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Submitted by: Justin Strickland on Feb 11, 2020
My wife and I have always loved the Brittany Spaniel breed and knew we wanted to welcome a new puppy into our family. We researched breeders across the southeast extensively and came across Georgia Mountain Brittanys. We purchased our puppy Remi in January 2019. Emily and Bradley were wonderful to work with. They were extremely accommodating as we narrowed down our final choice welcoming us for multiple visits to interact with the puppies. They had a great setup for raising the puppies and we were very impressed with how conditioned our dog was from interacting with their family and young children. Because of that interaction, he was never skittish or spooked by loud noises, gun shots while hunting, etc. He has a natural inclination towards hunting and has been very responsive to obedience training. We have recently begun exposing him to live birds and he shows great promise. He was a family dog from day one and the best addition to our family.
Submitted by: Steve Kelly on Mar 31, 2019
We got Bella in January 2019 she is a wonderful healthy puppy very smart and energetic. I couldn't be happier ga. Mountain brittanys were a pleasure to work with. Thanks!
Submitted by: Walker on Feb 17, 2019
My wife and I recently adopted a wonderful Brittany from Emily and Bradley. She's beautiful, intelligent, and inquisitive--everything you could ask for in a Brittany! We organized the adoption remotely from South Carolina. Emily was responsive to our questions, sent many pictures, and was a breeze to deal with. We can't recommend the breeder--or their puppies!--more.
Submitted by: Dustin Mowrey on Feb 10, 2019
Really glad that I found out about Georgia Mountain Brittnay. While I was working in the area they allowed me to come look at a couple of the puppies that they still had. Needless to say I ended up getting one that they had and they were really nice and made the hole thing easy and were willing to work with me about the pick up due to my crazy work schedule. Really love the new pup and he is doing great
Submitted by: Joel A on Dec 12, 2015
My wife and I purchased a beautiful little puppy from Georgia Mountain Brittanys. We have been getting to know our little lady for the past week and have really appreciated the continued communication and information from the breeder. Emily has been very helpful in answering questions on the breed and about new puppy care. We were pleased to see the champion blood lines and look forward to training our new family member, Riley. Prior to puppy pickup there was a lot of communication about the litter and several photo sessions that allowed us to see Riley before she came home. We enjoyed the experience of working with Georgia Mountain Brittanys and loved the scenery at pickup. Thanks Again!!!
& Colleen
Submitted by: Jake Davis on Sep 16, 2015
My wife Haleigh and I added Huxley to our family around two months ago. Georgia Mountain Brittanys was so easy to work with. They even helped me pull of the surprise of a new puppy for my wife. Emily and Bradley are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and really do care so much for their Brittanys. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed my experience with them. And as for Huxley, he is a beautiful Spaniel. So energetic and fun. His personality and demeanor are exuberant and he was the perfect addition to our family. If you are looking for a great specimen sold by even greater people, I'd suggest you get in touch with the McEntyres, you won't regret it.
Submitted by: Lynn P on Aug 12, 2015
Georgia Mountain Brittanys have been the best breeders! I picked up my pup about a month ago and can't say enough great things! This is my first Brittany I have owned and they have been so helpful with information. They also send pictures about once a week which is great to see your puppy grow and learn to play with other puppies and their children.
Submitted by: Randy Strickland on Aug 11, 2015
Emily and Bradley do a great job caring for their dogs and puppies. They take every precaution to ensure that each puppy is healthy and well socialized before sending them to their forever homes. We picked our Brittany out when she was just three weeks old and Emily encouraged us to visit as often as we liked until she was weaned and ready to leave. We did visit often and were graciously welcomed each time.

