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Submitted by: Jon Estes on Jan 26, 2018
I got my first Vizsla from an individual Mark directed me to. We spoke as he was taking one of his girls to be bred to a sire out of state. As Pappy started getting s few months older, I thought about adding another pup. While I spoke to numerous breeders (and many well known), the only one I did not pause and have hesitancies with was Mark.

Mark is thorough, yet not obtrusive or demeaning. He’s personable, yet not naive. Mark is engaging, yet truthful.

I got Sansa from Mark (who just happened to be from the girl Mark was about to breed during our first phone call) as she joined our home at 8 weeks to join along with our first Vizsla, Pappy who was 6 months.

While I’m sure Mark raised his eyebrows at me more than once (a fair reaction to someone adding another pup when you already have a 6 mo old one), he asked balanced questions to ensure I had thoroughly thought through all perspectives. I appreciate that Mark asks right questions, but he does not control your decisions for you.

As a new individual to the Vizsla world, Mark is a best teacher of owning the breed. There are too many elitist breeders who make you feel lesser than as a prospective owner. Mark is different without sacrificing incredibly athletic dogs.

You can’t go wrong with Mark - that’s guaranteed.

You just may get the best Vizsla breeder in the nation - and that’s pretty dang close to guaranteed, also.
Submitted by: Shari Barr on Nov 16, 2017
Submitted by: Jeremy Tarbox on Oct 30, 2016
My wife and I decided we wanted a viszla soon after we got married and looked very hard to find the right breeder who we could trust. After failing for several weeks and numerous unanswered emails and phone calls we found Mark at Against The Wind Viszlas. Mark returned my email within a few hours and told me to call him. We talked for over an hour and I quickly realized that we had found someone who was passionate about ethically breeding and finding homes for his puppies.
We were lucky enough to get a female from his next litter about 6 weeks later and were told to visit her and her litter mates whenever we wanted to bond and make sure she was the right one. Mark helped us get ready for our puppy and walked us through all his recommendations on raising a pup that was affectionate and well rounded as well as attentive and obedient.
Here we are two years later and our Cora is an amazing dog that is as much a part of our family and home life as any blood relative. She is smart and affectionate as well as incredibly driven to hunt anytime I ask her to. She wants nothing more than to hunt birds all day and then cuddle on the couch at night. I have nothing but great things to say about Mark and his dogs and have visited him several times with my wife and Cora for dog days and just enjoying each other's company. I know he has helped me become attached to not just Cora but to the viszla breed. My wife and I are very blessed and wouldn't trade our pup for the world.
Submitted by: Mark Held on Oct 25, 2016
Mark Sullivan is a new Vizsla owners dream. He stays engaged to insure his puppies get the best start to a new family life. He is extremely knowledgable and proactive in the care and training of the best breed out there for a family pet or field trial champion. In our case, our dog Jackie is both. Mark patiently walked us through the ente-level Derby Trial system and on to Gun Dog Trials. Our Vizsla, Jackie, has won several events thanks to Mark's keen observations and experienced based recommendations. We can't say enough or thank Mark for his love of our pet and the breed in general. Always there, patient, caring and just a super breeder and enthusiast, Mark is my vote for Breeder of the Year. Call him. Talk thru the characteristics of the breed and Mark Sullivan will make your Vizsla journey the best possible experience you can have as a "Hungarian Pointer" owner.
Submitted by: T.J. Walker on Jun 14, 2016
I have nothing but positive things to say about Mark and Against the Wind Vizslas.

Growing up in Louisville, KY., my first family pet was a Vizsla. Ruger. One of the best dogs I've ever known and as smart as a dog could be.

After Ruger passed my family swore to only own Vizslas moving forward because of their loyalty, intelligence and companionship.

We sadly struck out with our next two. One, bred in Florida, was sick and had constant seizures. The next, bred in Illinois, was loyal and sweet, but as territorial as a dog could be and not loving of strangers.

Fast-forward 10 years and it was time for me to get my own pet in my own home. I knew how good Vizslas were and although we missed on two, I wanted my first pet to be one of the most beautiful dogs on the planet.

But I was going to do my research. I wasn't going to strike out again. I reached out to dozens of Vizsla breeders all across the country. I compared training and breeding methods, along with prices, to find a Vizsla that would remind me of Ruger. A dog that would represent what Vizslas were all about.

