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Submitted by: Pamela Calvin on Jun 18, 2016
I have had chessies for 20 years. The last 2 pups I got from Erica. Hunter is 3 years old and the new baby Thunder is 2 months. They are healthy beautiful dogs. Quite often I see people pulled up in my yard to just watch the dogs play. They are such beautiful animals and smart beyond belief.They are just wonderful dogs ( although I am not sure that they know they are dogs) My veternarian is always very impressed with them, how healthy they are, he says they are the nicest chessies he has ever seen. I can't see me ever being without chessies and I can't imagine getting them anywhere else.
Submitted by: Tony Zotos on Jun 17, 2016
We have been blessed with our puppy "Spike" from BlackwoodChesapeakes. He was house broke at 10 weeks, we brought him home at 8 weeks. He grew fast, just over 65#'s now at 6 months old. He listens well, obeys most commands and has been a pleasure to take up north where he explores our property but always comes when called. I would recomend Erica Wise to anyone who's looking for a Chessie.
Submitted by: Fred Wallace on May 25, 2016
My journey for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever started many years ago.. I have ALWAYS have been completely intrigued by the breed .
Fast forward
In the winter of 2015 I was told by my Son that he wanted to get back into waterfowl hunting . Well as a single Dad what do you do? Make the boy happy! Our Lab was just to old to get out in the field ( 14 years old ) So I told my Son and Daughter lets get a Chessie.
As we where diving down the highway my Son and daughter were calling listed breeders .
On that drive we set up appointments too meet with at least 10 Michigan/Ohio based breeders .
After meeting with breeders we were able to keep widowing down the list of breeders .
Some....Just wanted to sell puppies
Some....Thought they had WAY better dogs than they really had ...
Other were so outdated in there breeding program ....
I was looking for AWESOME temperament , Drive
Gorgeous looks and finally a breeder that cares for the breed and the future of the breed .
Well then we meet up with Erica Wise !!
WOW was I impressed !!
I have now been to a few breeders looking at whats to offer...After about 2 hours of talking with Erica...I realized that I"m not doing the " interviewing" for a breeder....I'm being " interviewed " for a puppy!!
Erica had everything I was looking for in my new endeavor of being a Chesapeake Bay Retriever owner .
The drive home with my kids and talking about all the breeders we have been to ,We made our choice that Blackwood Chesapeake would be the breeder of our pup.
Erica and I had MANY conversations over the next few weeks about the breed and upcoming litters .
In late February we made yet another trip to see Erica . This time we made the decision to leave a deposit on a upcoming planed breeding .
Erica kept us updated the entire time....
What seemed like eternity ....A few short months later it was time to pick up our pup.
We could not be happier !!! His name is Stryker
He is now closing in on a year old . I wouldn't have done this journey any other way!!
Erica and I have always kept in contact about Stryker . I keep her informed of all progress.
Now that I have rambled on for some time...
Look no further....You will not regret .
If anyone has any questions please feel free to call or email.
Fred Wallace

Submitted by: Tim Wojcieszak on Jan 29, 2016
I purchased my first Chesapeake from Erica and told her what temperament I was wanting and she sent me exactly what I was looking for.The pup was retrieving ducks at 5 months old. When it was time to hunt he would never give up on any bird or duck no matter how thick the cattails or sawgrass was. He has been the most loyal dog I have ever owned. When my kids go outside he is always right there with them fishing or playing. I could not have asked for a better dog. I'm looking forward to my 2nd pup in a few weeks. Thanks again Erica.
Submitted by: Lori Heitmeyer on Mar 24, 2015
My husband and I purchased our first Chessie from Erica Wise at Blackwood Kennels. After we put our 15 year old lab down there was such a void in our home. Four years ago we brought home Coke-o, and she is by far the best dog we have ever owned. She has a great temperament and great coat. In fact, she is extremely human-like most days. Erica has always been available to answer any question we have ever had in regards to being first-time Chessie owners. I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from her. We plan to add another one of her pups to our family soon.
