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About Russet River Vizslas
Russet River Vizslas is owned by Tim and Lori May and is located in southeastern Wisconsin. We breed a limited number of high quality vizslas with proven lineages. The combination of drive and desire to pleasecoupled with their loving temperament make these dogs an outstanding hunting companion as well as a wonderful family pet.
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Tim or Lori May
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Byron Foster on Feb 01, 2014
After losing our female Vizsla to old age and diabetes last summer, my wife and I began to think we had lived without that unique Vizsla personality in our lives long enough. We loved our girl dearly and it took some months to get around to being comfortable with the thought of bringing another into our home.

We saw the Russet River ads on Gun Dog Breeders and were drawn to the two dogs Tim and Lori had posted there – Amber at 3 years and Cash at 2 years old. We called and, after talking to Tim and Lori, we knew these were folks who truly cared about their dogs.

Tim and Lori also wanted only happy buyers of their dogs. At the risk of sending some potential buyers in another direction, they want you to see and hunt over a started dog you may be interested in. To their credit, it’s a “what you see is what you get” proposition.

The difference is they put you up in their very comfortable home and treat you like royalty while giving you every opportunity to spend time among their Vizsla family members. The trip from eastern PA to the Milwaukee area was long but a pleasant memory I will not forget.

We hunted with the dogs for two days and a trip that might seem like a burden to some seemed like a bird hunting vacation to me. And believe me, I saw terrific performances from Cash and Amber (the dogs for sale) as well as their mother and Cash’s father, Cheyenne and Magnum – highly credentialed hunters of superior bloodlines.

In the end, it turned out that Cash and I started to bond and we were comfortable together. He was my choice and it has been a dream-come-true for my wife and me. He is a loving companion to us at home and continues as a terrific gun dog for me in the field. I can’t say enough about Cash’s native abilities including nose, drive and physical strengths.

All credit goes to Tim May for taking the best material and wasting nothing in the process of turning out gun dogs that have the style, temperament, and hunting skill of champions.

Tim and Lori are honest and dedicated breeders of Vizsla gun dogs. We will always be grateful to them for sending Cash into our lives!
Submitted by: Kristin on Jan 29, 2013
In the fall of 2009, my husband and I decided we wanted a dog. This was our first time searching for one and we knew we wanted a vizsla. We were searching for a breeder near the Milwaukee area and luckily we found Russet River Vizslas about 10 minutes from us. And Cheyenne was having puppies that were due in December! Everything worked out perfectly.

Tim and Lori were so helpful from the start by helping us decide if this dog was right for us, sending updates on Cheyenne's status, sending pictures after the puppies were born, giving us a binder of everything we needed for our new puppy, and answering our questions after we took her home. It was so nice to be able to go over there and see the puppies a few weeks after they were born and then again to pick out our puppy, Khloey. It's been 3 years and they have still kept in contact with us which goes to show how much they care about their vizsla families.

We felt really bad for not hunting her since she comes from such a strong line of amazing hunters, but we have been very active with her. We take her to dog parks in the area, I take her on my runs throughout the week, we always bring her up north to roam and swim in the lake, and she loves to play with friends and family dogs. She is very petite, has a beautifully colored coat, very loving, so sweet and spoiled, and we are so happy we chose Russet River Vizslas!
Submitted by: Michael McCabe on Jan 11, 2013
After many years of hunting behind 2 Vizslas that belonged to my hunting partner I became spoiled with our success. We consistently hunted fields after other hunters with various breeds of dogs went through and we never failed to achieve our limits.

In early 2011 I decided to look for a started female Vizsla as I felt it would be better to get a dog that was trained by some one with the skills that I may not have. This proved to be harder than I thought. I found lots of started dogs of other breeds but no Vizslas.

I finally came across Russet River Vizslas on the web and they had listed a started female named Russet River Jenna. I called and spoke with Tim May. The first thing I realized was that I was speaking with some one who really cared about their dogs. Tim explained the training she had and her pedigree qualities. I really thought she was to good to be true. We set up a time for me to fly back to Milwaukee and do some hunting.

Tim and Lori picked me up at the airport and welcomed me into their home as if they knew me for years. There hospitality was 2nd to none.

Tim had setup two days of hunting but do to weather we had to consolidate it into one day. Tim loaded up 5 dogs, Magnum and Cheyenne (Jenna’s Dad & Mom) Cash (Jenna’s Brother) and Amber (Cheyenne’s Daughter). We got to the hunting fields and it was about 32 degrees and 12 to 18 inches of snow on the ground. We started out with just Jenna so I could see her perform and perform she did! I didn’t realize a ten-month-old dog could do what she was doing. We hunted for about 45 minutes and Jenna had pointed and retrieved 16 birds. We took her back to the truck, and went back out with Cheyenne and Amber. As good as Jenna was I could see how a little maturity makes a better gundog. These two dogs were rock solid hunters and we collected up another dozen birds very quickly. So back to the truck and out with Magnum, Cash, and Jenna. By now we had just about cleaned out the birds but Magnum and Cash did manage to find a few. Once again I could see the difference in Magnum with his age and what maturity and experience can bring to the table. Cash had a couple more months of training over Jenna and I could even see the difference in him and Jenna.

Jenna has been with me for nine months now and we have hunted pheasant, chukars, including wild birds, valley quail, and dove. Yes she will sit with me and wait for dove to fly by and if I hit them she will retrieve them.

Tim and Lori’s Vizslas have great pedigrees and are natural hunters and with Tim’s passion and expertise in training they have produced some excellent gundogs.

Their Vizslas have the passion, desire and energy to be great hunters and only want to please their owners. They are also the most loving dogs I have ever seen. Jenna is not just a hunting dog she is a great companion and I try and take her with me everywhere I go. My grandkids love her and love playing with her. She is well socialized and gets along with all dogs.

I highly recommend Tim and Lori’s Vizslas and they are more than happy to help and discuss your needs rather it be a great gundog or a new family member you can’t go wrong.

Michael McCabe
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