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Pups for sale from current 2022 litter

Pups for sale from current 2022 litter

These pups are 7 weeks old now and will be ready to go in about 2 weeks. They are liver ticked and solid liver. Excellent hunters and even better “best friends.” Excellent family dogs and good with children. The pups are friendly and well socialized. The pups listen to a Gundog/ Gunshot Training CD all day long that helps prevent gunshy dogs and also makes them tnot be afraid of loud noises or fireworks. I’m in my late 50’s now and it’s a bit quiet around here so I try to make as much noise as possible. These pups are stylish with phenomenal tail carriage. Plus they are really pretty. You have to live with and look at these dogs for the next 15 years or so, so they might as well be attractive!!!! To prove my dogs genetic worth, we field trial our dogs as well as hunt them. It’s very important for pups to come from good hunting bloodlines that is proven through field work. This tells you, the buyer, that these bloodlines are field tested and that pup you pick out will hunt for you!!! There’s nothing worse than getting a new pup only to find that he won’t hunt. But even if you don’t hunt, it’s still a blast to go for a walk and have your dog point naturally. These pups are from 2 nationally renowned bloodlines. The first is the sire line and their big daddy is Maxx. Maxx is from the hall of fame bloodline?"Radbach kennel/ bloodline. Bella, their mom, is from the Dunfur kennel/ bloodline. The Radbach’s are known for their extreme style and drive to hunt. The Dunfur’s are known for their easy trainability, hunting drive, and ease in handling in the field. For me, the blend of these 2 bloodlines results in a beautiful and functional dog, stylish with extreme tail carriage, and easy trainability and ease in handling in the field. To add to all of that?"- they are very smart!!! Get your next pup here. They’re amazing!!!
Ad location: Sandpoint, Idaho
Ad created: Oct 04, 2022

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