I don't hunt. I'm not particularity outdoorsy with the exception of playing sports and exercising. I just wanted a smart, loving and friendly dog. If you're the former, Vizslas are just as much for as the latter, they're versatile dogs.

After coming across Mark Sullivan and Against the Wind Vizslas I knew I had found the right breeders.

Years of experience is the first thing that stands out about Mark, but it's not just the experience, it's the commitment to excellence. They do things the right way and are completely patient with their dogs and pups, and patient with new owners. I'm no dog expert but being a journalist I can spot an attention to detail.

Everything Mark and his staff does is professional and done with the best interest of their dogs/pups.

Mark was in constant contact with me before I took the pup home and months, and now years, after buying the pup, giving me advice, instructions and just general dog care knowledge along the way.

Mark gave a detail history of our pup's parents and their behavior/mannerisms. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with dogs and our puppy, thanks to Mark's instructions and advice, is just like he described the parents to be. A cuddly dog that loves to play and learn new things.

If, and more likely when, we buy another Vizsla I will only buy from Against the Wind Vizslas. There were no surprises and no controversy. Only loving Vizsla breeders that do things the right way.
Submitted by: Laura Pitstick on Jul 01, 2015
Our male Vizsla, Chili, is the smartest dog we've ever owned. Maybe too smart. He's scarily human oftentimes.. He's been a joy to our lives and had Mark not helped talk me through the dogs and the characteristics of the particular litter and what he bred for, who knows what direction we would have gone. If we add another V to our family, I won't hesitate to call Mark.
Submitted by: Byron on Jul 14, 2014
When it came to buying my first dog I was like a lost puppy. While searching breeds I decided that I wanted a Vizsla. Many internet forums were littered with people proclaiming that a Vizsla can be "too much dog" for a first puppy. I was confident I would be OK but still slightly worried. My puppy search was in full swing.

When I first spoke with Mark on the phone, he was different from other breeders. He gave me an honest run down of what to expect. He provided advice on how to find my pup, even if it wouldn't be from one of his litters. Most importantly, he told me to find a BREEDER I liked, not one particular puppy I fell in love with. This is still the best piece of advice I got throughout the puppy buying process. By the end of our first call, I had made up my mind that he would be the trusted and reputable breeder I had diligently been searching for.

Me being located in Florida, with Mark's Kennel in Kentucky, I was a bit tentative at first. I knew this was a trust based transaction, on both mine and Mark's end, so I went ahead and mailed off my deposit. The wait was on. Mark does a great job keeping his buyers in the loop via his Facebook page, so I was constantly tracking the progress. When the litter finally arrived I had many more questions. Which pup was mine? What was his temperament? How would Mark match puppies with homes? How would I get him to Florida...Mark patiently answered them all. Going the extra mile, Mark even offered to DRIVE my puppy down to me from Kentucky to Florida vs. shipping him. This saved me money and gave my pup a more relaxed ride.

I've now had Chester, my amazing Vizsla family member, for well over a year. Mark still checks in with me on an occasional basis. (he did this week, which prompted me to write this post). My dog is an absolute stud. Mark will tell you that he breeds dogs for athleticism and intelligence, not conformation. I have yet to run into another Vizsla that is better looking, from a breed standpoint than my Chester. Hell, I can barely even find a picture of a prettier Vizsla on the internet. True to his breed, Chester also excels highly in the intelligence and athletic realm too. His drive for hunting is fierce. From birds in the field to lizzards in the backyard, he hunts relentlessly. His stamina is unmatched with any dog at every daycare or dogpark he has ever been to. In a calm environment, Chester is a big lap dog, yearning for affection. But when it's time to play, he can run four hours and hours on end.

