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Submitted by: Agrosh1 on Jun 12, 2020
My husband and I lost our 12 year old GSP in May of 2019 and knew we wanted another. We found Big D Kennels and we could not be more pleased with not only the process but our pup! She is increadibly smart, agile and FAST but she also has an easy going temperment on rainy days when she can't be outside. She is also one of the best road trip companions possible! We will be reaching out shortly to Big D Kennels for a second GSP soon!
Submitted by: Kristen on Mar 13, 2019
I got my GSP pup from the Meyers back in October. After having a bad deal with another breeder (promised me and another person the same pup, but the other person received the pup because he deposited before me) I was quickly searching for other GSP breeders. I came across Big D Kennels and called Mr. Meyer the night I found out I wasn't receiving the puppy from another breeder. Mr. Meyer was very helpful and met me the next day at the kennels and helped me pick a pup. He is 7 months old now and very smart. Absolutely beautiful dog. I get compliments on him all the time! He goes everywhere with me. I have been very pleased with my puppy. We know he'll be a great hunter. He has been pointing since he was 3 months old.
Submitted by: Joana on Apr 05, 2018
I got my GSP from Big D Kennels in September 2016. She is the best dog, she is 100% GSP, anything people say about GSP, I found it in her, She is very loyal, affectionate and she is really smart. She points at all the birds and we have a lot of fun running, I got her as a running partner, but I can see she would make a great hunting dog. She is also absolutely beautiful, I'm not the only one that says that, we take her everywhere with us and she gets complements from people all the time, specially people that know what a GSP should look like.
Submitted by: Beth Tippitt on Dec 22, 2017
We were lucky enough to get our beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer "Georgia" from the Meyers a few months ago. She is excellent with our young children and has been a great addition to the family! This is our first GSP, but I've been amazed at how obedient and easy going she is.
Submitted by: Adrienne M. on Feb 01, 2017
When looking for a Brittany as a companion pet we we're having issues rescuing due to the fact we we're in an apartment in the middle of buying a house. I started to look down by where my father lives in Tn and found Big D Kennels in Nov 13'. Although we are in Mi Roy was happy to answer my 10 phone calls and hundred questions. I was not going to meet my puppy until 1 week after the purchase because I had to travel down there to get him. My father is the one who met Roy and my now dog Boeing and had nothing but the finest things to say about them. Now over 3 years later even though he is only a family dog and not a hunting dog he has been nothing but a pleasure to have in our home. He adores my children and looks after them as his own. He plays dress up, sleeps next to them and even shares snacks. He is the greatest dog a mother could have for her children. Smart, loyal and faithful in all aspects. You have bred some might fine pups Roy!
Submitted by: Kevin Breeding on Dec 04, 2016
I obtained a Brittany spaniel male from someone who bought it from Big D's and couldn't keep it for non dog related reasons. He was born on June 12, 2014 To "Big S Mr Dooley" and "Walton's Dixie Girl". I've had him about a year and a half and have been more impressed and thrilled every day- so much so that I just now did the research to find out where he was from (via AKC) and then finding this site. I just had to tell both Big D's and any future buyers what an incredible dog this is. I know for a fact that he got no training of any kind for the first year of his life. In spite of that, the first time I dropped a quail wing in front of him he locked up perfectly. THe first time I took him to the field, he locked up perfectly on a couvey and didn't move till I caught up and even then waited for me to flush them. AMAZING. I'm by no means a professional or even highly experienced bird dog trainer, but even I have easily been able to get this dog to be a perfect hunting companion. Also, forget everything you heard about how a great hunting dog can't also be a great in-door family pet. This awesome guy is the perfect house dog in every way. doesn't tear things up, never goes potty inside- even when I've had to leave him much longer that I should. After being corrected just a couple times, I can now lay a plate with a juicy, just cooked t-bone steak on it 2 feet away from him on the floor, and won't even try to eat it. He sees a plate and actually backs away! You'd think I'd severely corrected him for eating off a plate but I just said no and swated his behind with a rolled paper on 2 occassions!!! ANd that was months ago and he still won't even look at a plate with meat on it. It's amazing! He's incredibly gentle and loving and acts like a good lazy dog inside that curls up at your feet, but once he goes outside he is the most energetic dog I've ever seen-ever. He can run wide open for HOURS! Its a joy to watch him work. It's a joy to have him as a pet. Best Dog I've ever owned, period. So if he is any indication of the bloodline and/or puppy training at Big D's, you should buy from them. If they read this....just let me say THANKS for a great dog!
Submitted by: Vicki Crooks on Aug 03, 2016
We got our GSP fur baby in May 2016.She is very sweet,smart and beautiful.She is a house baby and gets along well with our small dogs and cats.If you are looking for a GSP puppy this is the place to go.
Submitted by: Rachel Wallace on Feb 16, 2016
We purchased our first GSP, Abby, from Roy and his wife this past August 2015. Abby is 7 months old and the smartest dog we have ever owned. She knows how to sit, shake, high-five, heel and point. She is full of energy and is the most loveable dog, we joke and say she is a person! We were very impressed by Big D Kennels and will most definitely be visiting Roy when we are ready to purchase another GSP. I would, and have, recommend him to friends and family.
Submitted by: Christy Barton on Dec 12, 2015
We purchased a GSP from Roy in March 2015 . Very quickly house trained and started pointing wings at 5 months. We could not ask for better companion or hunter
We recommended Roy and Big D to all our friends
Submitted by: Mike Murphy on Nov 24, 2015
After looking for weeks for a great female, liver colored Brittany puppy in Texas, I expanded my search and found Roy and Big D Kennels. After a couple of conversations on the phone, looking at pictures online, and checking references, I purchased our puppy. Roy made the transaction and subsequent shipping very easy. Consequently, I picked up Piper at the San Antonio airport on Christmas Eve, and suprised the family that evening. At three years old, Piper is a mild mannered family member, great around children, fierce in the field, and very obedient. She lives to please. Thanks Roy!
Submitted by: Sarah Odom on Oct 06, 2015
I purchased my sweet Remington from Mr. Meyer in August. I could not be happier with the quality of GSP puppy. He is so smart. Quick to potty train. Quick to learn simple commands such a sit and lie. He already has a very beautiful point and he's just
a little over 3 months old. There is no doubt he will grow into a fine hunter. My family has always had GSP dogs as pets. I highly recommend getting your next dog from Big D Kennels!!!!
Submitted by: C G on May 18, 2015
I purchased a female GSP puppy from Roy two years ago. Having grown up with Pointers, I knew what I was looking for and it was very easy to see the quality that Big D produces.

