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About JD's Hawk's Brittanies, LLC

      JD's Hawk's Brittanies is dedicated to raising and breeding excellent hunting dogs as well as family pets.  Our dogs also compete in field trials and all of them have placements in either NSTRA, AKC, or American Field sanctioned trials.  We are a family owned business that started in 2010.  Our main goal is to breed our Brittanies to be the  best hunting, trial, and family pets.  It is very important to us to have our dogs socialized with other animals and people.  We have three cats that they live with. All of them get along just like brothers and sisters; good times as well as bad times!

All of our Brittanies are trained by us.  We live is northeast Wisconsin so our dogs get plenty of exposure to ruffed grouse and woodcock.  I love to hunt grouse, woodcock, and pheasant.  When I retired, my wife and I bought our first Brittany, Hawkens.  He was so eager to learn and please us that it became a pleasure to train him.  He made such an impact on our lives and that is when we knew we wanted to raise and breed Brittanies.  We then added Falcon, our girl, to our family.  Both of them impressed us so much with their hunting and trial abilities that we wanted their puppies. That is when we decided to breed quality Brittanies.  We wanted to share our good fortune with other people so we started JD's Hawk's Brittanies.

We have three females and one male.  We bred Hawkens and Falcon together and kept two female puppies.  What a wonderful decision!  Both of them, Phoenix and Eagle, are making a name for themselves in hunting and trialing.  We couldn't ask for better family and hunting companions.

All of our Brittanies, Hawkens (Mark of the Hawk), Falcon (JD's Hawk's Falcon), Eagle (JD's Hawk's Eagle) and Phoenix (JD's Hawk's Phoenix), are registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and their hips are certified Good.  Their website is: 

Phoenix just won the ABC Grouse and Woodcock Classic/Championship in American Field which was held in Augusta, WI on October  of 2013!!  She also secured the TOP spot in the NBHA Dog of the Year standings for the Amateur Shooting Dog JS@F category!

 Welcome again, and thank you for visiting JD's Hawk's Brittanies.

Jim and Paulette Doperalski


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James Doperalski
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 6 years.
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Amy on Jul 16, 2013
Thank you, Jim and Paulette for our Britt. We had the best experience when we found both of you. Britt has become part of our family that we would not want to be without.

Britt is extremely smart. She has a lot of energy and very fun loving. She is always investigating whatever she sees outside. When our friend and family bring over their dogs , she loves to play with them.

She has been hunting 3 times and is a very quick learner. She is a joy to have in our home,
Submitted by: Deanna Vanderhayden on May 30, 2013
Three years ago, we were on the search for a family dog who was "a bit bigger and more active" than the traditional "designer house dogs" and we came upon Jim and Paulette Doperaksi's Brittanies, which we found from an internet search. Falcon had just given birth to a litter of puppies so I scheduled a visit while in the Green Bay area to visit Hawkens, Falcon and the puppies. I immediately fell in love and when I bent down to look at the litter, Addison picked me out. A few weeks later, we brought Addison home and it has been a real love affair between Addison and our family of 3 kids and another dog.

When I went to visit Jim and Paulette, you can tell they have a real love for the dogs and that they are truly a part of their family. They kept the puppies in their house and were there 24/7. The dogs are not bred for money, but they're bred to be great hunters and great family pets. Paulette uses her nursing skills to take care of her puppies and I'm sure she can share a few stories with how she used those skills during deliveries!

Addison lives in Chicagoland, which means we had to consider how we're going to manage a dog that needs to run, while living in a suburban community with neighbors. Brittanies are very smart so training was extremely easy. We didn't want to spend the extra money on an electric fence, so we invested in a electric collar and within 1 day, Addison clearly understood her boundries and we've had no difficulties with her trying to run around the neighborhood. The collar quickly became our "security blanket" but was not needed to ensure Addison stayed in her boundries. (if you use this collar, make sure to read the user guidelines because to appropriately train, the dog needs to know commands like come). Brittanies need to be off lease as they love to run so any owner should have a way to ensure that the dog gets the ability to run freely.

We had no discipline issues with Addison. She can read each family member's personality and she quickly figured who does what for her. If she wants hugs and love, she comes to the mom of the house, if she wants to play she goes to the kids and if she wants to go outside, dad to the rescue. She will hunt out the right person to meet her needs.

I've lived my entire life with a dog or dogs and Addison is by far the most enjoyable pet. She is truly loved and if you're crazy about dogs with a personality, I recommend a dog from Jim and Paulette.

And be prepared, Brittanies are bird dogs and even in suburbs, a Brittany can figure out how to catch a bird. Addison is so proud of herself when she gets a bird from her yard!

Deanna Vanderheyden
April 24, 2013
Submitted by: Jordan Borst on Apr 07, 2013
About a year ago to the day I was looking for a Brittany. I looked everywhere for my companion and finally I found Jim and Paulette Doperalski. I emailed them and within the next day they responded and had me come up to visit the newly born puppies. Enthusiastic about finding a breeder I made my way up to the Green Bay area to visit what could be my new puppy. I instantly fell in love with the puppies and couldn't leave until I claimed one. Many know that the breed is known for being great hunting dogs as well as being very energetic. Jim and Paulette's dogs are not only that, they are the sweetest most reliable animals you will ever find. Their new born dogs are treated with the most respect. Jim and Paulette don’t breed the dogs to make money. They breed them to bring joy to the owners. Each Brittany comes from a championship bloodline. My Brittany is approaching 1 year old and he is the best companion I could ever ask for. If you are looking for a dependable best friend then JD's Hawks Brittanies is the way to go.
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