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Submitted by: Bianca Harrison on Aug 10, 2020
We just welcomed home our 8-week old English Setter pup, Percy. Rhonda was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process and provided us with so much information about their training programs and other tips to raise a great gun dog.
We met both of Percy’s parents and were also given his whole family tree as proof of his superb genetics. He is already settled, happy, and easily learning commands in his new home.
Could not be happier with our experience and will definitely be staying in touch with the family for more tips, further training, and some more pups in the future!
Submitted by: Paul on Apr 13, 2019
Good day, Approx 3 years ago I purchased a male pup from you. I know you are busy and will no doubt not remember me. You gave me a baseball hat which I wear frequently. I named my pup "Jubal". I have never seen anything even close to having as much point as Jubal has.I am in Tucson AZ. and recovering from a couple injuries so Jubal has not had the experience of my previous bird dogs. 47 years of hunting and training my own dogs.Jubal starts pointing the instant I open my back door. I have a lot of game behind my house. Lots of birds of all type but a large # of Quail. Some of his points are sight points. I study this every day and he has to be pointing scent frequently because I see no evidence of anything for him to sight point. My other dog 8 yrs old has pointed and retrieved many species of Upland birds. He does not show any interest in what ever Jubal is scenting or sighting. Hope fully this coming season I will be able to hunt Jubal frequently. At this point he is a great dog. I Recommend Anderson Ranch and would buy another dog from you. I wish you continued success. Cordially. Paul, Sassle Brooke Arizona
Submitted by: Lloyd Brown on Oct 23, 2017
I just had two female brittany's trained by Anderson Ranch Gun dogs. I am very pleased with the development of the dogs. They really turned on during their training and both are working very well and have a passion when turned into the field. Todd and his team were very patient with the training and took their time to do it right. The girls were young and immature and while they are still young, they have matured and are ready to start the season.

Thanks Todd. Great Job!!
Submitted by: Mark Wagner on Jan 24, 2017
I purchased a German Short Hair Puppy April of 2016 from Anderson Ranch. She is eleven months old and in her first Quail season. She is smart pretty easy to control, very strong and steady points. And a good retriever. She's a great dog and I'm very proud of her. Thank-you Rhonda and Todd for your good breeding.
Submitted by: Jacob Williams on Jun 13, 2016
I bought my buddy "Duke" from the Andersons in January of 2015. I am an avid bird hunter I was raised around pointers but this is my first ever lab and I decided to self train. The only limitation this dog has had was his trainer. By the time he was three/four months old he was CRAZY for birds. He was gun broke in less than a week and retrieving naturally from the day I got him. I often times think that he can read my mind and I will say without a doubt that he can read my body language and understand what needs to be done in the field. During training he was running doubles and triples easily by 6 months of age. In his first season last year he picked up nearly two hundred birds ranging from dove, ducks, and greater Canadian Geese. There was never a wounded bird that got away when Duke was in the field. I forgot to mention he weighs all of 60 pounds soaking wet. Perfect for the duck boat and blind. I even took him upland hunting and he flushed 10 pheasants with zero upland training. If ever there was a breeder that produced natural ability gun dogs its Anderson Ranch. If you want to self train buy from these guys with confidence. You also couldn't meet nicer folks!
Submitted by: Mike Condit on Dec 14, 2015
We just purchased or 3rd GSP from Todd and Rhonda Anderson.
I have not been disappointed with any on these dogs. They have an awesome bloodline.
Todd and Rhonda are good Christian people.
Feel free to contact me and I can send you pictures or videos of my dogs.
Submitted by: Chuck Uzzle on Dec 01, 2015
Tod and Rhonda run a first rate kennel with top notch dogs. I was fortunate enough to pick up a female black lab from them a year ago and so far her first season in the field has been incredible. My dog is everything I could've hoped for and more. Terrific drive and great disposition. My pup Joli has been first class in the field and I am excited to see what the future holds for her when we start running trials. I would highly recommend Anderson Ranch Kennels to anyone looking for a high quality dog and good folks.

