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Submitted by: Mark Going on May 03, 2023
We received Neptune a Black Lab at 10 weeks old. He was a fantastic pup, so sweet and full of life. After doing research, my wife and I reached out to Carole and she a great pleasure to work with! We went and visited her place and saw her dog and decided we were going to get a puppy from her! She kept us updated constantly about the litter and I can't say enough great things about her and her dogs!

We always kept Carole updated on Neptune and he loved to visit her place and play with all of her dogs and see his parents.

Carole provide great guidance throughout his life and was a pleasure to work with throughout the years.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful fantastic pup!
Submitted by: Susan Davis on Jan 17, 2020
We were thinking about a puppy, when by chance I met an adorable puppy and it's owner. Given a wonderful referral, we called Carole. At the time, we were looking for a female yellow lab. On 12-25-2007, our beautiful black female lab was born. We were invited to visit Abby whenever we wished, until we could bring her home.

At her first appointment, our vet was so impressed with her he requested the name of the breeder. Carole is so much more than a breeder. She puts much thought and love into the process to insure a healthy puppy.

Abby is sweet & gentle & full of energy. She is wonderful with our grandchildren. Everywhere we go, people comment on what a beautiful lab she is.

Abby has stayed with Carole many times. It's so nice to know that she will be in their home and the quality of care is exceptional.
She is as excited to be there, as Carole is to see her. These are not just puppies to Carole, they're her fury babies. She is so happy to know they are with families that love and take care of them.

That chance meeting in 2007, led us to Carole who has become a wonderful friend and Carole has given us the most precious gift, Abby!

Thank you Carole
Susan & Bob

Submitted by: Michele Boldrin on Jan 09, 2020
I have known Carole for 12 years now, in fact a bit longer. She is just wonderful along every dimension. We got our black Labrador (Rocco) from her in 2008, he was born on January 4th in fact and it was an exceptionally good experience. Carole is a great breeder and truly loves what she does, her clients and her dogs first and foremost. Since then we have interacted plentiful times, both to receive guidance about Rocco and, during the last five years, for boarding.

For a series of circumstances we had to travel abroad a lot more than expected and, after various experiments and comparisons, we decided that leaving Rocco (and, until she passed away last year, Greta, our boxer) with Carole was the perfect choice. I cannot find any dimension along which she is not nearly perfect: food, medical care, attention, sending pictures and reporting about the pets, being flexible about pick-up and drop-off time, adjust to my frequent changes of schedule, extending their stay, telling me about warning signs about their health ...

Just recently I left Rocco with her for about four months and I am getting ready to, unfortunately, leave him for about another four as I have to complete my sabbatical in Europe and China and cannot bring him with me. This saddens me and the only consolation is that I know he will be happy with Carole and come back healthier than I have left him.

Thanks Carole. mb
Submitted by: Carla Dobbins on Jan 02, 2020
We've had the opportunity to purchase two CR Labrador pups over the last 2 years. It was such a positive experience, our neighbor also purchased a puppy from Carole during that same time frame. Here's what we feel sets Carole apart:

1.) She took time to get to know us and our needs in order to match us with the right puppies for our lifestyle.

2.) She is very knowledgeable about the science of breeding and raising puppies. But you can also tell she cares deeply about making sure her pups land in good homes after they leave her care.

3.) Having partnered with Carole for more than one puppy, we've had
plenty of opportunity for communication, questions, and visits to her kennels. Her follow up is excellent, and her kennels and play areas are always clean and safe.

4.) Both of our Puppies have grown to be robust and healthy with excellent temperament. They responded well to toddlers, strangers, other dogs, and house guests from the start

5.) In addition to breeding, we also took advantage of Carole's on site training and boarding services. We could see measurable progress in in our puppy's manners and basic command skills when he returned home. Carole was very straightforward with "training" us as well, so that we can consistently and effectively reinforce learning at home.

Finally, we still keep in touch with Carole with questions and, we really feel like she's a member of our "extended" dog family. We have a partnership with Carole that has gone well beyond just taking our puppies home. And it's worth noting that even though we are about about 3.5 hours away we absolutely feel that the distance is worth travelling to work with her, and our experience has not been diminished because of that distance.

