If I was that kind of human being,I'd of picked up a puppy at the Walmart parking lot, because I'm not rich and it took me over a year to invest in this purchase. I work long days, I own a small property,have a small car, and small boat, and I need a small dog that will hunt and retrieve upland gamebirds and waterfowl and be a loving companion for me and my wife and daughter. Carey sent me Ginger in November sight unseen... Hassle free.. And guilt free. She has been everything we hoped and more, she was potty trained at 10 weeks and was trained to voice, whistle, and hand signals at 11 weeks. She is all hunt and spunk but will still fall asleep in our laps. You can YouTube search for Ginger Boykin Spaniel Carey Knowles and see her in action.

Thank you Carey for a great pup and being a great business man!
Submitted by: Anna Walker on Nov 18, 2014
We picked up our male Boykin, Raleigh, on May 3, 2014. He is now 8 months old, and couldn't be a better addition to our family. He is very energetic, and lives for the days when he can be in the water. He loves swimming and retrieving and will do it for hours. He is highly intelligent, and has a nose like no other. He enjoys spending time at our hunt camp, where he can put that nose to use. He loves to run as well, and as long as we continue to give him an outlet for all of his energy, we never have problems with him chewing or destroying anything in our home (I know many potential owners have this concern). He barks only when someone knocks on the door and is never aggressive when new people (both children and adults) approach him. He is very obedient, and was completely house trained in less than 1 month. Raleigh is the most loving, loyal, and well-tempered dog we have ever owned and can't speak highly enough of Carey's pups.
Submitted by: Robert on Oct 25, 2014
We purchased Gauge (boykin) almost two years ago, and my mother kidnapped him. He's that awesome! Very loving, great at retrieving, soft mouth, and even came with a karate kick he does when he gets excited.
We just purchased another from Carey last night, she's 8 weeks and very sweet.
These are very loyal/loving dogs. Their personalities will surprise you!