Submitted by: Rob Mikulec on Mar 24, 2015
We have had our pup since August 2014. She is now 9 months and we could not be happier. From the time we started inquiring, Erica Wise was extremely knowledgeable and professional. We explained that we have had Chessies before and that we were looking for a pup that would hunt waterfowl and upland as well as being a family member. The litter she recommended produced a perfect pup for us. Scout has been easy to train, eager, and inquisitive. She learned her basic obedience training so quickly that I was very comfortable bringing her in the field very young. My friends were amazed the first time I brought her on a pheasant hunt. She got along well the two GSPs we hunt with and learned quickly. She has been in the swamp and in the river. At six months old she retrieved her first duck from the strong currents in the Niagara River. In short I can not say enough about our pup and Erica Wise.
Submitted by: Tina Ploof on Mar 22, 2015
I contacted Erica Wise in regards to buying a Chessie and I expected to buy a good dog from a good breeder! I had a male shipped to Vermont and I was a little worried about him being sick from shipping him. What I got was the most amazing best friend from a great breeder!! She cares and has contacted me numerous times to make sure I am satisfied! My boy is smart, well-behaved, GORGEOUS, lovable (and yes I have kids), and he is unbelievably loyal! I have never had a dog that is so quick to learn! Am I satisfied?? Well I have already contacted Erica to buy another puppy!! I love love love this breed and this breeder!! Highly highly recommended!!!
Submitted by: Daniel Fisher on Mar 17, 2015
My little girl, Gabby Goo Goo, came from Ms. Wise's kennel, and I couldn't ask for a better companion or more loyal friend in the field. She was retrieving geese this past September, during Ohio's early honker season and just turned one year old in December. She's very intelligent and picks up training scenario's quickly. I couldn't ask for a better pup. Thank you Erica!
Daniel Fisher
Cygnet, Ohio
Submitted by: Duane Hegy on Jan 13, 2015
After spending almost 2 years looking and talking to breeders, and speaking with Erica almost the entire time I decided to go with Erica. We set everything up over the phone. She sent me photos of the litter at birth and continued with updates as they grew. This was difficult for me as this is the first time I wasn't able to be there and select my pup. But Erica had a feel for what I was looking for and she nailed it with her pick for me. This was just over a year ago and I'm not sure I could have made a better pick. Beau is truly amazing and I continue to stay in contact with Erica. He's going to be going to evaluation here shortly and we are both excited to see how he does. The experience I have had with Erica gives me the ability to say without a doubt that she has one of the best programs I have ever seen. Regardless of where you live, if you want a true to breed Chessie, Call Erica and make the trip to Michigan. I promise its worth the trip. My next dog will come from her as well.
Submitted by: Dan Valko on Oct 03, 2014
My wife and I brought home our our femaile Sadie after several conversations with Erica and couldn't be happier, we were looking for an active hunting breed that would also watch over the family at home and be nice a polite in public. she is a beautiful dog with tremendous drive and great strength. If i can talk my wife into another dog ill go back to Erica and blackwood chesapeakes for my next.
Submitted by: chan hutchins on Sep 10, 2014
Hi all,

Well we got our second pup this year.We picked up a female this time named Birdie. She is unbelievably sassy and such a good girl. We now have two pups and enjoy them so much. The male has been so good with her with training and companionship. If Erica keeps sending pics of litters I'm gonna need a bigger house......well done Erica!
Submitted by: matt corrion on Aug 24, 2014
We have Cinder,she is 8 years old now and we couldn't be happier with this dog fun loving family dog.We love this breed and this breeder so much we are in the process of acquiring another puppy from Erica. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this pup will be as good if not better as cinder would highly recommend Erika as a breeder.