Submitted by: Susie Valin on Jan 02, 2018
Our puppy is six months old now. He is such a good boy! The whole family is so in love with him. He is so mellow and well behaved and is the smartest dog I have ever owned. I researched breeders carefully and am so glad I chose Carole! If we ever add to our family I would definitely get another dog from CR Labradors.
Submitted by: Pam Waters on Jun 21, 2014
A little over 5 years ago I went in search of a reputable breeder of English Labs and was extremely fortunate to find Carole. We communicated for well over a year and I decided to bring home a yellow male. I was unable to go to Carols to pick out the pup and relied on her expertise in picking out the right one for me and my family. That's how Hobbes became a part of our family. He was a wonderful addition, smart,laid back, gentle, and very loving. We have been blessed to have him for almost 4 years.
Just a few months ago I had the opportunity to add a sweet, yellow female which we named Cassie. She is now 8 months old and is just as gentle, smart and very loving as Hobbes. She has excelled in her basic training classes and is now joining my daughter, in her office, as a therapy puppy. So far, she has exceeded expectations and has been very well received.
I am, and will always be, grateful to have found such an exceptional breeder as Carole. The pups are born in home and raised by her family, which gives them a loving beginning, before they are sent on to live with the fortunate family's who take them home. We are notified of the birth and have regular updates along with photos of the pups as they grow. This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you ,Carole. We all have been truly blessed to have found you.
Submitted by: Alisha on Mar 26, 2013
I highly recommend CR Labradors as a reputable lab breeder. Carole is so knowledgable about the breed and isn't a breeder who's only concern is how many litters she can sell. I found CR Labradors on this website and was so lucky to have a breeder so close to where I live. Thanks Carole!!! We love Betty!
Submitted by: Jennifer Carroll on Jun 11, 2012
We can not Thank Carole enough for all she did for our boy "O" during his 6 months of training at her home. Our boy "O" went out to Carole as Can CH/UJJ UKC GRCH Casbar's the Big "O" CCG, TDI and came home with his WC, SHR, and eventually his JH titles. Thanks again to Carole for all of the time and training that you did with "O" to help him suceed and show his balanced titles.
Submitted by: Brian L Phelps on Mar 29, 2012
Carole is a good lady. She has trained 2 of my labs and owns another one that is now running hunt tests at 7 months. I like what she has done well enough that I'm getting ready to send another girl out to her in May.

Carole has been helpful in completing some genetic testing for my dogs. She shares info about progress, successes and challenges that the dogs are facing. Occasionally, I've gotten photos and videos of their training.