I highly recommend Georgia Mountain Brittany's to anyone wanting a family pet or a hunting dog from Google breeding.
Submitted by: Zach McDougall on Aug 06, 2015
Gerorgia Mountain Brittanys could not have done better job with helping us raise our new Brittany. Stella is almost 3 months old now and she has been the perfect pup. The vet says she has perfect health! When picking Stella up from Emily and Bradley McEntyre they are a very kind and friendly family. We really liked how much interaction the puppies had already had with the McEntyre children at a young age, it really means a lot for the puppies future. Emily does a great job organizing and keeping track of all the puppies history and health records. I would 100% recommend Georgia Mountain Brittanys to anyone who is looking for the perfect Puppy.
Submitted by: Herbert Scheuer on Jul 29, 2015
We are 100% happy with the puppy we bought from Emily and Bradley McEntyre. The puppy was well socialized and our experience could not have been better. We received weekly pictures of the puppies and our Vet said the puppy was perfect. We received a package which included the Vet records, food, AKC forms and certified pedigrees of both parents and other information on puppies. Everything was well organized and presented in a folder. It is great buying a dog from such fine people as Emily and Bradley.
Submitted by: Catherine Huff on Jul 22, 2015
Emily and Bradley were very friendly, great breeders to work with! Questions were answered informatively and promptly. We look forward to keeping in touch with them and updating them on our Brittany puppy, Georgia!
Submitted by: Bob & Susan Hunter on Oct 07, 2014
We have owned Brittanys for 12 years, so this is not our first. Our experience with Georgia Mountain Brittanys was 100% great. The puppies are so well cared for, and the records are kept perfectly. Emily provides all the information you could possibly need, and seems to just love each and every puppy. We have never dealt with a better breeder, and are super satisfied with our pup. She is spunky, curious, and just down right adorable. Bonnie Blu is 11 weeks old now, and we fully expect to have a superior hunting dog.
Submitted by: Jodie Brown on Oct 06, 2014
We loved working with The McEntyre family to get our Brittany puppy. They were very quick to respond to inquiries and questions. The puppies were loved and provided excellent socialization by the McEntyre children! The puppies were healthy, socialized and beautiful. We had a very positive experience choosing a puppy from Emily and Bradley and would not hesitate to refer friends to them who might want a Brittany.
Submitted by: Cindy and David on Oct 06, 2014
Emily and Bradley McEntrye are great breeders. Our dog, Abby was well socialized and cared for during her time at Georgia Mountain Brittanys. Emily McEntyre was great about communication, sending pictures, and videos of the puppies. The McEntrye's provided all veterinary records, bloodline records, and AKC registration papers. Abby has been a good addition to our family. Our experience with Georgia Mountain Brittanys was positive from start to finish!
Submitted by: Laura Stille on Oct 03, 2014
We had a terrific experience with Georgia Mountain Brittanys and just love our new puppy, Annie, which we purchased in September, 2014. She is an exceptional dog already; incredibly smart, healthy, trainable, and very, very well socialized. It is obvious that she has been around children and other dogs and fit right in with our family and adult male Brittany. Annie learned the sit and stay commands at 9 weeks on the first training attempt! Emily was fabulous to deal with throughout the whole process, updating us with photos and providing all the necessary paperwork and helpful information upon purchase. Definitely recommend this breeder!
Submitted by: DOROTHEA HASSELL on Sep 23, 2014
The McEntyre's puppies are exceptionally well socialized. From early on, the children play with the puppies, giving them plenty of human love and attention. Upon picking up your pup, the breeders provide you with a little starter kit, as well as a small bag of toys and a piece of blanket with the dam's scent. They were flexible, allowing us to visit our pup several times.
Georgia Mountain Brittanys is the opposite of a puppy mill. At 9 weeks, our Britt is a quick learner and is already showing all the signs of a hunter.
Submitted by: Larue on Sep 22, 2013
I searched for a long time before I found someone I was comfortable getting a puppy from their business. Emily McEntyre was great to work with and I have a wonderful, sweet, smart female puppy to love. My puppy, Maddie, is 3 months old and is already learning to fetch as well as other basic commands. She loves to 'play' learning games.

Emily kept me informed of the litter's progress in the weeks leading up to my picking up Maddie. She sent pictures so I already had a connection to my puppy. Emily went over all the care and needs of my Brittany before I left and provided me with complete records.

Breeders I have dealt with in the past were out of the picture as soon as I drove off with a puppy; not Emily. She cares about her dogs and has emailed me, requesting pictures and updates. She wants to know that the puppies are doing well. I have never had that had that before and it makes me feel even better about my experience with GA Mountain Brittanys.
Submitted by: Angela on Aug 20, 2013
Emily and Bradley were so easy to work with. We kept in touch just about every week until our puppy was born. Emily sent updates and pictures so that we could watch our baby grow which made us feel involved even though we do not live close to each other. I would recommend Ga Mtn Brittanys hands down to anyone looking to adopt such a special breed.
Submitted by: Carter and Kim on Jan 20, 2013
Our experience with Georgia Mountain Brittanys was positive from the start to the finish. Emily and Bradley are very involved with the puppies and maintain a clean family environment.
It was nice to be kept updated with pictures of our puppy until we could pick her up. We picked up Dixie Belle in June, 12 and traveled in an RV for 6 weeks. She was house trained by the time we arrived back home. She is very quick to learn, some commands have seen results within 6-8 attempts. Dixie is now 9 months and she is a wonderful companion. If we were looking for a Brittany, we would definitely use Georgia Mountain Brittanys!