Capt.Chuck Uzzle
Drakes and Wakes Guide Service
Submitted by: Mack McKinzie on Nov 24, 2015
Todd and Rhonda are exceptional. Purchased my Setter from them as a puppy and have went through their initial training. Cochise handles perfectly in the field and is anxious to please every time. Might just purchase another from them. Cant imagine a better dog than I have already purchased. This family will treat you right.
Submitted by: Paul Burbey on Nov 09, 2015
I purchased a Male GSP Sept of 2015. This is my 4th male GSP and 8th bird dog. I have dealt with dog breeders for 48 years.Only once was I as pleased as I am with Tod and Rhonda and there dogs. I would recommend them and their dogs to anyone looking for a bird dog. Bottom line...They are knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and honest. If I did not live in Arizona I would visit them to talk dogs when ever they would allow me.

Paul Burbey
Submitted by: Alex Hernandez on Feb 20, 2015
Todd and Rhonda provided exceptional customer service and a wonderful gundog! My GSP is turning four months old and he is in great health. I get complements on my GSP all the time. When I am in the market for a dog again I will most definitely be returning to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for a puppy.
Submitted by: Joseph Wilson on Oct 14, 2014
Extremely nice and knowledgable people. Top of the line pedigrees. Picked my puppy up at 11 weeks and she was retreiving in the water at 14 weeks. Very smart and well built dogs. highly recommended
Submitted by: DJ Tatum on Sep 23, 2014
We recently purchased a 3 month old black labrador retreiver from Anderson Ranch Gundogs. After a lot of research selecting a breeder, they simply stood out.

Rhonda was so kind and patient as she went over the qualities of each of the available pups.
They were very thorough. Todd and Christine even let us watch them go through a few runs with their dogs.

It is obviously that this family is passionate about their dogs before and after they leave their ranch. I've already signed my girl up for their retreiver training and will definitely be a repeat customer!!!

The Tatums
LaPorte, Texas
Submitted by: Rick and Margaret Akers - Romans 12:36 on Sep 21, 2014
We have known the Anderson family for more than 7 years now. It's hard to believe it
has been that long since we picked up Dallas (GSP Toby/Dallas litter) and Morgan (Storman Normand/Zora litter). These are the best, most loyal, hardest hunting dogs I have ever had. They will go through anything to get that bird/duck. My machine and my warrior! Being apart of the Anderson family has been a true blessing in our lives. They are true followers of Christ and Todd has become a brother to me. Thank you for being in our lives. We love you and God Bless.
Submitted by: John Allen on Sep 05, 2014
I am very happy with Katie, my English Setter. After much researching, my wife settled on Anderson Ranch Gundogs and we have not been disappointed.

I am having difficulty writing this as I am so pleased with how Katie has developed I don't know where to start. She has taken to training and picked up on commands very quickly; she is as inquisitive as a gundog should be; she didn't bat an eye on opening weekend of Dove season when shots were going off all around our neighborhood and she gets along with everyone and everything in the household.

I am looking forward to sending her back to the Ranch for additional training and hunting with her in the years to come.
Submitted by: Jake Miller on Apr 18, 2013
We purchased a female German Shorthaired Pointer and not only was she born with the instinct to hunt but she has excellent retrieving skills at only 8 weeks. We would highly recommend Anderson Ranch!! Our pup is proof of the pride they take in their breeding.
Submitted by: Tommy Stewart on Jan 26, 2013
I am extremely pleased with the male gsp that I purchased from Anderson Ranch. He is turning out to be very instinctual with birds as well as a great family pet. He is also the best looking dog that I've ever owned. Rhonda was very informative and did a great job matching our desires to the right dog.
Submitted by: Richard Wagner on Dec 22, 2012
This is an update to my Sept 2011 testimonial. Heidi is now 19 months old and as I stated in my original posting, I couldn't be happier with my little girl. All of the attributes that she exhibited at 4 months, have carried forward and have strengthened. Not only is Heidi a wonderful family member, but in the field she is all business and it is such a joy to watch her hunt.

