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Submitted by: John E Imhoff on Mar 07, 2018
Lacy has been working with all my dogs (English Cockers, English Setters, & German Shorthaired Pointers). You can rest assured knowing that not only will your dog receive the best of care in Lacy’s very capable hands, but they will become a well-rounded obedient member of your family once they have been trained with her minimal force methods; whether it be a hunting dog or simple obedience work. Her honesty, integrality, and dependability are things one looks for but are hard to find. My experience with Lacy has been joyful, she has been a pleasure to work with for years
Submitted by: Lindsey Hanson on Feb 28, 2012
Gemma is doing great, she and the kids get along great. She is an amazing dog.
Submitted by: Rachele on Feb 28, 2012
I love my GSP that I got from Lacy, She picked out a puppy from the litter 6 years ago that was perfect for us and we could not be happier with him. He is such a loving loyal boy and an amazing hunter. I don't know what we would ever do without him. We will never get a GSP anywhere else. Lacy knows what she is talking about when she talks about her dogs.
Submitted by: Amanda Culp on Jan 04, 2012
I am on my 3rd German Shorthair from A-La-Round and there is no doubt all my German Shorthaired Pointers will be coming from here! I obtained a CGC title on my "E" litter dog as well as AKC Conformation points and "Best of Breed" wins! my latest "F" litter pup has a go with the flow laid back tempermant that is to die for. I am always asked why my dogs are so laid back and easy going, my answer is that it is in the genes!!!! I highly recommend getting your next GSP from Lacy.
Submitted by: George on Jan 04, 2012
Lacy is very wise when it comes to her dogs and what goes into her litters. We got our puppy from her 5 years ago and he is all we could have wanted and then some! She picked out the perfect dog for us and we are more than thrilled to have him in our home and out in the fields hunting! He is by far an amazing bird dog and wonderful companion.
Submitted by: Kerri on Nov 21, 2011
I purchased a young female GSP from A-La-Round and I am VERY pleased with what I recieved. Personality, smarts, birdiness, AND looks! Cant go wrong with one of Lacy's dogs! Thanks, Lacy!
Submitted by: Aaron on Nov 12, 2011
My "E" pup is doing wonderful. A natural on birds and a fast learner when it came to basic obedience. He is great in the house and loves to be with me. I highly recommended an A-La-Round GSP for your first or next GSP!
Submitted by: Jon Heath on Nov 03, 2011
Lacy has been awesome to work with from the very beginning. We have a solid black male we named Jake who will be a year old this month (Nov. 2011) He definitely has the hunter instinct, and I suspect that with more experience he will be outstanding. At home, he is a lover and has a great temperment. We are always getting compliments on what a beautiful dog he is as well. I would highly recommend A-La-Round Kennels to anyone considering a German Shorthair!
Submitted by: J on Oct 31, 2011
Lacy of A-La-Round Kennels is a true professional and I have much respect for her business
Submitted by: Steph on Oct 31, 2011
Lacy of A-La-Round Kennels took all the time needed to help our family adjust to having a new member. She was always available to us whether by phone or e-mail for any questions we had. We recommend A-La-Round Kennels for your next GSP as Lacy is ALWAYS there to help you no matter what!
Submitted by: Micky M. on Oct 31, 2011
Reagan (Emma), has fit into our home wonderfully. Her and Zala have been getting quite the work-outs tearing around the yard. I love the fact that when we call her, she comes running. We have not experience any anxiety from her when we leave to go to work. We took her to our vet and he said she was a very healthy, good-looking dog.

We are so thankful to have had the chance to add and "E" pup to our home.
Submitted by: Daryl S on Oct 31, 2011
Our solid liver dog we gotfrom your "E" litter is a fixture in our home. Our daughter and her are attached at the hip and we could't be more pleased with her.
Submitted by: Jeff on Oct 31, 2011
I obtained Mazey as a started dog after my daughter and son-in-law purchased their puppy Burke from Lacy.

Mazey has had some really good points and bird finds since then. In particular, this one morning we were in tall marsh grass when I suddenly couldn’t find her. I turned on her beeper and then turned it off. She was about 15 yards behind me. So I walked back and still couldn’t find her. I then turned on her beeper and left it on. Turns out I walked past her about three feet to one side. Never flushed the bird. She was rock solid pointing. So I started to try and flush the bird. I walked all around and nothing flushed so then I bent over and moved the weeds with my hand so I could see better. I saw where her head was pointed and moved about two feet in that direction and a hen flushed. It was amazing.

I am learning to read her better. I am starting to be able to tell when she is on a bird and when I need to follow her cause the bird is running. She flushed some a ways away because I didn’t follow.

Burke has proved to be a very tenacious bird finder rooting them out of really heavy cover. This one morning we thought he was just messing around, because he does that sometimes, when he flushed a rooster. He spent about 3-4 minutes in one small area before that bird flushed.