Carole does a fine job. Brian
Submitted by: Kirby and Angie Looper on Mar 17, 2012
Ellie, British Lab, 9 months. We had Carole train Ellie for hunting and obedience, we are very pleased with the level of training. We will be recommending her to anyone.
Submitted by: Lisa on Sep 30, 2011
First and foremost....I would highly recommend CR Labradors. After searching many months for a breeder, I found Carole. From the first moment I spoke with her on the phone and the first meeting we had with her and "MISTY",I knew that she was going to be the one we would be getting our new FAMILY member from. The from the updates before breeding, during pregnancy, days before delivery, the puppy by puppy updates on the day they were born, and the weekly photos and emails on their progress, Carole is a true GEM. She let us (myself, husband and 10 yr old daughter) come make weekly visits sometimes 2x a week. She is very knowledgeable of her breed and helped us make the right pick for our family. Our boy "Mitch" picked our daughter from the get go. And Carole saw that, telling me one day that "that puppy has picked your daughter and only pays attention to her when visitors come to see the pups". She was sooo very right.....he fit into the family from day one and pays very close attention to his environment and what is going on in it. He has the drive and learns in a snap the things taught to him. She breeds the complete package. Working in the pet industry....I see ALOT of health problems in this breed and the hearbreak that families endure due to that. I love that "health" is a major factor in her breedings. She is always happy to make suggestions if asked and they always help and work. We plan on having her do training with him also....cant wait to see the results.
We will be forever clients of hers. Thank you Carole for an AWESOME puppy. We love him to pieces.
Lisa, Brad and Olivia
Submitted by: Pam Waters on Jun 03, 2011
This past year dealing with Carole and C.R.Labradors has been both a delight and enlightening.
We lost two of our girls to old age last year, leaving a five year old Rottweiller,named Angel, very depressed. I began the search for a companion for both of us and was fortunate to be led to Carole.
We began communicating and over the next year I became more knowledgable about Labs and we became friends.
When the litter,that I had requested a puppy from,was born - we got pictures from the very first moments of their lives and updates on a regular basis. It was fun watching the pups grow and change.
As I was unable to get in to Missouri to pick my pup,I requested that Carole do it for me.I trusted her judgement and felt comfortable with whatever choice she would make on my behalf. She did an exceptional job!
This week we have our new addition and he is making himself right at home. His name is Hobbes and he is eight weeks old. He is not the least intiminated by Angel's size and is becoming a great friend to her.He is very loving and smart and we are having alot of fun introducing him to the family here in Colorado. So - Thank you,Carole I am very grateful for all the lovingly given information and and help over the past year. It's been quite the experience!
Submitted by: Christie on Apr 20, 2011
Carole, Thank you for helping us get our 3-year-old handsome (!!!) black lab Hermann ready to be a "big brother/dog" to our baby-to-be. Since he's been home from the month he spent with you, I feel comfortable doing simple things around the house with him next to me: folding laundry (he will now LEAVE IT when he sniffs socks!), taking groceries inside (he will now WAIT at the door!), eating dinner in front of the TV (he will now SIT and STAY!), and even organizing baby shower gifts with him keeping me company on his CLIMB! I love love love spending time with him and not worrying about him eating or getting into everything!
The month that he was with you was very hard - I
missed him so much, but the pictures and updates you'd email me helped me get through the week. And we appreciated you allowing us to come out to your home on weekends to help train US with Hermann, too (I now use a firmer voice when giving commands and don't chit-chat with him AS often!)!
Thank you, Carole! You've done wonders that I just didn't have the patience to do myself!
Submitted by: Rebekkah Montes on Apr 04, 2011
I recommend, without hesitation, Carol Ramsey for obedience or field training of your pet. I have all the confidence in the world in Carol Ramsey and her training techniques.
It was obvious in the first ten minutes that Carol connected with my dog and intuitively understood her temperament and personality in a way that I thought only I did. In addition, Carol truly loves and respects dogs to the degree that you do. My six year old Betsy is a half English Pointer, half Brittany. Not a lab, but she’s all bird-dog just the same. Since I don’t hunt with my dog all I needed was recall training and Carol got results in one day! Not only that, she helped me better understand my Betsy and provided strategies that have proven effective in enhancing her traits. Carol truly understands that your hunting dog is also your companion and a loving member of your family. In addition, she possesses a natural ability to really connect with dogs and utilize their own personality traits to maximize their potential in the home and the field.

Thank You Carol!
Rebekkah and Betsy
Submitted by: Amber & J.R. Dreher on Dec 19, 2010
My husband and I made contact with Carol at C.R. Labradors after doing some research on dog trainers in our area. Carol was very easy to reach and her schedule was always flexible. We decided to leave our two year old Chocolate Lab with Carol after visiting her facility. Carol treats each dog as if it is her own. Our dog "Zoey" is our family pet and hunting dog; therefore we wanted her in an environment that made her feel at home. "Zoey" was very timid with little confidence when we left her with Carol. We came to visit "Zoey" every couple of weeks. Every visit we seen a dramatic improvement in "Zoey". She stayed for 60 days. We are very excited to have such a great dog that is ready to work in the field for us. We highly recommend C.R. Labradors we could not be any happier.
Amber and J.R.
Submitted by: JT Gunter on Jul 02, 2010
Carole and C.R. Labradors is someone who I will use time and time again as well as promote fellow hunters whose dogs need further help in the field. I contacted Carole about waterfowl retrieval and upland bird basic training and she did amazing work with my 16 month old lab. I was the only one who had worked with my pup and I am no dog trainer. I told her what I wanted out of a hunting dog and in only 4 weeks of Carole working with him daily, I believe I have that. My pup is excited when I get out the training bumpers and birds and is going to be ready for the field this fall to harvest waterfowl and upland birds. Carol truly loves what she does, and even gets attached to the animals and treats them as if they are her own pets, not just a job. Great job with Gunner Carole, looking forward to working with you again.
Submitted by: Rachel Banks on Jun 30, 2010
We have had a wonderful experience with getting an adult dog and a puppy. She loves and cares for her dogs as her own children and makes sure that the families they go to will do the same.
Submitted by: Stefanie Prince on Jun 30, 2010
We had a fantastic experience with C.R. Labradors. We bought a black English Lab, Easton, from Carole at CR Labradors. Easton is now 4 months old and absolutly wonderful. We had family visits with him before we were able to bring him home. Carole takes time to talk about and answer any questions we had. You can see how much she loves and cares for her dogs and puppies. Our vet has given very high praise for our dog. He is gorgeous and I feel very lucky to have found him and CR Labradors.
Submitted by: Dennis and Cris on Feb 17, 2009

