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Bijuu has been my personal hunting dog for the last 5 years hunting Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota primarily on pheasants and grouse. She is a tough go-getter machine that will dispatch possums and coons on her hunting ventures. Prepare pliers for the porkies in the open plains and northern woods. She has not been quilled or sprayed by skunks yet but I can guarantee she will not back down either. She had been trained and tested in the VDD system up to HZP and was trained on fur so that part of her is engrained. She is not a dog for the the inexperience but will make any hunter look like a superstar. Bijuu is a medium size 50lb black roan wirehaired with a tight rough coat. She is very cooperative, calm demeanor and a hunting machine. She has a strong, solid, broad chest big bone built. She covers the ground well and very methodical, does not stretch out as far as my fellow Dakota breeders would like to see in their grassland dogs, but perfect for the Minnesota, Iowa and public land with a mixture of terrain and various grass heights. Any parcel that Bijuu and I cover will guarantee no birds left behind. Bijuu is the type of dog that is true to a foot hunter. She will work calmly to your pace and will continuously check back. When she is in a hot pursuit track, her nose will be on the ground like a vacuum and will stalk like a feline until she pinpoint the bird. When this girl is on point, it is guarantee 100% the bird is locked down and any further movement will burst out a big bird. She is also a fantastic water dog and will sit in the blind calmly with her eyes in the sky. We believe that these broad chested big bone dogs tend to be calmer in the blinds and their water work is superior, Bijuu is a testimony to this statement. She received an 11 in her search behind the duck test and the Senior German judge who evaluated her gave high praise. In the hunting scene, Bijuu is my go-to dog for the cripples in the cattails. When she is in there and you start to hear the high pitch yelp, that is the indication that she is in full pursuit of a cripple duck. Aside from hunting, Bijuu is just a happy, gentle family dog. She not only wags her tail but wags her entire butt and always love the attention that anyone will give her. She is priced as an experienced hunting dog with limited NAVHDA registration for $3000 Hunting video:
Ad location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Ad created: Aug 29, 2020

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