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Submitted by: Cindy Temm on Jul 25, 2014
Our female English Setter pup from Birddog Crazy Kennels is a joy already. At just 9 weeks of age (almost), she is well on her way to being house broken, she is very eager to please, and she's truly a loving little girl. She has also already shown a strong instinct to hunt. She gets so excited watching a rabbit and staying still that she trembles. Critters around our yard had best watch out, because pretty soon Skarlett will be giving them a run for their money. We have no regrets with this puppy.
Submitted by: Curtis and Vicki on Jun 07, 2014
Very impressed with this breeder. Quality dog! Breeder very thorough and attentive in the transaction. Follow up for several months afterwards shows how much they care. No hesitation in recommending this breeder to others!
Submitted by: Alison on Jun 02, 2014
There are truly no words to adequately express our happiness with our puppy from Daniel. Quincy is smart, easy, calm, and beautiful. Our 3 children adore him. He is 8 mos old now, and is a true joy. He is a member of our family. He sleeps in the bed with our young son. He was potty trained and crate trained within 10 days(at 9 weeks old) of our getting him. We wanted a dog for an indoor, family member. Quincy is that, and so much more. U only have to tell him something once! He lives for his family, and our love. He is easy in his crate. He is wonderful on car rides, and is so dependable in temperament. I can honestly say, of all the puppies we've had in the last 20 years, Quincy, has been the easiest and brightest of all!!! Daniel was so knowledgable, and still answers any questions we may have. If u r looking for a gorgeous, smart, amazing lab-LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!
Submitted by: jacob hale on Jul 07, 2012
Darla, a blf bought from Mr. Daniel Williams, has proved to be all that and a bag of chips.SIRE FIREHOUSELABS TANKER TRUCK-----DAM WANDERLUST OZARKS GYPSY MOLLY. A very brief summary of the pups progress, is as follows.14 week old pup knows obedience commands here,sit, kennel,down heal and obeys two whistle commands. Puppy absolutely loves water and pays no attention to blank- gun noise,amazing no doubt. Will make a top notch companion for my (AKC JR. HUNTER)ylm.I found Mr. Williams to be very forhtright, honest and personable. A guy you can trust.Tanks a million Daniel.
Submitted by: Tony Merritt on Jul 03, 2011
I am the owner of Simms Mountain Kennels and purchased a black female lab pup in December 2010 to introduce into my breeding program. At 3 months of age, phenomenal retrieving ability and desire! Very easy, trainable pup, confirmation was excellent. Maggie will be very able to be put to the test this duck season. Looking very forward to breeding her when she becomes of age to Lean Mac n Cheez Whiz, a direct son of Ebstars Lean Mac that I am standing stud. He has produced a nice litter here in June out of one of my other females. I am looking forward to breeding him to Maggie from Birddog Crazy Kennels!
Submitted by: Mike D Hutzler on Apr 30, 2011
I am very pleased with the black lab male pup I purchase from Daniel. He ( KC ) has been a joy to work with. He want to learn so bad, he stares at you all the time, waiting for that next command. He has been retrieving seen he was 6 weeks old. Retrieved his first bird at 9 weeks. Good breeding is everything. KC has been the easiest pup I have ever trained. KC can sit, stay, wow, retrieve, hunt dead, kennels on command, and love to go for a ride. KC is 16 weeks old, much more advanced then any other pups I have trained. Daniel has been very helpful with any questions that I have had. Hope to do some hunting with Daniel next fall. If you are looking for a friend or hunting companion for years to come, I would call Daniel W.
Mike Hutzler
Submitted by: Ron & Robin Schnare on Sep 09, 2010
We picked up Carbon when she was 14 months old. She is a chocolate lab that has quickly become part of the family. As soon as we saw her we knew we wanted her - she is just gorgeous! She is graceful, lean, has a beautiful color and a Gorgeous head. As far as a family pet she is very laid back and loving. The only thing she likes better than trying to sit on your lap is swimming and hunting. You mention hunting and she will beat you to the truck. She went for the first time last weekend and she was very well mannered and listened for instruction. She has a soft mouth too so she didn't brought back each bird without chewing on it. We have no doubt that she will be fun to take hunting for a long time. We want to thank Daniel for allowing us to bring Carbon home with us and make her part of our family. She is a perfect fit for what we wanted in a dog.