Max has been hunting with me now since early last fall. Actually- his first expousre to live birds was back when he was closer to 5 months old. This fall, Nov 1 we went to pheasant hunt in KS and he 'did me proud'. We did a second KS trip in mid Nov and have continued to to short hunts here on our farm. His points are classy though short. His retreiving is very strong All in all for a 1 yr old, his progress is excellent. When not hunting, he is my buddy. I'll be in the tractor in a few minutes feeding the cattle--he rides in the cab with me. He and our 11 yr old chocolate, Bailey, sleep in every night--no problem.

Hope all is going well for you & yours....

Dennis and Cris
Submitted by: Kevin on Feb 10, 2009
I am the owner of Wrigley (pics available under Full English Pups tab). I found Carole while searching for breeders over the summer. After coming to her home to meet her and to see her dogs my wife and I knew immediately that Carole was the breeder for us. Her love for her dogs and her knowledge about the breed was more than enough to convince us that we had found a great breeder.

After Wrigley was born, the experience of watching him grow was amazing. We came out to Carole's home about every 2 weeks to see Wrigley. Every time we visited Carole answered questions for us and gave us all the information we needed to know about him.

We now use Carole for boarding Wrigley when we are out of town. We never have to worry about his care while we are gone, we know he is treated like "one of the family" when he is with Carole. Wrigley loves to play with Misty, his sister, when he is staying with Carole

We couldn't be happier with our choice in breeder, or our puppy! Thanks Carole!
Submitted by: Josh on Aug 25, 2008
I found Carole about 6 months ago while looking for a lab breeder. Carole was the first breeder I talked to that seemed to take the time to listen to questions and concerns. Even though I'm located over a state away and several hundred miles, after talking to her about her dogs I felt more at home with her than many other breeders I had previously delt with. There hasn't seemed to be a question she didn't have an answer for.

Cooper is nearing a year old now and is just a bawl to be with. He is so very loyal and has so much love to give to anyone he is around. Training always seems to go so fast and is so fun. Sometimes its like he knows what I'm thinking. Cooper has a very outgoing personality and loves to be around other dogs and sometimes even cats. He loves people and really loves kids. Cooper and I both are so very thankful that I found Carole and her family.
Submitted by: Eric, Jill, Taylor, Morgan, and Zoe on Aug 15, 2008
We were very impressed with Carole and her dogs from the first time we visited their home. The entire process from picking the puppy, to visiting when they were still with Carole, to taking the puppy home was so enjoyable. Carole made sure the pups were healthy (including shots), loved, and very clean while in her house. She also made us feel part of the process by having open house so the family could come visit Cole while he was days and weeks old.

Cole, a black Labrador Retriever, is almost 8 months old and he’s a beautiful well behaved pup already. He’s very good with the kids and has been since we got him home. Cole also loves retrieving and swimming! All of Carole’s dogs are very well trained. Make sure you get a field demonstration from her with Honey. I’ll bet Windy Lou is getting good as well…
Submitted by: Diana Anderson on Aug 15, 2008
C.R. Labradors is the best breeder we have ever gotten a puppy from. We bought a yellow lab from one of their litters last year and he is just awesome. We talk with Carole on a regular basis and recently had our dog Cody kenneled with Carole while we were out of town. She was awesome and Cody had a great time as well! We will definitely use her for our next dog,as well as any kenneling or training needs we will have in the future. My husband and I highly recommend C.R. Labradors!
Submitted by: Kristen Owens on Dec 14, 2007
We have had an amazing experience with C.R. Labradors! "Tug",a black labrador retriever, has been a true blessing for the entire family. He is now 6 months old, full of life and love. We were concerned about how he would get along with our 8 year old Lab, but they are the best of buds. We couldn't be happier with C.R. Labradors. They have clean facilities, beautiful/well-trained dogs and a true family atmosphere. We are so impressed with C.R. Labradors that my parents will be purchasing a yellow lab from their next litter.
Submitted by: Rich, Jacki, Andy and Megan on Oct 07, 2007
To anyone reading this email we want to say that working with Carole was a joy. She is very knowledgeable and she loves what she does!! Riley was crate trained the day we brought him home and so far potty training is going very well. Overall training is going well!! This is our second lab from a breeder and this experience has been much better!!! You'll enjoy working with Carole as much as we did!

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