Submitted by: Glenn Sedivy on May 11, 2014
Duke has been apart of our family since February of 2014. We have owned a Chesapeake years ago and researched many breeders when we were ready to have another one. My son purchased Drake through Erica 2 years ago. Drake has been an outstanding retriever and I knew if I was going to purchase another Chesapeake it had to be through her. We have emphasized the importance of socialization with friends, family and other dogs and are extremely pleased how well they have adapted to others especially our 10 month old grandson. We have received many compliments on their disposition, manners, and appearance. Duke is currently working on water retrieves, blind land retrieves and he also response to basic commands. We would highly recommend Erica's Kennel to anyone who is interested in an outstanding hunting and family companion.
Submitted by: Tim & Carla Wetch on Oct 14, 2013
We got our Sassy Sarah Leigh out of Easton's January litter. What a wonderful dog she is. Phesant season opened here in North Dakota this last weekend and she did great, at just nine months old. She is intelligent and has great instincts of finding the birds. Sarah just keeps getting better and better every day. Sarah is our third Chessie and we are so thankful in getting her from Erica. Erica, you really know your stuff when it comes to this wonderful dog breed. Sarah is so laid back and has such a wonderful disposition and is loved by all who know her. Erica, thanks again for this great dog. We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a Chessie. You truly do know what you are doing in breeding these dogs.
Submitted by: Teresa McAlpine on Oct 14, 2013
My husband and I contacted Erica about a puppy a few weeks after we lost our 8 year old chessie to lymphoma in July 2012. We brought home our new pup, Titan, from the Easton/Marlin litter in March of 2013 and he's been a joy in our home. He's been easily trained, is well socialized. He earned his CGC at 6 months and we're working on beginner obedience and will soon start rally with him. He's eager to please us, but still has a mind of his own. He gets along well with our young children, who love him very much. He's a cuddly dog who has helped heal our hearts from the loss of our prior dog (our first chessie). He reminds us so much of our other dog with his mild manner and handsome good looks. We get compliments on him everywhere we go. I can't give testimony to hunt, as we don't hunt, but I can say he's an asset to our home in every way, and a marvelous family member.
Submitted by: chan hutchins on Sep 03, 2013
Hello folks,

My wife and I had just put down our first chessie only about 9 months before I contacted Erica about us purchasing a pup from her. We were hesitant at the time because we didnt know if we were over our loss. Erica was very understanding and totally understood our situation. After several discussions we took a trip to see meet her and visit with Justice, one of her 9 month old males at the time and we were excited when we left. We picked up "Boots" in March from the Easton/Marlin litter. We have never looked back and can't tell you the joy he has brought back to our lives. He has reminded us of our first boy as well as his own personality that we just crack up about. At seven months old I have him on hand signals and all his basic obedience (sit,stay,heel,lay,whoa etc.) He has been to torch lake diving off the pontoon and just having a ball..We have already informed Erica we will be getting another pup next spring. Not much else to say but.......Thanks Erica

chan hutchins
Submitted by: chan hutchins on Sep 03, 2013
Hello again.......I also wanted to add to my testimonial below that he is 70lbs now and is a huge "talker" meaning chessie talk which the wife and I just love. We are heading to North Dakota in October for pheasants and ducks. Remember folks....follow the dog,he/she knows where the bird is!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Blair and Alfred on Aug 21, 2013
We have never owned a Chessie before. After doing some extensive internet research, we found Erica. We took a trip down to meet her and some of her dogs. We put a deposit down on a male (as both of us had only ever had male dogs). When the litter was born, there were 5 females and 1 male. Erica worked very hard to get us a female from that litter. The mother was Cade, and we were very set on having a pup from her. We were fortunate to get one of Cade’s “little” girls in March 2013. We have had our Ella now for about 5 months. She is over 70 lbs at 7 months of age! She is just a wonderful girl. She is full of energy and has a tremendous drive to retrieve. She absolutely loves the water, and sometimes we cannot get her to come out; she just keeps swimming! We have never trained a bird dog before, but Ella’s natural ability has made it easy. She displays such a high drive to retrieve that she was successfully retrieving bumpers at 3 months old. We were amazed at how much Ella loves everyone she meets. She is very friendly to all humans and also to other animals. Ella is extremely smart and true to Chessie form – also very stubborn. She learned her commands very quickly, and she knows that her face can melt our hearts instantly. Erica has been excellent in working with us to answer all of our questions and to ensure that we were able to get a pup from Cade. We are so in love with Ella and the Chessie breed. We would highly recommend Erica and Blackwood Chesapeakes to anyone who is looking for a smart, loving, driven Chessie.