All in all, I think I will be a Vizsla owner for life. It'd be hard to use anyone but Mark if I want another Vizsla pup in the future. Thank you Against the Wind Kennels for the companion you have given me and the breed you helped me love. I am forever grateful.
Submitted by: Kim and Patrick Smith on Jul 09, 2014
We first spoke with Mark last year when deciding about bringing home our first Vizsla. Derby is about 9 months old now. He came from Clearview. His sire was Mark's dog Simon. What has impressed me so much about Mark is his clear dedication to the breed. He went out of his way to help us. He referred us to a nearby family who had dogs from his line as well as Derby's litter. Even though we did not get a pup directly from his kennel he has continued to communicate with us and offer excellent advice. For that reason as well as the quality of his dogs we will be bringing our second pup home from his kennel. I am a veterinarian and would happily recommend Mark and his kennel to a client
Submitted by: Jerry Coleman on Mar 04, 2014
We got a male from a Phoenix/Guy breeding, born in Jan, 2013. Mort is very energetic and shows very strong hunting instincts. We got him as a pet and companion, not a hunter.

He is very motivated and intelligent. His motivation makes him a breeze to train. I continue to be in awe at how quickly he picks things up.

We often take long hikes with him, and he always sticks within sight of us. He is a great companion.

He receives nothing but admiring looks and comments from people we encounter when out. It makes us proud to walk him.

If I get another Vizsla, it will definitely be from Mark, and if possible, a Phoenix/Guy breeding, at that.
Submitted by: Lindsey Thorner on Feb 26, 2014
If I were a Vizsla, I'd want to live at Mark's place/Against the Wind Vizlas! It is clear that Mark cares about his dogs and the breed, which was something that was important to me when I was looking around. I had a great experience getting my (now) 6 month old Vizsla. We spent time on the phone discussing what I was looking for and what would be a good fit…he was also very accommodating when we went down to take a look at the litter before the pick-up date.

I couldn't be happier with my "Arlo". He is a great listener and good "student"…he is very well behaved and a very fast learner, and of course, in great health! I highly recommend Against the Wind Vizslas.
Submitted by: Christie G West on Feb 21, 2014
We bought a Simon & Piper pup last June - our boy, Cinna, is the joy of our family! We were looking for a family dog - great with small kids, love of all people, and easily trainable. When I called Mark, we spent over an hour on the phone and I told him all about our past experiences with dogs and also what kind of personality we were looking for in a new pup. We could not be happier. Cinna was born in VA with Rev Jim. He and his wife really seemed to spend time making sure we got the right fit for us and our lifestyle. We brought home a little perfect boy with wrinkles (the most beautiful eyes). He was th easiest dog to potty train because Jim's family had already been working on him going outside. His temperment was exactly what we wanted. When its time to get another Vizsla - I will definitely be calling Mark again!
Submitted by: Fred Kieser on Feb 21, 2014
My wife and I received "Cassidy" about 8 months ago from Mark and we couldn't be happier. Our Vizsla is happy, loyal to a fault, very mild-tempered, and yet loves to romp outside. So far he is only a phenomenal family member, but I hope to start using him in the field this summer. Mark has always kept in touch and made sure of Cassidy's health. Its the extra step that Mark takes that really sets him aside from other breeders.
Submitted by: Ward on Oct 01, 2013
5 stars. I bought a Phoenix/Guy pup from against the wind vizslas in March. My experience has been perfect! Mark breeds the best and the proof is in the pudding. My dog Rubin is showing incredible potential in the field and also that perfect inside dog. The relationship I formed with Against the Wind didn't stop at puppy pickup. It's ongoing. He wants to hear about how the dogs doing and always offering support or help. I will definitely use Mark Sullivan/Against the Wind Vizslas again.
Submitted by: Brian Gingrich on Mar 11, 2013
As a professional trainer I have found Mark's dogs to have everything I look for in a quality Field Trial or hunting dog. Mark's dogs have demonstrated great trainability, strong prey drive, beautiful style, incredible endurance, and the love of what they are bred to do! They are also very personable dogs that can be your buddy in the house and then be a first-class bird dog in the field. I've had the pleasure of training and competing with several of Mark's dogs and we've had some great success. Mark's dog Abby won the 2012 Midwest Vizsla Futurity! Mark takes great pride in his dogs and is very selective as to he who breeds to, ensuring a first-class dog and the continued improvement of our breed. If you're looking for a great pet & first-class bird dog, I feel very comfortable recommending Mark Sullivan's Against The Wind Vizslas!
Submitted by: Bambi Etherton on Feb 24, 2013
We purchased our Winchester last spring from Jasmine's litter. Mark was never ending in his answeres to our many questions and welcoming our visits to help us pick the perfect new member to our family. Winchester exemplifies all that a vizsla can be! He has strength and endurance that can not be exhausted; yet still patience and affection making him the perfect velcrow dog for a family with two small children. Winchester has been described as " breath taking" by more than one total stranger. If you are looking for a vizsla I can not encourage you strongly enough to contact Mark Sullivan, you will be quite happy you did!
Submitted by: Rev. Jim McClure on Feb 01, 2013
After a few years of working with Mark Sullivan, it is quite evident that he loves developing Vizslas of excellence, and beyond that, loves God & people even more. If one engages him, he will "have your back" throughout your Vizsla experience. We are blessed to have two Vizslas from Mark, Millie 6mos. & Piper 2yrs.+/now being bred through Mark's leadership/expertise. If you are looking for the best Vizsla available, displaying extraordinary hunting skills & drive, with a balance of laying at your feet & warm fire after the hunt, look no further. It amazes me how Mark's Vizslas can run/hunt hard all day, then calmly love on our family all evening. What a great breed of dogs and Mark is the best at matching the right dog (temperament) to the right person/family. We look forward to a lifetime of rewarding Vizsla experiences with our family friend for life, Mark Sullivan.

