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About Pheasant Hill Vizslas

Sara and I started Pheasant Hill Vizslas with the goal of sharing our passion.  We are located in Madison Wisconsin.  Occasionally we have litters of puppies.  Our goal is to produce Vizslas that better the breed.  We do not breed Vizslas to keep the lights on.  Our goal is to create Vizslas that are high class bird dogs as well as fantastic pets.

When searching for my first dog, I wanted a great pet that would be my partner in the field as well as in the living room. I wanted a classy looking animal with a superior temperament to match.  After thoroughly researching the sporting breeds, and hunting behind a wide variety of dogs,  I was drawn to the Vizsla.  Their disposition, elegant appearance and natural ability in the field have proven to be the best fit for my demanding requirements.

Today, my passion in life is bird dogs.  I thoroughly enjoy owning, training, hunting and competing in pointing dog field events.  When I began my search for a hunting companion I had no clue that my journey would lead me to a lifetime hobby, life changing mentors and dogs that have become both family and national contenders.



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Testimonials (4)
Submitted by: Emery Maher on Jan 14, 2011
We are very happy with are puppy. Ben is a Vizsla and is almost eight months old. He is very playful, loves his toys, and has a unique way of getting you to play with him. Ben is very smart, energetic, and has quite the personality. The breeder, Phil, was generally concerned about the well being of his puppies. He also asked what we were looking for and what are expectations were, and he assisted us in what ever way possible to prepare him for his new home. That was of great help. We look forward to getting another puppy in the future from Pheasant Hills Vizslas.
Submitted by: Jim Stober on Aug 17, 2009
I am the proud owner of a dog born in the first litter from Phil's Rampaige. When I was searching for a Vizsla, my desire was to find a dog with exceptional ability in the field as well as good temperament in the home. To say the least, Bella has far surpassed my expectations as a hunting partner and personal companion. She possesses a remarkable blend of the best qualities of the breed, both striking features and natural instinct in combination with a spirited personality and steadfast loyalty. There is no question in my mind she is the product of carefully selective mating of Vizslas from prime blood lines.

As a breeder, Phil demonstrates a passion for his pursuit, which is matched by few. Likewise, his devotion to his dogs shines through his actions. Phil is genuinely interested in how the offspring of his dogs turn out. I credit this not only to his geniality, but also to his sincere aspiration to improve the breed through prudent propagation. He regularly checks on Bella’s progress and has played an active role in her development as a sporting dog.

Since we both live in the Madison area and share common interests, I have had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time with Phil and his dogs, Paige, Bela and Echo. They are all wonderful specimens of the breed. Given his commitment to maximizing his dogs’ potential, he is intimately involved with their training on a daily basis. While he strives for perfection in the field, at the end of the day, the dogs are treated as members the family, whom Phil and Sara care for tenderly. I am glad to be acquainted with Phil, and will undoubtedly look to him when the time comes to acquire my next Vizsla.
Submitted by: Marianne LeGrand on Aug 10, 2009
I am happy to have found this website and really thrilled to be the first person to write about Pheasant Hill Vizslas. We got our dogs from Philip back in the early days before he had his own kennel. I am very happy that he is continuing his breeding program.

Our dogs Chuck and Will came from Rampaige's first litter a little over two years ago. They are our third and fourth Vizsla dogs, and they are the best dogs we have had in temperament, looks, vitality and birdiness. Although our dogs are pets rather than hunters, they are indefatigable when running around in our fields and are always finding and pointing birds both in the fields and in our fenced yard.

We spent a miserable two years being dogless after our last dog died of cancer, anticipating the day when we would be settled in our retirement location and able to provide an ideal dog environment. In that time, the one consolation was really studying information on different breeders and kennels, noting their philosophy and experiences plus dog characteristics we were looking for. There were several kennels I considered, but decided on Busch Farm because of the fact that their dogs can be a little "laid back" for Vizslas, which is what we wanted in our situation, living with all four of our elderly parents.

We did get Busch dogs through Philip, because our boys' parents are Rampaige and Si Cisco, both from Busch Farm. It was explained to me that Philip adored his dog, Rampaige and wanted to breed her and wanted the Busch's to manage the litter since his apartment situation at the time was not ideal for a litter. This was back in Philip's early days and in his cautious and considerate way, he had the Busch's manage the litter for him for the most part.

Most of the contact with Philip has been after we took his pups. I must say he is obsessed with his dogs and their offspring, which is as it should be. His enthusiasm is delightful. Philip calls about every six months to see how things are going and to collect information and ask for pictures. He even called once when he read that two Vizslas were found about 100 miles from here and he wanted to be sure that Chuck and Will were OK.

Even though I am not a hunter, I would recommend that anyone interested in a Vizsla consider talking to Philip and here is why: I think Philip is very smart and shows good judgment and caution to balance his enthusiasm. He seems to be getting involved in a cautious way and is not rushing into things before he has the infrastructure. I think his choice of "foundation stock" for his dogs is excellent. Shiloh Kennels, source of his Echo was one of my finalists back in my researching days. I think he will continue to produce wonderful dogs. In my conversations with him I detect that he really listens and evaluates information. He seems to have tremendous energy and dedication to hunting, field trials, and the breed. I would not get another Vizsla without checking with Philip first.
Submitted by: Joseph M. Cronin on Aug 03, 2009
I bought my first Vizsla from Mr. Rohs 2 years ago. I bought her as a running companion and pet. She is a beautiful athletic dog with a fantastic temperment. I can take her absolutely anywhere! Last year I became interested in field trials,hunt tests, and hunting. I contacted Mr. Rohs who enthusiastically invited me to train with him to learn the basics. He has been very interested in my and my dog's development in the sport, answers any and all questions, and has spent a lot of time with me in the field. He is very careful, enthusiastic, and caring about his dogs. He stands behind them and helps the new owner learn about all aspects of her/his new dog!
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