The facility was impeccable, Roy and his wife were professional and kind, and the puppy (now named Mistyridge Pretty In Paisley) is a joy to own. Though I do not hunt with her, she is a natural on my farm and proof of the inherent nature of the dogs Roy is breeding.

I have recommended Big D to others who have seen Paisley and want one like her. If I'm ever in the market for another bird dog, I will contact Big D
Submitted by: Lashea Preece on Mar 16, 2015
We traveled from Louisa Ky to pick up a Brittany Spaniel and Roy was so nice the puppy slept the whole way back. He's beautiful I highly recommend.
Submitted by: Christian Taylor on Jan 13, 2015
Very happy with our decision to get a GSP from Roy and his wife 2 months ago. Sutton is now 4 months old and a very healthy, outgoing, energetic, and loving dog. Both Roy and his wife were a great pleasure to deal with. I called Roy on multiple occasions to ask questions and he was more than happy to answer them. We toured Big D Kennels and met the mom and pop of our pup. We even lost our AKC papers and they filed for new papers and sent them to us within 2 weeks. If you are in the market for a GSP or any dog for that matter, GO WITH ROY at BIG D KENNELS!
Submitted by: Lindsey on Jun 04, 2014
I purchased a German Shorthaired pointer from Roy about three years ago and it was the best decision of my life.
Roy and his wife told me everything I needed to know about registering my GSP with AKC and when I should schedule her next round of shots and check ups with the vet.
Today, Roxie isn't a hunting dog. But she certainly has the nose of one!!! She's enjoying her life as a barn/house dog, one thing about her and a few of the other GSP's I've known is that they LOVE rocks! She'd rather play with a rock than her plethora of chew toys or tennis balls… But she is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known and I wouldn't trade her for the world!
Submitted by: Todd Reynolds on Apr 01, 2014
After searching for quality Brittany pups for some time we found Big D, after speaking to Roy on the phone about a litter posted online we decided to make the trip from Wisconsin to Tennessee to get a new pup. When we got to Big D we met Roy and his wife and saw 2 litters (the one that was listed and a newer litter that was just about ready to go). Roy let of pick from either litter. We chose our pup from the younger litter (almost 8 weeks old) and we got the pick of litter (8 little boys). Roy showed us around the kennel and we met many of his other dogs, including the Sire and Grand-Sire of our pup. We left Big-D’s and made the 15 hour drive back to Wisconsin, and our pup (who we named Martley) slept all the way home!

