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I am Bill Schaller retired and working part time farming and now devoting more time to caring for our field English Cocker Spaniels. Our English Cockers live with us in our home. All puppies are born and raised in our house. We have 8 grand children and the kids play with our English Cockers and the puppies when we have a litter. They are very affectionate.

Currently I only hunt pheasants in Wisconsin. Before my knees and hips got bad we used to hunt South/North Dakota, and Iowa. I also train started pups. The puppies come with a DVD of me training sage when she was a pup. All the owners have reported that the puppies have turned into excellent hunters and great companions in the home. We stay in contact with our new friends after they get a pup to answer questions and offer assistance. Many have become good friends. References available upon request.

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Bill Schaller
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Portage, Wisconsin 53901
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 22 years.
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Submitted by: John Lewis on Aug 26, 2019
We got Mollie from Bill last September and she has fit right in our home from the beginning. She house broke very easily and has been so much fun to field train . I have been working with her field training all spring and summer , starting with pigeons then moving to quail , chukars and pheasants her nose is incredible and she is a strong flusher and a very good a retriever. We have also been working on her water retrieving and that is coming along real good also . I am looking forward to getting her out on wild birds this fall I can see her eagerness to hunt and retrieve is incredibly strong . I would like to add in here how well Mollie gets along with our family and friends when they visit and loves playing with our grandchildren she is a sweet heart around the house . I will be looking for another pup from Bill soon,
Submitted by: Matt G. on Aug 09, 2016
Just received our second ECS from Bill. We couldn't be happier. This time around it is a female. Her name is Jazmine, we call her Jazz. She is healthy, bold and bright. At 10 weeks she has already learned her name and the command "Hup". Based on simple hide and seek play with a frozen quail, I can tell that she has the tools in the way of nose, prey drive and natural retrieving ability. I am an avid bird hunter and venture into the Grouse Woods of Northern Michigan in the fall as well as the Prairie's of North Dakota twice a year. It is important for hunter's who expect a high level of performance from their hunting partner to seek out a truly high quality breeder with the experience and background to produce excellent dogs. I highly regard Bill for his knowledge and communication with prospective, as well as past purchasers. For those seeking a compact bird hunting machine with an "OFF" switch for inside the house, combined with a great disposition, I would strongly suggest Schaller's English Cockers.
Submitted by: Ken Vogel on Oct 20, 2013
I just wanted to send a brief update on Gracie, our 2 1/2 year old Cocker we got from Bill. Two summers ago, she did great in agility classes and this past summer she excelled at nose work training - we all had an absolute blast. But Gracie's true passion remains heading into the field for pheasants where she hunts energetically and joyfully, flushing and retrieving with excellence.

A guy couldn't ask for a better hunting dog, yet there's more! Gracie is also the most outstanding companion dog we've ever owned. She is playful, loyal, loving, intelligent, obedient, clever, and gentle - a true sweetheart who absolutely adores being with people, especially kids. She adds heartfelt smiles and great joy to our lives each and every day.

I can't wait for our next foray afield...

Best wishes,

Ken Vogel
Submitted by: Matt G on Apr 17, 2013
We purchased an English Cocker from Bill Schaller two years ago now and have nothing but praise for Bill. I do a lot of hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and my wife wanted a smaller dog so the English Cocker fit the bill perfectly. Our pup Gauge has an excellent disposition and a great nose. We are only seven miles from a bird hunting preserve which has allowed me to put a lot of birds in front of Gauge. He turned two years old in January and has had roughly 200 birds shot over him. His first trip to North Dakota was very successful with a limit every day. The energy these little bird dogs have is unmatched by any other I've seen. Bill Schaller truly takes great pride in the quality and health of his pups, and raises them with love. I think I may have seen a hint of a tear when we picked Gauge up to take him home. These dogs are also great companion dogs. Gauge sleeps between my wife and I every night and is a serious cuddler. After losing my dad in June my mother has decided she would enjoy a pup to share life with as a companion and I could think of no better dog than one of Bill's pups. We will be picking up her new pup this weekend and will be bringing Gauge with us to visit Bill
Submitted by: Steve N on Mar 06, 2013
We received our English Cocker from Bill just about 2 years ago now. She has been an absolutely amazing, healthy, happy, and intelligent dog since we got her. The best testimony to the dog is the fact that people with their own dogs repeatedly ask us to hunt with them because of how well Pixel performs. She is tireless in heavy brush and deep snow, and works with consistent enthusiasm while responding well to instruction. I have had people tell me she should be in Field Trials because of how well she hunts. Training her was a joy, she is so eager to please she typically sorts out what is needed on a command within the first three or four attempts. After that repetition speeds up her response. She loves the sound of a gun, isn't afraid of a live rooster, and has proven durable and relentless in touch cover and brambles. Her size is fantastic for pushing cover that bigger dogs can't get in.