Thanks, Erica!
Blair and Alfred
Submitted by: Casey Didion on Aug 07, 2013
As a pheasant breeder it was important to me to have a Chessie that was not only a great bird dog but a family dog as well. What I recieved from Erica was the best of both worlds!! She was knowledgeable and was very detailed oriented with making sure that all her dogs are top of the line. What I have is an upland bird dog that is quick in the field and comes home to become a loving companion dog in the home. I would highly recommend Blackwood Chesapeakes. Erica Wise breeds quality well socialized Chessie's. She devotes her life to making sure her pups meet her clients expectations! If I could rate her a 10 I would.
Submitted by: Deb Didion on Aug 07, 2013
My husband put in a testimonial but I wanted to put in one from a woman's point of view. He had insisted we get a bird dog because he is a pheasant breeder. I was unsure, as we had a two year old granddaughter at the time and I was looking for a "family" dog. Well he found Erica on the internet and she not only met our expectations but definitely exceeded them. We purchased Blackwood "Maya" Pheasant Oaks in 2008 from Erica. Her parents were Steeler and Broadway, which we could look at before we purchased ours, via her website. Her Chessie's are not only great in the field but the best overall family dog you could ask for! Maya is everything you could want in a dog, beautiful coat, mild temperament and was easy to train. This is a testament to the quality genetics that Erica breeds. She makes herself available to answer questions you may have, which is invaluable. I can't imagine ever purchasing from another breeder when you have the best right here. :)
Submitted by: Samantha Gross on May 30, 2013
We got our first chessie from Erica a year ago. He is a male from Riley and Cade's litter and we were nervous at first because we never owned this breed before. Right away we were amazed just how well behaved and eager to learn Otis was and still is. He is so happy and we make several trips a week to the lake. We are very pleased with Erica and this breed of dog and can't wait to purchase another from her this year!!
Submitted by: Chuck Franks on May 27, 2013
We brought Bear home the beginning of November 2011 He became part of our family instantly, He is an extremely smart dog willing to learn, and picking up commands quickly. In the evenings, on our weekends and days off Bear goes everywhere with me and the family, he receives many complimants on his superb manners in public and often confused as a service dog. You could not ask for anything more in the feild he has great drive, a strong nose, and never ready to come home until our game bags are full. We have just began our AKC conformation events later spring of 2013 and he has been turning heads since he has walked in the ring. He is completely ready to start his seasoned field trial events after finishing his conformation events. When people come out to watch us train they can't believe his age and only having one season under his belt. From blind reteives to diversionary launches.

Blackwood Cheasapeakes "Erica" is a breader with integrity, and is definately into developing the best in the breed.

Angela a few weeks back has brought home our second pup from Erica "Blackwoods Justice is Served" and the two of them have bonded greatly and are about inseprable.
Justice is at 4 mon. making retrieves right along side Bear. She is extremely smart and is already whistle trained, that is when she wants to be.. we all now what breed were talking about!!!
She is build very solid and I get a lot of comments on the size of her paws.
I'm looking forward to many years of compaionship her.
I hope that in the future, I will be able to get another pup from Erica. She is a great at knowing how to match the best dog and bitch to get a superior pup.
