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Submitted by: Greg Vande voort on Sep 22, 2010
My wife called to see if we wanted to rescue a gsp. I never knew what type a dog they where I called John for a eval. to see if Bo would be a dog that could be some typr of hunting dog. John seen something in him that i didn't and we where off training the next week. in three months time I now have a hunting dog that is outstanding. the dedication that john has in training both dog and handler, which I was probably harder then the dog to train is over the top in my book there is still work to do but John is the only one I will ever work with in the future excellent job!!!
Submitted by: William Bastian on Sep 15, 2010
I have had the pleasure to watch, judge and train with John for the past couple years. The dogs he produces and trains are class A hunting dogs, that are truly versatile. John is the kind of guy who will help anyone out, and knows how to solve just about any issue a dog is having. He’s a great guy that is honest, helpful, and a lot of fun. If I did not like my pointers with a wire coat and a beard he would be the first person I would contact for a Hunting dog!
Submitted by: Tyler Bogenschneider on Sep 14, 2010
I have always grown up with hunting dogs in the family but this was my first dog to call my own. I took my Vizsla, Jake, to John to train him to be my hunting companion. Training with John was very educational for me and I ended up with a great dog. John is quite flexible and very easy to work with. He trained me and my 8 month old puppy and in about 14, one hour, sessions. Amazing. If you are looking for someone to train your bird dog, you’ll want someone who is honest, educated, flexible and fun to work with, call up John.
Submitted by: Greg Audette on Aug 22, 2010
Training this past year with John Voight has been a great experience. We bought our first pointer and going into it we didn't know anything about training her. John has taken his time to teach us how to handle her and train her. John is always willing to work around anyones schedule to make training a possibility. We appreciate everything BFK has done to make this a rewarding experience for us and our dog Bella and would recommend BFK to anyone who is looking to train their dog. We are looking forward to continue training with BFK. Thank you again to John and Julie Voight and Brian Blanke.
Submitted by: Nate VanderZanden on Jul 30, 2010
I would like to thank Bonasa Flats Kennel for all the fun and enjoyment I have had in the past year working/learning with my GSP pup Dreamriver Jaeger Schatz (Schatzi) who has recently achieved a NAVHDA NA Prize I. This is my second GSP and it has already exceeded the level it would have most likely peaked at without the help of BFK. John seems to have a way of analyzing a dog’s behavior and understanding what trips the dogs trigger and is very open and willing to share his knowledge and insight. Through careful planning John systematically breaks down a dog to it foundation and then builds on each experience the dog has to get the final product…A truly respectable GUN DOG. As a trainer John doesn’t just train your dog he trains you the handler so you and your dog learn to work as a team. Whether you are a seasoned, intermediate, or beginner owner/handle you will find that BFK has something to offer everyone. I look forward to sharing many more years of enjoyment and achievements with BFK. And hope to one day own a BFK pup.

John and Julie Voight and Brian Blanke of Bonasa Flats Kennel are truly a top rate crew.
Submitted by: matt wilson on Apr 14, 2010
This was my first expierence at buying a gsp off a gun dog kennel and it was awesome ! I drove almost 700 miles and was welcomed into the voights home with open arms. Buying a gsp from bonasa flats was great from the time i comitted to get a pup to picking her up . John even took the time to take us to the field for training tips and a round of sporting clays.
Submitted by: Jean Bernier on Dec 27, 2009
It has always been a dream of mine to be able to compete at the Master Hunter level in the AKC hunt tests. Thanks to John, Julie and Brian at Bonasa Flats is no longer a dream, but a reality. Ava (INT CH, INT/NAT JA CH, UKC GR CH, URO1 CRK One Moment in Time SH, RN, NA PZ1, UT PZII, GSPCA VC, CGC) and I earned 2 Master Hunter legs this fall. Just prior to us earning our 2 MH legs, we also competed and qualified in the NAVHDA Utility test. This was also a first for both Ava and I. Not only does the BFK crew train the dogs, they also prepare the handlers for the tests. Thank you for everything you have done.
Submitted by: Dan Voight on Aug 07, 2009
From the time I witnessed the first ever ruffed grouse retrieve by Boon as a pup several years ago to spending a couple of separate weekends in the Wisconsin Northwoods in 2009 one on one with Shona and Belle, I knew the BFK GSP's were something special. These dogs transcend what is expected of a great field and family dog. Equally at home in the field or in the house and great companions in the lodge at the end of a successful day in the woods.
Submitted by: Jeff & Wendy Kuehn on Jul 28, 2009
January of 2009 we were fortunate enough to acquire River Bottom Guinness from the litter of VC Neenah Creek's Autumn Boon ("Boon") X Keljer's Morgans Pride ("Morgan"). She is a beautiful chocolate colored GSP with a healthy coat and gorgeous eyes. After working with John and watching Boon in the field I recognized where Guinness’s excellent drive and acute sense of smell came from. Upon her first introduction with birds the instinctive desire to hunt was very evident.

