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Submitted by: Mark Vandenberg on Oct 14, 2017
We just got our second Brittany from Doug & Sue. 5 years after getting our first one from them. Again, the experience working with Doug & Sue is amazing. They do such a great job working with the puppies and making sure they are the right puppy for you.

Doug & Sue have become our friends and we still get together with them for dinner, hunting, or just hanging out holding puppies.

Doug is always more than willing to help with any hunt training that you might be struggling with. Sue is always just a call away if you have questions on general training, health or other puppy questions that come up.

I highly recommend Beaupre Gun Dogs for your next hunting and family companion.
Submitted by: Mike and Julie Zeamer on Feb 28, 2016
We were referred to Beaupre Gun Dogs by a friend who had nothing but glowing remarks about Doug and Sue. We were not disappointed. As first time dog owners, we had many questions which were answered promptly and thoroughly. Doug and Sue are very knowledgeable about their dogs. One of things we love most about them is how much they truly love each and every puppy they raise. They do so well socializing and introducing them to new experiences, our dog made an easy transition home with us. Because of all the love and experiences given to the puppies, Lacy is an adaptable, loving, intelligent, and over all great tempered dog. We get frequent complements one how smart, well mannered, and good looking Lacy is. Doug and Sue are knowledgeable, passionate, caring, and overall all wonderful people to work with. We could not be more pleased with Beaupre Gun Dogs, we feel so lucky to have found them!
Submitted by: on Nov 10, 2015
Our dog Remi is six months old. We could not be happier with him or the breeders. Doug and Sue Beaupre. I was looking for a hunting dog when I came across them on gun dog breeders. We filled out an application and were invited to an open house where we met Doug and Sue with the most recent litter. We were invited to come back as often as we would like to visit with the dogs while they were pups, not old enough to leave their mother (or Sue!)Doug and Sue keep the pups for ten weeks while they are trained and socialized. They do an awesome job. We visited with them for weeks, spending hours at a time with them while they explained their philosophy with us. Remi is a wonderful dog, not only is he an amazing hunting dog, but he is wonderful with our 3 children. At only six months old Remi is in the fields hunting and putting up birds. I am not sure who is prouder, me or him.
Submitted by: Leeann Katzfey on Sep 27, 2015
We could not be happier with Beaupre Gun Dogs and our amazing Brittany, Griffey. Doug and Sue were great. They invited us to their home to meet their dogs, they answered all of our questions and kept us informed when the puppies were born. They do such a great job raising and socializing the pups that Griffey's transition into our family was so easy. He is an amazing dog who loves to cuddle almost as much as he loves to hunt. Everywhere we take him he gets complimented on what a beautiful and handsome dog he is. At just over a year old he passed the Canine Good Citizen test and became a registered therapy dog through Pet Partners. He has a wonderful temperament and is such a good dog. We love Beaupre Gun Dogs!
Submitted by: Andrew on Aug 16, 2015
I met Doug about two years ago now through work and just happened to be searching for an additional hunting companion with my aging beagle Louie already into his early-teens. I had narrowed my choices down to the smaller pointing breeds so as to not overwhelm Lou with a dog twice his size, so it seemed like fate that Doug happened to breed Brittanys. After visiting their place in Omro and meeting the prospective parents the decision was easy.
We first took Ginger home in early November 2014 at 10 weeks and despite her slight stature at 9.5 pounds she seemed to posses an intense innate drive to hunt. Her first time out at 12 weeks she managed to get a running bird out of some willows that my buddy and I had already assumed to be long gone after spotting us from about 60 yards away. Over the last few months she's managed to sniff out several more pheasant in the sparsely populated area I take them for exercise out of season, along with about a dozen turkeys and a woodcock about two hours south of anywhere I've seen them in the past.
Not only does she have an amazing ability to find game at such a young age, but I never would have guessed such a high energy dog would be so attentive and trainable. I would consider myself to be an amateur trainer at best but she certainly makes me look like I know what I'm doing. After giving her plenty of opportunities to explore over the past months and a few outings going after pigeons all I need to do once I have a gun in hand is enter a field on the downwind side and let her work.
Of course, none of this would matter if she didn't get along with the wife at home, but that couldn't be less of an issue. Provided she gets her daily exercise (if she doesn't get it outside, she will get it inside) Ginger has become a great dog to have in the house. Obviously, for the first few months close supervision is highly necessary and proper crate training has made things far easier on everyone. That being said, Ginger is amazingly social and well-mannered around people and other dogs of all ages. This is, no doubt, the result of the socialization these dogs are exposed to during the first few weeks of their lives, although her continued regular exposure certainly helps. Doug and Sue do an amazing job with their dogs and we couldn't be more happy with our Brittany.
Submitted by: The Frediani Family on Mar 22, 2015
Doug and Sue Beaupre are outstanding Brittany breeders! We could not say enough GREAT things... as people and about their dogs! Neither my wife nor I have ever owned a dog before so, we wanted to make sure we found the right fit. We were looking for that perfect dog that could be both a great field dog and a great pet for our family (3 kids).
We were referred to Beaupre Gun Dogs and from our first conversation I knew they were special. They invited us to their Kennel for a family day to visit their recent litter and on that visit we knew that we would be getting a Brittany from Doug and Sue.
Their dogs are both excellent field dogs and terrific home companions. Doug is a master in the field with them and Sue, from day one, creates an amazing, nurturing, environment for the first 10 weeks of their lives. She possesses a true talent for identifying their personality and places you with the perfect match. Our girl (Isla) is 11 months old now and absolutely amazing. She is wonderful with our 3 children and awesome to watch in the field! She is the most beautiful, adorable, and intelligent dog! We could not imagine our life without her!
I would recommend the Beaupres with the absolute highest ratings for anyone considering a Brittany!
Submitted by: Heidi Hurtis on Mar 28, 2014
We were looking for a brittany last summer and our normal breeder fell through. We stumbled upon this site and decided to call and visit the Beaupres. Not only do they have some amazing dogs, they are fantastic people. Sue spends a lot of time learning the puppies personalities to match them to each family and their needs.