Submitted by: Cathy Slusser on Apr 12, 2013
Cory is the second Chesapeake Bay Retriever we have purchased from Erica. I was concerned that she might not live up to the standards set by our first dog, but I need not have worried. She is everything we dreamed she would be, sassy, smart, willing to please and beautiful. We have only had her four weeks, and I am already amazed at how quickly she learns and how much joy she has brought our home. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. Erica breeds consistently even tempered and beautiful dogs. You will not be disappointed if you are blessed enough to receive a puppy from Blackwood.
Submitted by: Nancy Peterson on Feb 20, 2013
We got our female Chessie from Blackwood Chesapeakes in the Fall of 2010. She is our second Chessie although the first one was not from this breeder. She is the daughter of Branson and Cade and we absolutely love her! She has such a great personality, is very smart, very sociable with other dogs and people. She thinks everyone should have a kiss from her. We don't hunt her but she loves to chase the yard squirrels and deer! She got her Canine Good Citizen certificate under 1 year old. She will play with her toys and entertain herself and will go swimming in the lake all by herself and just swim around, playing and yipping! I would recommend Blackwood Chesapeakes for anyone who wants an even tempered, great personality Chessie.
Submitted by: Craig on Feb 19, 2013
We took Cutty into our family about a year and half ago. She is from the Chestar-Blackwood Unfinished Business & Chesbar's Playing with the Boys Litter. I was looking to find a hunting partner that had the drive that I do, and I have found that in Spades! She has taken to training very well, and has an insatiable drive to retrieve. I have to hide the box of bumpers when we are not working, as she will find a way to get into them. Last year (2012) was her first year hunting, and she has proven herself on the water, and in the upland woods (wild birds no canned hunts). The first ducks we ever dropped in front of her, we only noticed 2 fall just outside our dekes. After making the (2) retrieves, she insisted on going back in. I trusted her instincts, and she came back from an approx. 60-70 yard retrieve with a bird we did not see fall. It is my fondest memory hunting (and I have many). I will never forget it as long as I live. She has a great temperment, and is brimming with confidence while in the woods or the lake. She loves the water, and enters with out hesitation. If you do not fully close the bathroom door, she will jump in the shower with you too. She is a great addition to our family. I will get another dog from Erica eventually, and would recommend her to family and friends.
Submitted by: Tony and Betsy Baer on Jan 05, 2013
My husband searched all over the internet for the perfect duck dog. He has been a Bluetick breeder/hunter and showman all his life and is more than a little picky about dogs. When he found Blackwood’s, Erica was very helpful and knowledgeable. He wanted a hunting companion and I wanted a dog that would be good with children.
Our now 4 ½ year old Female, Bella, is a great waterfowl dog! Her natural hunting drive is amazing. Her newest endeavor is pheasants, which she took to immediately. A true dual purpose breed!
Her love for her “boy’s” is outstanding. Our sons, 5 years and 18 months love to play in the yard and run around the house with Bella.
Her breeding makes her a gentle lady but also a voracious hunter. Erica does a wonderful job putting together breeding matches that produce outstanding puppies! I would recommend Blackwood’s to anyone!!
Thanks Erica!!!
Submitted by: Alex Bauman on Jan 01, 2013
My girl Melba is out of Easton and spinnaker ridges marlin. She is about 8 months old and gets hunted several times a week. She's been on duck, goose, pheasant, quail, and chukar. As a you go she brought back honkers that were nearly bigger than her, worked three or four birds on the water successfully, and is by far the most intelligent and well tempered dog I have ever been around. I have never had a dog so itense and have so much drive. I wake up to a bumper being dropped on my chest in the mornings. She handles so well that it has made training even a young dog an absolute pleasure. Excellent with other dogs and is completely focused on her owner. I go to the dog park and train with the bumper just to add distractions. It's like the other dogs are not even there. She has more ability than I may ever use. Anyone that has ever seen a Chessie is captivated by her looks. Where labs I hunt with are frozen solid, Melba's beautiful thick coat keeps her perfectly warm. She's turning it to be the perfect size for the duck blind and will send chills down your spine with her regal stares. She's got the perfect female head and is turning out to be much more than I cold have ever expected. I have told Erica that its not supposed to be this easy. She even patrols the house and works as a great guardian on the property. All it took was one pheasant to turn her into a great flusher/upland dog. Whether is training to work from the heel, breaking ice and retrieving birds out of a boat blind, or being the well tempered companion everyone loves to have around the house, blackwood chesapeakes can do it all, and look good while doing it. Erica provides continual help and has always answered ny questions I have had. Thank you so much for breeding the best Chesapeakes around!