Submitted by: Christy Cerasale on Jun 04, 2010
We got our YLM from Daniel. We named him Kade and he is an awesome lab! He is now 11 weeks old and is already proficient with sit, stay, and down. When introduced to the water for the first time, he jumped right in and even retrieved a bumper thrown about 15ft in the water. He is great in the house as well. He has never gone potty in his crate, and is now sleeping at least 8 hours straight each night. He is also very calm in the house. Daniel was great to work with and is very knowledgable about the breed! I would highly recommend him! We are extremely happy with our experience!!
Submitted by: cinda ford on Apr 11, 2010
I got my Rose from Dan Williams and she is perfect. Dan is very professional and has so much knowledge and truly cares about quality of the dogs he breeds. I recommend him highly.
Submitted by: bob h on Apr 11, 2010
The dog is fantastic, got a great chocolate lab that like to retrieve and very responsive and attentive to me. I recommend Dan to anyone that wants a great dog. Bob H.
Submitted by: Missy L. on Mar 01, 2010
This is the 2nd GSP we have purchased thru Daniel. We have always had a great experience dealing with him. He is very professional and very knowledgable about this breed. His communication and follow-up are outstanding. I like how he calls and checks up on the dog to see how they are doing. I would recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a dog. Thanks!
Submitted by: Mason Stanton on Feb 12, 2010
I just met Mr. Williams at a local hunting preserve, found out he raised labs, and had the pleasure of hunting around his Molly and Rose , 2 very birdy labradors. He helped me find a puppy which was nice since he had non born yet, I came home with the puppy last night, then this am I called Daniel to tell him , I was also going to put a deposit on his up coming litter for I want one of the pup's from his molly girl also. looking forward to the day molly has her pup's. keep me up to date on molly's pregnacy Daniel when you get the chance.
Submitted by: Jimmy Mauldin on Jan 31, 2010
I made a comment when "Scout" was two months old. I thought it would be good to add another one now that he is 1 year old. Scout has turned out to be everything I could ever have hoped for and more. He has a great hunting drive and is very trainable. We hunted ducks for the first time together this season and he did great! (Now if I would only do my job of shooting the birds better, we would be a great hunting team.) Daniel's dogs won't let you down!
Submitted by: Wendy Herrington on Jan 28, 2010
I bought a GSP pup from a breeder that Daniel works with two years ago.. Luke has earned his spot as a member of the family and we couldn't be happier. He has the greatest disposition, and he was the easiest pup to train. He is grown now and is a wonderful hunting dog for my husband and he is a great companion dog for me. He never has to be kenneled in the house (even when we aren't home) and he gets along great with the cat. He goes with me to the horse barn everyday and loves to follow me out for long rides in the field. Everyone who meets Luke falls for his charm, he is just an all around great dog.
Thanks so much Daniel,
Wendy Herrington
Submitted by: Joe Day on Jan 19, 2010
We have had our GSP for 4 days and still never had any accidents. The pup came to us pretty much house broken it's quite amazing. She prefers to hang out in her crate and sleeps 4-5 hours at night before wanting to go outside and then wants to go back to sleep. I don't know if I got lucky or Joan is just that good. The pups were kept in an amazing looking house with good looking parents. If I ever needed another GSP it's clear I would call Daniel. These pups want to hunt. She loves practicing with quail and pheasant wings. Stalks and points at just about any furry toy I throw to her. It's going to be even harder now not to spoil my bird dog.
Submitted by: Blake S on Jan 17, 2010
Odin is a great looking german shorthaired pointer. Healthy, excited and extremely intelligent. Daniel has been extremely helpful with every aspect of purchasing a puppy. Would definitly do business with again.
Submitted by: Adam Bissias on Jan 06, 2010
Daniel was great to work with. He responded quickly and had all the info i was looking for. As I was traveling from Illinois he worked with me on everything. The puppy I got was awesome he took to my family instantly and has only had one accident in the house. I only had him a week and he is ok off the leash. He comes, sits and has already being hunting and did pretty good. It took me 15 hours round trip for this puppy and I would do it again when the time comes for another puppy. Thank you very much Dan. p.s. the cookies were awesome!!!