The next morning we took Martley to our Vet to have him checked out and he did have a few issues (yeast infection in both ears, Giardia, and fleas). However, with some medication and treatment from our awesome Vet, Martley was clean and healthy in no time. Since then he has been very healthy and a great dog!

Now Marltey is 7 months old… and we have an absolutely awesome Brittany. He pointed naturally almost right away, and will retrieve anything. He is very smart, and a joy to train. He his is a pretty mellow dog at home, loves to be with us, loves to play, loves to train. He is great with our cats too. I take hime to work with me and he is great with our customers, wonderful with kids, and loves being around people.

Martley is a natural bird dog. When he gets in a field you can see his personality switch from loving pet, to natural upland bird dog that instinctively knows his job. He LOVES it! The quality of his breed line is so obvious! Great family dog, great personality, mellow companion, and champion bird dog in the making! We could not be happier with our little Martley!

We recommend Big D Kennels 100%!!! I would never even think of getting a Brittany from anywhere else. I would travel to the ends of the earth to get a dog as good as Martley!
Submitted by: Jordon on Jan 26, 2014
I recently purchased some puppies from Roy. I am very pleased with the dogs the brittany I purchased is already finding and pointing his own birds . Roy and his wife have a very well kept kennel and training yard.
Submitted by: Polina M on Dec 01, 2013
I just got a Brittany puppy from Mr.Roy. I made the travel to his kennel from Alabama and was happy to find gorgeous Brittany pups waiting for me there. Mr. Roy was very patient with answering my questions, he helped me pick the puppy of my dreams. I was able to go and see puppy's parents on site. Everything was clean and well taken care of. His dogs are beautiful. Him and his wife taught me how to take care of my precious new dog. I had great experience buying this new member of my family. Harry he has some amazing puppies ready to go before Christmas.
Submitted by: Lindsey on Oct 18, 2013
I bought a GSP from Big D Kennels (Roy Meyer) about 2 years ago and it's turned out to be the best decision I've yet to make in my 17 years!
She was very healthy when I got her home, I took her straight to the vet and had her checked over for worms/general health scan and she cleared on spot. (But I would deworm them just to be safe!) It took her a few days to adjust to being with a new family like any pup, but we had another dog that would stay with her all day and then she'd come upstairs at night with me.
Today, Roxie has turned into the perfect barn/house dog! I never intended to hunt with her; but you can tell that this dogs are meant for hunting/pointing (she started pointing when she was about two-two and a half months old and she'd watch birds all day if she could stay awake :3) When she found her legs she was a bit of a handful, but she was really smart and learned most of the commands at an early age (but keeping her attention was difficult) but now that she's past her terrible-twos she's gotten easier to handle.
She loves to run and we take her to the barn or up into the forest quite often and she'll flush birds out of the woods and point at things along the trail but she keeps up with the horses pretty well.
Also, as the dogs grow older and more attached to their owners you'll find that they stick close to one person or a household group of people but in my situation Roxie sticks close to me and she's very protective. These dogs don't have a mean bone in their bodies and wouldn't hurt a soul (but for some really weird reason they're obsessed with rocks...)
Their pedigree's are great! And Roy and his wife were so helpful and so sweet! He really works with the pups from the start and gets them used to being handled, keeps their nails clipped and makes sure that their held in the best conditions and really looks out for their health. He made sure to show us the pups sire/dam and allowed us to look at the other breeds of dogs on site. He also showed us his quail house and explained to us exactly what he does with the birds from egg to dog-training to table.
Submitted by: Dana on Jun 16, 2013
I purchased a Brittany pup from Roy last year. All I have to say is this little girl is a serious rock star. I just took her to her first Navhda field trial. She left with a prize 1 with a perfect score of 112. If anyone would be a even slightly worried about these dogs I can tell you these worries should be gone. When I am in the market for another Brittany pup I WILL be calling Roy again.
Submitted by: Eric Applegate on Mar 17, 2013
I was in the market for a bird dog when I decided on a GSP and I ran across Roy and went to his location to look at his puppies. I decided on a female which I named Ellie Mae. She has been the best dog at 6 months old she was pointing birds and by 7 months I was shooting birds over her. I would highly recommend Big D Kennels.
Submitted by: Katie Jo Tipton on Feb 20, 2013
Having puppy fever for so long, I finally decided to jump the gun and look for another one so my sweet baby lab would have a friend. I never thought I would have the experience I had with my short notice purchase of one of Roy's English Setters. He was so nice, kind, informative, and let my lab play with the pups before I made my decision, which was also after a two and a half hour morning drive where I arrived way earlier than I had anticipated. Milo has been the absolute perfect match to add to our little family. I have never been more pleased with this decision. Thank you for everything, Roy!
Submitted by: Daniel Williams on Feb 20, 2013
Made the drive today to pick up our male setter pup.
It was a pleasure meeting Roy and his wife.
The only issue we had was leaving with only one dog.
We wish Roy all the best with his breeding, and thanks again for a great pup.
I would more than recomend Big D kennels if your in the market for a gun dog.
Dan Williams
Submitted by: DeeAnn Geeslin on Jan 02, 2013
We have had such a great experience with Roy and Big D Kennels. I purchased a Brittany puppy for my 21 year-old son and Roy made it such an easy, no-hassle transaction. Puppy Tucker "Tuck" is smart, friendly, easy-going, curious, and a real joy to be around! He's a wonderful traveler, likes his crate, and sleeps so well at night. Thank you, Roy, for helping make our family Christmas so special. We love our Tuck!
Submitted by: Bill Grzelak on Jul 27, 2012
We purchased a Brittany pup from Roy on July 16th and it was a great experience. I had a puppy lined up with another breeder but she did not keep her word and sold it someone else. I was scrambling to find a pup because my 3 boys were expecting their first puppy to come home. I came across Roy's add on and called him. Roy was willing to help and drove 3 hours to meet me (I drove 6 hours). Roy took the time to answer all my questions and gave lots of advice on training our dog. Her name is Penny and we could not be happier. She is healthy, energetic, smart and plays well with my three sons. I think it was a blessing that Thorn Bottom Kennels back doored me. I highly recommend Big D Kennels. Roy Meyers is as good a man as you'll ever meet. Thanks you Roy.
Submitted by: Dana on Jul 19, 2012
Just got our new Brittany from Big D kennels. Absolutely the best experience I could possibly imagine. Picked her up at the airport with zero trouble. She is doing great and is a great little pup. HIGHLY recommend Big D Kennels. Without a doubt will look his way again.
Submitted by: Tammy M on Jun 29, 2012
I bought a Brittany puppy from Mr Meyer in April 2012. He's been a great choice for my 9 year old son's first dog. I take this dog many places and I get a lot of people stopping me asking about this good looking dog. You can tell he's from good stock!
Submitted by: Matt Niswander on Oct 28, 2011
I bought a Brittany from Roy this summer, and she pointed a wing instinctively at 3 months old, retrieved with little coaxing, showed no gun shyness, and today at 6 months old I shot my first bird over her in her first official day in the field and she found and pointed the very first bird. This is my first attempt at training my own bird dog, so breeding is a huge part of my dog and my own success. Lady is also great with my 1 year old son and all other dogs. If you are looking for a gun dog, Roy is unmistakably the first and last place to look for a dog with a strong foundation.
Submitted by: Nita on Sep 01, 2011
Roy shipped our Brittany pup, Moxie, from Tennessee to Maine last November. She has been an excellent addition to the family. Very smart, energetic, and friendly! She plays well with out 10 y/o Welsh Springer, and loves kids. She doesn't mind our long car rides to camp, and is going to be an excellent hunting dog.