Submitted by: Paul Robichaud on Nov 07, 2012
My wife and I got our Chesapeake from Erica. Dozer is 22 months old and a great duck hunting partner. He has passed the Started Hunting Test and is working on the Seasoned and we hope to have him run the Finished in 2013. His drive is amazing weather training or in a hunt test, he is in it..... to win it. Dozer is never tried of doing what he loves. At the end of the day he is just our big baby, with his great temperament and his want to please he is meant for Great Things. His only downfall is that he take up too much room on the bed . We will only get our dogs from Erica. She has been working with dogs since she was a teen and has a true love for breeding the best. This young lady is a true professional !!!! 10 out of 10
Submitted by: Kim Siddall on Oct 05, 2012
My husband and I have a 3 year old Chesapeake from Erica Wise. We got her from the 2009 fall Branson and Steeler litter. She is absolutely AMAZING. Not only is she a great family dog but probably the best water fowl hunting dog in our area. She learned her job very quickly and never misses a beat. Whether its in the blind or in the field. We are so thankful we went with this breeder. Don't know what we would do without Nelly she is the best thing that ever happened to our family. When our kids play outside she never leaves their side and even saved me from a dog attack once. She is the most loyal companion. We truly treasure our time with her.
Kim from Windsor Ontario CA
Submitted by: Dr. Marcia E. Canton on Sep 11, 2012
We are the proud owners of a pup we purchased from Blackwood Chesapeakes and could not be happier. Since we live in California, our new pup was flown in from Michigan at what appeared to be first class!! He came equipped with all of his papers, some snacks and a sentimental toy. We knew instantly that this was a dog who was well treated. He never leaves our side, was professionally trained with ease and is the pride of our community!! Based on our positive experiences, I can say, without hesitation, this is the only place where I would purchase a pet in the future. Erica Wise is a consummate professional.
Submitted by: Birdie Hoikka on Sep 09, 2012
My husband Larry and I searched hard and long for a reputable breeder and we feel so fortunate that we found Erica and Blackwood Chesapeakes. Maggie is the second Chessie that we have owned and we couldn't be more pleased with her. She was born 6/06/08 and is out of Blackwood's Build Like "The Bus" (Steeler) and Ch Hamilton Farms Broadwaybound. She is healthy and has a wonderful temperament. She has always been surrounded by grand children and grand dogs and her disposition is fantastic. She earned her Canine Good Citizen Award at 11 months! I train and compete with her in both obedience and hunt tests. She learns quickly, is very biddable and is eager to please. She has great retrieving desire, marking ability, perseverance and absolutely loves the water. So far she has exceeded all my expectations and continues to do so. She earned the UKC Starting Hunting Retriever title at 15 months with 4 straight passes. At 16 months she earned the Working Dog title at the American Chesapeake Nationals. Before she was two years old she earned the AKC Junior Hunter title, again with 4 straight passes. That year she also entered the obedience ring and earned the AKC Companion Dog and UKC Companion Dog titles, with 3 straight qualifying legs each and all first places! And at 2 years of age she earned the American Chesapeake Working Dog Excellent title. Before she was three she earned the UKC Hunting Retriever title with three straight Seasoned hunt test passes. Last year she also earned the UKC Companion Dog Excellent and the AKC Companion Dog Excellent Titles. This year, at 4 years of age, Maggie earned the last and highest American Chesapeake Club working dog title, Working Dog Qualified. We are currently training at the Finished retriever level and she will hopefully earn the UKC Hunting Retriever Champion title in the spring. We are also training at the Utility level in obedience and plan to enter the Utility ring in the spring also. Maggie exhibits all the best qualities of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever - excellent conformation, great hunting desire and ability and she is a wonderful family dog and faithful companion. She certainly is the product of Erica's great breeding program. Maggie's official name is HR UCDX Blackwood's Magnificent Broad JH CDX WDQ CGC.