Submitted by: Jolene Smith on Dec 09, 2009
I bought my GSP from Joni, a breeder that Daniel works with, for my boyfriend for an early Christmas gift in October. Our GPS, Kent, is great! He loves to play and we enjoy him everyday. He also plays well with our, shitzu bichon mix. They entertain each other very well. My boyfriend is hoping to train Kent for next's seasons bird hunting, so we will see how that goes. The transaction to see Kent, purchase, and bring him home was very smooth. The breeder Joni was very nice and her dogs were kept in a wonderful area. They had plenty of room to run and play. It was a pleasure working with Daniel and Joni. If we every need another GSP in the future, I would not hesitate to contact them. Thank you!
Submitted by: Kindra Therrien on Nov 11, 2009
October 25 - I had made reservations to Lemp Mansion for my birthday dinner with 7 family members. The night before two daughters were on the internet looking for German Short Hair Pointers for my husband who has wanted one for a long time. We had to put our chocolate lab to sleep a couple of months ago she was 15 years old (she had a good long life) and we have two mini dachshunds also at home. Our oldest daughter found Birddog Crazy Kennels around 11:30 pm on Saturdday night. So Sunday morning I showed my husband the sight and called Daniel. He was very helpful and knowledgeable on this breed and others. To make a long story short my husband decided at around 2pm he definitely wanted to drive to Sedalia Missouri from St. Charles Missouri (3 hour drive) and see the puppies. So I cancelled the dinner reservations and we (all 7 of us) took a road trip at 3pm on Sunday afternoon. Daniel was very accommodating meeting us at the last minute. We were very impressed - everything was very clean and we meet the mom and dad. All the puppies were so cute. From the pictures on the internet my husband spotted male puppy # 2 which is now named Gunner right away and that was it. Gunner has been the best puppy he was being potty trained by a doggie door and we have never had to use puppy pads and only had a couple of accidents which I feel were our bad not his. Everyone who sees him just loves him. He and our male dachshund have so much fun playing. We would recommend Birddog Crazy Kennels anytime. So we headed home and stopped in Columbia Missouri to see our middle daugther who is in college, her and her friends loved him. Got home around 11pm had to work in the morning. Stayed up for a while to hang out with Gunner. My husband owns his own company so Gunner goes to work with him everyday which is great.
Submitted by: sheila boyer on Oct 17, 2009
We purchased Katy, a black lab from Daniel two years ago. Daniel has helped us in her training and she has done very well. She is a very intelligent and personable dog that we love very much...
Submitted by: Joyce & Buzz Weimar on Jul 13, 2009
Buzz surprised me with puppy,"Doc"...From day one he has been the best Choc.Lab ever! We have been so pleased with him in evey way. At 2 mths people were amazed at how well he was obeying commands. He is swimming and retrieving well. (Labs are like children, if you parent them well you will not have too much trouble with them...)He is one of the best looking Labs we have seen....Most Importantly Daniel was/is by our side before, during, and always.

Thank you Daniel!
