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Submitted by: Christine Colby on Jan 10, 2017
Kodiak was born 2 years ago today (Jan 10). We picked him up from Eric Stella at Cape Cod Chesapeake! From the day he was born till we took him home was such a fum experience with photos and updates. Now 2 years, he is a wonderful member of our family, a real companion, easily trained and with a super temperament. He is everything you would expect from a chessy. Whether in the house, the woods, at the beach, or in the snow he is the perfect dog. I could not be more pleased.
Submitted by: Justin pribanic on May 26, 2014
I first would like to thank the Stella's for a wonderful experience in purchasing my first Chesapeake . My search for the right chessie went on for sometime but instantly was complete after my first talk with Eric . From start to finish Eric and Michelle couldn't not have been any more helpful . They clearly share a joy and passion in the breed that produces first class dogs . My chessie Moose was born August of 2012 and picked up in the fall . Moose has been my side kick ever since from work to outdoor adventures I couldn't ask for a better dog equally comfortable at home with my 3 yr old niece to charging around outdoors . A real character and 100% chessie ! I would highly recommend cape cod Chesapeakes for anyone interested in a chessie . I don't think a day has gone by when I haven't had a compliment at what a good looking nice dog they provided me . I'm a fan for life !
Submitted by: Lindsay & Adam on Dec 09, 2012
Eric and Michele were highly recommended when we began our journey in looking for the perfect Chessie. When we called Eric he answered all of our questions and concerns about the breed and thankfully gave us the opportunity to receive one of his pups. We went and visited the Stella’s soon after the pups were born and met the momma Ally; who is such a sweet sweet girl! We explained what we were looking for and they matched us with the most wonderful little girl. Although we do not hunt, we were looking for a well rounded family dog that would do well with our active lifestyle. Penny, who is almost 4 months old, is not only extremely smart but very loving and loyal. She is currently undergoing obedience training and learns her commands quickly. She LOVES the water! She does well with other people and can’t get enough of playing with other dogs. We always get compliments on how beautiful and loving she is. We can’t thank the Stella’s enough for giving us such a perfect addition to our family. Eric and Michele definitely know how to breed good, healthy, well mannered CBRs!
Submitted by: Jo Kennedy on Nov 08, 2012
I contacted Eric not long after our 12 year old Chessie Raleigh died. His compassion during our grief was amazing. On October 7th 2012 we brought our beautiful baby girl Juno home. We are not hunters, Juno is going to be our family companion. SHe is exceptional, she is very smart, very opinionated and very vocal. We have a 3 year old daughter so Eric and Michelle picked this particular pup for us and already Juno and Poppy (the child) are best friends. This dog is fantastic with all kids - I mean she adores them. She is already a welcome visitor to our daughter's pre-school. Eric and Michelle were wonderful to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a high quality, gorgeous Chessie.
Submitted by: Adam Hardy on Oct 10, 2012
I am the owner of Rooster and he is from the September 11th litter. He is 13 months old and is an unbelievable dog. From a puppy he was obedient and intelligent. I am the super at a golf course and it has become his everyday paradise. He is protective but not aggressive. An awesome companion and the most handsome dog I have ever seen. I am going to hunt with Rooster this season and have been training him pretty thoroughly . I have done my homework but it is my first dog and he is a 10! No doubt he can return all day and is tireless and was born to retrieve!! Great job Stellas
Submitted by: Nish and Carolyn on Mar 17, 2012
We visited the Stellas in Aug. 2011 and shared with them the kind of Chessie we wanted (family companion). The litter was born in Sept. and we picked up Bailey in Nov. He is six months old now and he is our dream dog. He is a show quality family dog. Our previous chessie was no where near the caliber of this one. The difference between dogs and breeders is dramatic. The Stellas know what they are doing and do it well!
Submitted by: Chris Landry on Feb 04, 2012
Lori and I would first like to thank Eric and Michelle for the wonderful opportunity of owning one of their wonderful pups. Harley Rose is doing very well and an absolute joy to our friends, family, and enjoyed by all her canine friends. She is enrolled in obedience class and doing well. She is retrieving at this time. We can't wait to get her out there next hunting season! Even though we have owned a Chesapeake previously, we are still amazed at how intelligent this breed really is. Again, thank you and exellent job! Chris and Lori
Submitted by: Brett Grooms on Feb 03, 2012
I have a very good chess she is a hunting machine and does not stop retrieving. She will break ice too get a duck or goose. S he is 41/2 years old looking too breed her blood line is out of Montana and North Dakota. Looking for a Eastern blood line too breed her with.
Submitted by: Kim on Jan 10, 2012
We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to have Maggie (magoo 2/17/09) enter our lives. She is a joy. She greets us each day with that great big smile and chatter. She is great with our family and friends. Enjoys her summers in Maine and is the talk of the lake. As she spends her time swimming with the children, jumping off the dock, and retrieving at all hours. She greets all guests with her great big smile but more importantly, her ball for them to through into to lake. (which they are unaware of her endurance and ability to follow commands) For the hunters out there Maggie is a natural, we sometimes feels she is missing her calling. I cannot thank Eric enough for giving this previous lab owner the opportunity to fall in love with chessie breed.
Submitted by: Nancy latronico on Dec 21, 2011
So in love with our baby chessie Sailor Moon!We picked her up Nov.5th 2011..and she is so sweet! Def a "chessie"! Has her moments, but shes a cuddly, sweet dog too!!! The Stellas were wonderful to us, and they have bred wonderful dogs..such a good mix of sweetness And strong smart pups!!We couldnt be happier!!!Thank you, Eric and Michele!!!
Submitted by: Prof. Frank Yee on Aug 20, 2011
I like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Eric and Michelle Stella for the opportunity in “acquiring” Chelsea from their July 20, 2011 litter of eight pups. Firstly, Eric and Michelle are “first class people” with the dedication of breeding exemplary Chesapeakes from champion lineage. Their association with Joanne of Silvercreek Chesapeakes speaks volumes to their professionalism in only breeding quality puppies.