Rev. Jim & Paula McClure Family Team at Spirit Wind Retreat Center (17bath lodge/retreat/Mtns. of Floyd, VA/where Mark Sullivan Vizslas roam!)
Submitted by: Mike Williams on Jan 17, 2013
I was looking for a bird dog breed when my wife found the Vizsla breed. We contacted several breeders to get information on puppies and the breed's hunting ability. I found Mark's web site and called him. Best phone call I ever made. Mark spend over an hour on the first call going over the breed especially the documentation his puppies parents. He had one female Vizsla left so my wife and I went to see her. After talking face to face with Mark and seeing the puppy's mother we bought her. Maci was my wife's new baby and my retirement project. One thing about Maci that has surprised us is her temperment. I expected her to whine on the way home and a few nights of her crying but not a peep from her. Over the years I have had several breeds and all of them cried a bit during the first few days in their new home. Wow what a difference Maci was to the norm. Mark has offered his time after the sale of the puppy to assist me in her training if needed. That alone was unusual. He is not a sale and forget breeder. If you're in the market for a Vizsla give Mark a call. You'll be glad you did.
Best of luck! Mike & Diane
Submitted by: Rockne K. Lammers on Oct 24, 2012
I recently purchased a pup from Mark out of his Simon and Molly latest litter. At less than 10 weeks old the pup knows his name, the here command, kennel command and retrieves thrown pigeons. I would highly recommend Mark's Vizslas if you are looking for either a pet or a top notch hunter. Preacher, as I call my pup, comes from great stock and will be a welcome addition to our family. Thank you Mark Sullivan.
Submitted by: Crystal Womble on Oct 19, 2012
We are new to the Vizsla family, but have quickly found a love and respect for this breed. We have had an awesome experience with Mark and truly found the family pet we were looking for. Mark was so helpful in giving us all the information and background on the litter of our pup. He kept us updated on our pups progress and was always available for questions and good advice. We would recommend Mark to anyone looking for an excellent bred Vizsla dog.
Submitted by: Suzzan Lupo on Oct 16, 2012
We were looking for a Vizsla to be our pet companion. After speaking with various breeders I contacted Mark. He was so helpful and everything he claimed about the parents and puppies in this litter were right on. This girl is smart, playful, brave and calm. I'm just amazed at what a perfect puppy she is. Mark did a wonderful job starting her off. We got her at 8 weeks and she already would sit for a pet, understood "no" and no nipping of hands : ) She is now 10 weeks and is basically house trained comes when called, walks on a leash and is star of her puppy class! If you're looking for a well balanced, smart, loving and athletic Vizsla I would highly recommend Against the Wind Vizslas.
Submitted by: Ron Chenoweth on Sep 13, 2012
Against the Wind Vizslas are producing the best Vizsla pups around. Mr Sullivan is a great Dog Enthusiast and dedicated Breeder and Showman. A real credit to the Vizsla Dog, you cant go wrong with one of these pups.........
Submitted by: Pamela Lessenberry on Aug 21, 2012
I sought a Vizsla due to the breed's reputation as producing great family pets. Mark is a terrific breeder who helped me every step of the way - as a neophyte dog owner I had basic training questions as well as specific requests for Vizsla information. Mark couldn't be more accommodating - he always responds to me quickly and checks in regularly as he and his family are quite interested in how our dear Kazmer is progressing. His terrific customer service and knowledge is commendable! Our sweet, silly puppy has grown into a gorgeous teenager who is inquisitive, easy to train, and continues to delight us on a daily basis.
Submitted by: Susan Carroll on Jul 28, 2012
When we were looking for a Vizsla our goal was to find a family pet that would be intelligent, trainable and easy in the home. I must say that we got everything we were wanting AND MUCH MORE. Mark started the housebreaking process and when we got him he was completely housebroke in 2 weeks. He also learns basic obedience commands quicker than any dog we have ever owned and is an astounding athlete that is very calm in the home. Finally, we found Mark easy to work with and supportive. If you are looking for a GREAT Vizsla you should consider Mark and Against The Wind Vizslas.
Submitted by: Kevin Kaiser on Jul 08, 2012
I too am an owner of one of Jasmine's puppies born March 2012. Mark went out of his way to help with shipping my beautiful female out here to Nevada to live and train for upland game birds. She learned a dog door on day one, learn to fetch one day after arriving, and was potty trained in the first week. Her impressive intelligence matches her fearless personality and great athleticism. She has already become a good swimmer at only 14 weeks. I'm very impressed and excited for more training. Thank you Mark and "Against the Wind Vizslas" for such a beautiful pup.........Vixon.
Submitted by: Jill Hennig on Apr 07, 2012
At 1 year old "Luna the Viszla" has become a "real personality" among family and friends! Her striking appearance, strength, athleticism, and intelligence are even more exceptional than Mark promised. We would also attest that Luna is not hyper, as many Viszla's are stereotyped. She is remarkably focused and alert. Her tracking ability is excellent as she can locate plain sticky notes inside a cabinet. Above all Luna it is amazing affection and positive demeanor that we are most grateful for! Thank you Mark for the passion and care you take in breeding your dogs and the opportunity to share our lives with one of your remarkable Viszla's.