Submitted by: Tony Moye on Jun 25, 2014
We are so happy with the Boykin pup that we picked up from Carey Knowles. Great conformation and a wonderful disposition. Mulligan, our male pup, picked my wife as Carey's wife, Jane said. He is beginning his training now and is retrieving well. I am enjoying working with this little brown spaniel and look forward to this fall in the dove fields. I highly recommend Carey Knowles as a Boykin breeder!
Submitted by: K & A on Jun 03, 2014
We have a Field-Bred English Cocker pup from Carey who is now 6 months old. Carey is the quintessential southern gentleman; I enjoyed every minute of working with him. His facilities are very clean, well-maintained, and on gorgeous farmland in rural Georgia. Our pup, Wembley, is whip-smart. She was fully house-trained and knew sit, stay, come at early ages (12 weeks and about 16 weeks, if I remember right?)She was so easy to train. She is SO loving, affectionate, and loyal. Our veterinarian also loves her; she says she is in top-notch health, and even commented that her hips were very healthy (she checks all new pups for signs of dysplasia, and told us unsolicited that Wembley had been bred well and responsibly). Even though I sought an English Cocker, I had the pleasure of seeing his gorgeous Brittanies and Boykins. So pretty and athletic. We highly recommend Carey!
Submitted by: Cory Huggins on May 31, 2013
Over a year has passed since I picked my dog up from this facility. I have had nothing but compliments on his temperament, intelligence, and overall atheistic. I have recommended the outfit to anyone looking for a top notch Boykin. He is a an excellent swimmer and turned to be a fine gundog. Thank you again.
Submitted by: Rich Phillips on Mar 09, 2013
My wife and I purchased a boykin puppy from Carey in 2011, sight unseen. I spoke with Carey several times and really enjoyed his laidback manor and candor. He shipped an 11 week old male to us in Seattle and the rest is history! Rebel is a great upland bird dog, as well as a great family dog. We never had a Boykin before, Rebel is all Carey said he would be. I don't see us ever going back to labs. Thanks Carey!
Submitted by: Nan Pond on Jul 30, 2012
We purchased a Boykin pup from Carey in May of 2012. She is a fantastic little dog- smart, hilarious, and a strong retriever already. Carey was easy to work with, and we were impressed with his kennel and his adult dogs. Definitely recommend his Boykins!
Submitted by: Chad Jones on Apr 23, 2012
I purchased a English Cocker from Carey last April and i ahve been very pleased. Hunter has turned out to everything I wanted and hoped for in him. Carey's dogs are just as he bills them to be, obedient, eager to please, and healthy.
I would and have recommended Carey's puppies.
Submitted by: Lindsey and Marcus McGuire on Jan 05, 2012
I knew I wanted a spaniel over five years ago. Once my husband and I got married and moved to a house with a big yard, we decided it was time to get a dog. He hunts dove and duck so a boykin was the obvious choice.
We found Carey's on and a year later, Marcus surprised me with our baby for Christmas. We named her Ladybird after a great bird dog my dad had as a boy. Ladybird has been such a blessing to our lives. She is smart, sweet, and so beautiful. At nine weeks, after only a week of playing with my dad's British lab, she was retrieving a full-sized mallard decoy! We are very proud puppy parents. The overall experience with Carey was straightforward and easy. He runs a tight ship with healthy, loving, and smart dogs. I would definitely recommend this breeder!
Submitted by: Susan Stewart on Nov 06, 2011
We picked up a puppy from Carey in September, he is 5 1/2 months old now and is very healthy and smart! We don't use him for hunting but have been working with him on retrieving (he's a natural!) and obedience work. Our dealing with Carey was a pleasure and we are very happy with our pup!
Submitted by: Chad Stevens on Jun 07, 2011
I drove 3.5 hours to pick a female Boykin up from Carey last fall. Carey's customer service was excellent. The dog (Scout) is truly a natural born bird dog: loves to retrieve, soft mouth, excellent swimmer and loyal companion. She is a perfect dog for a first time bird dog trainer like myself because she is a super fast learner and very intuitive. She is also awesome around my 4 year old son. There is not an aggressive bone in her body - pure sweetness. She does have the tendency to be a little timid around strangers and other dogs, but never aggressive.
Submitted by: Shelly Scheinler on Dec 27, 2010
I purchased a female boykin from Carey in Sept 2010. Carey was great @ answering all of my many questions. We drove 5 hours to pick up our puppy. We named her Sophie and she is the sweetest dog. She loves people and other dogs. She was house broken at 8 weeks. I am ready to purchase another puppy from Carey because our Sophie is the best dog. So happy with our purchase.
Submitted by: Burton Oxford on Nov 25, 2010
I purchased a female 2.5 years ago for my wife (truth be known for me to hunt with) and she has been an absolute pleasure to have as a companion. Lilly Mae was a very quick leaner and great around other dogs and loves anyone that comes within licking distance. She not only is the prettiest dogs in the neighborhood but a real attention getter every where she goes. I greatly appreciate the fine dog that Carey and his family provided my family.
Submitted by: Ihor and Shaw Pylyay on Oct 28, 2010
My husband and I called Carey from this ad and we talked to him he told us we had 3 male puppies left. My husband drove 5 hours to the the puppy we chose, brought him home named him Barkley and he has been the best puppy ever! He is so smart, a good listener, and always wanting to please! He is a perfect puppy. He is now 6 months old, we love him so much! Barkley is a wonderful dog! Compared to ohter Boykins we have encountered Barkley sure one of the best. We are so proud of him. Carey's Boykins are exceptional.
Submitted by: john barrett on Jun 30, 2010
I purchased a Boykin Spaniel from carey. He handled everything for me, all I had to do was go to the airport and pick her up. I named her hollie's mollie. She is a quick learner and is very pleasant to be with. She is already pointing and retrieving from water (loves water). She stays inside most of the time and after a few mishaps she is house broken. I have 4 grandchildren and they all like her. We are very pleased with Carey and love Mollie.
Submitted by: Daniel Knowles on Dec 05, 2008
I am Carey's nephew and i have seen many of his dogs in action. They all are very smart and quick learners. Carey and i have hunted dove,quail,and ducks with these dogs and they are outstanding in the field. His breeding stock are all very smart and friendly..I would highly recomend his puppies for anyone rather you want them for hunting purposes or as just a great companion..

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