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Submitted by: Kate on Jul 18, 2019
Our dog jasper who we got in 2015 has been a life saver for me she is so smart and is halarious we always joke that her job is to make sure the beds don’t fly away but she is actually a very active dog who loves to swim run and could play fetch forever.
Submitted by: Trenton Gagne on Oct 26, 2009
I took home Nitro, my male black lab i purchased from birch river kennels on Sept.16/09, he has been a complete joy and awesome addition to my household. within the first 2 nights he already slept solidly through the night going to bed at 10 and waking up at 5. after two weeks that changed from 10 till 6 which is my routine. he has adapted incredibly to my lifestyle.
Nitro is almost 3 months old now and he sits on command, stays until called,and has almost perfected heeling. he has the very odd accident in the house usually because i'm not paying attention to the signs he is giving me.
i am very impressed with how smart he is and how quickly he learns.

i am equally impressed with birch river kennels. Amber kept me fully up to date on the entire pregnancy, the birth, and how to puppies were doing. she was incredibly easy to deal with and made the whole process a lot easier for me.

i would like to send a huge thanks to Amber and birch river kennels for giving me a black lab that i completely love and adore.
Submitted by: Taren Gessell on Oct 23, 2009
Buddy has been a great dog. He has been home with me for only five weeks as of today he is already starting to retrieve, he is learning tricks and obedience and he is for the most part housetrained. He has been a great dog, very energetic and loves to play. I can't wait until he is full grown and he can let all of his energy loose in the lake or retrieving dummies!
Submitted by: Lance Goodwin on Oct 19, 2009
I have had My Black Lab pup form Birch River Kennels going on three years know and am still very happy. His name is Dov. I use Dov to help in my line of work,one which he was bred for. Hunting is his game and he is a real champ at it. Dov works for me as a big game hunting lab, which entails hunting everything big as in moose, sheep and goat and bear. Dov started hunting with me almost as soon as he could travel and when he was tired he would get a ride on my horse or my back pack if on the mountain. Always ready to go other than he does like my sleeping bag on frosty mornings. A great dog with an amazing nose and the will and brains to use it when needed. His demeanor gets comments from hunting clients from all over the world along with a lot of praise. Most of my clients have shot over labs while hunting in some state or country and the one comment they all make is how steady Dov is. To me he is priceless. Thanks a lot Amber and Family.

Lance Goodwin
Submitted by: John Hyde on Mar 30, 2009
Hi Amber,

It has now been just over a week since Kona has comed to live with us. His intelligence is simply amazing for 8 weeks old. He is close to 90% house broke already. The only time he has an accident is when we are not paying attention to the signs he is giving us.

Friends have come by to see him and are amazed on how gentle his demeanor is. We have started doing some initial training with him on sitting and staying. He is picking it up wonderfully.

He is sleeping through the night already. The first two nights were a little rough but now he goes in his kennel at 10:00 p.m. and wakes up around 7:00 a.m.

We just wanted to thank you once again for allowing us to adopt Kona. He has brought a lot of joy to our home in a very short time already. I would recommend Birch River to any one who wants to adopt a pup. They kept us up to date on the progression of the pregnancy as well as how the pups were doing once they were born.

Once again thank you.

John Hyde


I will send pictures in a few weeks.
Submitted by: Stacey Michaud on Mar 27, 2009
It has been a week since we have brought our little Cali girl home. She is absolutely gorgeous and you can't help but fall in love with her. She has quickly adjusted to her new home and is quicky learning our daily routine. Thanks Amber for such a great experience in purchasing our first puppy! Who knows we may be back in a few years for another :)

Stacey & Danny Michaud.
Submitted by: Dick Briese on Mar 27, 2009
I purchased a female pup Winnie from Birch River Kennels and have had nothing but a good experience with Amber. She kept me updated on pups and what she was doing with the pup. We picked her up last Friday and all of the arrangements were very up and up. Thanks Amber and Birch River Kennels for raising a wonderful lab. She is very smart and has us trained very well. I would recommend anyone to Birch River Kennels. Thanks Dick Briese
Submitted by: The English Family on Mar 27, 2009
Our dog is Mayhem, Male Feb/09. This our third PB puppy purchase, second chocolate lab. This the first time we've been allowed to visit the pup's more than once, and the first time our children and older Dog were welcome. This was also the 1st time we were given a sample (generous) of food to take home, and vitamins to ensure continued health. This family really cares about their dogs and where they are going. This breeder was both personal and professional beyond any past experience.
Submitted by: Glenda Shepherd on Mar 03, 2008
My husband and I are extremely happy with our seven week old chocolate lab, Brewster that we purchased from Birch River Kennels. He's a beautiful boy with a wonderfun temperment. He loves to cuddle and you can tell that he was raised with care and patience. Brewster is a very quick learner. At seven weeks he knows his name and is well on his way to being house-trained. Amber provided weekly updates and photos of the pups from the day they were born. I would recommend that if anyone is looking for a beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered labrador; as a pet or for field trial/hunting that Birch River Kennels is the place to purchase your lab! We are thrilled with ours and we've only had him for a week!

Glenda Shepherd
Submitted by: Crystal Miller on Jun 09, 2007
I have a beautiful puppy from Birch River Kennels. I am very pleased with Trigger. I have had Trigger for over two months and he has been a welcome addition to my home. Trigger is very gentle in nature and has been very easy to train as he eager to please. He is already learning hunting commands at only 4 months. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in a Lab to deal with Birch River Kennels as the quality of the dog I have received has exceeded my expectations.
Submitted by: Ryan Stieben on Apr 15, 2007
I have had my puppy Raider for 4 weeks now. He is extremely intelligent, very playful, loving, and a quick learner. He is awesome, awesome, the absolute best! Friendly, hospitable family to know. Their aniamls are well cared for and affectionate. I would highly recommend getting your new family member from Birch River Kennels.
Ryan Stieben
Submitted by: Amber Vienneau on Apr 13, 2007
Got our newest addition to the family from Birch River Kennels! ( Thank you so much for Vegas! ) Absolutely wonderful communication with the owner of the kennel! Very reliable for any information needed and she has everything on hand. Very prompt with the paperwork and very honest!
Our puppy is the most wonderful thing! He was the easiest to train, listens well and is always by our sides! He loves to play with other dogs and is very calm. I recommend Birch River Kennels to anyone looking for a good manored, good looking and well behaved dog. Because of the great communication and honesty, we have considered Amber and her family a part of ours now and for years to come! If you are looking for a puppy, or have any questions, Birch River Kennels is the greatest to deal with.
Submitted by: Rachel Fehr on Apr 12, 2007
I have a very handsome dog from Birch River Kennels. Thank you very much. I am very impressed with the devotion to the dogs at Birch River and how cared for they are! I have only had my chocolate baby for about a week and he is incredibly smart and very trainable. Thank you for a wonderful puppy!

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