Submitted by: GENEPreziosi on Dec 21, 2012
Sopphie is now 8 months old and continues to be a great joy to Amy myself and Suzel(Our ShiPoo). From the day we brought her home, she has been the hit of our area. In fact, the first seven days were highlighted with each evening cocktail party hosted by neighbors.She is now welcome in seven homes and she takes advantage of their properties and homes.
We thank you for the professional manner in providing our ownership of this wonderful Brittany. We couldn't be more pleased. I will continue to provide you with photos.
Amy/Gene- 12-21-2012
Submitted by: Cathy Woodruff on Dec 01, 2012
Our sweet Bella is the delight of our household. She stole our hearts when we visited to see Belle + Buster’s April 2012 litter. Emily and Brad were good enough to send us updated photos and videos of our selected puppy, as we anxiously ticked off the weeks until we could bring Bella home with us. At age 2 months Bella pointed a butterfly. Now 7 months old, she becomes more beautiful every day. She chases birds and squirrels, and she plays basketball--only because a basketball is the smallest ball that she can’t sink her teeth into (several punctured balls around our house). She is a very energetic puppy, yet when exhaustion overcomes her, she is a loveable snuggler. Her vet thinks she’s perfect and so do we.
Submitted by: Laura on Nov 29, 2012
I can't say enough positive things about our experience with Georgia Mountain Brittanys! Emily and Bradley were so helpful. They helped us find the perfect match for our family, answered all our questions, kept us updated with pictures of our puppy until we could pick him up. We love our Brittany puppy! He is now 7 months old, and he is the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever known. And we aren't just saying that because he's ours! Thanks to Bradley and Emily for all their help and for making the adoption process so easy!
Submitted by: keith foster on Sep 07, 2012
We had a great experience with Georgia Mountain Brittany's. Emily & Bradley did a wonderful job answering all our questions. They were very accomodating, and worked with me to pick up our pup as a surprise for my wife. Our puppy, Eli, has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a beautiful Brittany -- is super smart, and is great with our 3 kids. He has grown so much this summer, and loves to swim in the lake with our kids. We would definately use Georgia Mountain Brittanys again! War Eagle! Keith Foster
Submitted by: Chuck M on Jul 08, 2012
Top notch breeder! Our dog Wilson was Male #3 from Belle's 23 April 12 litter. Bradley and Emily were great to work with to find my family the right pup and Wilson certainly was it!

While we were waiting the weeks between choosing and pickup, Emily posted pictures and news of the dog's progress weekly and patiently answered many questions which I am sure they have heard a thousand times before.

Upon pickup, documentation of the pup was presented and completed thoroughly and professionally. The documentation included detailed medical, AKC registration instructions, informational pamphlets, and hip certification of the father (which I had specifically asked for) and the detailed lineage of the parents. Emily went through the documentation in detail.

Wilson was very socialized when we picked him up. Between the other pups and the McEntyre family, Wilson came to us people and other-dog friendly. We were very impressed on how hands-on Bradley and Emily (and their family) are with all of their dogs.

Wilson is now fully integrated into the family with other animals (an older Britt and two cats). His socialization by the McEntyres paid huge dividends and was seamless as Wilson came to our family. We were amazed that Wilson appeared to also be house broken upon arrival. Smart, beautiful and energetic, Wilson fits all breed standards and surprised us by rapidly learning to sit, shake and lay down at 8 1/2 weeks old.

We are very happy with Wilson and hopefully in the future will be able to get another beautiful pup from the McEntyres. We highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Jason Crye on May 02, 2012
We are so thrilled with our Brittany from GA Mountain Brittanys, Bradley and Emily McEntyre! Our dog Copper came from Dixie's Southern "Belle"'s litter in September 2010. He clearly meets all the breed standards. He is a family pet for us, but he loves to point birds and all sorts of creatures in the back yard. The McEntyre's were a delight to work with and it is clear that their AKC Registered Brittanys come from champion blood lines. Copper is great with children and loves to have fun! He's a great combination of playful, smart, and loving. The McEntyre's were great at posting pictures of the puppies as they grew before they were ready for their new homes. Anyone would be blessed to have a Brittany in their family from the McEntyre's!
Thanks! -Jason Crye
Submitted by: Krystal & Bill McLeod on Nov 03, 2010
I wanted to post on here how amazing Bradley & Emily McEntyre are! We have just purchased female puppy #7, Scarlett, from them and they have been absolutely amazing throughout this entire process! We live in Central FL so as you can imagine it is stressful buying from a breeder outside of your State but they have been more than willing to put us at ease day in and day out. They have provided various pictures of our baby and video! They have been an absolute joy to work with and Scarlett is just an amazing dog already! She is pointing at just 5 weeks!! We pick up our baby on 11/20 and I will be posting an update to show just how amazing Belle is as a mother to have raised just great Brittany's! Thank you so much to the McEntyre family for all of your help & support with Scarlett! I would absolutely buy another Brittany from them!!! 11/03/2010

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