Submitted by: Scott & Sharon Hagan on May 15, 2009
Our first dog was a little fat Beagle, named Tippy. She was a family dog who grew up with our Sons and followed us to the Ozarks. She had little short legs, was petrified of the water and just shook when on the boat. She passed on 2 years ago. We debated about getting another dog and had settled on a Lab. My wife’s a Pharmacist in the Lake area and filled in at the Pharmacy in Laurie. A number of her friends kept talking about Daniel’s Labs, how great they were, how smart, etc. We finally met up with Daniel on a Saturday afternoon almost a year ago. He brought Molly and Rosie, 2 black labs just bursting with energy, to meet us. We had never seen two more beautiful dogs. Their coats just glistened in the sun and they loved the water. We had a long talk with Daniel and told him what we were looking for. Not a hunting dog, but a companion. And it had to be black. He told us Molly should be coming into heat in July/August. The excitement started building. As Sharon (my wife) spent more time in Laurie, working at the Pharmacy, we continued to hear about Daniels dogs and how lucky we were to be getting one. We waited and waited, Molly proved to be a stubborn mother to be. When she finally decided it was time to start her new litter excitement prevailed! Now it was not going to be a Christmas puppy, but an Easter puppy. And on Valentines day, somewhere around midnight, Jack was born. We were fortunate to be returning to the Lake area from Kansas City and stopped by the Kennel to see. Molly gave us quite a problem though, she had 3 black male puppies and my wife wanted all of them! We picked Jack up, 5 weeks later. He’s already proven to be smart, has a beautiful coat and all of the traditional earmarks of a fantastic lab. He’s already got the ‘Sit’ command figured out and we’re working on Shake. He’s certainly got all of the traits of a puppy, everything in the house is a chew toy (including the cat) and he runs until he falls over then starts all over again. He rearranged our bedroom for us and has his own area now. He’s already taking to training with a variety of tricks (sit, shake, roll-over, stay, etc). We’d agree with earlier comments about Daniel and his family of Labs, they are all beautiful, intelligent and there’s never a dull moment when they’re around! I’m pretty sure our Persian cat does not entirely share our excitement with the new puppy, but we’re working on that! We’re looking forward to the youth Jack keeps in our lives as we take him swimming and boating with us! We just have to get that sidecar for our Harley……
Submitted by: Raina Anderson on Apr 17, 2009
We recently brought home the largest black male pup out of Daniels Molly and our Moose. He is a really nice looking pup, great with our 5 yr old and other dogs, and we will be starting him on ducks and pigeons soon. Thanks Daniel for all of the hard work and help you have given us in the past with this litter and all of ours as well. We really appreciate all that you do.
Submitted by: Jimmy Mauldin on Apr 06, 2009
I can't believe how pleased I am with the puppy I received from Daniel. I had high expectations and hopes for a new hunting companion, and I am confident that my new little "Scout" will exceed those hopes beyond my imagination. Daniel was excellent through the whole process. It gave me great comfort to know that he works for a Veterinarian and he LOVES his dogs! I was also pleasantly surprised to find out the Stud of my puppy is a JH on his way to becoming an MH. If you are looking for a great breeder, you've found the right guy.
Submitted by: Paul Amstutz with Ducky Down Outfitters on Apr 02, 2009
I bought a male GSP back at the very end of december and waited awhile to post a testimonial because I wanted to give the dog time to mature a little to really see what he was going to turn out like..Gus is one of the smartest dogs I've ever seen. He has a great nose and once he has a scent he won't quit!! He has captured a special place in my heart where he will live forever!!
Submitted by: Larry & Sherry McCurry on Mar 28, 2009
We had to put our dog down in 2004 after 13 years. It was the worse day of our lives. Dan had taken care of our"Springsteen" a Husky-Malmute mix when we moved to the Ozarks, always loving him as much as we did. He kept telling us we needed a puppy of his to take "Springers" place and this year we did agree to try another puppy. Of course Dan's Molly was going to have puppies so we told him we wanted one. Dan even knew " Our Puppy" would never hunt for us, he would just be a house dog and swim with us in the lake but he did not care. We wanted a Yellow Lab and I could not see how Dan's Black Molly was ever going to have a Yellow Lab puppy because Dad was Chocolate. Well...Guess what? On Valentines Day she had two yellow puppies along with black and chocolate.We picked up our little "Sparky" last Tues..3/24/08. He is so sweet and so much fun. He is a smart puppy and we are looking forward to growing old together.One thing that we noticed about Dan is that he loves his dogs and they love him.. and that comes out in his puppies.They are his children and he wants them to go to good homes and I am glad he chose us as someone he could trust to give his puppy a good home.
We Love "Sparky" very much and appreciate Dan's expertise in his dogs. Thanks,Dan
Submitted by: James Cross on Jan 12, 2009
Dan was very helpful with picking our little one! We are from Michigan and looked all over and for many months to find a good breeder. Dan was very knowledgable about the breed and we are very happy we made the trip to pick up our pup. His concern for good homes for the litter shows and we have recommended Birddog Crazy Kennels to others with great confidence.
