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About vom Kleeland Kennel
Deutsch-Drahthaar Puppies for Sale. Vom Kleeland kennel announces a litter of DD pups to be born Feb, 2018 at our home in Madison, WI. Parents of this litter are passionate hunters, excelling after pheasant, ruffed grouse and ducks in the field, forest or water. Both dogs have scored high in Breed Club evaluations of coat, conformation and hunting ability. Both dogs live in the home with their owners and family. Sire: Falk vom windigen Punkt ZB. Nr. 222542 Birthdate: 25.04.2013 Brsch Male Form / coat: 11 / 11 Hgt / lgth: 62 cm / 62 cm VJP: 63 / 77 HZP: 182 HD-A, OCD free ED free, vWD free FF for furnishings Falk is a medium-sized Deutsch-Drahthaar, with a strong build, and short, hard, protective hair coat. He stands 25 inches tall and weighs approx. 60lbs. Falk has been tested free of genetic defects, and has proven his hunting skills, both in the Breed Club testing program and the hunting fields. Falk is a friendly and calm dog, who hunts hard, but knows how to tone it down, living comfortably in the home with his owner and family. Dam: Bella vom Brandherd ZB. Nr. 221051 Birthdate: 25.11.2012 Brsch Female Form / coat: 11 / 11 Hgt / lgth: 59 cm / 60 cm VJP: 64/63 HZP: 0 VGP: Prize 1, 301 HD free, OCD free ED free, vWD free Bella also is a medium-sized Deutsch-Drahthaar, weighing 50 lbs. and stands 23 inches at the shoulder. Bella has a short, hard, protective hair coat and has been tested free of genetic defects. Bella has earned the highest award in Breed Club tests of hunting ability, demonstrating her skills hunting ducks, ruffed grouse in the woods, and pheasant out west. Bella switches off her drive when appropriate, living calmly and happily in the city, in the home of her owner and family. Contact: Mike Talbot e-mail:mikejtalbot@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/mike.talbot.543 phone: 608 / 692-0958 Deutsch-Drahthaar Puppies for Sale.
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Mike Talbot
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