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Submitted by: Al Neely on Sep 12, 2020
I purchased a male pup from Berg Brothers Setters on June of 2019 out of Easy Glide and Abby. He stayed with Ben until he was 8 months old working in the bird pen etc., I contacted my trainer,Dr. Phil Fortner at pea ridge kennels in Trenton, TN. He said he planned to retire so I should contact Ronnie Smith at Ronnie Smith Kennels in Pawhuska,OK,Which I did.Ronnie and his lovely wife Susanna trained that pup to perfection. His reg. name is Dixie Star's
Swamp Fox, aka Foxy Boy.
Submitted by: Bill Hagen on Apr 29, 2017
I have purchase five dogs from Berg Bros over the past eight years. I have friends that have hunted with me that liked my dogs and they have purchased dogs from Ben. I have hunted extensively with 10 dogs that have come from the Berg Bros Kennel, only two that are related. Every Berg Bros dog I have been around is a dog anyone would be proud to own. Great manners, style, serious bird finding dogs. I hunt around 50 days each season, normally in South Texas, if you want a great dog, call Ben Berg.
Submitted by: Anthony on Jun 04, 2016
Berg Brothers Setters is a Class Act!
I've know Scott and Ben for several years now and have to say they truly are great guys with a super kennels, great dogs, careful select breeding, producing top notch setters, brains and beauty, agile, fast, stylish you name it they have "IT".

Puppies are bold and well socialized
Every dog in their care, whether there for training or boarding are very well cared for. The kennels are to be envied, clean and bright.
40 years of setter experience they're not just messing around.

Submitted by: John Tunney on Jun 01, 2012
Ben, Scott, Our two year old female setter we have named Puma is all and more you told me she would be. Puma is a calm, loving, intelligent, hard core hunter. This young dog is the complete package, the absolute Llewellin setter with textbook field abilities. She possesses tremedous composure when on point. Late last season in the northern woods of Maine at 2yrs & 1 week of age she handled several Ruffed Grouse moving on the ground in all weather conditions from calm to the most herendous weather as a young finished dog would. I would place this dog on the ground in any arena with complete confidence.
Thank You Ben, Scott, Best Regards, John Tunney TK'S OwenBoy on the ground (781-733-5581) Hard Core Grouse Hunter, Northern New England/ Eastern Canada
Submitted by: Carl Buger on May 01, 2012
In the past I have purchased a couple of dogs from both Scott and Ben of Berg Bros Kennels and they have been fantastic. True blue stock. This past fall I sent two young pups down to Ben and Scott for training on October 1st and they stayed until December 15th. They were amazing. They were well fed and well, well, looked after during their stay. In fact I might even go as far as to say they were in better shape when they returned from their training. They were only 5 months old when they left and you could tell that they were well looked after because when they came back they never skipped a bit, it was like they had never been away from us at all. In fact I am sending down to the prairies this August again for training.

If you are ever looking for a good bird dog or training for that bird dog don't hesitate to call and use Berg Bros. Kennels as they are ranked # 1 in my books.

Carl Bulger
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Submitted by: Troy Anderson on Apr 28, 2012
If you're a serious upland bird hunter that is looking for an elegant yet high powered dog that is as good in the field as he is at home you won't have done your homework until you've checked out Berg Bros. Having owned a number of accomplished shorthairs including a NAVADA prize I utility dog the bar was set extremely high for what I was looking for in my next bird dog. I found it at Berg's.

Their focus and commitment to evaluating, breeding & training the best Setters in the country is second to none. There state of the art facility and personable approach will have you convinced where your next dog is coming from.
Submitted by: nick on Mar 26, 2012
Great bloodlins/breeding program + Great training program = One heck of a bird dog. Berg Brothers have done all the homework for you, it just increases your odds of having a great hunting partner for years to come. My dog Finn hunts for me, zero to little handling required, looks great on point and in field. Berg Bros stays in contact with you all the way through, Ben knows these dogs inside and out and take the time to teach/train the handler as well as the dog.
Submitted by: Don S on Mar 17, 2012

Thought you might like to know I have Mabel over at Knob Mt. Kennels with Tom. His place is only a half-hour from me and I've known him for some time. He runs dogs on spring woodcock so I thought it would be good experience for Mabel. Tom e-mailed me and said to call him as he had something he wanted to discuss. After gushing on for a long, long, time about how Mabel is the nicest dog he's had at his place for a long, long time, he asked if I'd object if he ran her in some trials. Apparently she is really been impressive.