We've had a couple brittanys before, but none of them excelled in hunting birds quite like our dog (Gus). He was retrieving birds at 5 months old. Not to mention, he's a beautiful dog. We have people ask us what kind of dog he is, and most of them can't believe he is a brittany because of how pretty he is.

Gus also is the sweetest and most loving dog we've had. Our next brittany will for sure come from Doug and Sue.
Submitted by: jim zakrajsheck on Nov 19, 2013
Doug and Sue sold me a great little girl. She is playful and friendly at home and a little bundle of dynamite in the field.
Doug and Sue are the kind of breeders one can only hope to find.
Submitted by: Brody Kidd on Nov 12, 2013
Doug and Sue are absolutely amazing! I came across Beaupre Gun Dogs on a recommendation and that was one of the best recommendations I have ever received. I was lucky enough to snag one of the last slots in their most recent litter.

Doug and Sue truly care about their dogs and consider each one of their pups a family member for life. The passion they display for their dogs says enough.

Harvey (patch) is now almost 6 months old and he has been the most amazing pup! Sue has conditioned these pups to love unconditionally and Doug has them trained to hunt from the get-go. I just took Harvey hunting for the first time and was the proudest parent at the club! His natural abilities go above and beyond.

Amazing People
Amazing Dogs

Thank you for providing me with such a loving friend that can't wait to please me with plenty of birds! You can't ask for much more!
Submitted by: Cameron Chisholm on Sep 27, 2013
I am so fortunate to have found Beaupre Gun Dogs and the great people behind the name Doug and Sue. You cannot get a better breeder and kennel, hands down the best. I knew I was going to get the best from the time I went to the open house to get matched with a puppy and meet the parents. Doug and Sue have a wonderful and inviting kennel which is paired with extremely caring and extremely knowledgable Breeders/trainers. It was 8 years since my last Brittany so Doug and Sue trained me for almost 2 hours, wow!
Since taking Musashi home I'm just amazed how intelligent, eager to please, loving, bird loving, brush bashing, driven dog I have everyday. Icing on the cake, I didn't have to break the bank to get this whole package deal.
When I am looking for my next hunting dog I will look no further then Beaupre Gun Dogs. Thank you Doug and Sue for this absolute treasure of a dog, Musashi.
Submitted by: Rusty & Debbie Glaser on Jun 05, 2013
My Husband, daughter and I had a Brittany who left us 6 years ago. We waited just to make sure we were ready for and other dog. So we decided on TWO male Brittanys. I found breeders as far away as Utah and Canada. But The Beaupre's were recommended.

So after submitting our application and meeting Doug and Sue as well as the future birth parents of our prospective puppies. We were all on board. It is so true what everyone says about Doug and Sue. They are like family ( the good side ) the moment you meet them.

So on March 4th 2013 I get the message that my Willie and Nelson were born. I received a video of them the day they were born. When I saw Sue with those puppies I knew they were in the best of hands.

As I write this my boys are 3 months old and we are so in love. Our vet was amazed at how calm and unafraid they were on their first visit. She said the breeders must be fantastic.

Thank you Doug and Sue. Willie and Nelson cant sing country music but they sure make our hearts sing.
Submitted by: Paul Stengel on May 12, 2013
"Amazing" is the word we would use to sum up our experience with Doug and Sue. We currently own 2 Brittanies and were looking to add a third to our "pack" and were hoping to get a male. We originally tried to obtain one through a breeder different breeder and were in line to get one of the first picks, but when the breeding didn't take, he recommended Beaupre. At first we were hesitant because they said we were 6th on the list and someone had already wanted 2 males. They also said we didn't get to pick our puppy but they would match personalities. They reassured us that they would all be good dogs. Doug and Sue invited us to meet the perspective parents, and we were completely impressed with their knowledge, devotion, and love of their dogs.