Submitted by: Steve Coffey on Jun 18, 2012
I picked up a Puppy from Blackwoods in April 2012 and I have to say I could not be happier!! Stella is the most amazing dog I have ever owned. First of all she has the perfect build that you can expect from a Chesapeake, she has a blocky head, perfect muscle tone Giant paddle feet. She is only 4 months old and impresses people everyday when I take her out to the Public training area at a local marsh. She is whistle trained, walks at heal off leash, very steady to the throw and shot for a puppy, is retrieving doubles off the water and land, and already running strait lines to blinds. She is also our family pet. She is very friendly to everybody and always ready to meet new people. She is so smart and has had intense drive from the day I got her! These are top notch dogs from great pedigrees! I will be buying from Erica again!
Submitted by: michael parry on May 16, 2012
If you are looking for better than TOP QUALITY Chesapeakes, this is your breeder. Erica has mastered the genetics. Upland and waterfowl hunters, you will not find a better dog. From their beautiful coats to their natural instinct to hunt and please their owners, this breeder knows her stuff! I received Ericas pick of the litter and I couldnt possibly be happier. Being a dog owner for my entire life, this is the best dog I have ever had. I have had the opportunity to watch other dogs from this kennel and I will tell you every single one I have seen has looked and performed above and beyond normal expectations. If you're going to make an investment in a gun dog, this is a no lose investment. I am a customer for life!
Submitted by: Samantha Gross on Apr 18, 2012
We stumbled across Blackwood online after searching long and hard for the perfect puppy to get. We finally found Erica and met our now 4 month old boy, Otis. He is honestly the best puppy/dog I have ever had. Chessies are known to be smart and already we can see that. Erica does so great with her dogs and knows so much about them. This is our first time owning a Chessie, so we were a little worried, but Erica assured us and we couldn't have made a better decision. Thanks again Erica for giving us Otis and being so helpful in the whole process!
Submitted by: Cathy Slusser on Dec 15, 2011
We are extremely happy with the Chesapeake Bay Retriver puppy that we got from Erica. I was nervous about buying a puppy sight unseen as well as having her shipped by plane. I need not have worried. Summer is everything we had hoped she would be, and her plane trip went smoothly thanks to Erica's experience. It is obvious that Erica had spent a lot of time with Summer as she was already crate trained and started on housebreaking. In all our years of having puppies of a variety of breeds, I do not think we have had a puppy so smart and even tempered. We feel very blessed to have found Erica and to have our Summer.
Submitted by: Gary J Miller " Joe" on Nov 30, 2011
We have a 3 month old female puppy from Erica and this little girl is a great dog. She is adapting well to our family and our older lab. She is already retrieving well and seems to be very smart for her age. Lucy is her name and she is a beautifull chesapeake and has a pretty,wavy coat. We kind of stumbled on to Blackwoods and I am glad we did because Erica has a great breeding program and the dogs are as good as it gets.Thanks again to Erica and her family.
Submitted by: Andre Poineau on Nov 03, 2011
We are the proud owners of 2 Blackwood Chesapeaks.
Yes two. They are 14 months old and from different litters but 2 days apart. We had read many negative postings about having two female dogs at the same time. Erica assured us it would not be a problem and she could not have been more dead on. These two Chessies are solid well adjusted family members and retrieving nuts.
They are everything a Chesapeake Bay Retriever is supposed to be.
Thank You Erica we could not have found finer dogs anywhere.

Andy Poineau

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