Thank you Andersons for the outstanding devotion and care you provide your dogs. We may be visiting you in the next few weeks, as Nathan is returning from Afghanistan and may be ready for his own Heidi. A blessed and Merry Christmas to you all.
Submitted by: John Pearson on Nov 13, 2012
We recently purchased an English Setter puppy from Todd and Rhonda Anderson's Ranch Gundogs. Their devotion and attention to detail with their dogs is second to none. We had a wonderful experience purchasing our new puppy and the Andersons made themselves available on three occasions for us to see and interact with the puppies before we finally brought one home.

They are true dog lovers which was quite evident from the time we sent with the Anderson family. We are truly enjoying every moment with our new puppy and look forward to the years ahead!

I can't thank the Lord enough that we found this wonderful kennel. Thanks again Rhonda and Todd for all your kindnesses and time that you spent with us.

John Pearson
Lori Pearson
Flower Mound, Texas
Submitted by: Johnny Leon Guerrero on Nov 07, 2012
Just wanted to recommend Anderson Ranch Gundogs for the great experience in acquiring a puppy. I live in Peru with a wife with no previous pet experience and 2 young children. In first conversations with Rhonda I explained this circumstance and my desire to have a family pet that could also be a hunting partner for me in South America. Rhonda immediate understood my criteria, helped immediately in the selection of a GSP pup with the right disposition and I began the process of assuring all would be in order to fly her down when she reached travelling age. This process was very involved and Rhonda was instrumental in making the process go smoothly and without a hitch. Upon arriving to the ranch, they Rhonda, Todd and Stacey couldn't have been nicer and more patient with my numerous questions. Well we have had our pup "Tess" for 4 months now and what more can I say other than not only is she a great family pet but has been with me on dove and partridge hunts and is already retrieving and scenting birds in the field. We are planning to send her to "University# at Anderson this winter to polish her but what an incredible experience. This is the place to get your GSP or Lab and Thanks again for your help and guidance.