Doug and Sue kept us up to date on the pregnancy and birth. We kept in touch with the pups progress. The breeding produced 8 pups with 3 males. We were still reluctant knowing that we didn't really have the say in which one we'd get. However, Doug and Sue are so honest, caring, and the love of their dogs was so obvious, that we had complete confidence in their advice.

They had an Open House when they brought some dogs and the owners of the previous litter in after about 6 weeks. Doug and Sue also posted photos online of the dogs over the complete process. When we saw the one they were guiding us toward, we were still hesitant because he was so small and shy looking. They encouraged us to visit again to get to know the puppies. They said they wanted us to be completely sure we wanted him because they really thought he'd be a good fit in our home. If not, we could pick from the next litter.

We visited the puppies 2 more times, and our confidence grew. I must add that every time we visited, we stayed for 2 hours. Doug and Sue are so friendly and easy to talk to that you felt like you have known them for years.

The day finally came for us to take Finley home, and we couldn't be happier. Besides knowing what good hunters his dog parents are and being an absolutely gorgeous dog, he has the foundation laid for being trained. Finley is completely used to noises, people, and other dogs.

The love, care, and attention that Doug and Sue used to raise these puppies with is exactly what you would want to see in a breeder. Not only do we have an absolutely perfect dog, but we truly feel like we will keep in touch with Doug and Sue for years to come. We cannot recommend Beaupre Gun Dogs highly enough.
Submitted by: Mike Steinke on Aug 29, 2012
Simply put, Doug and Sue go above and beyond!

After meeting them last January, it was obvious they are both passionate about this breed, their dogs and the sport in general. As soon as the pups were born, we received weekly updates, pictures and an open inventation (and encouragement) to visit the pups as much as possible. Our pup is 6 mo old now and he is well on his way to becoming a great gun dog. After taking our pup home, both Doug and Sue offered to be available for questions and training tips and invited us to join them in the field on several occassions. Not only did we get a great pup, but we have become good friends as well.
Submitted by: Mark Vandenberg on Aug 13, 2012
We got our now six month old male Brittany from Doug and Sue. After talking with several other breeders they didn't come close to givng me the feeling that I got after talking with Doug and Sue. They allowed us to visit the pups as often as we wished and were accomodating. They are a first class operation. They spent time with the puppies holding them and getting them used to having their paws, ears, teeth touched. We are still in contact with them and they have helped us in the hunt training. As a first time gun dog owner that has been awesome.
Submitted by: Mike Wasilisin on Feb 02, 2012
I had 2 requirements when searching for our Brittany
1) Excellent Bloodline
2) Excellent owners
Our brittany is 2.5 years old and does not only have unbelievable bird instincts but is the sweetest and most intelligent dog on the planet (we are biased). At 6 months old she pointed and retrieved a quail that dropped into heavy brush in a 80 foot canyon. This is a lifelong memory and brought tears to my eyes. I am still in constant contact with Doug and Sue and they are both nothing less than amazing. I rate them as picture perfect and these puppies are a steal at $10,000 or less.
-Dr. Mike Wasilisin
Submitted by: Joshua George on Jan 30, 2012
Not only did I receive a bird crazy pup but I also received the training I needed from the Beaupre's to put a ''steering wheel'' on what the pup already knew. I have never had a breeder take so much of their own time to make sure I had the knowledge to work with my new best friend. They also introduced me too some fantastic people who were also brittany owners who quickly became our friends. Top notch pups and people.
Submitted by: Art Eichmann on Jan 26, 2012
The Beaupre's run a 1st class operation, from the time the puppies are born and long after is a great experience with a Beaupre puppy! I purchased a puppy form them 3 years ago this April and have had a great hunting partner ever since and the Beaupre's have been a big reason why from supplying me with a great dog with a great blood line to training prior to me even taking the dog home, teaching me the Silent Command Training System, field training/hunting behind the mother who is an awesome hunter, to taking care of my dog while I am away,etc...
Doug and Sue Beaupre are quality people who love what they are doing and it shows with the dogs and support they supply from day one and has continued throughout.
My highest recommendations go to this breeder/kennel!!!!
Submitted by: Tom and Benita Gruszynski on Jan 24, 2012
We got our dog Maggie from Beaupre kennels. She is a great hunting dog and also our family pet. We have been very happy with her. The Beaupre's run a really nice kennel. They are very helpful with training Maggie to hunt. We have gone to several trainings with them, including the silent gun dog training. If you are looking for a good gun dog you can't find anyone better than the Beaupre's. They are an outstanding Kennel in our opinion.

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