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About Nye's Labradors
We are on Facebook at Kipp Nye Nye's Labradors. Friend us. We have a litter born on Nov.8 2017. We are taking deposits. Our female is 100% English Labrador and a great hunter. The sire is half English and also a great hunter. Both come from very strong hunting pedigrees.
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Labrador Retriever
Breeder Contact Info
Kipp Nye
216 Valley View Dr.
Torrington, Wyoming 82240
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
Testimonials (4)
Submitted by: Eric Einerson on Nov 11, 2017
We purchased Raven, our female black Labrador, from Nye's Labradors in June of 2016 and we
couldn't be more pleased. She is an absolute gem! I took her to North Dakota chasing ringneck
pheasants her first year when she was only 6.5 months old and she killed it, bagging 29 roosters.
This year (2017), not so many due to the low population numbers, but that didn't stop Raven; she
gave it her all. You worry when purchasing a new pup if they'll have the nose for birds or the
drive to hunt hard...Raven has proven to have both. She is an absolute sweetheart and very
affectionate, yet tenacious enough to bust through the thickest of cattails after the orneriest of
roosters. In addition to being a hunting machine, she's a great family dog as well. Being an
English Labrador, she's slightly smaller is size which we actually prefer. She's full grown now at
approximately 48-50 pounds. Additionally, she's got longer legs or perhaps normal size legs. I
don't like the look of Labradors that are short to the ground; Raven stands tall. With these legs,
she stands tall in the cut stubble and grass when hunting upland birds, and tall in the snow when
hunting sheds in the winter time during the off season (something we're still working on). Her
small size makes her ideal for taking her everywhere you go, whether it's the pick-up truck, boat,
or float plane. She doesn't take up much room on the bed either (that's right, she sleeps on the
bed with us). She's not high strung or obsessive; she has the perfect disposition. Whatever your
interest is, so is theirs, and they won't disappoint. It's been said "you get out of a dog what you
put into a dog," but it helps to start with good genetics.
Submitted by: Mick Farrar on Apr 05, 2016
I have owned Labradors all of my life and was actually raised from childhood around Labs. I got a black male from Nyes Labradors a year ago and I have been thrilled with him since before we got him. The Nyes very graciously allowed us to view the pups from birth until we made our final choice. Their facility was always very clean and well cared for. The puppies were very active and alert. I have had my Jaxon now for nearly a year and he continues to amaze me. He has picked up his training very quickly and is very eager to please. He loves the water and is a very powerful swimmer. He enjoys my companionship, almost as much as I enjoy him. He is very quiet and attentive. He has made a great addition to our family. I would recommend Nye's Labradors to anyone looking for a new puppy whether it is for hunting, companionship, or both.
Submitted by: Ariana Woods on Apr 02, 2016
I purchased a male black Labrador puppy from Nye's Labradors about a year ago and in just one year our puppy has exceeded expectations, I have had Labradors before and the temperament of this puppy is amazing! He is extremely affectionate and loyal and surprisingly well behaved for how young he is! He picks up tricks in just a few few days! Retrieving is his passion and in the water is where he's happiest...what more could you ask for in a lab? In addition he is very calm and focused the second I pick up my rifle and the sound of the rifle doesn't seem to bother him! Highly recommend Nye's Labradors!
Submitted by: Ben Duke on Mar 20, 2015
We have huge confidence in the Nyes and their dogs. They are very careful and thoughtful breeders, and the results seem exceptional. We have a 13 year old female lab from the Nyes that is still going strong. My mother had a female from the same litter that was a competitive and ranked field trial dog. She attained her junior hunter certification. We have known the Nyes for over 25 years, and they are trusted and very close friends.
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