We can't even remember how we ever hunted without these two amazing dogs. They are such great house companions yet are bird machines in the field.
Submitted by: Diane Miller on Oct 31, 2011
I have not purchased a dog from A-La-Round Kennels but, Lacy has worked with my over active GSP and helped out my family when we needed it. Lacy is a very caring person who does anything she can for the breed she loves. I highly recommend her for training as she helped to cure the obsessive issues our boy had.

She has a great home environment suited to the dogs she cares for. It is very clean and I would send my dog back to be boarded again in a heartbeat.

I cannot say enough about how well Lacy treats her own dogs as well as the dogs she works with and boards.
Submitted by: Addison on Oct 31, 2011
Phantom is doing great she is really adjusting to life on the farm - chasing birds like a maniac and laying on the couch in her down time. She loves chasing those birds sometimes she has a hard time coming back but she always does after the bird flies away too far for her to run after. She is attached at my hip most of the time though.

She is exactly what you said she would be and just what I was looking for.
Submitted by: Kevin on Oct 31, 2011
I adopted Abby a GWP foster from Lacy at A-La-Round Kennels and things have been going
great!! Abby is already part of the family. We have been doing some obedience training which is coming along great and have had fun playing in
the pool.
Submitted by: Colleen R. on Oct 19, 2011
Chance is better than I ever anticipated a dog could be....we love him so much. He is a great watch dog and loves to play fetch. Thanks for this wonderful boy!
Submitted by: Tony F on Oct 19, 2011
We did okay hunting, came home with 12 and put up just over 100 birds for 3 days worth of hunting not to bad considering all the crops where still in the fields and had to hunt in the rain for the first 2 days. Couldn't believe how wet it was down there and was very surprised to see some green in the corn yet. Would like to go out again before the season is over with and get the dogs out working again. Kolby & Desi did fantastic; I just get a little frustrated when the birds run instead of holding tight or they get up about 200 yards away and laugh at you as they fly away but that's the joy of pheasant hunting.

Desi is a great member of our family.
Submitted by: Gale Y on Oct 19, 2011
Kugel is enjoying his new life here. He went hunting with Bob and my grandson his first fall here and Bob was very pleasantly surprised. He is a beautiful dog and we love having him here with us.
Submitted by: Kevin on Oct 18, 2011
Delta is doing great she had a great fall did not get out as much as i wanted to but she sure was pointing a lot of partridge just wish my shooting had been a bit better she pointed a lot of birds in thick spruce makes for tough shooting but we gor a few birds and enjoyed the time out she hunts close and comes great with wistle or call. she loves the snow but gets cold and wants in and out lots she loves to jump does not use stairs on or off the deck.
Submitted by: amy on Dec 15, 2010
Hunter's doing GREAT! He's becoming such a nice young'll be his birthday soon! We're very happy! He is SO smart and loving! We really couldn't be happier. BUT, actually, we have considered getting another pup, but we didn't know if it was too soon...we're addicted now!
Submitted by: Brenda on Dec 15, 2010
Ruger is wonderful and doing very well with his invisible fence. Inclosed are just a few photos from the last couple of months! He is weighing in at 75 lbs. right now and LOVES treats boy it didnt take him long to figure out when he gets those. He follows me all over the house and loves Brians son thats in Brookings college and comes home weekends. He does alot of the hunting with him because he has more time than Brian. He is just the best boy ever and quick learner too.
Submitted by: Larry on Dec 15, 2010
Cash was very easy to train. We shot a lot of sharptail grouse, hungarian partridge, and pheasants over him last year. Cash had another good winter in south Texas barking at the dogs on the golf carts that when by our home on the golf course. Cash enjoys taking naps next to his older brother Max.

Submitted by: Tanya on Dec 15, 2010
We are thoroughly enjoying The dog we purchased from you, he was a great addition to our family.
Submitted by: Ben Deitner on Dec 15, 2010
I had a GREAT experience with A-La-Round Kennels! Very professional and courteous! I highly recommend this breeder for the highest level of satisfaction!

Submitted by: Amanda Culp on Dec 15, 2010
I have been acquainted with A-La-Round Kennels for just shy of a decade and I know from personal experience that they have a well kept, clean, caring facility that exceeds any expectations anyone could have. The puppies are well cared for from the day they are conceived. At the appropriate times they are socialized, and exposed to birds, water, cars, and life experiences just as you should hope for. They are fed nutritious food, and receive proper vet care. Breedings are meticulously selected with hunting ability, form, health and temperament in mind. I have gotten 2 puppies from A-La-Round and both have been incredible companions. A-La-Round dogs exceed at home and in the field, show ring, and beyond. I highly recommend obtaining your next field, conformation, agility, therapy, rally, and/or obedience etc. dog from someone who is qualified in producing quality puppies and I feel honored to say I have and always will choose dogs from A-La-Round.

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