Jim Cross, MI.
Submitted by: Micah Landers Walnut Ridge Quail Farm and Kennels on Jan 04, 2009
I have been breeding and training birddogs for nearly 15 years and my experience with Daniel couldn't have been any better. I recently purchased a GSP from Daniel and he has been extremly helpful. He is very connected to his pups and has continued to check in periodically. Daniel is a very honest and sincere person who I can see myself doing business again down the road.
Submitted by: Jeff Lindmark on Dec 26, 2008
Daniel was helping a family find homes for German Shorthair Pointers. I looked at a number of breeders across the U.S. and talked to some of the most well know breeders in my hunt for the perfect dog. I looked for around 6 weeks to find a dog that would fit in our family as well as the needs of the family. One of the issues I was having was getting people to return calls, communicate through e-mail, explain the history of the pedigrees for the parents, and send pictures. Daniel was the most helpful and knowledgeable about the family that I spoke to. He answered all of my questions and returned calls when he said he would. I’m in middle TN and he is located in middle MO and when buying a dog over 600 miles from home you need to know that the information you are getting is correct and trusted. Daniel was very honest about the complete process and left nothing unanswered. He can be trusted completely in helping you find a dog. If it is one of his own or a person that he knows that he is helping, you will get what he tells you are getting.

The puppy we selected was just over 6 weeks old, he was almost potty trained when we picked him up from the family. The dog was already getting trained on a “doggie door.” He is also already starting to point, which is a sign of both the bloodline and breeding. He has a wonderful disposition and is a great addition to our family. Please feel free to contact me if you need a reference on Daniel and the services he offers. You will not be let down with your new pet or the way he conducts business.

Jeff Lindmark
Nashville, TN.
Submitted by: Tom and Shawnee Pacholski on Dec 02, 2008
We have known Daniel for many years. He was always after us to buy one of his pups. When Daniel brought our Lab "Jetsie" to us at about 5 weeks and put her in our arms well let's just say it was love at first sight. Daniel has been so important in the whole training aspect with Jetsie. Daniel has helped us and answered any and all questions that we have ever had. He knows Dogs. We never had a hunting dog prior to Jetsie. Daniel taught us what we needed to know as far as training a gun dog. By 6 mos. old Jetsie was swimming and retrieving and at 9 mos. she was on her first actual hunt. She watched her momma retrieve the first dove and that was all she wrote. She retrieved like she had been doing it for years. At 11 mos she was retrieving Ducks and Geese. She has also hunted Pheasants and Chuckers. She is wonderful. I used to breed Dobermans and they are very intelligent dogs however I must say that Jetsie is the smartest dog I have ever owned. She has approx. 50 different toys (I know she is spoiled) but each toy has a name and she know each one of them by name. Jetsie is almost 3 years old now and getting ready to have pups of her own. Again Daniel has been there helping us locate a great dog to breed to telling us what we needed to consider in choosing a dog. Yesterday I was informed that he wants to be there when she has her pups He gave me a list of items to have on hand including his Hot Cocoa. If you are considering purchasing a Quality Lab, you have no further to look than Birddog Crazy Kennels. As a side note, we have friends that bought one of Jetsie's Litter mates. Sasha too is a wonderful dog. They do not hunt her however she could. She is super intelligent also loves to swim and is a super retriever. They are content with having her as a family dog, both girls are so sweet and loving and are a big part of our families.
Submitted by: Todd Acre on Jun 09, 2008
We bought Heidi in March when she was 7 weeks old. She is a beautiful Black Lab, with a wonderful disposition. She is now 4 months old and retrieving bumpers from water and land very well. She also works on commands with a whistle. We are very pleased with her. She is a wonderful pet and hunter. Thank You Daniel
Submitted by: Scott James on Apr 29, 2008
Just picked up our 9-week old black lab, Walter. He is a GREAT looking puppy and is already catching on to the crate / house training. Daniel was excellent the entire process, kept us up to speed on the growth of the puppy and was always very responsive and helpful!