Johnny Leon Guerrero
Submitted by: Bill Kent on Jul 23, 2012
Anderson Ranch Gundogs have provided me with 2 quality German Shorthair Pointers. One is currently 1 1/2 years old and undergoing training with them. Stacey, Todd, and Rhonda are highly effective in their approach to training.
Todd and Stacey have utilized techniques that have corrected some acquired habits in one of my dogs that is allowing us to have an opportunity for success in trialing that did not exist before.
The facilities are top notch as training and hunting areas.
I find the Andersons to be energetic truthful trainers with a strong Christian background.I will continue to depend on them for their expertise in training . If I need other Gundogs I will buy from the excellent pedigrees that they have available.
Submitted by: Dusty Thompson on Dec 27, 2011
Great experience, great puppy. They were easy to access, had lots of helpful info and advice for a first time puppy buyer like me. They love labs and I plan on using their gun dog training school, too. I'd highly recommend to any prospective buyer.
Submitted by: Hugh Kelley on Nov 07, 2011
My wife and myself located the Anderson's and immediately realized they had the puppy we were looking for. Our Puppy has developed into not only into a Great family pet but just earned his Hunt Test Beginner Status( he is actually advanced past this level) but teal season came along and now duck season. He retrieved 5 limits of ducks this past weekend. He is very steady and has a good nose. The Anderson's are a Nice Family and were a pleasure to deal with...
Submitted by: Richard Wagner on Sep 19, 2011
I first visited Rhonda and Todd Anderson July 2011 with the intent of visiting three pre-selected GSP breeders and meeting their breeding pairs. The Anderson's were the first breeders that we visited, and we went no further. The care, love, socialization, and training which Rhonda and Todd give each of their puppies and dogs is so apparent. Two of the Anderson's top dogs, Flash and Dallas, had produced a litter of nine beautiful puppies. One little girl chose me, and I am absolutely thrilled to be Heidi's partner. I do not have a single complaint with Heidi. She is now four moths old and has beautiful conformity and wonderful temperament. Heidi's intelligence is the best that I've seen in GSP's at her age, I say this based on growing up with GSP's. I've been working with Heidi since I brought her home, and her natural ability at this young age to point, retrieve, and trail continues to amaze me. You can't argue with strong genes, and the love and attention that Rhonda and Todd lavish on their dogs. Thank you so much Andersons!
Submitted by: Bennett S. on Aug 11, 2011
Dealing with the Anderson family truly has been an awesome experience. This was my firrst time to purchase a pup from a breeder and they were more than patient with me. They are truly a great Christian family, and a family that has years of experience in breeding and training thier dogs. I picked my GSP pup up in July of 2011, and I have to say that I am more than impressed with how well she is taking to her training, but of course she would with such great bloodlines and natural instinct. If you are looking to purchase a good quality hunting dog or have a dog that may need some training the Anderson family is the family for the job.
Submitted by: James L. Morriss on Apr 05, 2011
The Andersons are not only great Christians, they are great breeders and dog trainers. They do it because they love to. It isn't a job they have to do, so the passion and love comes through with the dogs and good dogs respond to that passion and love. Unfortunately too many dog trainers are cookie cutter trainers. Each dog and situation is an opportunity to take a dog and make it a better hunting friend when the Andersons get involved in the dogs life. They have trained all of our dogs and since we breed Brittanys, they train most of the dogs that we sell that are gonna be hunting or competition dogs. Needless to say, I Recommend the Anderson's and may of our customers, have said the same thing about their work and service in the dog world. When you meet Todd, Rhonda, Stacy or Jody, you will feel like you have known them for years. Happy Hunting y'all!
Submitted by: Katie on Jan 25, 2011
My husband and I both work full time and were not able to train our growing and rowdy lab like we wanted. He did some research and found Anderson Ranch Gundogs, liked the information that he found and called and talked to Todd. After Todd answered all of his questions, it was my turn, after all our puppy "TIG" is like my baby and I was not sending him anywhere I was not comfortable with. Both Todd and Rhonda were super nice and answered all of my questions completely. I felt totally comfortable sending my baby to "school" for 3 months. What a transformation!!! They turned a sheetrock eating puppy into a very well behaved dog. My husband and I couldn't be more pleased with his progress there and have continued to work with him at home. Todd and Rhonda along with their daughters have done an amazing job with Tig and we are so pleased at the dog we now have. Tig's retrieving skills are wonderful as well! We live near a pond and he loves to fetch and bring back training decoys. It definately is a big difference from the keep away game he used to play.

We both highly recommend the Anderson Ranch for anyone who is looking for transformation from wild dog to well behaved or field ready.
Submitted by: Jeff Yuna on Jan 24, 2011
I have to follow up with my previous testimony... Remi is now 14 months old and already has an AKC Junior Hunt title. One judge said of him, "if you ever get mad at that dog I will take him." His lowest score out of 10 has been 9.25. His highest score is a 10. Great dog from a GREAT breeder.
Submitted by: Jeff Yuna on Nov 25, 2010
Todd, Rhonda, and Stacey are the best. Not only are they fantastic people but they have bred me a fantastic dog. 1 dog (Remi), a couple months of training and he hunts like a pro. At 12 months old he already has 70+ finds in the first 3 weeks of quail season. I cannot say enough about the breeding and training. Remi will literally hold point for as long as I need. It is so nice to be able to get everyone into shooting position on every point. Next challenge is going to be field trials as he is so fast and his nose is so good. On our last hunt he had 9 finds in 20 min. The dog is incredible thanks to the Anderson's breeding and training. -- forgot to mention that Remi will go through anything. Cactus, thorns, thick brush... you name it. He is all business and undeterred by obstacles. At home he is energetic, but as sweet as can be. Buying or training a dog with Anderson is money well spent.
Submitted by: Adam Todd on Jun 23, 2010
We purchased a puppy from the Andersons in March 2009. I can't say enough about the pleasure it was dealing with Todd and Rhonda. Their high moral standard is evident in their business and their dogs. Our dog, Morgan, has been a great family dog and my two young kids adore her.