Roy was completely professional, and made our local breeders look like a joke! Moxie arrived comfy in her kennel, unsedated, with a little stuffed animal (froggy) that she still loves and carries around the house. We could not be happier and would recommend Roy to anyone who asked.
Submitted by: Kyle Bragg on May 16, 2011
I purchased an english setter pup from Roy a few months ago and let me tell you for a 3 month old pup i could not ask for a better dog. This line of setters is the best in the buisness and I am completly pleased with my new setter, Our Little Lady.
Submitted by: Brett Wiggins on Apr 04, 2011
Mr. Meyer showed a very good knowledge of the dogs that he bred and also showed that he had a real passion for the dogs. The Brittany that I purchased from Mr. Meyer is a very handsome, smart dog and is going to be a very good hunter and family dog.
Submitted by: Alex Whitesell on Feb 06, 2011
I purchased an American Brittany from Roy Meyer (who drove 2 hours, in order to meet me half way!) and my puppy is WONDERFUL! He is sooo sweet and friendly! Roy and his grandchildren did a GREAT job socializing him. He is very curious, interested in everything you do, and not shy in any way about how you handle him! His personality is very outgoing, but not hyper at all. In fact, I turned the vacuum on and he CAME running (I guess to see what the noise was!) I am very pleased with my puppy and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Roy Meyer's dogs. Thank you, Roy!
Submitted by: Doug Ryback on Jan 29, 2011
I saw my Maggie in Big D's ad and spoke with Roy about meeting to pick her up. Roy accomidated me and saved me a big part of the drive. When I saw her I was not disappointed and the joy has not stopped. Now I own a decendant of NLB and look forward to many years of hunting her. Thanks Roy . I highly reccommend Big D Kennels if you are looking to buy a puppy
Submitted by: Sara Anne Culberson on Oct 02, 2010
My 4 month old GSP from Big D Little Stormey and Dixie is the BEST dog I've ever owned. We picked Sam Beau out at 2 days old after seeing his beautiful markings and solid chocolate head. Roy Meyer let us visit him every week until we were allowed to bring him home. Roy is the BEST of the BEST. A real class act who knows how to raise great hunting dogs.
Roy, cant thank you enough for my sweet Sam Beau. He's truly the best dog I've ever owned. I get compliments on him EVERY day.
Happy Hunting!
Sara Anne
Submitted by: Travis Cochran on Sep 27, 2010
The female pup that I bought from you out of Diamonds Tricky Dick and Big D's Little Katie is now 5 months old. I took her to the woods for her first training and she did great. She is a natural bird finder and is not afraid to get in the thickest cover we found. I have no regreats of purchasing this pup. Roy is very easy to deal with. Thanks alot. Travis Cochran
Submitted by: Brian Rathbone on Sep 27, 2010
I took the pup that I bought from you out of Diamonds Tricky Dick and Big Ds Little Katie to the woods this past weekend. I was amazed at how this dog hunted. She worked the cover better than two older dogs that were there and found birds they didn't at 5 months old!!!! I never would have beleived it if I had not seen it. Thanks Alot,
Brian Rathbone
Submitted by: Susan Goodlett on Jul 30, 2010
We purchased our German Shorthair from Roy and Big D Kennels on July 14th. We purchased her site unseen (well from the web pics) and she was just a sweet and gorgeous as the pictures!! We have had her for two weeks now in that time, she has learned to fetch, sit and stay, come on command, stop on command, she kennels (most of the time) and of course loves to run and play. My husband had her pointing the first full day that we had her!! She is an absolutely amazing dog!! Her disposition and tempermant are wonderful. She loves to play with our older dog and three cats (they are not as thrilled about it as she is though).