Submitted by: sue hefner on Apr 09, 2008
I've had my Olivia Otter Dog for two weeks now and she is amazing. I've always had Labradors and have gotten them for all sorts of different breeders. I found Daniel to be very knowledgable about the breed. His breeding practices and testing of known issues with the breed will surely reduce the likelihood of a problem with his dogs as well as keeping the breed the best it can be. I'd recommend Daniel to anyone who is looking for a quality dog.
Submitted by: Geoff Stafford on Apr 07, 2008
I picked up Sage a week ago. He is better than i had expected. The dog looks amazing, between his build and his coat. When I take him for walks I do not need a leash, Sage allready follows me. He does not run off, and when I stop he goes right in between my feet and sits down. I could not be happier.
Submitted by: Dave on Apr 07, 2008
I recently got my pup from Daniel, I have got to say, I have been amazed on how well mannered and trainable my pup is. This is the second week that my pup, Zero, has been home and he is already house broken and learning to retrieve (at 8 weeks). I give Daniel props on his recent litter, by far one of the smartest dogs that I have had.
Submitted by: Clarence on Apr 01, 2008
I found Daniel's internet page a couple of months ago while looking for a pup and gave him a call. He has been extremely helpful and gave me updates on my puppy regular as clockwork. I picked up my lab pup saturday and couldn't be happier. Both Daniel and the puppy are even better than I expected. I'm very happy that I made that call. Bo has already made himself an integeral part of the family.
Submitted by: Mark Armstrong on Feb 07, 2008
I did not know Daniel until the day I bought a dog from him. I had lost my 10 year old German Shorthair the day before and was sick about it. I found Daniels name on the internet and called him. I told him what I was looking for in a GSP. He picked the dog out for me from a litter and I bought the dog sight unseen. I have had many many hunting dogs in my lifetime. The dog that Daniel picked out for me is by far the smartest dog that I have ever owned. He is everything that I asked for and more.
Submitted by: jerry willis on Feb 02, 2008
I just purchased a lab pup for Mr. Williams, "Pitch" is only 10 weeks old and is already showing signs of his breading. He is a fast learner with a even better dispedition.

He was deffinetly worth the 18 drive from the coast.

Thank You Mr. Williams
Jerry Willis
Migration Destinations
Submitted by: Marty & Judy Stawizynski on Jan 31, 2008
We have know Daniel of Birddog Crazy Kennels for a long time. His knowledge and love of dogs is unlimited. "Star" our 10 month Black Labrador has been a true blessing for us. She is full of love and very eager to please. I don't know what we would do without her. She was swimming at 10 weeks, retrieving at 3 months - hunting seems to be second nature to her. If you are looking for a quality dog, Daniel/Birddog Crazy Kennels will be sure to please.
Submitted by: Sandy Nicholas on Jan 31, 2008
Daniel is like a big teddy bear!! he is very knowledgable and helpful in all aspects of his puppies. My husband and I purchased a wonderful English Setter we named "HOYT" and he is so smart. We would recommend his kennel to everyone.
Submitted by: Jim Van Hooser on Jan 31, 2008
Purchased English Setter pup from Dan and at 7 months old the pup was pointing and retrieving birds. Pup has great nose and disposition.

Jim Van Hooser
Kansas City, MO
Submitted by: Larry Wolkey on Jan 26, 2008
We have a 10 month old black Labrador we purchased from Dan Williams, the owner of Birddog Crazy Kennels. This is our third black Labrador we have raised. All of our labs were absolutely wonderful dogs but our little 10 month old Gracie is probably the most affectionate and certainly one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned. We have been dealing with Mr. Willliams for many years seeking his advice on training and the care of our former labs. If you would look in the dictionary under, "Dog People", you would find Dan Williams name listed there. We highly recommend his kennel.
Larry & Barbara Wolkey
Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.
PS: Our daughter also purchased a Black Lab from Dan Williams, Birddog Crazy Kennels, and she is very happy with her young dog.
Submitted by: Jessica Blaue on Jan 26, 2008
I love Suzie. She is very playful and learns very quickly. I got her on January 12, 2008, and we had her coming to us and sitting on command. She learns new commands in no time at all. I love how nice Daniel was. I would definately referr anyone to him to get a bird dog of their dreams.

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