All our best,
The Hennig Family
Submitted by: Jay Daily on Mar 27, 2012
We have a male out of Jasmine's last litter with Reco. He has incredible drive and a very discerning nose. That is not just my words. That has been said by trainers and judges as well. If you are looking for an energetic dog that can perform as well as be a pet, Mark would be a good place to look.
Submitted by: Rod Walley on Mar 03, 2012
As a gun dog trainer who works with Vizsla's about 80% of the time, I recently had the oppertunity to train a Vizsla that was bred by Mark. The dog exibited a tremondous amount of natural ability and drive. Had a great temperment and was very bidable in the field. Thanks Mark for making our job easier by breeding top quaility hunting companions!
Submitted by: Vincent Tuttle on Jan 12, 2012
I would consider Mark a very reputable breeder who takes great pride in the bloodlines, conformation, temperment and prey drive that his Vizslas produce. I bought a female from Marks last litter out of Jasmine and Reco she has been a great addition to our family. Lexus has won 2 puppy stakes and placed 2nd in the other one. I would definitely buy another Vizsla from Mark and would recommend Mark.
Submitted by: Edmund Major on Nov 30, 2010
I have a female pup from Jasmine's last litter. You will end up a with an incredible hunting dog as well as a great family pet. The easy to which she has taken to training along with her prey drive is paralleled only by her sweet and outgoing temperament around the house.
Mark made sure that he found the right dog for my lifestyle. He also made the effort to drive the pup to NC and ensure that she was going to a good family. He regularly contacts me to see how Emma is coming along and offers advice or suggestions to further her training.
Against The Wind Vizslas is a family breeder that breeds vislas for families.
Submitted by: Megan Budzynski on Nov 21, 2010
I would highly recommend Mark as a breeder. Mark breeds AMAZING viszlas that are great hunters, show dogs and house pets. Mark is professional and organized. He takes the time to find the perfect parents for all of his liters. If you are looking to get a Vizsla puppy, I would absoultely get one from Mark!

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