Although she has tested our patience with her inquisitive and tenacious personality it will definitely be an asset in the field. She is intelligent and has had a fearless attitude. We have been very grateful to have the opportunity to work with John, Brian and Julie. With their guidance, numerous tips and reassurance that we are on the right path we have survived early puppyhood. Their desire to help achieve the dog’s inner ability has been selflessly shared. Their love and respect for dogs is unquestionable.
Submitted by: Ken Voight on Jul 28, 2009
Hunting over BFK dogs is a real treat. You go into every hunt knowing that if there are birds around, these dogs will find, point, hold and retrieve them with enthusiam and style. And at the end of the day, they are great companions with relaxed and happy dispositions.
Submitted by: Brad Sroda on Jul 28, 2009
We have recently brought a 10 week old Weim puppy into our family. This is the first hunting dog we have owned. We were seeking training and guidance to begin obedience training and the opprotunity to continue with development for our Sabeana to become a bird dog hunter. John Voight of Bonasa Flats has shown us the exciting life of bird dog hunters and training. John is a first class person and trainer who has shown me that he is excited and dedicated to help anyone at any stage begin this adventure. He personally commits alot of his time to allow owners and dogs to be exposed to all levels of development. He takes the time to understand the personalities of all the dogs in his care. He structures inital Whoa board and Force Fetch drills in a very controlled environment and truly communicates what he sees at each session in terms of progress, however slight it may be. He then allows observation and participation in the field to gain actual field exposure to wake up this natural prey and hunting instinct in the dogs under his training and watchful eye. I am very excited to continue the work with Sabeana and Bonasa Flats Kennels to grow her into a excited bird dog hunter.
Submitted by: Dan Hochleutner on Jul 27, 2009
Bonasa Flats is premium quality in breeding and coaching. John Voight has helped me train my German Longhair Pointer (Alex) with controling his "bottom end" off the charts prey drive. In 8 weeks my dog went from a pouncing prey driven maniac to a steady and cool under pressure GUN DOG.Alex now steadily and patiently waits through the drop for his reward "Feth Em Up!" Alex recently received a 112 point prize 1 for NAVHDA NA test. Prior to John's coaching - Alex received a no prize rating under a previous NA test. John gets inside a dog's head and knows which switches to flip to gain positive ground. More importantly he takes time to train the owner to think like a dog and work as a team with your canine buddy. John gives more than 110% and so do the great dogs he coaches and creates. Looking for excellence? - look no farther.
Submitted by: Jeff & Nicole Trotta on Jun 29, 2009
Less than a year ago my wife Nicole and I bought our first dog together from John. We actually stumbled across Bonasa Flats Kennels because she really wanted a chocolate lab and I wanted a shorthair and once we looked at the pictures of Johns litter we were both sold. We have a beautifully big all liver male shorthair that gets mistaken for a chocolate lab all the time (despite the cropped tail).
He (Bill) has a very laid back temperment around the house and is a huge lover. However in the field he's all business. He has a good nose, loves to retrieve, loves the water and yes he points pretty good too.
Nicole and I feel very fortunate to have found Bonasa Flats Kennels. Not only did we add a family member but have made a lot of great friends. John and Julie above all have been nothing but nice and very, very helpful especially with the training aspects of owning our first German Shorthair.
Submitted by: Verheyen Family on Jun 19, 2009
My 16 year old daughter and I have been working with Bonasa Flats Kennels for the past 1 1/2 years.
Bonasa Flats Kennels is one of the best things that has happened for our family and I highly reccomend this kennel to anyone looking for a high quality German Shorthair Pointer. I have worked a number of years in veterinary medicine as a Veternary Assistant and spent some time at AKC dog shows, BFK's breeding is excellent. The GSP's from this kennel have excellent temperments/conformation, they are great family pets, and are outstanding in the field.
John and Julie have mentored my 5'5'' female Junior Handler train and handle her 70lb GSP. John's experience, patience, knowledge,and sense of humor have been the foundation to the success of this young team. They are an inspiration to watch. My daughter and her GSP are a registered therapy dog team, they are one leg away from their Junior Hunter title, and are currently training for the NAVDAH Utility test.
Submitted by: Steven Kopischke on Jun 18, 2009
I adopted my GSP, "Lefty" from the Boon x Belle litter in April 2008. John has done a wonderful job training Lefty, helping me train Lefty and training me. As a result, Lefty has earned his Junior Hunter title and recently passed the NAVHDA Natural Ability test. In addition, Lefty is a great companion dog for our family. I am looking forward to taking him into the field after grouse and pheasant this fall.
Submitted by: Bob Sarosiek on Jun 11, 2009
Our family purchased our first German Shorthair from Bonasa Flats’ first Boon X Belle litter. Bailey has been a great dog and is truly part of our family. We purchased her a year ago for my thirteen year old son. They have become a great team and spend hours of time together.