At home she is a charmer and a sweetheart. She will demand attention when she needs it, but if exercised and cuddled within reason she leaves us to our day (and joyfully follows you about the house quietly and revels in every petting!). Every visitor enjoys the enthusiastic whole butt wagging and shadowing she gives. She never barks, stays off furniture, and asks nicely when she needs to go out.

Bill was wonderful to deal with, and helped answer our early questions and let us visit several times with him and his dogs and the puppies prior to getting Pixel. We hope to get another dog from him in a few years as well as we have such confidence in the breeding and care he puts in to his dogs. I know when he had to retire one of his dogs it was very sad for him, and even letting go of the puppies to their homes is truly bittersweet. We have stayed in touch as our dog as grown and developed, and Bill has always been interested and willing to chat.

Wonderful breeder, great dogs. Simple as that!
Submitted by: Brian Boortz on Mar 21, 2011
Hi Bill,
Aubrey’s first birthday is next week and I just wanted to check in with you and let you know what a wonderful dog Aubrey has become. When we brought her home at eight weeks she settled right in and got along just fine with my five year old Springer spaniel and my wife’s three cats. She was just about house broken when we got her and by twelve weeks she had almost no accidents in the house. I have owned five Springer spaniels before we bought Aubrey, our first field-bred English cocker, and she is by far the smartest of the lot. As a puppy Aubrey was ready for anything. She was not too overbearing and not too shy. I think this was probably because of the great job you guys did socializing her before she came to us.
Our veterinary doctor told us that she seldom sees dogs as good as Aubrey. She said that Aubrey was perfect and worth every cent we paid for her. She has had no health issues since we got her. Temperamentally she is mellow anytime she is in the house; well . . . except when she is terrorizing the cats, but that is just what puppies do.
As far as hunting goes she is an absolute natural. At twelve weeks she was retrieving a winged dummy to hand, quartering to two pips on the whistle and coming to me on four pips of the whistle. The first time I threw a toy for her in the house she brought it back to me and dropped it at my feet. I slowly broke her to sounds: clapping my hands while she ate, then moving to clapping wood blocks together and finally a blank gun outside as I threw her dummies. At sixteen weeks I was shooting both 20 and 12 gauges over her and she has shown no signs of gun shyness. At about this same time I introduced her to water. She took to it instantly and loves to retrieve and swim. If there is water around she’s in it.
Also at about 16 weeks I began taking her to a nationally known English Cocker trainer located in North Branch, Minnesota. Since I consider myself a novice at dog training I felt I needed help in introducing Aubrey to birds. Aubrey and I went to visit Tony at his training facility every Saturday morning for about seven weeks. There were many other dogs there at different stages of training. By our fourth visit, Aubrey was flushing, finding and retrieving pigeons to hand. On our next visit Tony told me that “Aubrey was going to be an all star.” Now I know that I might be a bit partial, but I have to be honest, of the six to ten odd dogs who were training at Tony’s place on the weekends, Aubrey was light years ahead of them all. Even dogs who were six months to a year older did not do as well as she did.
I hunted her in Northern Wisconsin for ruffed grouse last fall when she was seven or eight months old and she did great. She stayed close and quartered in front of me and retrieved everything I shot. The first time she ran up on a downed pheasant she paused because she had never seen one before, but by the third of fourth bird she was retrieving them readily.
Well I must say good bye for now. Aubrey is just a peach. She is a real cuddle bug, and best of all her goofy antics make my wife and I laugh out loud every single day. We definitely will be buying another pup from you. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives.