Todd took her back in August for one month of basic retireiver training. In her first season at 8 months old, she successfully completed over 250 dove retrieves and about 30 duck retrieves. Her drive to hunt is awesome, and Todd did a great job in making her capable. I'm very much looking forward to having her polished, and there is no one I will trust with that except the Andersons.
Submitted by: Barry Godwin on Jun 08, 2010
First off, the Andersons are a great family operation with the highest christian and moral standards. I am proud to have them as friends. Although I have been around bird dogs my entire life, the knowledge I have received from Todd is invaluable. Thanks for two great dogs!
Submitted by: Russ and Jennifer Tarbett on Jan 30, 2010
Todd and Rhonda,

Wow! What can we say? What a wonderful experience for our family and we could not have done it without Todd and Rhonda taking care of us from start to finish. This was our first litter of pups and we bred our Shellee with Flash and the pups are not only beautiful but plentiful! 10 to be exact!

Most importantly we had many, many, many questions as we did not know what exactly to do, and Todd and Rhonda were there for us morning, noon, and night! We would highly recommend the Anderson's to anyone who wants a breeder who knows pointers and sincerely cares about the breeding process.

Thanks again to the Anderson Family,

Russ and Jennifer Tarbett
Submitted by: Brian Allen on Jan 25, 2010
I purchased our lab puppy from the Anderson's one year ago and she has been a great addition to our family. Cami is everything they have advertised and more. She has gone through their training program and is obedient and eager to hunt. Todd & Family are wonderful Christian people who I strongly recommend to anyone who wants an experienced gundog breeder.
Submitted by: WILLIAM KING on Sep 16, 2009
Submitted by: Omar Sanchez on Sep 08, 2008
I purchased my first GSP for hunting from Todd Anderson & Family in December of 2007. I had never trained a hunting dog nor been around very many hunting dogs. I wanted GSP to be a pet as well as a field hunting dog. He was very patient and explained every question that I had. I could not have been more pleased with my pup she is only 8 months old she will come to whistle and voice, heel, sit, stay, retrieve and most exciting she very staunch. I would recommend Todd Anderson & Family very strongly, they are generous Christians with tremendous amount of experience in dog handling.
Submitted by: Jerry Nanson on Sep 18, 2007
I purchased my first gundog from the Andersons last fall. I was concerned about being able to continue her training, but Todd spent several hours with me, teaching me how to handle her. Todd said that she was started, but, to my delight, the first time I took her hunting she was already steady to wing & shoot. If there is a bird in the field, Daisy finds it. Even better, she has become the favorite family pet. She's an absolute delight and the Anderson's are fine Christian people who live what they believe. You can't go wrong with one of Todd's gundogs.
Submitted by: Dennis A. Canterbury on Sep 14, 2007
I purchased a fine male gsp pup from todd,I am also a Breeder,Todd is breeding to some of the best Field Champions in the country,Todd and His wife are good Christian people,who you can take at there word.They shipped my pup from Texas to Ohio,He was on time and Healthy.
I would Purchase again from these nice people.
thanks for the great dog.
Submitted by: James L. Morriss on Apr 12, 2007
I have worked with Todd in several areas. As a trainer, he is one of the Best, he has trained and campaigned several Brittanys for us and all have proven out to do what he said they would do. I have hunted with him, travelled with him and hunted over other dogs he has trained for others, and the dogs he trains are like himself, a gentleman from the top to bottom. You can depend on what he tells you as being true which I am sorry to say is becoming far too uncommon today.

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