Bold Bay's Hunter Ellie, JH x Schneider's Reggie, SH - Labrador Retrievers in Kutztown, Pennsylvania - D & S Retrievers

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Bold Bay's Hunter Ellie, JH (3 passes towards SH)

Bold Bay's Hunter Ellie, JH (3 passes towards SH)

Schneider's Reggie, SH (2 passes towards MH)

Schneider's Reggie, SH (2 passes towards MH)


Available:  2 yellow males, 1 black male & 1 chocolate male;
Born 4-11-19; Go home June 6, 2019;

$1800.00; $300.00 deposit to secure your pup!  Great field dogs and hunt test lines. 

Bold Bay's Ellie, a.k.a. "LB", is a 50lb speed queen from Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Excellent drive and energy that translates well, especially hunting over water.  She completed 4 junior and 3 senior tests in her first summer of training and she'll continue great things.  A perfect D&S combination of hunting skill and family companionship, she is a sweetheart. LB is owned by Chris & Tracy Heckman, Kutztown, PA.

DAM - Silverbrook's A Bold Bet, MH
SIRE - Wingshot's Krush N' Run, MH

AKC#SR82371105; DOB - April 15, 2014; OFA Hip - Good (LR-223357G29F-NOPI); OFA Elbow - Normal (LR-EL75043F29-NOPI); CERF – Normal, 4-2-17; EIC - clear; CNM - clear

Reggie is a well structured, handsome, dark yellow (fox red) male.  He is very birdy and loves to work in the field, but can turn it off and be a wonderful family member.  Reggie is an excellent marker and runs blinds flawlessly.  D & S Retrievers was fortunate to have Reggie since he was 6 months old for a serious training program.  Reggie has his junior and senior hunt titles, and 2 passes toward his Master hunt title.  Reggie is owned by Joe & Donna Schneider in Mt. Bethel, PA.

DAM:  D & S Benelli's Mae Dayz, MH

SIRE:  Medal of Honor, QA2

AKC#: 85607409; DOB:  December 4, 2014; OFA Hip: LR-224117G24M-PI - Good; OFA Elbow: LR-EL75704M24-PI - Normal; CERF: Normal, 4-2-17; EIC/CNM: clear by parentage

Ad location: Kutztown, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Apr 17, 2019

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