Don S from PA
Submitted by: I.F. (Colorado) on Mar 17, 2012
Juno has been an absolute delight--sweet, calm around the house and a dead serious bird dog. She has great endurance, runs a great pattern and has been staunch and steady as can be. During her first year she has developed into an almost finished bird dog. Her drive, desire, intensity and manners around game are amazing for a pup. We got in about 30 days on wild birds--a week of sharptail and sage grouse in Montana, 2 weeks of ruffed grouse and woodcock in Michigan and a bunch of scattered days in Kansas. I couldn't have asked for anything more and I'll be in touch again in the future as soon as I can talk my wife into letting me have another dog. I got to hunt a few days with my friend Dennis and Razor (now Sherlock) and he's one heck of a dog too.
I.F. (Colorado)
Submitted by: Paul W on Mar 17, 2012
I got “Star” (Zorro x Pepper) 3 years ago and she has it all – extraordinary bird finder, impeccable manners on birds, speed, stamina, smarts, perfect range with easy (no) handling, flashy going and on point. Star is my tenth setter, all very good dogs from outstanding lines, but she’s the first pup from you – and well on her way to being the best bird dog of them all.

Star handled grouse beautifully from her very first hunt at just ten months of age. She moves swiftly and stylishly through tough cover, stays to the front, covers a lot of ground and digs up a lot of birds. Amazingly, she requires no “handling”. I just walk and she stays to the front, mostly out of sight but within audible bell range, finds birds and points them with style. No hacking, no yelling, no whistle blowing.

Best, she’s exactly the type dog Scott said she’d be. He spent time listening to what I wanted in a dog, and only then suggested a pup from a particular breeding. That’s why I didn’t consider going anywhere else for my newest pup – now ten weeks old.

Paul W. (NC)
Submitted by: Larry Groppoli on Mar 14, 2012
Mika is my 3rd english setter in 24 years of hunting with setters.He is my 1st from Berg brothers and by far the most passionate, bordering on fanatical upland game hunting dog I've ever owned, including retrievers. He is two now, pointing staunchly and is a natural retriever, even in cold spring minnesota waters. His athleticism is phenomenal and his nose superb. His calm, playful and friendly disposition at home and around people makes for a wonderful family pet as well. I would definately recommend a Berg brothers setter and the Berg brothers themselves are super people to work with and train with.
Larry Groppoli
Stillwater, MN.
Submitted by: Phil on Mar 14, 2012
There are not enough positive words to describe my experience with the Berg Brothers. Ben is a consummate professional, and through my experience I feel like I gained a friend in him. I did not have the pleasure of speaking with Scott but you know it is a good sign when brothers speak well of each other. Suzy Q is a started setter we purchased last week. She is everything Ben said she is and more. An absolute joy for the entire family. She integrated into our home life and schedule like she has been here since she was born. Her manners in all settings have been amazing. I am really looking forward to growing with her has handler/hunter in the coming years. We are customers for life.
Submitted by: Paul Glover on Mar 08, 2012
WOW! What an amazing breeder/kennel the Berg Brother's have, but more importantly they are an extremely knowledgeable resource for anyone who is serious about English Setters. Roy is now just a little over a year old and is a wonderful dog around the house and is true machine in field. He is a great retriever with a great nose and covers ground quickly and effectively. His drive and desire to please really sets Roy out from the rest.

Ben has been exceptional to work with and is an incredible bird dog trainer. His training grounds and kennels are as good as it gets for any bird dog enthusiast. Ben really knows how to bring the best out of your dog, which takes birds and more birds and he seems to have an endless supply. His tactics are simple and effective and very easy to learn. Ben thanks for all that you have done for Roy, I cant wait until next hunting season.
Kindly Paul
Submitted by: Dave on Mar 04, 2012
Blu, from Berg Bros., competed in the NAVHDA NA test. That boy hit the ball out of the park in every category except swimming...that was my fault not the dogs. He found more birds than they planted in the field that day during the search phase and completed his tracking phase in seconds on his first attempt. Afterwards, the judge looked to me with a smile and said "that's a good dog." Good boy Blu!
Submitted by: Dan Sherva on Mar 04, 2012
Croix will turn a year and half this month. He has been an unreal dog, both around house and in the field. His drive and willingness to please sets him apart. Natural retriever, with beautiful style and range. I couldn't be happier and either could anyone else that has the pleasure of meeting Croix!