Brian Boortz
Centuria, Wisconsin
Submitted by: Aaron Price on Jan 05, 2010
Where to begin? First off I would like to thank Bill for being such a good and loving person toward his dogs. I consider Bill as someone that I can now call a friend. My schaller cocker is named Rex. Boy he is everything that I expected and some. I bought him as a started dog (hunting)and a family pet (for the Wife). When I say started dog I mean Bill had him practically trained and he has been a pleasure to have on hunting trips and at home. He is the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever had. The one down side for my is that he is a lap dog and I love him for that. He is always trying to please, and does not have to try as hard as he does but we will keep that to ourselve. He is extremely smart and knows all that he is doing. He is a pleasure to be around, and is quite social butterfly. Meaning he has yet to meet someone or some dog that he does not like. I would recommend that anyone looking for a good dog that is both active and loving, should talk to Bill. He is a great man and a great breeder. Bill thank you again.
Submitted by: dan frosch on Feb 15, 2008
I should have named her Champ, and would have if I would have known what I had, before I gave her the name of Jo. With the help of an older gentleman I had met one day out in the marsh, Jo has exceeded all expectations of an upland bird dog. 12 rooster pheasants killed over her at age 1, and probably half that many missed. She busted coveys of quail and numerous ruffed grouse flushed. A dog willing to please, she has become my little "sweetie" as Bill Schaller has referred to her as. As far as Bill is concerned, a fine man second to none and full of information if you but ask him. It's plain to see what these dogs mean to him and his wife. They are wonderful people. One last comment, as far as Jo is concerned "off the field", gentle, protective when needed, and a little stinker that makes you laugh from time to time. My wife just loves her and has told me, "if anything happens to Jo, don't bother coming home."

dan frosch 608-643-4253
Submitted by: Nicole on Feb 12, 2008
We got Fenway from Bill a little over a year and a half ago. At first I was a bit nervous buying from a breeder that I hadn?t met yet, but Bill quickly quashed any reservations we had. His knowledge and love of his pups was obvious from our first call (he got on the floor to play with our little lady) and I instantly knew his dogs were raised in a loving home. He put us in touch with a previous buyer who happened to live in our area of California, and he confirmed the Schallers to be great people who had amazing dogs.
Fenway has been an absolute dream. She is smart, alert and agile. We do agility with her and she constantly amazes us by the speed in which she picks up commands. In fact we feel we are holding her back from doing agility at a competitive level, as she seems to be picking it up faster than us. She is playful, loves to be with people and to please. Beyond this, she is an easy going dog and enjoys relaxing around the house. With her bright expression, intense awareness to the world around her, and merry nature Fenway is a great cocker and wonderful companion.
This has been a great experience and we would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Nicole & Eric, Sherman Oaks, CA
Submitted by: Jack Pellis on Feb 11, 2008
I could write pages about my puppy from Mr. Schaller, but I will be brief. Jetta as we call her is everything we hoped for and so much more. My four children adore her, and my wife (not a dog person) loves her like her fifth child. I am pretty fond of her as well, and each time I hunt or train her she finds a new way to impress me. She is extremely intelligent, and eager to learn. She hunts close, and I enjoy watching her work. She can trail a runner like a pro already (she is 14 mos.), and she never misses a retrieve!
As for Bill, he genuinely loves his dogs, and is always an E-mail or phone call away for advice, or just to share a hunting story. I would
certainly recommend Shaller's English Cockers to anyone who wants a dog that is just as at home in your lap as in the field!
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