With respect to our eight week old “Chessie”, she is developing into a fine young lady. Chelsea was well socialized before entering into our family. We had no difficulty in transporting her from Cap Cod to Toronto, Canada - a 12 hour drive. At that time, she was only six weeks old – normally puppies are released at approximately 8 weeks old. I thank the Stellas, however, for their trust and confidence in us for taking care of such a young puppy. Chelsea was extremely well behaved on the trip back to Ontario with only one minor accident.

Since arriving to the shores of Lake Ontario, Chelsea has been a hit and star amongst the residents of the “Beach” community in Toronto. Chelsea is socializing well amongst the various dogs in the neighbourhood. She is already well trained, likes playing and attempting to swim in Lake Ontario. As a result, I do not hesitate in recommending Cape Cod Chesapeakes as a quality breeder.

Respectfully Submitted
Prof. Frank Yee
Submitted by: Joanne Guilmette on May 19, 2011
Our Chessie "Feebee" whom we purchased from the Stellas is now 2 years old. She is a very loyal companion, obsessive retreiver and swimmer. She has a wonderful gentle temperment. I would highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: The Libbys on Apr 04, 2010
We love our Chessie from the same 2/17/09 litter. He is an absolute doll. Loves people, dogs, children a very outgoing dog. He weighs about 87 pounds now, is athletic, loves the water, running and us! A good lookin' boy too. So glad we found him.
Submitted by: Brian Voke on Dec 14, 2009
We purchased a female puppy from the Stella's last April. Nauset is almost a year old and is an awesome dog! She loves children and other dogs and is friendly to everyone she meets. She is very smart and learns very quickly. The temperment of the dog is outstanding! Just a wonderful dog!
Submitted by: Joanne Guilmette on Apr 22, 2009
We bought our Chesapeake Bay Retreiver from the Stella's and we are very happy we did (this will be our 3rd Chessie). We contacted them (referred by Joanne at Silvercreek Chesapeakes)before the litter arrived (2/17/09). We just new from talking to them we would get a great dog. Our kids were so excited to receive email updates and pics of the pups. We also visited their home twice to meet and play with them. We picked her up on 4/16/09. She (Feebee) is a wonderful Chessie. She is even-tempered, a love, loyal, smart, smiler, talker.... all there is to love about the breed.. We are all very happy!!

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