Ben and Scott have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their knowledge and expertise about Setters has helped many, including me. Croix went through their puppy program and had great results. I have also had the pleasure of working with Ben in the field training. Croix and I both learned a ton during those days. Their kennels/training grounds are clean and safe. When you spend some time around Ben and Scott or any of their dogs you will walk away knowing they love what they're doing!
Submitted by: Mike and Virginia Riley on Feb 09, 2012
We just couldn't be happier with our dog, Belle! She is now about a year a half old and she's the perfect family member in the house, and doing amazing well in the field! She fits right into our busy family and has plenty of love for all! Belle is also always ready to bird hunt and never wants to quit! Great breeder and a great dog!
Submitted by: Eric on Feb 06, 2012
I have purchased two pups from Scott and Ben in the past year. Both pups have had exceptional dispositions along with good drive in field which is exactly what I was looking for. They have called to check on the progress of the dogs and requested I keep them informed. Easy to see they care about what they produce. If you spend some time explaining what you are looking for in a dog they can certainly help you with the bloodlines you should consider. They also run a clean kennel operation. Highly recommend visiting with them if looking for a red or English setter.
Submitted by: Kenny Evans on Feb 05, 2012
Scott & Ben,

The pup is doing great. He is by far the most social and loving dog I have ever had as he adopted my whole family. In the house he wants to be with you constantly, outside he is all about hunting. He loves to point and seems to have a lot of natural instinct to back. He seems to be very intelligent. He had one accident in the house the first night home and never has since. I tell him NO 1 time and he understands. I am very well pleased. Thanks.
Kenny Evans Greenback, TN
Submitted by: John Taylor on Feb 05, 2012
Scott & Ben,
Jett has fit right in here. He has done well adjusting to the temperature, from the first quail hunt in 100 degree weather to this last weekends chukar hunt in the teens. His smooth gait has given him the ability to hunt for hours in the desert country east of here. At 9 months old, this past Saturday he covered 15 miles providing us with several points and hunting hard all the way back to the truck. He is a real pleasure to watch.
John Taylor, CA
Submitted by: Jackie Whitehead on Feb 05, 2012
Jake is 9 months old now and I am very pleased with him. He is very steady on point and backing. Retrieves good also. Jake has a great nose and he's all business. He has great stamina too. I have probably killed 50+ birds over him this season and several hunters have asked where I got him. I may want another pup soon.
Best Wishes for 2011. Jackie, Alabama
Submitted by: Dean Lapinel on Feb 05, 2012
Our Setter is now 10 months old. She already has a ton of style, class, endurance, and runs an efficient running pattern. Her nose is great. She points solid, retrieves and can go for 4-5 hours without being fatigued or showing any loss of enthusiasm. She's so lethal already it almost feels like it should be illegal using her. Dean Lapinel, ID
Submitted by: Lynn Lentz on Feb 05, 2012
Bandit is by far the most talented pup I have ever had! At 9 months, he is naturally backing Tessa. The backing is completely instinctive. His nose is better than any dog I have ever had or been around at that age. I though Tessa had a good nose when she was young, but at this point think Bandit will be better. I am very pleased.
Lynn Lentz, WI
Submitted by: Tim Owen on Feb 05, 2012
Scott and Ben,
I just returned from California taking in the last two weeks of their quail season. Dutch and Juno continue to progress in their abilities and expand their repertoire of birds and habitat. Both dogs show wonderful stamina, great nose and often times breathtaking style. We should be well on our way for the 2011 trial season. Juno was named the Montana Dog of the year and was the 2010 Region 14 Shooting Derby Dog of the Year. Thanks to the both of you for your passion in breeding and providing such wonderful dogs to people across the country.
Tim Owen, Bozeman, MT
Submitted by: Elliott Shanklin on Feb 05, 2012
Hey Scott, I haven't been in touch for a while but I wanted to let you know how much we love Daisey. She is unbelievable as a house pet and everyone who meets her falls in love. I couldn't be happier. She has great drive, stamina, style around birds, and is already mostly broke. Last month we went to Maine on a grouse and woodcock hunt and had a blast. With only one dog we had to use her more than I would have liked but she was up to it. We averaged 10 mi/day by GPS for 4 days in tough cover and she was still digging birds out at sunset the last day. She just never stopped working hard. Thanks again and I'll be in touch as I'd like to get another pup started before too long.
Elliott Shanklin, ME
Submitted by: Tom Roller on Feb 05, 2012
Our pups continues to progress – I put her on wild pheasants for the first time this past week. She bumped the first three contacts and after that nailed about 6 in a row including several small “coveys” of hens. While they hold better than many pheasants – I think that is pretty awesome for her first pheasant hunt.
Tom Roller, SC
Submitted by: Scot Wolf on Feb 05, 2012
Scott and Ben,
Our Jack & Klassy pup is doing great. At 5 mos she is progressing rapidly. She is holding point, retrieving to hand, and is a natural backer. That is about all the farther I take a young dog the first year. I like to put them on a lot of wild birds the first year before I break them all the way out. So, I will just be keeping her freshened up till season gets here. She also seems to take the heat very well. Thanks! Scot Wolf, IL
Submitted by: Henry Travers on Feb 05, 2012
Hi Scott, I thought you might be interested to hear about Scooter which is an appropriate for her. She is 3 now and just a fantastic bird finder and rarely bumps a bird. She is deadly on woodcock and was very good on grouse this year. My friend uses her to guide when he has special clients come up. His dogs just are not as good as Scooter. She also loves the house and the couch in my game room. Thanks for a great dog. Henry Travers, Maine
Submitted by: Dale Owens on Feb 02, 2012
I just wanted you to know how happy I am with Jackie and how well she is progressing with her training. I have had her out on pheasants, sharpies, huns and quail and she handles them all with aplomb. She is even figuring out how to pin a running rooster and hold him until I catch up with her. She had found and retrieved several birds I dropped but weren't dead.