Since we live in Central Kentucky and Roy in Tennessee, I worried that we might have trouble making arrangements to pick her up. Roy was great and even offered to bring her all the way to my house (about a 4 hour drive).

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Roy and Big D Kennels. If you are looking for a new family member......I highly recommend him!!

The Goodlett Family
Harrodsburg, KY
Submitted by: Rod Poe on Jun 20, 2010
We purchased an English Pointer Pup from Roy Meyer (Big D Kennels)just a few days ago! "Hank" is already on point with the numerous qail that visit our neighborhood! In two days, this little boy learned to sit, and kennel. Roy was attentive, personal, and went above and beyond getting this pup from TN. to ID. "Hank" is getting rave reviews in the neighborhood! Handsome, Handsome, Handsome! A big thank you to Roy Meyer.....6/20/2010
Rod Poe
Philana Steckert....Boise,Idaho
Submitted by: Randy Blackston on Jan 04, 2010
I purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer from Roy about nine months ago. My kids named her Belle. She is an awesome dog! She has great temperament with children and other dogs. I have been field training her for the past couple months. She has a GREAT nose and is working wonderfully hunting quail. I could not be happier with my new hunting companion and member of the family.

Roy worked with me picking the right dog and assisted with delivery. He is an honest man that knows the business of raising good dogs.

Submitted by: Thomas Cordray on Dec 28, 2009
Met Roy and pickup a male GSP in September. He is now almost 6 months old. Great puppy just as advertised. Already pointing and retrieving. Very satisfied, wonderful dog. Thanks Roy.
Submitted by: Ronnie Melton on Nov 25, 2009
Picked my English setter pup up a week ago. Let me say that this little guy has impressed me so far. He is pointing a grouse tail with a very stylish point and will actually hold it for several seconds before trying to get it. And to be a natural retriever. He is retrieving a frozen quail to hand everytime. You can tell Roy has a great love for his dogs and it shows thru his top of the line dogs. I will be buying again from Big D Kennels.
Submitted by: Jim Whitaker on Sep 19, 2009
Our Big D Kennel pup has to be one of the greatest dogs ever. He has a great nose, great common sense,and so easy to train. Cooper is everything we could have wanted in a GSHP. Would encourage anyone looking for a great dog to start here! J Whitaker
Submitted by: Angela Hoover on Mar 13, 2009
I purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy from Big D Kennels about 2 years ago (She was born March 6, 2007). She is a great dog-healthy, happy and beautiful! I would purchase from this kennel again.

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