I have been around dogs my whole life but I have never been with a dog with Bailey’s temperament. She is smart, loyal, and never stops hunting. We are outside with her all day and at the end of the day she will snuggle up with us.

Out of the box Bailey was ready to hunt. She just needed some fine tuning. John has done an excellent job in mentoring Jacob in training Bailey for hunting. John’s knowledge and experience has helped Jacob make Bailey a fantastic hunting dog. She covers a field like a white tornado. Bailey has earned both her Junior Hunter title and a Prize 1 in the NAVDHA Natural Ability test. This is a great example of John’s training and the dog’s natural talent that would allow a 13-year-old young man and a 13-month-old dog to reach such goals.
Submitted by: Mike Kriefski on Dec 30, 2008
In August of 2008 I purchased a male pup from Bonasa Flats’ first Boon X Belle litter. Gage (Bonasa Flats Boondocks Bandit), is a liver and roan male with a wonderful temperament and beautiful build. He is not only a fantastic family dog but is well on his way to becoming a great all-round hunting dog.

Having hunted with both Boon and Belle (sire and dam respectively), it’s easy to see that Gage’s incredible prey drive and “run-till-you-drop” work ethic comes directly from Boon (VC Neenah Creek’s Autumn Boon). Not to be missed, however, are his instinctual quartering and amazing retrieving abilities, which are all Belle (Krystal Creek’s Ring My Belle SH). Happy around a shotgun and thrilled to be in both field and water, this bloodline can plain-out hunt ‘em up.

With regard to the Bonasa Flats Kennel itself, you won’t find a more helpful couple of guys than John Voight and Brian Blanke. Whether you’re an expert GSP handler or a first-time owner, you’ll find their help and advice invaluable. From training questions and hunting tips to answering late-night “my dog ran into barbed wire” phone calls, if they don’t have the answer, they’ll point you in the direction of someone who does.
Submitted by: Linda Stefanich on Jul 09, 2008
I've known John for several years and we belong to the same NAVHDA Chapter. His dogs work very nice in the field and have very nice temperments. His solid liver male (father) is the brother of our solid liver female from the same litter. Both are excellent hunters and family dogs.

Submitted by: Steve & Jennifer Bartz on Jul 07, 2008
We have one of the females from the current litter born 4/22/08, Brooke. She has brought all kinds of excitement to our home. She has a ton of personality and is already pointing, etc. She is highly intelligent and has great problem solving skills. She is very agile and has no problem holding her own with the other dogs that are much older and bigger than her. She has very strong muscle structure and will undoubtedly be one of the stronger dogs in the field. She is a breath of fresh air. We love her. Working with John was a very good experience. He obviously loves his dogs and the breed and puts his heart into his work. I would highly recommend the remaining 4 pups!
Submitted by: George Madl on Jul 07, 2008
I hunted with John's dogs. They are excellent hunters and are well behaved. They are gentle around other dogs and strangers. My daughter just loves Belle. I am considering getting one of his pups but might wait until my dog gets a little older.

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