I have entered her in several field trials, she has earned a top three placement almost every time. Even my judges and other trialers have commented on how well she applies herself, and on her manners, although they say that I still need a lot of work.

I am probably most impressed by how calm and quiet she is when she isn't hunting. Several of my friends are dog trainers/field trialers and they were impressed by her couch potato demeanor around the house.

Keep up the good work and I WILL be in touch when I need another dog. Thanks for everything.

Submitted by: Rad Yaeger (GA) on Feb 01, 2012
Scott & Ben, Just wanted to let you know we love the male Setter we got from you. I like his adaptable range, his independence, loves to retrieve, great running and pointing style, won’t quit, good nose, personable, lot of pointing and backing instinct. In others words he was my hands down favorite dog. This dog is just loving life.
Rad Yaeger, GA
Submitted by: Randy Schroetter on Feb 01, 2012
Name: Jewel Name: Joy
Breed: English Setter Breed: English Setter
Age: 2 Age: 3 Months

Whether on your first sojourn for a hunting, family companion or you are turning gristly from many seasons in the field; for English Setters, the Berg Brothers have got it right. Be prepared for staunch loyality, friendship, durability and an inexorable desire to please. The outcome of the Berg Brothers English Setter Gene Pool is a companion, regardless of the season, up on all fours--two at a time when they spot you with a gun case; my definition of a "Bird Dog." Who could ask for anything more?
Submitted by: Josh Matel on Jan 31, 2012
Got a male setter from ben last year the pup has been great in the house and the best grouse dog I have ever owned. I have a five year female that is a good grouse dog but when I took friends with me I was more confident in bens pup and it was only 10 months old. He had a run of 22 points without bumping a RUFFED GROUSE. I would highly recomend bens dogs for anybody who enjoys upland hunting.
Submitted by: Judy Wedul on Jan 29, 2012
Ben we love this pup! Smart, sensitive, adorable and VERY BIRDY! Glad no one else got him! He will be back to train with you. Many thanks!
Submitted by: Bruce T. on Apr 04, 2011
I have a male English setter pup from the Berg Brothers. I did a lot of research before settling on this kennel. Ben and Scott were excellent to work with and spent a lot of time with me answering questions (I am a first time dog owner). My pup has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend this kennel if you are thinking of a setter.
Submitted by: troy iverson on May 11, 2010
hi ben that gracie girl you sold me is great she has been in the house since i brought her home just like she has been a house dog her whole life when the time comes i will be back to buy another one just like her thanks a lot ben

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